Vertigo and Potato Salad....

I had plans for today, well, part of the day at least. It's Saturday and I was free to do whatever I wanted all day. Gotta luv a day like that ! Late last night though, all of the sudden, I was dizzy as a loon. (I don't really know how dizzy a loon can be, but it must be pretty dizzy ! ) ....and this morning, although not nearly as bad, it is still with me.

Many years back there were three or four years where this would happen before a migraine. Since then, it has rarely happened, but no headache follows, so there is that good part of it.

Spin and spin.... everything spins when I move my head.

spin 3.jpg

I had set my alarm early, intending to go to a garden market or two, to buy myself some flowers. It is late in the season for my norm of flower buying. I have bought them for my Mom and others, but not me yet.


Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen for dizzy me. I stayed in the bed an extra couple of hours.

stayed in bed.jpg

Everything was fine as long as I was still.

from bed.jpg

I finally got up and walked slowly to the kitchen to put on some coffee, then grabbed my phone and crawled back in bed. THEN... I saw an email from one of my sisters saying that Mom had sent homemade potato salad to us and that she was dropping by soon to deliver my share. I got up again to answer her back, change my gown for a pretty lounger and wash my face. It wasn't going to help the way I looked a lot, but I did what I could.


I'm just sure now that I will be better soon, because Moma's food, any kind of it, just makes everything better.


I haven't attempted much as nearly everything includes bending over, turning around, looking up and/or down. I did manage finally to slowly unload and reload the dishwasher and turn it on and put some clothes in the washer, which reminds me, they are done, but still there.

It's really not horrible (like it was last night).... and fortunately I have everything I need right here, but it sure is making my day unproductive. I guess there is always tomorrow....

This was not how my agenda was supposed to be for today....LOL !!!

I hope you are all doing well and that your hearts are happy.

Love you !