Steemit vs Hive: Boost Your Earnings

Steemit vs Hive: Boost Your Earnings

Today, there are 2 big blogging platforms, which are based on cryptocurrency. They are Steemit and Hive. The main idea of these platforms is to share content and collaborate with others. It is like social media, where you can earn crypto for being active. If you use both Steemit and Hive, then you can boost your earnings.

On March 20, 2020, there was a fork in the Steemit and a new blogging platform HIVE was created, which is an analogy to Steemit. vs Boost Your Earnings

All those, who used Steemit before the fork, are in the black. Why? Because they got the new HIVE and Hive Dollar (HBD) token 1:1 with Steem and Steem Dollar (SBD). For a price comparison, on 20 August 2020, the price of 1 Hive is $0.27, and 1 Steem = $0.23.

Steemit and Hive are independent blogging platforms. The main difference between them is that HIVE is a decentralized platform, and Steemit is not. You can create a blog on both platforms. Even, just copy and paste the content from one platform to another. But the content should be yours. earn crypto by blogging

However, you have to be careful. Because there are many communities, which have their platforms to share a post. After the Steemit fork the most of these communities moved to Hive, but there are still some communities, which support both platforms, and use a cross-posting. In other words, when you publish the post through the community site, your post is automatically going to both Steemit and Hive. But if you publish directly from HIVE or STEEMIT site, then the articles will not overlap. For example, Actifit using a cross-posting, and all your posts are duplicated on both platforms.

actifit get paid for steps

The HIVE token, like Steem, is listed on the Binance exchange platform. You can buy and sell HIVE tokens there.

Now, which platform you will use for the blog is up to you. I advise you to register on both platforms and boost your earnings by sharing the content on both platforms.

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