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2011-11-09 - Wednesday - 09:06 AM PST - Facebook Post - Rick Arnold wrote the following: "Last night I realized that FB is just like what was predicted in Ray Bradbury's-Fahrenheit 451, a day of no books, interactive tv's that are as large as the wall and hang on it like a picture, and the majority of people being intellectual zombies. And then I thought the world we live in today is also like Aldous Huxley's- A Brave New World, of test tube babies and of encouraging sexual experimentation at younger and younger ages, and media rewriting history daily and determining what the really happened in the news based on their perspective, and people being afraid of telling truth, lest they get in trouble. To me, fb is one big high school popularity contest, based on how many fb friends you have and responses you can get to the most mundane and trivial posts; most are afraid to disagree with anyone's posts or possibly offend them; a vacuous land of triviality and mainly uninteresting conversation. That's my observance of fb in the two years I've been on it, anyway. I might be wrong.... Obviously there are people who have the same basic belief system as I do, but you know what I am talking about. I'm talking about people that have changing beliefs based on the constantly changing politically correct views of those around them. And I am talking about those that choose not to do research into what is actually going on in the world; they just watch Comedy Central or one news source and just accept it as fact, without searching out other news sources or sources of information. Because if you do enough research, you can at least get at least a vague idea of what is really going on in the news, but most likely you will get a better understanding of what is actually going on. People don't want to think these days. There was one post I was commenting on, and someone said you guys are confusing me and making my head hurt. That is the type of people I am talking about, people that don't even want to know what is really going on, they want to live in a bubble and only think about themselves, a whole lot of Paris Hilton's and Kim Kardashian's running around, thinking the world revolves around them and the things they are doing..... well david all you can do about those people is forgive and forget what they said, because they shouldn't have said those things to you. sometimes your family becomes more than strangers, like me and Joe with our sisters. but your beliefs are pretty mainstream when you think about it, the idea today that all ideas are equal, no better than another, just leave everyone alone and live in peace, and not challenge anyone or say anything about anyone's beliefs, just belief what ever you want, and that's it. so you have been influenced by the mainstream more than you think. the dexter type of beliefs, he thinks he's right so he's right, type of thing, even though others might think he is wrong, but truth is relative, that seems like the basic idea of the show... primates, huh, despite no transitional fossils, and the proposed transitional creatures all turned out to be fakes? there's no evidence to that part of the theory of evolution... well David there were two people that didn't get hit by the car (actually a truck), me and Joey. We should have been walking with her, but I had the presence of mind at 6 years old to see the truck coming, and pull back my brother. He would have been killed. And we haven't ever been hit by a car. so there's two miracles. and how many close calls have you had?.... [2011-11-11 - Friday - 08:30 AM] - but when your lack of faith makes no sense, you are just confusing to your self, and others. You mentioned what you would consider a miracle, and so I mention a situation that matches what you were describing, and then you back track and change your mind again. either there are miracles, or there aren't. Don't use the word miracles, if you don't believe in them, because everyone knows what a miracle is and have seen them personally. You are just talking in circles."

2011-11-10 - Thursday - 09:28 AM PST - Mom - Restore Main Street: "David, I am glad you are "good" but you still need a final destination when you die. When we get to the point of truly wanting God's will and not our own, we can start to have peace about the details we have to live through. I considered starving myself to death, slowly, after my husband died suddenly this February. I wanted to go to heaven now, and not stay here. But God have work for me to do (I live below the poverty level etc) and I must trust Him. For the last three years, I see my children only on Facebook. I don't have a driver's license and have a special diet that is impossible to afford on food stamps. But when I was standing on the side of the road in 1988 and a car going 45 mph hit me and I went unconscious, I did not get hit by another car on that highway and die. So I must be worth something here on earth. (I was only in the hospital for three days, and have no scars except on my arm!"

David Fitch: "Every one sees things from one point of view. Take for example christians think they are persecuted by secularist and secularist feel they are persecuted by christians. Who is right it is alll based on your point of view. Are people intellectual zombies? Yes but we always have been. We move as a group if you think you are a free thinker look around you are the people in your group thinking the same thing? if you are being socially engineered you will not see it easily.... Yes they do by just saying you don't belive in a god people hate you. I don't hate it when some one says god bless you. Or reads the bible but if I had a dawkins book people would get angry.... You put a darwin fish on your car and it will get keyed.... Joey how are we any different now than 100 or a thousand years ago? our minds are the same. The things you think of other groups they think the same about you. This is how social engineering works. I you are not bad but you think the other side is. The same goes for them. This goes for alll groups.... When I came out as an athiest I was told by people I care about deeply that I am worse than a child rapest. I was called evil stupid. A waste of a life. A woman told me she would rather her kids be dead than an athiest. I never said any thing other than I don't belive in a god. Who did the persecution?... Joey you asked if I had examples and I did. You seemed to miss my point in saying we are alll mindless zombies. If you think you are not you are. Evolution can be debated I can live with I don't know for an answer. I know every one gets mocked I don't let these things get to me I just want people to see the other side. Every side has a point. If it didn't nobody would be on that side.... Joey you seem to be coming across as you against every one else but most people are on your side.... joey why is i don't know such a bad answer? i don;t know opens the door to learning maybe one day we will find that answer.... I never called any one names besides a zombies by that I ment our - thoughts and actions are influenced by what we hear and see the only way you can get away from that is to get away from it all. Believing in a god does not change a persons intelligent I am no smarter than the average person. I just see things differently than you. No one becomes an athiest after one discussion you think I am arrogant and ignore facts. At first I didnt want to be an athiest. The thought scared me. But now I see a beauty in the world I never saw before there are more wonders and mysteries. I feel better about my self.... Joey you see one flaw in science and you want to throw it all out but I can show you a hundred flaws in the bible and it's just my understand. here is a question for you. Take your average athiest and your average christian who knows the bible better? The book that converts the most people to atheism is the bible....."

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