Lose Wands

Lose Ones?

Walk Away. Run Away. Obi Won Kenobi never told you what happened to your family. Truth is stranger than fiction. There are loose ones converting to the Rebels. Red Pilling Over. Donald Trump said, "What do you have to lose?" Over a century, African Americans have gotten the shorter end of the stick, of the magic wand. "The Biggest Wand, Ever," exploded Kanye West. Obama said there was no wand. This meme photo is my entry to the Jay Boi Contest #13, not to be confused with Jay Leno & Jay Birds. Believe in flying like Space Jam.

NPC Lose Wand Contest Meme Jay Boi 13 IMG-20181028-WA0002.png

Real War

Is Soros Behind American Invasion? Why is China buying up Hollywood?

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