58 DVDs

The Arnold Attic Films can be found on the Forty Four Tapes, the 44 VHS video cassette tapes, which can be found on the Fifty Eight Discs, the 58 DVDs, which dates back to the year of 1996, February first, on a Thursday night, the day dad, Donald Melvin Rasp Morehead, came home with a video camcorder camera for my older brother, my only brother, Richard Schuylar Rick Arnold. Here are photos of the 58 DVDs as follows. Here are 58 DVDs, as in fifty eight video discs as follows. I took photos of these 58 DVDs a few minutes ago with the camera on my Sony phone, this Saturday morning in Saigon, the 18th of November 2017 by me, Oatmeal Joey.

I am still working on this project.



A Small Video Summary on YouTube:



Arnold Attic Films:

Photos of my 58 DVDs as follows:


And I may or may not be missing tapes and DVDs and videos and photos and hard drives and articles and files and movies and clips and audio tapes and so on and so forth. I try my best to keep and document my life for a few reasons. I think and feel and believe that these archives of my work is maybe a little educational, encouraging, entertaining, able to equip, able to tell a good story, for sentimental values, and stuff. Right now, I only have 58 DVDs with me where I am in Saigon. I do not know if there are other DVDs of mine like in Vietnam or in the USA. I cannot say too much about things that goes beyond my control. I call my home videos the Arnold Attic. And my original home videos collection spans from 1996 to 2003, officially. It started in 1996, a few days before my eleventh birthday. There are videos and DVDs after 2003, too, but the canon may or may not stop at 2003. In 2004, I graduated high school and flew in a plane from Oregon to New York for college. I went to four colleges. Worked 5 years at camps. Worked in Hawaii, California, New York, West Virginia, Oregon, and now in Vietnam. So, my life changed a lot after 2003. So, in some ways, my Attic is the last thing, or one of the last things that I have from my childhood. I have been trying to archive my videos for like the past twenty one years, that is 21 years, from 1996 - 2017, that is from the first year to the current year. Specifically, I have worked on Attic archive projects since 2000, specifically. Before that, not really. So, I've been trying to archive it all since then, since 2000, and specifically in the following years:

Archiving Attempts

The Years I Worked on Attic Archiving:
01 - - 2000
02 - - 2001
03 - - 2002
04 - - 2003
05 - - 2004
06 - - 2005
07 - - 2006
08 - - 2007
09 - - 2009
10 - - 2010
11 - - 2011
12 - - 2012
13 - - 2013
14 - - 2017

This might be the fourteenth year at this attempt at saving my videos. I kind of go back to this project like once or twice a year since the year 2000, I think. Like I said, I made videos with family and friends since 1996 as I turned eleven (11) years old. My brother was turning 14 that year. So, I keep on going back to the project. First, I would just try to copy our VHS video cassette tapes to other tapes. So, I was only copying and editing from VHS to VHS from 2000 to 2003. So, I made a lot of mistakes. I did a lot of experimenting and editing and was making music videos where I was dancing to the music of the Power Rangers, to the Super Mario Brothers of Nintendo, and more. In 2004, came back home from college and bought a VHS/DVD recorder at maybe Target or some store somewhere in like Beaverton. Took 2 buses to get there one night. Maybe my dad gave me the money. It cost like $200 but I think maybe I returned it at the end. I copied VHS to DVD the first time during my Christmas break for about 4 or so weeks in December 2004. Also went with the Williams to see the Moreheads, my mom's parents. So, was also like trying to upload my home videos from DVD to the internet to Xanga in 2004, 2005, and 2006, and was trying to copy VHS to DVD the second time in 2007 or maybe 2005 for Christmas. Did like the same thing for both Christmases, 2004 and 2005 but did not go back home to Oregon the Christmas of 2006. I felt I made too many mistakes. So, spent another month on that. Spent the summers of 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003, doing basically the same things, the editing, the archiving, and stuff. So, was trying to do it again the 2nd or third time in 2007 and again in 2009, in March 17, or around that time, and then went off to see Lincoln Hawk in Long Beach, California, for a week to make Space Man & Diaper Boy and Lady in Red and stuff. Went back to work on my Attic home videos again like the summer of 2009 and again in 2010 and maybe in 2011 and 2012 and then went off to Vietnam in 2012. I have been living in Vietnam the past 5 years now, so far, from 2012 to 2017, and do not have the tapes with me, but I do have the 58 DVDs and maybe had more when I first came to Vietnam. Have been trying to upload and edit and save my videos still in Vietnam in 2013 and also 2017, this year. Maybe did some in 2015 too. Sometimes, I download videos I already uploaded to YouTube and Facebook and I kind of go back and forth in trying to get the videos, save the videos, recover the videos from DVD disc scratches, and I try to organize them because they get out of order and the quality can be bad and then it becomes very tough. This is all a long 21 year old story. It is kind of hard to explain if you don't already get it. Like I kind of like formatted and deleted videos and got scratches on the DVDs and recorded over VHS tapes kind of and the quality of the videos declined for all of those reasons and more. I will continue to talk about these things and more. But for now, this post is ONLY a quick summary and introduction.

I am from Forest Grove, Oregon, USA.


To Be Continued.

This is an ongoing project.

58 DVDs

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