Joogle It, Just a Little Bit! No not "Google" but Joogle!

OK, here goes.

Note, I retired my witness campaign/server a while back now.

This doesn't and didn't change the person that I am.

Nor does it change anything about how I go about things.

However, I have to make it very clear to everyone:

When I retired my witness, I also removed myself from the witness servers where the coding is discussed (generally all about the code and chain).

Yes, I will "leak" and state that people as people sometimes go "off topic". Mea culpa on that too. I was not immune to that, nor am I immune to that, especially when "crabby". (haha, that still makes me laugh when I hear that term).

I really appreciate the trust that some people out there show, when asking me questions about things revolving around Hive, HIVE and HBD.

To me it means that I did something right during the past circa 4 years. In many ways. Not just as a "witness" but as a person who tried to learn all things (Steem) Hive and then go one step further and look into options and potentials of what all is out there in the world of blockchain tech.

The "crypto" side of things was somewhat "interesting" to me back in 2017, but as time went on, the blockchain side of things and more so the potential to utilize it for independence via decentralization opened up an entire new theatre of possibilities for all people with a processor (PC, laptop, phone, tablet)

However, getting back to the reason for this post:

I am no longer "in the loop" and I like everyone else need to follow the Hive Youtube channel, the core dev meetings there (which I generally do).

I also check into the following communities to see if there is anything there:

I guess that I need to hang out more in the dedicated Hive Discord server:

Kill me, I am not good at "Public Relations", too direct for my own good and don't get along with people who think and behave as if they are "Holier than The Pope in Rome". Never have and probably Never will.

At least those who have gotten to know me, via communicating with me, know that this can at times be somewhat of a good trait. Which I believe is why questions and queries are still being thrown my way about Hive.

I am not turning my back to friendly discussions, in fact, all the more welcome them, but when asked some things, I will direct you to your witnesses (the ones you vote for) and the above listed sources of information and communications.

When you ask me something, like what you would "Google", I need to search for the answers (depending on the questions).

I'm not a human Google, I like you, need to turn to those who represent me in the eco system of Hive. So "ask Jack" aka "Joogle it" doesn't work any more, like what it used to.

"Joogle" is dead.

I hope that this isn't "too straight to the point" as what my "PR Skills" are known for when it comes to some things!

There are nhf, all is good, at least, not from my end. Keep at it, keep asking questions, but forward them to where you can get up to date and correct information. I'm no longer a potential source for that. I am in the same boat as you.

Wish everyone a great weekend, God bless you, stay safe and take a rest this weekend, that is why we call it the weekend!
The 5 day work week ends on Friday. Saturday is here to take it easy and get back to the human side of life.


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