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Your life is a legacy that illuminates darkness all around. Stay on the course while you still can. Life is beautiful & you can always build on that. I'm sharing some of my photos, videos, articles, journal, thoughts, in order to show you that you're not alone in the mist of storms. No matter what happens in your life, there is always hope over dope.

1993 Joey & Crystal in living room.png

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Living Piano

1991 - We are living pianos and we are able to sing the songs of our lives. By the way, Halloween is coming which means opportunity is coming. If you're passing out candy for Trick or Treaters, the kids in the costumes, why not pass out Info Wars stickers with the candy, with the fruits. We could have harvest parties where we invite people over for a haunted house or something that might be more Christian friendly. We're all different and we all can do different things. I'm thinking about calling into the Alex Jones to share this idea soon. I'm very flexible in this promotional outreach and I may tell them if you don't beat me to it.

You don't have to promote Info Wars for example.

You can promote Making America Great Again (MAGA) or in making your own country, culture, religion, family, communities, schools, work, friends, towns, countryside, neighborhoods, apartments, or whatever, great again. There are many different things we can do to pass it on, to pay it forward, on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Independence Day, other holidays. You can even send letters right now as an early pre-Christmas letter to your family, relatives, others, & you can promote your social networks, websites, the things you care about. You can do so much online and more importantly offline. Never stop fighting for what is right. You can share your own ideas in the comments below.

1991 Rick Joey Crystal Piano.png

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Watching Youthfulness

1992-12 - Joey (me) & Crystal: Before going to Disneyland & to California in general for the first time for that Christmas in 1992, I watched the Ninja Turtles on television with my sister, Crystal, with Poffer Cat (grey cat with white chest & paws) and his like brother (cat in all gray).

1992-12 Joey Crystal Cats watching turtles on tv.png

Arnold Siblings - Katie, Ricky, Joey, Crystal

1992 apx Arnold Siblings.png

1993 - Joey & Crystal

As of 2018, mom still has that yellow bookcase, the red & blue encyclopedias, & much more; thanks to Larry, mom has a new book shed for some of these books, LEGOs, and much more. I helped build the shed. Legacy is there.

1993 Joey & Crystal in living room and floor.png

1993 - Katie, Joey, Crystal

1993 Katie Joey Crystal on Couch.png

1993 - Hagg Lake Family Reunion

1993 Reunion Hagg Lake Jim Don Joey others picnic table.png

Mice Gone Wild

Spring of 1998 - 13 year old Joey & Moo Moo Cow Mouse in Katie Hallway: around this time, Joey got the Cow Mouse, a few other mice. They had a bunch of babies in a few weeks. Joey kept them in the cage but they were smelly. Siblings complained. It was tough, cleaning the cage each day. Had to sacrifice newspapers, especially the sports section of the Oregonian for them each day as they're bathroom outlet. Eventually, Joey put the mice in buckets up in the big oak tree in the front yard. They froze to death & fell off the tree either in 1998 or maybe early in 1999. One half male rat like made it back into our house and had like a son or something which we found dead in a couch later on or something like that if I recall correctly.

1998-03 apx Spring Time Joey & Moo Mouse Katie Hallway.png

Seaside High School Reunion

1999-06 - Alan Williams High School Graduation Party - Arnold Morehead Williams family reunion - the Arnold family: Donald, Marilyn, Katie, Rick, Joey, Crystal; the Williams family: Karen, Nathan; the Morehead family: the kids of Brian. Oh, so, Karen & Brian are the siblings of my mom, Marilyn.

1999-06 Alan Williams Grad Group Photo Everybody.png
1999-06 Alan Williams Grad Group Photo Everybody-1.png
1999-06 Alan Williams Grad Group Photo Everybody-2.png
1999-06 Alan Williams at outside of front door of their house us kids.png

1999-10-23 - About 30 photos were developed.

1999-10-23 of Alan Williams high school grad and other things 30 photos in one MEDIUM SIZE PHOTO.png

19990's - Katie's wall of family photos.

1999 apx Katie Room Wall of Pictures.png

2000 - Basketball Game - Family Reunion - Long Beach, WA - Uncle Jimmy "Woof" Williams stretched out his hands to block point guard Joey. See Rick standing out from the distance. Crystal is in the background.

2000 Basketball Jim Williams Joey Crystal Rick other girl reunion long beach wa.png

2002-12-09 - Joey at school giving like a pound sign.

2002-12-09 Joey FGHS Pound Sign.png

2002-2003 High School Identification Document (I.D.) Card

2002-2003 FGHS.png

2003-02-16 - Tiffany Rochell Cumbo

2003-02-16 Sunday - Tiffany Cumbo BLACK WHITE COPY.png

Blond Tiffany

2003-02-16 Sunday 00:42:30 AM EST - Tiffany Cumbo to Joey Arnold: she wrote in her email, "Look Joey, I'm Blond." My email was and her email was my other email was

2003-02-16 Sunday Tiffany Cumbo to Joey: Look I'm Blond.png

Senior Year

2003-2004 Forest Grove High School (FGHS) Senior Year Card: my ID number was 46771. My Student Body ASB number was 42139 my senior year and 41587 my junior year.

2003-2004 FGHS Senior Card.png

Girls & a guy on a school bus. Maybe cheerleaders.

2004 apx Girls Guy Bus Ride.png

Woof, Skip, Dick, & Oatmeal.

2004 apx Joey Jim Dick Skip POOR COPY.png

Sonya Mack

2004 apx Sonya Mack FGHS ENtrance.png

2004 - Senior Picture - Joey & his bike

2004 Joey Bike FGHS Senior Pic.png

2004 - Senior Project - Pocketball

2004 Pocketball Carpet.png

Under the Carpetball Table

2004 Pocketball Under Table.png

2004 - Senior Picture - In a Tie

2004 Senior Picture Tie.png

2005-2006 - 2nd Year in college - at WOLBI NY

2005-2006 WOLBI Joey.png
2005-2006 WOLBI Joey BACK.png

2008-08 - Woof Funeral - Katie, Rick, Crystal, & Duct-Tape Joey

2008-08 Sad Joey Duct Tape Glasses Rick Katie Crystal.png

Slow Incline

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Facing Death

2008 - here is a sample, a page, from my Xanga diary blog from like 2008. I'm pretty sure I wrote this after the Woof Funeral in August of 2008. I wrote about my mom facing death. I might of wrote this in 2008 or even as early as 2007. I may have exaggerated in what I wrote in order to raise awareness of the value & the dilemma my mother was in. My parents divorced in 2008. The good news is that mom is doing much better now as she remarried, long story short, and as she is part of a pretty good church, Mountainview Alliance, in Shelton, WA. You can also find them on Facebook as well. There is always hope over dope, resurrection.

2008 Facing Death mom xanga delete n 1994 pic.png

Bush, the Turbanator.

Bush the Turbanator BLACK WHITE SATIRE.png

Jesus in the Cornelius Community Baptist Church (CBC)

CCBC JC Picture in Sanctuary.png

Danielle Stone

Danielle Stone.png

Daniel Steele

Daniel Steele.png

Eric Koelbl

Eric Koelbl.png

Eric Koelbl in a tie.

Eric Koelbl Tie.png

Joey Eats a Light House

Joey Eat Light House POOR COPY.png

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Statue - Portland, OR

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Vikings Girls - I knew them - they played basketball, soccer.

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1999-06 - Funny Family Reunion Photo

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