Spin The Bottle - Throwback Spin

It’s not yet Thanksgiving but I do like throwback exercises and we only have today. That’s in the Playbook.

I have been inseparably associated with a lot of people since last Thanksgiving and before.

Associations are gonna become important to some who are not considering fully yet.

The mRNA vaccine regime seems to be the way Team Satan wants everybody to go. Or identify themselves by drawing a line on simulated mark of the beast activities.

You are not alone.

Many people have asked me about something that I too thought peculiar at the time. When @austinsteinbart was locked up and being mocked by a supposed truth movement over lies, his crew was able to put out some messaging from him on this particular vaccine tech.


Here’s my answer. People wanted me to ask Austin when I met him about this and I didn’t.

I would say I fucked up but Playbook teaches that sometimes God keeps things from people’s minds sometimes.

It isn’t the weed. Whatever. What?

I never asked him. Given an opportunity to, forgot to bring it up. I was able to tell him everything I needed to and ask him anything I wanted to, and somehow I dropped that ball.

God doesn’t waste a thing.

I’m already associated with Austin here and elsewhere. I won’t back down from associating with the family earning that association brought me to.

Get sensitive about the word ‘family?’ You’re supposed to. I did this work.Read that only if you have ears to hear a degree of satire.

The first time that occurred to me was my second visit with Geronimo the studio. I crashed and they took me in. Austin was still locked up and we worked hard. They put up with me for a bit. Everything is always weird with the FBI involved and the FBI is always involved when you are in the orbit of my friend Austin Steinbart.


That’s ‘M-Co’ as some of us know him. He worked hard to get that vaccine video out. I hadn’t yet met Austin then as he was still unjustly imprisoned but he and Marcus Cohen were friends. Marcus and I used to call each other friend. We got doxxed together there. He got called Mossad. I got called Satanist. I know that is incorrect about me and assumed at the time it was incorrect about him. I’ve moved furniture with the guy.


Worked hard with him and had his back.

I didn’t expect to be alive for any throwbacks so silly to think I took these photos with any forethought of this. There are two or more witnesses to the things I say. Try me.

Here’s our shared doxx from last years holiday season.


I still love you, JMB. You sent that to a lot of people without the Band-Aid in addition to your continued Twitter hi-jinx.

There was much curious engagement with you and Marcus and a few others during that weekend. Is it really you keeping you from having just a simple conversation with me? So many of us truly miss you even though we hate your practices.


Domestic Terror Spin The Bottle rules apply here.

When you are calling for the destruction of good people while providing the coordinates at which they sleep you get to play.

Especially when you claim to be employed by Team America, Christ, and Austin.

I’m still here. Yet another missed prediction, Sister. Test them spirits.


I guess we will see when the Capitol Police begin our roundups. I don’t think you’re working for the good guys. I’m sure you feel I am duped. Maybe we will hash it out at Gitmo together someday. That’s partly your latest prophecy, yes?

Speaking of prophecy, the threats I warned of at Geronimo 2 have not in any way abated. I know some of us haven’t reviewed in awhile with my satanic social media exodus but my tone now matches the urgency.

And there can be an Exodus.

My first visit to Geronimo was FBI tinged in a few ways. Before we even got to Arizona last October there was FBI smoke from afar. September 2, 2020 and Austin Steinbart was arrested. Some infiltrator had provided some bunk ass evidence of Austin breaking probation conditions. Supposedly.


Really we were probably on the radar of a lot of people back in August when we had Praying Medic in a perfect ambush that Austin would have definitely utilized brilliantly had somebody told him. They didn’t.

That was our first experience with Steinbart Media Group ball dropping. No blame laid on this situation. Things were moving fast right before Austin got locked up. Not coincidental.


There are no coincidences. USA Today knew about the arrest ahead enough to do this in coordination. How many others also did?

My emails sent days ahead of time and days apart bounced back together. Shortly after Austin was taken into custody. That’s when Alex Cifelli blew out in a dramatic scene at Geronimo. Marcus can tell that story. He told it to me and he also took credit that he brought her into Austin’s orbit.



Weeks later she was identifying as current Chief of Staff and reaching out poorly misrepresenting the fact that she was still part of the Group.

There was also a cohort. I’ll redact her number though she is definitely rule eligible. After you earn the nickname ‘Mugshots’ apparently the FBI gets to make you make phone calls you normally wouldn’t.


So in addition to recruiting upper management, producing a video that very much comes across as endorsement of a vaccine, and having a strong hand in directing Austin’s Twitter while he was away, Marcus led the team.

In particular the video editors, but I digress.

He was even in Washington on January 6th!

He didn’t make the rally or the Capitol.

Overslept or something is the story I’ve been told.

Must be a relief for him as others who were there have had their own pleasure of earning FBI 302s from it.

So we played spin the bottle all year and soon some sort of federal law enforcement will be playing domestic terrorism whac-a-mole on some of our heads.

If I told ANYBODY this, it was Marcus Cohen from day one. With love in my heart and trust assumed because he was so close to Austin. I already knew how many enemies this man left behind had. So close is right.

We were close too, Marcus and I. We have a lot of shared experiences and associates. Some don’t like me. Some do.


Some of us might as well have these conversations here on the @hive battleground. It fits the whole quantum consciousness scenarios as I understand that. Inextricably associated.

Plus I’d rather say things to my friends when it can serve them than the interrogators who may eventually waterboard us for our stories of each other.

My visit to Geronimo 3 was an entirely different experience with Marcus and crew. I finally got to meet Austin. Also got to see some demons shudder. Marcus won’t tell that part of the story of that week though we did have that calm conversation in it’s presence.

As with my previous visits, I hit the Geronimo bunker doors with intel from the field, requests for help from casualties, and plans up my sleeve. Things I had been working on for months at the specific request of Marcus and two others who asked me to do what they saw me as good at.

Turns out it would have been expending ammo that will come in handy soon enough, but the plans got derailed. That wasn’t Marcus’ doing, though he tried. That’s a common theme around the halls of the Steinbart Media Group. Marcus Cohen gate keeping and derailing operations.

It’s concerning these days as Austin is still, as I understand it, under court order to only work on his documentary film project.

Maybe we don’t have anything to be concerned about but these vaccines and the positioning of the public opinion is going to come to a head.

Lies have been told about many. Marcus told lies about me to the entire orbit he references here.


We shared information often. I also warned Marcus about Co deMon key long ago. Marcus doesn’t tolerate any questioning of the plan and many of those around him have no issue with that statement in private conversations.


Speaking of that are we gonna believe it was coincidental this happened the day Austin got out of prison?


Running for office in ARIZONA?

Co deMon key was actively recruiting people to the trap that was January 6.

I’m sure the Capitol Police will be all over that.

When a person lies about you to your face you know they will lie behind your back. When it’s in a dedicated group of truthers no matter the infiltration numbers it doesn’t stand. We are being set-up and it’s through associations. Austin to this vaccine video as well as the other TWO videos the group was able to get out during Austin’s incarceration. And through our associations to each other.

I’ve always kept my affiliations loose for others as I never know which bear will present itself for poking next.

I left Geronimo last time repenting for my behavior. The field and the bunker aren’t the same and Marcus and I have had that conversation plenty.


Got an assignment soon after that led to some ideas that definitely changed the nature of my association with Marcus Cohen.




I didn’t pick the assignment and I didn’t pick the Truth it led to. Why Marcus Cohen would actively derail people who are seeking to help Austin Steinbart and his great people as the de facto leader of his Media Group is beyond me. It’s a thing though that people within the group know. They should also know he lied about me when he told this version of things.

This reaction wasn’t gatekeeping.

It was narrative herding.

Media lying to minimize a regular guy.



Again again. Again.

Despite the smear tactic in front of people I love the question that brought it remains and Marcus has still left us all hanging on that one thing he knows about Clergy Mockingbird that should rest my concern for those I seek to protect. Starting with Austin Steinbart.

Do you not have the same motivations, Marcus?

Why is this a dangerous question to raise in such a small group?

You can’t really spin this bottle without Will Sommer blasting on the stereo.

Marcus Cohen knows the ‘Whizzinator’ wasn’t a Whizzinator and he knows what it was. Who fed that to Will Sommer or did Will Sommer feed it to somebody? A couple of the people in the circle here know some fun things about Will Sommer. We gonna wait until his bosses send us to Cuba to play some connect the dots? Austin attached to the vaccines by his own people or orders? Will these questions make us subject to Congressional committee subpoenas to talk about each other?

We know who is in charge of the Google search narrative when it comes to people wanting to find out who Austin Steinbart is.


It isn’t as if the Whizzinator lie wasn’t relevant. Austin spent months in prison. There were also other ramifications...


There are high profile people behind the scenes in Austin Steinbart’s orbit. Some are great people and I miss being with them terribly. Some are working against those and Austin and the guys that ordered Austin to identify as Q are not done with their operation quite yet.

I have no lies to remember.

When I forgot to ask Austin about the seeming vaccine endorsement that somebody lit a fire under Marcus Cohen’s butt to get out I didn’t forget to first deliver him the same message I had consistently delivered to his corrupted family of volunteers.

‘Your people underestimate the enemy. And they underestimate you.’

I’m going to keep his response to myself for now because only those with ears to hear deserve that prize in this moment. I know what The Playbook says about some things.


Whose turn to spin?

Wherever We Going One, We Going All.



Still ‘here we are.’ Miss you, Sister.


I continue to give thanks for you, Mama.


You made me deserve an I told me so!


A sign AND a wonder! You don’t even know, brother. I’ll tell you at the Gitmo campfire.


We did work.


Did you start the Revelation dig yet? 1:1-3

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