Mine wKOIN (wrapped KOIN) with your Hive Power (HP) for "free"

For those who don't know what is wKOIN: @harpagon/introducing-wkoin-koin-erc-20-on-hive-engine

The mining rules are simple:
  • delegate Hive Power (HP) to @miner.wkoin
  • every 15 minutes a delegator is picked randomly based on the HP delegated, the more HP delegated, the more chances you have to win the round
  • the winner receives wKOIN tokens
  • rinse and repeat for 6 months
Some more info:
  • Mining starts tomorrow, October 27 at around 6:00 PM GMT. It will end in a bit less than 6 months.
  • The mining pool is held by the @miner.wkoin account, I've just loaded it with 10,000 wKOIN.
  • Part of the rewards generated via the delegated HP will be used to buy more wKOIN, so the total of wKOIN to mine will be potentially higher than 10,000 wKOIN.
  • The number of tokens allocated to a round is calculated based on the number of tokens held by @miner.wkoin and the number of rounds left until the mining ends.
  • this mining is "free" in a sense that you don't have to invest any more money than you already have by buying Hive