Ladies Of Hive #66 (Tattoo)

A pleasant new week, Hive!

I was scrolling my feed a little a while ago and stumbled on a post from @ladiesofhive entiltled Ladies of Hive Community Contest #66.

Kind of ironic because I was just thinking of getting a new tattoo. So, I am going to participate for the very first time in this Community challenge and I am going to select the question:

" If you had to get a tattoo right now, what tattoo would you choose?

You know, this is kind of silly, but I want a cricket tattoo. You heard it right. But before I go into the details, let me give you a brief introduction about my tattoos.

I currently have 4 ( 3 small ones and 1 average-sized tattoo).
I got my very first tatt when I was still single (when my husband and I were still dating). It's a small butterfly purple on my left foot. Purple butterfly because purple is one of my favorite colors and butterfly because I love butterflies. I also have a deep connection with butterflies. They have a very strong presence to me and at some point in my life, they gave me the light and guided me to where I needed to be. It actually brought me to tears today because I've seen some lately.


The second tatt was Valentine date tattoo of me and my husband when we were still newly married. Instead of going on a typical dinner date, we decided to get a tattoo together with the same design designed by my husband himself. It's called "The Heart Of An Angel". He got his on his arm and mine on my left calf.


My third tattoo are tiny purple flowers on my left wrist with my daughter's birthday below it. She's my pride, joy and flowers during my gloomy days.


And my recent one which I got it just before Christmas day last year is a pair of tiny angel wings above my right elbow. I chose angel wings because my life has been a roller-coaster. I've been through hell and back, suffered depression for almost year, attempted suicide several times, but for some reason, I survived. I knew in my heart, my guardian angel never left my side especially when I needed the most.


Anyway, going back to cricket tattoo. When my husband and I we're still dating, I used to call him cricket since he is excessively hyper and extremely talkative and resless like one. He is my outright inverse. I'm typically shy and reserved kind of a person and he isan open book. He calls me butterfly. I call him a cricket. Silly I know haha.

So that's it. A tattoo is for you. It's your body, and you pick what you put on there or not and why you did or did not. Don't just get inked because you want blend in.Getting inked is outstandingly an exceptionally private thing, and it is an immense obligation.

I'd like to invite my 2 good friends @eylz619 and @coquicoin to join the challenge as well.

Have a wicked great new week y'all.

One love,

January 17, 2021


1:50 pm PH time

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