Bit Torrent Story Telling Game

We can all tell stories here together. We can take turns like a game. For example, Joey can start a story. And then it can be your turn. Leave a comment to continue the story. Other people can leave comments to continue the story. You can leave just one word, two words, a sentence, a paragraph, as many words or as little words as you want.

You can include photos, videos, memes, GIFs, links, ads, spam, free speech, hate speech, questions, jokes, etc., comments, or whatever you want. We may upvote your comments and that is how you win.

Start your stories in the comments below. Get your friends to join in this game. Take turns in the comments in telling stories here. As a camp counselor, this was a hot game to play for five years. Would tell my campers about this game and inspire them into playing and we have been playing this game since 2005 if not sooner. Bet you can't guess what other games we played.

Story Game

2018-03-28 Wednesday 08:00 PM LMS: Story Telling Game
Published at 8:15 PM

Joey Arnold Story


Joey Arnold Game


Our Story: Once upon a time ......................

[continue the story in the comments below]

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