Thanksgiving 2018


Coast to Coast.

It's not what you think, my bloody Americans. I mean, from one side of the Pacific Ocean to the other. Was in Vietnam teaching English for 5 years until I return to the USA on Thanksgiving Day 2017 via airplane, where I was retained at the border for like hours while Asians walked by me. They questioned me, looked and searched through all my bags, my clothes, my papers, as if I was a terrorist, but I returned because of Trump and Infowars and family first, community first, country first, rejuvenation, revolution, refocus, a rebirth like never ever before. The picture above is from Thanksgiving 2018 where we went to see Aunt Karen, my mom's sister, and Karen's husband, Phil. Also saw Karen's sons, Nathan and Alan Williams. Saw Nathan's kids, his family. I told Nathan that he introduced me to Sim City on the Super Nintendo, the SNES, around 1994, where he showed us kids how to get like a million dollars which allows you to make a whole a city, a map, full of hundreds of airports which cost like $10K each. Then Nathan added me on Facebook. Yeah, since like the early 90's, he has been introducing me and my siblings to computer games, video games, board games, as they are our cousins. And somebody said it's tough to make friends, especially as you never know if you will see them again and stuff. I said that we can at least try and everything. And that person agreed. Somebody else talked about climate change, which comes mostly from the sun. So, global warming is a problem as bad people flying around in circles spraying geoengineering stuff onto soil, farms, big cities. We can look at the videos, the documents, and we can talk about that. For Thanksgiving, we went there on a Wednesday, the 21st of November of 2018. That first night, we played Apples To Apples, for the first time for them. I read the Dinosaur & Dodo Bird book in Alan's room. I taught them how to play. Karen thanked me and loved it. They all had fun. Thursday, the sons, the kids, came. Big dinner. Friday, we did shopping. We went hiking around the lake. We saw the Ax-Hewn Log Home near the lake. I remember going to that old log house. Very interesting for sure. I think I was ten years old in like 1995 when we went inside that 1922 house. Good memory. We went inside the house around that time, give or take a few years, me, Karen, & Jim. I have total recall, just kidding. Don't remember everything. But it's good when people build things very well, very strong, built to last.

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The Wonders of Travel

Karen showed a slideshow of when they visit Europe. Marilyn (my mom) & Karen, the two sisters, talked family history. I listened and I love history. I watched the Nineties documentary on their TV, on Netflix. Karen & Phil like to watch Heartland. I had a headache but got better after some hours. Mom drove in a scooter thing at the Costco store. We took the Oatmeal can photo, me and mom. Saturday, we stopped by an antique place on our way back home.

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Mountain Road Trip Up IMG_20181121_151800.jpg
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Mom Car Orange McDonalds Wednesday IMG_20181121_141537.jpg
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Thanksgiving 2018

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