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My oldest sister, Katie, introduced me to Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer and Weird Al Yankovic around 1994 via her karaoke machine, yoga in 2008, and started driving us around since around 1997. Many adventures since.

Katie Went to Emmaus Christian School at CCBC

2017-12-22 Friday at CCBC.JPG
Emmaus History Screenshot at 2018-07-10 16:39:21.png

Mars was born in 1980-06-24, Tuesday, as Katie Jean Arnold, the firstborn daughter of my parents, Marilyn Morehead and Donald Melvin Rasp, then my parents had my only brother, Rick Richard Schuylar Arnold, 1982-02-05, Friday, then me, Joseph Scott Arnold, 1985-02-11, Monday, and finally, last but not least, my only other sister, Crystal Ann Arnold, 1990-03-04, Sunday, making us a family of six people during the 90's in Oregon.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

My older siblings, Katie & Rick, from left to right, around 1985, the year I was born, as you can see a stroller & crib in the background. There is a VBS balloon. Some years later, Katie started a club. We invited friends. We had lessons, did homework, played games, sang songs. The club lasted for like a year or maybe longer.

rick katie 80s vbs house.jpg

My older sister, Katie, is a musician, writer, world traveler, & more importantly, a nutritionist. Katie prefers to eat organic.

My Sisters in New York City (NYC)

Posted on April 25, 2016
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Katie Jean Arnold

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My Older Sister

By Joey Arnold

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Written in July of 2018

2018-07-10 Tuesday 12:32 PM LMS - My Older Sister
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This post article here, on my first of two sisters, is an incomplete rough draft as is most things I publish and this serves as a placeholder. After a week, I will not be able to edit this post as posts and comments are locked after seven days by default for all Steemians on this blockchain network website place as that is how blockchain works like Twitter, a Tweet, and things cannot be deleted either, by me, or by others, either, or that is at least what I am told.


This post is trying to serve as a tribute to Katie and as a distraction from other things I've written and made in my life which you may run into if you begin to Google us and things related to us, to me, my family, and so on. I'm trying to organize, consolidate, structure, many things. It is an ongoing process which does help me and others. Thank you for coming over, like Christina, from the Voice, says, come on over, yes, come on over, baby, because I'm an oatmeal genie in a bottle of rum, or I mean bowl with honey, and you gotta rub me the right way.

My siblings, Katie, Rick, Crystal, from left to right.

What year was this? Maybe 2017-02-08 in NYC.
Rick Arnold Sisters 2017-02-08.jpg
Katie Crystal and Morehead Girls.jpg
2008-08 Seaside.jpg
1988 Dad01.jpg
Katie Jean Arnold with her Group in NYC 2017-07-04.jpg
Katie Jean Arnold with her Group in NYC 2017-07-04 2.jpg
2017-08-11 Friday Crystal Katie Eating Candy NYC this past week.jpg
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