Hive Keychain DHF - Week 2


As promised in our proposal, we will post weekly updates to let you know what's going on regarding Keychain development.
We started getting funded again since this Wednesday and the development is getting back to speed.

Keychain extension

Several issues have been patched :

  • Edge case with the default RPC
  • UI issue when displaying the list of nodes
  • Taking delegations into account when displaying HP available to power down.

Additionally, we are adding the possibility to send the maximum available amount via transfers, power up and power down, via the Send Max buttons:


These changes will be pushed today and should be available soon.

A priority for the next update will be adding a blacklist for transfers. If a transfer is initiated to an account of this list, a warning will be displayed. This is to avoid sending money to phishing accounts (bloctrades instead of blocktrades for example).

Mobile App

I am now done with the scaffolding of the App. The navigation has been setup using react-navigation. The state is ready to be managed via redux and axios will manage calls to our API.

I also started working on the SignUp and login screens.
In the meantime, @nateaguila is working on wireframes so we should be able to show you some visuals soon.

As for everything we do, the App is opensource, you can find it here. It is still a skeleton of the project for now but you ll be able to see it evolve if you want to.

Core Team

@yabapmatt : Founder - Witness
@aggroed : Founder - Witness
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@stoodkev : Lead Developer - Witness

Frequent contributors

@arcange - Witness
@quochuy - Witness

Support Hive Keychain development by voting for our proposal on PeakD (on the upcoming section), on HiveDao or with HiveSigner.

100% of payout is redirected to the DAO

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