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I loved journaling when I was younger. I used to collect stickers, cut out some pieces of papers for design, hoard ballpens and notebooks, and all other scrapbook stuff as well. I also used to write on a diary everyday, most especially in high school when we were required to do it. I know, it sounds like the most boring thing to do (having it required by the school haha) but I think it also helped my creativity to develop.

Collecting notebooks and pens are like my natural thing. XD Even though I don't use it, I just have them. As I grew older though, I just lessened that cos I don't want to buy something and not use it, sounds like a waste of paper (cos environment).

A few days ago I decided to start doing it again. Not the hardcore-type of journaling though (where you put a lot of design and shit) but I would like to record some of my thoughts and especially my dreams.


I have mentioned it a couple of times, but I'm having very vivid dreams and they are getting more vivid to the point that my brain can stimulate my physical body so I can feel pain and shit like that. It's draining my energy but they are interesting most of the time. I see a lot of new things and I can now lucid dream more often (and hopefully more haha).

I will write down my dreams here to maybe try and connect and look for meanings. And just for fun too! The subconscious mind is an interesting place to look at.


I am also looking into topics such as astral projection, dream interpretation, witchcraft, and the psychic mind. My dreams are getting quite weird and sometimes fucked up to the point that I'm getting really curious of what's happening that I'm gonna learn these. I will write down some notes here too.

I didn't expect for this one to be this small tho lol. I don't know what I can comfortably write in this but we'll see. I love the design overall though. Very vintage!


Oh and I also got these cute pens! Reminds me of my childhood a lot haha. There's a light on top of the pen and you can just switch it on and off. There's also a liquid with glitters and shit inside at the center of the pen and it's just so CUTE!!! It reminds me so much of a pen from a doctor's clinic that has a liquid at the center too and lights up automatically whenever you write something.

I love that all of these remind me of my childhood and I will surely enjoy writing on these cute stuff! :>

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