My passion for Yoga; LOH 51* content

Hi ladies, this is my first time writing for this contest (or any contest). I really liked this question.
I believe that passion in life gives us so much. We all have the things we have to do, our responsibility and chores, and all of those are fulfilling in some ways (mainly to get them done). But Passion, that’s a thing that gives us the motivation to do all the other things, is this thing that helps you continue when you are tired, that rise you when you are down. Getting to know your passion give you so much. having more than one is a blessing, and to keep going when passion change or develop is strength.

For me it is Yoga. Yoga is my 'me time', time for awareness, self-discovery and intention.
And more than that, it's a path I am walking, it is a lifestyle and something that keep on resonate to all aria of my life; as a waif, a mother, a teacher, a friend and so on. The practice of Yoga is giving me an internal campus to how I am showing up in the world, and what are the qualities I want to cultivate as a person.


Starting this path I had no idea about how much influence it is going to have on me. And I am still amazed by that. I think that this effect comes from the holistic nature of this practice, combining movement and body awareness, mental clarity and mind consternation, with the power of the breath.

By practising those things I have changed my relationship with my body, grow in confidence, feeling stronger and more flacxibuel, which affect my thinking processes, that I believe in myself more and that I have more tools to act in the world.
Working with my breathing gave me a path to face challenging moments, to be more resilient, and to bring peace into my life, to be able to be quieter.

And from a quiet place I, am opening up space inside of my, to feel grateful.
To see and appreciate the gifts I got from life.
To see my challenge and breaking points with value.

I see it as a great passion and also as a spiritual path, Yoga, which I translate as a union.
Union of body-mind- breath.
Union of the masculine and feminine inside me,
and the union of myself with the world around me.

**** I invite you to this lovely community @atmayoga.
Love sister, may you find and live your passions.

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