RE: 2019-01-19

Adding More to my Plate.

12:52 PM - Went to church at 9 AM. Learned about the stock market, how to trade. We talked about that until like 11 AM, almost 2 hours. I listened. I've traded cryptocurrencies but I didn't tell them. Had too much coffee, again, and too much French vanilla creamer and then added too much chocolate syrup stuff. So, that's my addiction, my drug, and I should stop and drink water instead. Too much juice can be a problem because it's better to eat the fruits instead, if you can, generally. Missed Sunday School because we were talking in the lobby about trading. Good talk. We can all learn so much from each other. During the morning service, there was a talk on abortion and there is a march at the capitol, that is Olympia, on Tuesday. People should do that. I may take my written drivers test on that day. Good that people were able to share ministries that help women and families. We all have roles to play. Pastor played a video of a wild puppy dog, a stray. Very scared, angry, was barking. But was adopted and the dog turned into a nice dog after some weeks. It takes time. People are the same. There are ministries that are helping people get back on their feet. Great to talk about. Great shows online. I'm planning to post an article for my favorite Sunday shows for example and for each day of the week. I want to help connect people to things daily. So much to do, so little time. We got some chips, potatoes, bread. The kids were running around. Good to say hello to them. Maybe I should become a youth pastor or something. I got to do so much. So much on my plate.

Match Them

01:01 PM - If they turn up the music, why not turn up your music as well?

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