Introducing the Entrep compound.


Introducing the Entrep compound.

Since the beginning of time, people have sought to build communities. For some, it is a matter of survival, for others, it is a matter of need. A community needs a homebase, a starting point. It needs to be able to develop from and grow. Without that there is no stability, and without that, the community will never become stable.

Today we want talk more about the physical community we are growing here in the Philippines and, about the compound we acquired and are actively developing!

Introducing the "Entrep Compound".

"Entrep", is a Entrepreneur compound in the Philippines with space allotted for the D.Buzz team for live/work/play, all it's rent free! It's outside the main city in the rural hills where the weather is cool and the views are amazing...

Photo Credit @emafe

The new compound has a lot of large open spaces to explore. There are also many buildings currently on the land. These will be the offices and housing facilities for core D.Buzz team members. All this will provide the opportunity for our team to centralize and work in the Philippines, a country that is rich in culture and history.

This is an exciting time for our company. We now have an even greater opportunity to collaborate with the tech community here and expand D.Buzz’s reach. We are so excited about this adventure and we know that the experience we will have here in the Philippines will be something special.

The added benefit is that we will have a lot of our team stationed in the compound, thereby reducing travel expenses and time. Along with this, healthy food and fresh air will create an above average lifestyle for those on-site. This will help us to attract additional talent who wants to have a healthier lifestyle, rather than working in the congested city center.

As we expand we will be building our training center for future team members. These team members will start as a trainee in house and in turn, eventually grow into full-time employees.

All of facilities for staff and team members along with trainees will have the added benefit of food, water and shelter provided, along with the offices on site with with high-speed Internet and power they can use.

We are looking to invest into solar panels and other green sources of energy in the near future, as a way to reduce our carbon footprint.

All this will make this a safe place in these times of uncertainty.

Photo Credit @charie

The on-site managing director is @chrisrice. He lives and works on-site with three construction workers at the current time. They are improving the property and renovating eight hours a day Monday through Saturday.

Currently 3 to 12 other core members come by the site daily, these are friends and associates of @nathansenn and @chrisrice, such as @pjentreneur and @jancharlest frequently visit the site. We are projecting that by the end of the year 15 to 25 people will be likely living and working on this land.

But were not going to just be a tech compound. We have plans for brick-and-mortar businesses to be established along the road front. These businesses will help generate funding for, the parent company of D.Buzz. This will help ensure that our team has the strength and financial resources to remain true to our core values of decentralization, liberty & free speech.

Currently the buildout of the project is being lead by, a former Japan OFW. He brings with him a rich history of project management. We are thankful as he has helped the the renovation and constuction move at a very fast pace.

Photo Credit "Kenny"

If you want to see additional photos you can follow @chrisrice, @emafe and @charie. They have all posted pictures on D.Buzz about Entrep and will continue to do so.

As you can see there's a lot of work to be done but the rewards and payoff will be big. This will allow us to provide a stable platform for our developers and community to grow upon, from this we can provide better service to our online community.

We don't intend to sunset D.BUZZ anytime soon. This new development will allow us long-term staying power and to better serve both the online community and the physical community.

If you have any questions, post them below or reach out to us on discord!

- The D.BUZZ


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