My Body My Choice - My Email Response to a Vaxxer Why I am Not Taking The Covid 19 Jab

My Body My Choice - My Email Response to a Vaxxer Why I am Not Taking The Covid 19 Jab

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So I got a ridiculous email along the lines of "Dan is sick, Dan was unvaccinated, and now everyone else should take the jab because Dan has Covid Pneumonia".

First I have never heard of Dan once in my life till now. So Naturally I was not going to just take this without responding with some facts. So here is my why "I am not taking the nonsense jab" response...

Information they should be made aware of.

All relevant info regarding Covid 19 compiled:

Most importantly the people offering the vaccines released the virus in the first place via the Wuhan Lab (which is now a fact), yet most people never looked into EVENT 201. They planned this whole thing out and even ran drills of it, prior to Corona being released. Don't believe me?

Who paid the largest criminal fine in US history and why?

Meanwhile Pfizer have also faced a fine in recent years, being slapped with a penalty of $2.3bn (£1.6bn) after pleading guilty to a US criminal charge over the anti-inflammatory drug Bextra. Source:

Safe? Trust what company?

  1. Covid and Pneumonia are not the same thing. One is a Virus and the other is caused by Bacterial Infection. As I have been documenting since the beginning of the pandemic the actual cause for concern is MYCOPLASMA BACTERIA that can cause Pneumonia which is a very very serious BACTERIAL INFECTION. This is why the "Horse De Wormer" Ivermectin actually works because it kills the bacteria. I would try immediately to have Dan start a therapeutic treatment schedule that includes Ivermectin, Vitamin C intravenously, Vitamin D same levels, CBD and Nicotine. This is why Joe Rogan recovered so quickly, he intakes all of these above. Look up all of the scientific studies on how each one combats bacterial infection specifically Mycoplasma and toxoplasmosis bacteria infections.

  2. This thing must be a "smart disease" because it seems the extremely elderly and not very healthy congressman don't need to take the jab nor their staff.

  3. The numbers in Israel (82% vaxxed) prove that the deaths of people from Covid spiked AFTER the third Booster shot: /@ura-soul/israeli-covid-deaths-are-worse-after-the-shot-rollouts-huge-spike-in-death-immediately-after-3rd-shots-trust-the-science

  4. CDC admits fully vaxxed people still transmit the virus with HIGH VIRAL LOADS:

The Vax Ingredients Include Graphene Oxide...

  1. Dr. Robert Young, Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines:

2.Microscopy Expert: Vials Contain Graphene Oxide, Parasites, Stainless Steel:


Heart inflammation:

US Postal Service are exempt from the vaccine mandates even they go door to door literally everyday because this is about POLITICS not science. Google it.

MATH. My immune system is 99.997% effective so far against COVID, the Vaccine does not stop you from getting covid, does not stop you from getting hospitalized and does not stop Covid from killing you. Most people are being killed by other factors such as Pneumonia, they "died with Covid" not from Covid.

The Vaccine has killed people itself, why would I take something that could potentially kill me, or cause me to be disabled permanently to protect myself from a virus with a 99.997% recovery rate?

Examples of people being killed by the Vaccine.

  1. The VAERS DATA: 14,500 deaths, and 18,439 permanently disabled and these numbers are considered "under reported". Open VAERS DATA


Dead Sister

Got Sleever?

I will leave with those two, however I have literally two hundred plus videos of people either getting jabbed and then falling to the floor shaking, people talking about dead relatives from this vax, and people permanently disabled from the vax.

There is absolutely NO REASON for all this mandating nonsense. If the disease was that scary, and the vaccine was that good, I would not have to be told to take it. I would rush out and take it because the FACTS and EVIDENCE would lead me in that direction. I trust myself and my ability to research far beyond anything the media or politicians or TV Doctors / scientists tell me.

Share or not doesn't matter, but these are facts hidden from everyone that no one knows.

That's my response I emailed and I figured it was a good enough email to turn into an article that other people could reference as it is filled with links and relevant info all in one place.

You are welcome, have a nice day!

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