RE: 2020-03-30

Depends. There are good people and bad people in government, etc. So, they can do good things to help people. The problem can be down the road, that is if people give up some freedoms in order to get protection from the government. For example, when government passes laws while nobody is looking. This virus is a test trial as globalists will be trying to release even worse viruses in the future and the globalists can tell each other that they have nothing to worry about as too many people are willing to give up their rights so the globalists can save them from the problems the globalists created in the first place. Yes, you are right that people can be healthy to fight the viruses. So, take some zinc. Take more vitamins A-E. Vaccines are bad. Government tries to lock us up forever. They try to take more and more. They grow like a tumor. There are control freaks out there that are trying to depopulate. They're in many countries around the world. They are destroying countries. This virus was created. It is deadly. But why ask the virus creators to save you? We can save ourselves by being healthy. And life is risky. We used to talk about regret. I would rather live life as a free man than to regret not living life. I would rather be free to get the virus and be free than to be a slave forever and regret living. I hope you remember when we use to talk about regret vs failure. That is what this is all about. Freedom vs fake safety.

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