HivePH Wk3: Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness from the word itself means you have an understanding about our environment. You are aware how people's behavior affects on it and knowing the importance of protecting it.

We can always hear that our environment nowadays is far different from before. Even I could tell so, why?


We haven't experienced flood that reached houses. We can't see a lot of garbage everywhere. We can enjoy fresh air free from pollution and ao many to mention.


We can hear news here and we can see videos there that many houses and even lives were taken by flood. There's flood anywhere. Even we are in the province, we also experienced floods that we haven't experienced when I was young. I can still remember that when it rains before, we were excited to play in the rain. But now? we were worried that floods will enter our houses and wet everything in it.

We can see a lot of garbage everywhere. There are garbage along the road, in a vacant lot, in canals and everywhere. What happened?

Where is the fresh air that supposed to be we are enhailing? We can have them all the time before but now, we have to go up to the mountains, visit rivers to feel the cool fresh breeze of the air.

What will be our future if bad practices will continue?

What we can do to help our environment?

  1. Plant a tree.
  2. Reduce waste.
  3. Reuse materials.
  4. Recycle.
  5. Conserve energy.
  6. Conserve water.

What I did and what I am doing to help our environment?

Plant a tree.
I tried to participate in tree planting activity. The youth in our church organized tree planting activity and I still join even I am not a youth anymore. It was a good activity as it promotes environmental awareness to our young ones that we need to plant a tree instead of cutting them because trees will give us fresh air as well as water and it will help hold water and soil thus prevents flood and soil erosion.

Reuse materials and reduce waste
I felt sad when I saw a lot of plastic water bottles and softdrinks bottles along the roads, stores and even public vehicles. So, to help reduce waste, I always bring a reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go. By doing this, I don't need to buy bottled water. I was able to save some and at the same time I didn't add to some waste.

I also avoid buying necessities in sachet as possible. I bought milk, milo, detergent powder by half kilogram or one kilogram to save and to reduce waste as well.

Recycling is needed as it helps reduce waste.

Recycling is fun and it promotes creativity and initiative.

We love recycling and we always do as possible. We were able to recycle empty water bottles, empty paint containers and used sacks to make gardening possible even in small space.

I also used empty lotion bottle and fabric conditioner bottle as alkansya or a coin bank. Why buy a piggy bank if you have a 750ml lotion bottle and 1000ml fabric conditioner bottle. You can put a lot of coins in it and for sure it is not yet full and it's time to open it, lol.

We also collect, segregate or keep cans, metal and plastic wastes and gave it separately to garbage collector so they can sell it to junk shops and it can be recycled.

Conserve water and energy
We use water and energy accordingly. We need to save and conserve these resources to help our mother nature. Every drop of water brings and gave life so we need to save it.

Educate people
Educating people how to help our environment is one of the easiest thing to do but most of the time forgotten by many. It is easy to spread the word but sad to say it is so difficult for some to apply it.

Education about environment al awareness should start fr ourselves. Instill in our minds and apply in our daily lives the 3R'S, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

If we used to do it then it is also easy to educate our family members especially our children. I teached my son to be responsible in his waste and know how to segregate it. I always teach him to put his waste in a garbage can where it belongs. He is also reminded to put it in his pocket or in his bag if he can't find garbage can nearby.

When some kids will visit us bringing some biscuits, I felt sad and mad when I saw them dropping their waste where they were located. I always let them pick it up and teach them where to throw it.

We cannot change the world alone but atleast let's change our wrong practices and help our mother earth becomes a better place for the next generation.

Let's make the world a better place.

All photos are mine.
This is my entry for the Hive PH community blogging contest for Week 3 of November

Thank you so much for reading.

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