RE: 2020-03-30

Việt Max, currently, no price because I'm busy. But I do try to teach people on my Hive Blog. I do try to make videos. I try to make memes. I try to write things. I try to do different things to educate, entertain, encourage, equip, help, inspire, teach, aid, etc. But right now, I am not doing online English classes or other classes via Skype, Facebook, Stream Yard, etc, etc. But I want to and I do seek to do things in the future. I want to make sure I can have a daily schedule that I control. I want to make sure I have the time and space to have classes. So, I have to make sure I have a place to do the classes where I am not disturbing people who might be sleeping, etc. I also have to make sure I have a system for potential students to be able to pay me, for tuition, for my time. My current goal is to try to finish some rough drafts, some quick unfinished summary outlines of some of my top projects, things like home video archiving, family albums, photos, an autobiography project, writings, organizing some things, etc, etc, first off to say the least, in order to archive them, in order to have backups, copies, etc, and then I want to think about focusing more so on teaching more so, like classes on the Internet and/or offline too maybe..... and I am considering other things too.... so many different things.... I have so many different goals, desires, priorities, projects..... and I can get lost in different ones at different times and I can sometimes end up with too many half-done projects.... I can start projects and finishing projects can be the hard part..... so, I am trying to focus and perhaps get some things done first..... I went to Vietnam in 2012 and started my teaching English project.... but I also had prior obligations.... in 2017, long story short, I went back to America to attempt to finish some of those prior obligations..... and I really want to try to get some things done first...... and then we will see.

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