Jesus Christ is the ONLY God!

There are two groups all world religions fall into, a religion based on works, or a religion based on grace.

Grace is a gift you receive, but do not deserve.

A religion of works is man's attempt to do "good" works in order to get into heaven.

A religion of grace is God doing the work for man in order to get into heaven.

Out of God's mercy and love, He has reconciled man through His Son's atoning sacrifice. Man has been forgiven. Man has been justified, made sinless and righteous before Almighty God. Through the propitiation of Christ, His Son, God the Father has been satisfied. The wrath that man deserved was poured out on His one and only begotten Son. Man has been redeemed, the penalty has been paid, a ransom has been made.

Man, in order to receive the gift of Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ must place his faith in Jesus Christ. Man must repent, turn from his sins, and trust and obey Christ. Led by the Holy Spirit, man must live his life in obedience to the 10 Commandments. This is the ONLY way to heaven. Only one road leads to God, and that road is through His Son, Jesus Christ. No other way is possible.

Jesus Christ is reliable, He said he would die, he would be buried, and that he would rise. HE DID! The New Testament is a historical document. The risen Christ was seen by over 500 people.

Put your faith in Christ today. Read His Holy Word daily. Get involved in a true Biblical Church. Love God. Love people.

Do this before it's too late. You are one breath away from eternity.

Where will you spend eternity if you die today, in Heaven or in hell?

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