My Life - 2007

Did nobody save me just because they missed me at world's end with Jack Sparrow whom later wanted to murder Trump? Saw Pirates of the Caribbeans 3, At World's End, in July 2007, with Kuratli staff. Started this year at ABC, went home, did Free Geek, did Kuratli, met life long friends, did WYI, Revolution Hawaii. Amazing year.

Rick Golden yelled at me in 2006 and/or 2007 back when I was a student at ABC, that is when I was working for him. For the record, he had his reasons for yelling. He was right. He said that my true colors were showing in a bad way. I'm not exactly sure of everything my former boss was accusing me of doing. He talked about how I was late too much, too often. That was number one. Not being on time. The next year, people accused me of being tardy, being late, and stuff, during Revolution Hawaii. Those might be two big examples of being late for work that I can think of from my life from 1985 - 2017, which is right now. There may be other things Mr. Golden was not happy about, too. Maybe, I was not working hard enough, well enough, good enough, smart enough. Maybe, I was too dirty, smelly, ugly, fat, skinny, dumb, with too much bad breath, bad hair days, bad dress style. Basically, you can accuse me of these things, allegedly, and I'm guilty of these things sometimes or all of the time or more often than I may say or even know. I'm not here to say that I'm not bad. I'm late sometimes. It seems I'm not working hard enough at times. These things are true, it seems, from the outside looking in.

However, back in the year 2006 and the year 2007, when I was a student and worker at my second college, ABC, I was feeling, allegedly speaking to different extents and stuff at different times, relatively speaking, subjectively speaking, personally speaking, at times, maybe a bit too alone; was feeling like Rick Golden was not maybe empathizing, sympathizing, relating, to me enough, allegedly, subjectively speaking, and that does not mean Golden was not sympathizing and everything, but I was feeling like he was not aware of my problems, my life, my issues, what I was doing, what I was trying to do, how I was feeling, where I was coming from, and all of that jazz, all of that stuff. I was pretty busy at ABC with work, study, & I was also at the library trying to find more colleges, scholarships, opportunities, new jobs, work, & ways to make money online or whatever. I was often typing and retyping vocabulary words as I was trying to memorize all of the required vocab months before they were due and I was always doing this and that on the computer. I always had the habit of working until a minute before work or something. I would stop & run off to work but sometimes got to work late. At times, I would go to work late because I noticed everybody else coming to work late or later. I felt it was a waste of my time to come to work on time when others did not. I did this many times in my life. I'm not stupid and I think ahead and I think about saving time. I do not like it when people call me lazy. It is better if you try to say that I might be too distracted but not lazy or whatever. If I were to go back in time, I would go to work on time. I can tell you why I would show up to work on time or maybe even 15 minutes early or whatever. There are books written about it. You may understand why punctuality is fundamental. It is professional. It is better. I've known that for many years. Even at that time at ABC, I understood but I made more exceptions for myself. I had my reasons, exceptions, excuses, distractions, priorities, goals, problems, you know, & I was wrestling with time & I was sleeping like 4 hours a night at ABC & I was working in the kitchen for every meal, that is 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, minus maybe only 2 meals for Sunday. But still, I was always doing stuff for that one year. For the record, I wish more people got me. But if I could go back & be more professional, I would. The point of this rant is to say that there are 2 sides to consider in any story, any event. With my story with Golden, he could have tried to relate to me more. I probably didn't really tell him why I was late. But he probably didn't care, either. On the other hand, I should have just been on time, more importantly, and stuff. I was working in maintenance with Golden. He also let me stay at his house in December 2006. That was good. He told me one time that I was too nosy when I asked what was in the food they were cooking or the food they had at their house. He said I offend people too much & that I may someday offend like a woman. Well, 3 years later, Charlotte Battle let me rent a room in her house. She cooked for me. I'm not sure if I asked her what was in the food but she was pretty organic and stuff. But I would have and Golden was saying that asking too many questions ticks people off. And I understand that. But I still believe in asking questions because it is better that way.

2007-01 - January -

2007-02 - February -

2007-03 - March -

2007-04 - April -

TMNT animation movie
Saw it before the summer of 2007

2007-05 - May -

ABC ended: returned home
Joined Kuratli, 1st time

2007-06 - June -

Camp Kuratli, Wilderness Counselor

2007-07 - July -

Pirates of the Caribbeans 3
Spider Man 3 maybe maybe
Saw it but not sure when
The Mist maybe
Sweeney Todd

2007-08 - August -

Western Youth Institute (WYI) 2007
Free Geek
Talked to mom
Went to Hawaii
Music & Lyrics
Live Free or Die Hard
Saw IV

2007-09 - September -

Revolution Hawaii (RevHI) begun.

2007-10 - October -

Super Bad - Sep/Oct or Nov
3:10 To Yuma
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
I Am Legend
30 Days of Night
The Golden Compass
Ocean's 13
The Number 23
Charlie Wilson's War
Ghost Rider
Evan Almighty

2007-11 - November -

Hairspray near Upper Room
Big Island, Hawaii
License to Wed

2007-12 - December -

Get Your Joy On (GYJO) video
GYJO: Jeff Walters, Mejee Lutcher, Joey Arnold
Uncle Jim Williams, last phone call
Our last conversation before he died in 2008-08.
American Gangster movie
Enchanted with old guy

My Life - 2007 -

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