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2011-07-25 - Monday - Dream - Forest Grove High School (FGHS) Again - Screenshot at 2019-11-20 20:33:36.png

High School Again

2011-07-25 - Monday - Dream - Forest Grove High School (FGHS) Again

Monday July 25th 2011 I awoke to a dream where I was at my high school again. I may have been allowed to redo high school at the age of 26. It was weird. I had to talk to people. I beg people to let me back. I then ran into some records sheet in the office at the high school. It had a roster list of the students and their statistical scores (stats). It wasn't their grade report card. It had other facts. One of the columns was all about how popular each student was. It was all about how many people liked them. Sounds like Facebook. My eyes were glued on that. I didn't see anything about me because my eyes went strait to Tiffany Cumbo's records which said that around two to three thousand people liked her. Or was it 23 or 32 thousand? But there weren't even a thousand students at the high school when she was a student. I tried pondering that dream while I was still in it. But that was the end of it right then.

I was born and raised in a (trailer manufacture home brand):
Milgard MFG. INC.

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