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Series of Unfortunate Events?

I'm going to try to make this article as boring as possible. I've written about this many times. I'm going to try to write something that can explain what happened. I've been writing so many posts about this in the past. So, why did I write the "Kathy Stole My Bike" story so many times online on Facebook, in emails, on blogs, all over the web? What's the point? Well, it's a long story but there are a few points that I always try to make. I've made videos about it. I've been too wordy at times. I've failed too many times at trying to explain what I was trying to say. This entry serves as a testimony of the details between me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, AKA Joseph Scott Arnold, and Kathy, and the relationship we had specifically from the day we met in person on Sunday, the 17th of February of the year of 2013 at the house of a friend in the Tan Binh District of Saigon, Vietnam, through to our breakup on Monday, the 8th of April of that same year, 2013, in District 1 (Q.1) of that same city, Ho Chi Minh City (HCM, TP.HCM, HCMC), at the Saigon Balo Backpacker Hostel at 203 Pham Ngu Laos, Q.1. This article also serves as a disclaimer that says that I'm not necessarily asking for money, compensation, contribution, revenge, charity, apology, forgiveness, repentance, or what have you in regards to the details. And beyond the details of the Vietnam Kathy Oatmeal Story lies some application. That is the number one inspiration behind writing this. People can learn from this and from the Pagoda Story. You can learn from the Remi Story. You can learn from the Circle K Story. You can learn from the Dai Trinh Story. You can learn from the Anna Story. You can learn from the Bac Ninh New Star English Story. Also, the Hanoi Girl Story. Also, the Bac Ninh Papa Foods & Tyler Capp Story. I can learn from these stories. You can learn from them. I have been thinking about this forever. I think about all of these things for a bunch of reasons. I see perspective like a dance in the clouds. I connect dots between allegedly isolated situations. That is part of the reason why I'm writing this for example. I want to tell my story. Better yet, I want to continue to tell my story in order to help you better tell your story. I want to set the record straight. I've thought of sweeping all of this under the rug. Maybe I can pretend these things never happened. I was in Vietnam for five years from 2012-2017 teaching English, traveling, writing, sharing, life coaching, experiencing, making friends, living for the sake of Green Cool Kid Original Oatmeal. I was born in 1985, February 11, in Forest Grove (FG), Oregon (OR), of the United States of northern America (USA). I moved to Vietnam on Thursday, the 29th of November, 2012. A lot of things happened in Vietnam. I've failed too many times to respond to false, alleged, hearsay, accusations, fake news, lies, deception, rumor, gossip, that has spread around about me. That is a big push for me to write this for the record. I'm trying to emphasize on the fact that everything that happened was sudden. Some of it was also gradual, the events, the decisions, the lack of making decisions on my part especially. I thought about not writing this. One one hand, I have already written about this. Others have written about this. So, this stuff is not a secret. If it was a secret, then I could ponder keeping it a secret. but at this point, a lot of what I film and write is already out there. Whatever is not out there could be revealed later. Some of it could leak out. If I were to ever run for U.S. President someday, which I would like to do before I die I hope, then some of this Kathy Stuff could come back to haunt me. That is another basis for writing this. I wanted to write this before others can spin it and lie about. Yes, people have already lied about these things already. Yes, people can ignore what I write and say. People have taken me out of context. But that does not mean that I should not try to set the record straight. I want you to understand the context, the content, of what happened. The point of writing this is not necessarily on blaming Kathy or other people for example on certain things that happened or especially concerning things that didn't happen. Yes, there is blame there that can be placed on Kathy and others. The Bible talks about that, about how people can be blamed. So, we all know that we are not perfect as humans, as Romans 3:23 says that, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." You don't have to believe in God to understand sin, depravity, iniquities, crimes, transgressions, law breaking, murder, theft, robbery, lying, the Ten Commandments, and especially the golden rule of being nice to each other. I rented a room with Vietnamese college student man Võ Thanh Phương in the Tan Phu District in 2013, around September to November. He got mad at me. He said I was smelly. In like 2016, he found out about the Anna Story and said that it was probably my fault. I don't know what he thinks now. But he appeared angry, emotional, maybe, for a while. But maybe he learned that I'm not really crazy. Maybe we can learn from things in life. The point of writing this Kathy Story could be more on explaining what I learned from all of this. Beyond that, I can talk about my mistakes, my crimes so to speak. That is what I want to talk about. If you are reading this, you might have heard of bits and pieces from the Kathy Stole My Electric Bicycle Story. So, you may think you know what happened. You may think you know enough of the story to have your own opinion about it. You may or may know know the general outline of the story, but you may be missing the moral of the story. There may be a few morals of the story. There may be a few stories all mixed up in one that happened all at the same time. Life can be messy and confusing all at the same time. Before I tell you more about what happened, I want to tell you that I am learning from these stories. i am trying to change my ways. I've tried to minimize that point many times because I wanted to confront problems that I saw. I wanted people to learn from certain mistakes, errors, problems. I didn't want people to get too distracted by me and what I did wrong because then they may miss the morals of the stories of the bigger picture, perspective, paradigm, outline, of the bigger story and stories of what was happening, long story short. So, let me write this quick outline and summary and rough draft entry right here on what happened. You may think that is a joke that this is a small Twitter Tweet right here that is limited to like a few characters or less. I am trying to limit how much i say. But at the same time, I want to make sure that I do my best to fully explain what happened. But before I get into the details of that, I want you to know that my two sisters, Katie Jean Arnold and Kenni Crystal Ann Arnold, have learned similar lessons in their lives in regards to some of the details of the Kathy Story, possibly. Yeah, the details are different. My brother, Rick Richard Schuyler Schuylar Maria Marie Arnold Rasp Morehead Cunningham Mitchell Hunter Hocking Pickett Pickell Henderson Smith Williams Oregon learned similar things in his life in regards to getting sucked into Wayne in Oklahoma which might be similar in some ways to me getting sucked into Kathy in Vietnam. But here is another disclaimer: Kathy was not Wayne. The details are different in too many ways to be compared beyond the analogy of codependency, addiction, of getting trapped in a situation, and things like that. I can talk for days of other analogies as well. I am Oatmeal after all which is another analogy of daily bread and of firm eternal foundations built on God. You don't have to believe that Jesus Christ is our Creator Savior Sustainer to believe that all things happen for a reason, Romans 8:28, that life is better when built on Infinite Altitudes of Ironic Mystic of Hope Over Dope of Joy Over Circumstances. This story might be similar also to the eldest, Mars, and Bill maybe in some ways or other people.

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Chronology of My Biography

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I did bad.

Yes, but does that undo the bad in other people? The answer is no. But I've tried to get people to see what I wanted people to see. Too often, people can say, "But you did this and you did that and you did this other thing and another thing and that other thing over here and that other thing over there and so on and so forth." That is called missing the point. I talked about the bike because there is a point behind it. One main point behind it was Communication. That is very important to nurture in relationships, friendships. That is a big point. If you lack communication, transparency, honesty, dialog, interaction, then something like this can happen. Yes, I did some bad things, perhaps, you could argue. I still try to argue that I was not trying to do bad things. But the absence of better choices is bad in and of itself. I did not do certain things and that is important to note. I've focused on what other people did not do. I have mentioned what people did in these stories but I do try to emphasize on what they didn't do. I think it is important to look at that. Maybe next time, you will do this thing or that thing. Likewise, maybe I will do this thing or that thing. When I talk about me, I always fear that people will ignore what the other people did. So, I try to bring up the other people again and again. Yes, I have tried too hard too many times in my life to cry like a boy crying wolf. I have good intentions, I think, I thought, but the perception has fallen too often. How people see me has deteriorate too often. I've made too many bad first impressions and everything. With Kathy, I was not careful enough. I let things get out of control, gradually. That is my fault. This article serves as a confession. In my life, I make mistakes all of the time.I'm writing this to confess that I was possibly too lazy at letting things get out of hand, long story short. Yes, I think Kathy stole my bike, so to speak, in a way, long story short, or something like that, but at the same time, maybe I stole her heart. Maybe, I led her on towards a romance with me. That is my confession, that I was not professional enough with my relationship with her. I first met Kathy online on Couch Surfing (CF) either in 2012 or maybe in January of 2013. I met the other girl on Couchsurfing as well, possibly around the same time and then met that girl in person when she visited Hanoi in late January 2013. She encouraged me to visit Saigon on Saturday, the 9th of February 2013. My decision to go to Saigon on the 10th might have been a mistake because I was rushing into it. Maybe, I should have returned to Papa Foods in Bac Ninh, talk to them first. I still had more bags at Papa Foods. I should have grabbed them. I did not do that. I ran away as I felt ashamed. I felt like a failure as I didn't find a teaching English job in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, in these cities, provinces, places, hometowns, during my first two months in Vietnam. I didn't want to return to Papa Foods empty handed. Andy Nguyen, of Papa Foods, let me worked there on my sixth day in Vietnam, on that Tuesday, the 4th of December of 2012. It was after getting an email from New Star Language Center, from Jimi who said I was bad at English. He told me to come to Vietnam to teach. but when I came, and when I taught, and when I helped Joy and that other teacher, and during that interview, I was rejected. My mistake with that was that I didn't really try to sell myself during the interview. But regardless of what happened, Andy took me in. I worked for food at Papa Foods for about six weeks. So, my visa was going to expire as well. So, I didn't want Andy to feel responsible for me and my expiring visa which was to expire in February 2013. I probably had enough money to extend my visa. Maybe I could have borrowed money. maybe I could have found work in the north of Vietnam. I went on to become a better teacher than I was at that time. I learned a lot about how to teach since then. So, looking back, it is hard to say. I have been learning so much. But I was wrong for not trying harder. And at the same time, it is not that I wasn't trying as hard as I could. I was trying as hard as I could but I was also extremely distracted and divided. My head was spinning. I don't mean that I was crazy. You can say that I was crazy. And I was feeling crazy as I was trying to do everything all at the same time. I was online trying to make new friends with thousands of new people on Tagged and Couch Surfing and Facebook and through email and on Craigslist and other websites and instant messaging networks.

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Kathy Stole My Bike?

Against Tides - Ban - Blocked - Bones - Charity Justifies Robbery? - Fake? - Tom Thi Nguyen - Ugly Muse - Võ Thanh Phương

Yes, I had good intentions.

I was doing good things. But I was possibly not doing the best things. i was distracted. First, I should have gotten a teaching certificate before coming to Vietnam in 2012 in the first place. I know that and I don't deny that. Yes, I have argued my side for years. So, you may think that I am against certificates, diplomas, documents, etc. I'm not actually against them. But I've argued against our dependency on certificates, education, the centralized Dollar, and many things. I encourage innovation. Think outside the box. Do things differently. Think Different like Apple but without Apple, Microsoft, Android, Amazon, etc. We can always do better. But at the same time, I understand how things are. I understand the systems we are embedded upon. I have been Burnt Oatmeal, the ugly Deplorable Monkey, for too long. But People have got me wrong. Too often, my arguments for things confused people. Too often, I would not say think you enough like Tyler Capp said. I told him that I do say thank you because I do. He wrote that I do not. It sounded like he said that I never ever do it at all. Well, he didn't say that I never ever didn't show appreciation. And I really do try to show my appreciation. I've been too busy to say thanks more and stronger. I have been learning to say thanks more now. I've had reasons why I didn't say thanks as much. I mostly wanted to return the favor as my way of saying thanks through my action. But it is true at the same time that I can try to look happier, to engage in small talk more like I did at Circle K. I did wrong by not focusing on one thing at a time. 2013-02-10 - Sunday - 06:00 PM ICT approximately, my plane landed in the Saigon airport from Hanoi. That one girl picked me up and took me to her house. I slept in the living room. Monday morning, on my birthday, which is also the birthday of Alex Jones, I went with her and her family to their like hometown for a few days. I then went by a private car and/or taxi back to Saigon on Sunday morning, the 17th of February. 2013-02-17 - Sunday - 02:00 PM apx: Kathy came to that house to take me around the city, to give me a tour on her motorbike. She appeared very happy and we went to Lotteria. That was my first time to that South Korean fast food restaurant. It was the Lotteria like in District 5 near District 8. We visited her house. We went to Buffalo Bills or that place across the street from that on the Bui Vien Street in District 1, where she bought me a I Love Vietnam bracelet. She was wearing a dress. Maybe she was treating this like a date. Maybe partly but she probably wears dresses to look nice as well. Monday, she picked me up again and took me to a sugar cane store. She talked to them about me working there. They rejected that, I'm assuming. She was probably related to them. Kathy drove me around a few places. My mistake was on holding onto her waist while on the motorbike. I didn't have to do that. I was doing it for fun. I pretend to like flirt, all of my life. I've been too much maybe of like a smooth criminal. I've probably led me on to making them think I liked them or something. Andrew Moroz told me to be careful in like 2005. Other people have talked to me about it too. So, maybe I have been learning these life lessons the hard way. I was probably flirting with too many people online for too many years. I was doing too much maybe. I was being too dangerous with my words. I can be very extreme and subtle with what I write. I can trick people. I can exaggerate. I can say things in so many different ways. And over the years, I would say all sorts of things in order to get people to think differently. Again, I always have good intentions to red pill people and to raise awareness of global problems like how Soros and others try to invade countries. The United Nations (U.N.) and other groups have been funding groups for too many years to invade Europe and America and other places and countries and continents in order to divide and conquer. I should be talking more about that than this Kathy Story. So, this is my confession. I'm learning to be more careful in what I do. I try to think more. Yeah, I try to shock less. Yeah, I still aim to be the Ice Breaker. I still try to shock people but I am also trying to choose my battles and hills that I want to die on more carefully. I try not to argue too hard or too much like too often with too many people at the same level and in the same way or ways. So, I should have kept my hands to myself. My excuse was that I needed to hold on to something on the motorcycle. So, I held onto Kathy after asking for her permission. But it might have got her to like me more or something on that first day that we met, that Sunday. I would go back in time and not do that. This article, by the way, is incomplete. More to come, later.

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I was harmless, I thought.

But I was still wrong in regards to some things. I could say that maybe Kathy did wrong when she did this thing or that thing or another thing. We can talk about all of those things. And maybe some of those things are kind of true maybe. And I wanted people to think about those things for too long. I don't disagree. But at the same time, I was too aggressive in my gradual flirting with her. That Sunday, she took me to her house and said she had a sex addiction where she meets random foreigners and has sex with them at hotels and/or her house or something. I forget the exact wording. I didn't even know at the time what she meant as she said it very quickly casually, like as if it was maybe nothing. My disclaimer here is that I don't remember the exact words and I could be wrong about the details of what she was saying and what she really meant or whatever. I listened and thought, "I wonder if she would have sex with me." That was a bad thought. You should only have sex within marriage. I believe in that since I was a little boy. I have written about that. Many people write about that. The make movies about it. And it is in the Bible. But regardless, I was not guarding my heart enough. I was not careful enough. So, that is a lesson I was learning. Tuesday, Kathy drove me around again for the third day in a row. She took me to a park in Tan Binh or maybe Go Vap. She might have said it was a romantic. She asked me as we sat down at a park and she asked me, with the following words exactly, "Do you want to relax?" Yes, I did. I said ok. I thought she meant relax, rest, watch a movie, eat, drink, but that is it. I was not like other foreigners. At the time, I didn't know how many Sex Pats there were, as in Expats that came to Vietnam to have sex with Vietnamese women. I was not one of them. I was a virgin until Kathy took me to a hotel that Tuesday, the 19th of February of 2013. I thought we were only going to the hotel to watch a movie. I was too naive. I must have rode the short bus. part of me knew and the other part of me was in a state of denial. I had huge Cognitive Dissonant. I was too blind. I let this happen. I didn't guard my heart. I didn't guard my body as a man. That is my fault. I led her on. That was my fault. I was too lazy. I was too busy. I was too ignorant, arrogant. I let this stuff happen. We went to the hotel. We watched some television while sitting on the bed. She started kissing me. I never kissed anybody before. That turned into sexual intercourse. So, in other words, Joey slept with Kathy. I've denied that in the past for a few reasons. First, I didn't want people to think I was a playboy. We were at the hotel for like an hour or less. Kathy paid for it. Kathy took me back to the girl's house. It was late. Kathy and the other girl were yelling at each other in Vietnamese. Wednesday morning, the girl said that I had to leave. She didn't say why. I'm guessing now that she found out about the hotel. Looking back, I'm thinking now that Kathy just told her. But I can't say one way or another since I didn't know enough Vietnamese to know. But I was late maybe. It was maybe 10 or 11 PM when Kathy got me back to her house Tuesday night. So, Wednesday morning, the girl said that her parents wanted me out of the house by noon. She probably told me that on Tuesday night. Kathy said she was Buddhist. But the girl & her family were Catholic. Their uncle Joe was in San Francisco. Her brother played guitar. Her BF was American and I met her that Sunday, the 17th. 2013-02-16 - Wednesday - Kathy took me to live with her. Kathy had to get her mother to agree and maybe her mother did eventually maybe. I don't know a lot about what happened. I don't know if they knew what happened. I was never told specifically but I think they probably were told. And they probably had a spider sense, a sixth sense that told them. Maybe God told them. Maybe the universe told them. Maybe Santa Clause told them.

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Maybe Zeus told them.

The girl helped me so much. I betrayed her. 2012-02-18 - Monday Morning - the girl's dad drove me for an interview that Monday morning to have an interview with that New Star English Center in the Tan Phu District. It might have been Tuesday morning. But maybe and probably Monday morning. So, they helped me. But then the hotel thing happened. It was my fault. Yes, Kathy had fault in it too, but that doesn't eradicate my failure to leave that hotel. I should have walked away. From 2013-02-20 Wednesday, around 01:00 PM ICT to 2013-04-08 Monday around 09:00 AM, I lived at the house of Kathy in District 8 and we had sex whenever she would ask her it. So, I was her bitch, her sex toy. I rented that room from her. I didn't pay with money but with my body. I was a male whore, prostitute. I let her take advantage of me. In a way, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, literally, figuratively, in so many ways at the same time, Kathy Raped Oatmeal in that hotel that first time. I may have written bits and pieces of this story in the past. Right now, I am trying to spell it out with as many words possible. Maybe not as many words as possible. But I really want you to see what I saw. This is not an X-Rated post, but it is attempting to strip me naked like she did to me, pun intended. I was not intending to get lost in that world with Kathy but it happened. This article is attempting to expose what happened. I understand that this can destroy me right now. It can come back to sink my careers, ministries, and everything. I accept all the consequences that comes with it. Yes, I was raped, maybe. but at the same time, maybe I raped Kathy's mind, not purposely, but maybe accidentally. I was not proactive enough. I was not careful enough. I was not praying enough. I was too scared. I know people have and will continue to make and take my words and life out of context like they do with Alex Jones and other people. Famous people get this in the tabloids. I wanted to get this out there beforehand. I can't undo the past. I didn't want to talk about it as it distracts from my character. Like I said earlier, there are many reasons why I try not to talk about it. I want this to be on the Internet as a reminder of what happens when you are not careful. If you want to sleep around, then go ahead. I'm not going to stop you. It is problematic to sleep around. I only slept with Kathy. I only got to Biblically know her. I only had sex, as of right now in 2018, with Kathy in 2013. I met her 2 more times after that in 2015 but I kept my distance from her at those times. She told me what happened with her life in 2015. And she was maybe trying to get me get back in a relationship with her again. No, thank you. I'm thinking of having this article in small letters. I just want the record to be here just in case. Some people can choose to read this and consider my side of the story. Ultimately, there is nothing I can do to change what people think about all of this. But I still wanted to keep this for the record. I lived with Kathy for 48 days 9or for 6 weeks and 6 days exactly) from Wednesday, the 20th of March 2013 to Monday, the 8th of April 2013, exactly. After I refused to give her money from my salary from teaching English, she kicked me out. I moved into the Saigon Balo Backpacker's Hostel at 203 Pham Ngu Laos, District 1, of Saigon, Vietnam. She helped me moved into that hostel. Kathy helped me with that. I stayed with her those 48 days because she was helping me. I wanted to ride it out. I wanted to see what would happen. I think she drove me over for an interview in February at the Tan Van Foreign Language School in the Go Vap District. I began teaching for Tan Van on like Friday, the first of March, 2013, (and worked for Tan Van until like June, 2013) and for New Star in the Tan Phu District on maybe Friday, the 8th or more likely the 15th of March, 2013, until like August, 2013. I stayed at a hotel for my first six days (five nights) in Vietnam from Thursday to Tuesday, the 29th of November, 2012, to the 4th of December, 2013. I stayed at Papa Foods for about 43 days from the fourth of Dec. until maybe Wednesday, like the 16th of January, 2013. Stayed at a house in Hanoi for about 15 days. Wednesday night, on the 30th of Jan., 2013, went to Hoa Binh for like six days. Monday morning, the 4th of February, went on a bus to Thanh Hoa for six days until Saturday, the 9th of February. Then went to Hanoi on Sunday, the tenth and moved in with Kathy ten days after on Wednesday, the twentieth of Feb. '13. I'm writing all of this in case I forget. I also want to understand the details. I also may talk and write about the details less. I may link to articles like this in future articles so I do not have to always rewrite what I already wrote. I stayed with Kathy because she was taking me to work each day. She like promised to do that. So, I wanted to hold her to those promises. Yeah, maybe she could break her promises at the same time. I wanted her to at least confess to breaking promises that is if she were to go and break said alleged promises. Kathy may have denied certain promises. It is possible that she didn't mean what I thought she said. Maybe I misunderstood some of what she said. But it sounded like she was trying to say she would help me. I have always had a habit of letting people help me in my life. While in Vietnam for 5 years, I began seeing people declare that I was taking advantage of people. I didn't see that way. It happened a little before I went to Vietnam as well but not to same level. After going to Vietnam, I saw a lot more hate come my way. I believe in letting people exercise their gifts of hospitality, generosity, etc. If you give me something, then that is good. I do not have to say thank you, Tyler Capp. But I do try to say thank you, by the way. But I always try to emphasize on what unconditional love is. If you have Agape, then you do not ask for anything in return. Yes, I should say thank you. I should return the favor. But if I am required to compensate, then the gift becomes a product. A gift cannot be a present if it demands retribution, a price, some money, some action. So, I would always cry out that idea. I always try to preach my crazy definitions of words like love. I see love as a sacrifice of commitment. So, I let people help me. I was helping Kathy help me. I asked people online for help. Kathy answered my replies. I wrote general Facebook posts for example. People complained that I was complaining too much. I would always say that I was revealing and not complaining. I was letting people know what was happening in my life in order to allow other people to interact with my life. I stayed with Kathy at her house for those 48 days as I thought she promised to help me for a month and I didn't know where else to go and I was scared. I didn't know how to get to the schools by myself. I felt scared and alone. I wanted her to commit to what I thought was her promise, her promises. Yes, here is my disclaimer, that I cannot absolutely say that she made that promise, but I thought she did. And she can always change her mind. I tried to encourage her to confess to changing her mind, that is if she wanted me to leave earlier. She could have not taken me in the first place. She made me tell everybody on Facebook that Kathy was the Boyfriend (BF) of Oatmeal Joey Arnold (JSA). I guess I could have said no. But she threw stuff at me. She bit me at times. She had like bipolar, like a split personality which her mother told me was a problem when her head got too hot or something. Maybe on a period or a bunch of different things. While living in Vietnam for five years, I saw other people with the same kind of Adam Sandler Anger Management issues. People can blow up. I was probably tough to live with as well. Kathy pushed me, the L4OJ, to get an electric bicycle, for like 3.000.000 VND ($150 USD) or possibly more than that. I would say it cost like $200. It was probably closer to $180. But she nagged me a lot until she drove me to a place and I paid the money. It was a used bike with like a short battery life. I didn't use it. The bike was too slow. She suggested that the bike to be donated or sold to her boss or friend's daughters or something like that. She would talk about it from time to time. One day, it was gone. Her mother gave it to them or something. Kathy pressed me to take Vietnamese classes. I didn't really want to but I caved in. I fell to her wishes like I did with everything else. I had some money. I could have paid. But Kathy said her mother had money. So, they paid. And then I asked for my money from my bike which they either sold or donated. Kathy said I paid for the classes with the money. I replied, "I thought your mom paid for the classes." Kathy replied, "Yes, my mom paid for the classes but with your money." Those are not exact quotes but that is the general outline from hours of conversations we had in person and via texts in emails and on Facebook and wherever. It can be even wordier to read the other things on the Kathy Stole My Bike Story. I felt maybe inspired to write this right here. I am wrong for many things. I confess to being too dangerous. I know people will continue to not read what I am writing here. So, remember that some people will continue to take me out of context even as I wrote all of this. I may make videos where I read this. I believe in celibacy like my sisters, especially like Katie who wrote about it, about choosing a life like that. I chose that type of life after reading that book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye as a kid. So, I was already there and I am back on that bandwagon train until the day I marry, if I were to ever be that lucky. So, this article can be my apology to my future wife which may never happen for a bunch of reasons related to me and more importantly related to the crazy world we live in. But this is my apology to a special woman I may have someday, "Please forgive me for Kathy." That is my plead. I am sorry. Thank you, for caring. Thank you reading. Thank you, as the Golden Girls and Golden Gram Crackers would say, "For being a friend." I was too stupid for not taking more risks and for not waiting more for making things work. I got better at my job as a teacher and I learned how to ride my bicycle all around Saigon. But my first like two months in Saigon, I was more scared than I even knew. I made poor decisions. More importantly, I flirted too much. I lived a life where I thought that all of my flirting in America did nothing maybe. So, I went to Vietnam with that same mentality that flirting would not go anywhere. Why would anybody sleep with me? I felt too sorry for myself, and that is part of the reason to the Fall of Rome, the Fall of Oatmeal. I felt too emotional about it. I try my best to stay away from my emotions and to live from my spirit of what I believe and I am learning to walk in that light, in that path, more and more as I get older and fatter like Fat Joey from Metal Gear Joey (MGJ). I have been forgetting how to Get Your Joy On (GYJO). As I get older, I learn to forgive myself. I said that Kathy owed me money for my bike. Yes, I believe she owed me and that she still owes me for that bike. But at the same time, I mostly talked about that story so many times because I simply wanted Kathy to confess by saying, simply, "Yes, I owe you. But I will not pay or cannot pay or do not want to pay or will pay later maybe but yeah, I do technically owe you." Maybe just a simple, "True but no thank you. Just a simple acknowledgement. My disclaimer here is that she may know this. Maybe she said it or implied it before. Maybe she kind of said these things before. I am sorry if that is true. As far as I can recall, that is not true. That is why I kept on bringing up the bike. She would then say that I owe her. I would say that she chose to help me. I was very passionate in an angry way as I tried in person to explain unilateral, unconditional, covenants, love, agape. I always try to use words and I always try to say things in crazy ways to get my point across. I have ruined too many friendships. By the way, I probably hurt people just by mentioning them in my blogs, videos, writings, emails, etc, maybe, to an extent, or so it would seem, allegedly, through the subjective lens and art and relativity of perspective, perception, limited vision, understanding, earthly wisdom. So, I am sorry if you are hurt, if you feel hurt. One time, Kathy took me to a Chinese restaurant in like district 5 and I ate some horse penis. When she told me what it was, I spat it out. She got mad. She threw stuff at me. They kicked us out. She got mad at me. One time, Kathy tried to run me over when I went to walk over from one school to my next class at another school. She was mad or something. So, I started walking as I needed to get to my next class one day in March 2013. By the way, Facebook has been deleting my posts, videos, articles, pictures, photos, images, accounts, profiles, pages, groups, many times, over the years, including my first or second official Facebook which probably had records of my life in 2013. Twitter and Theology online attacked me too. I was told I was a Russian Bot or something like fake news. YouTube terminated at least two of my YouTube channels, Ojawall in October 2017, and also Joeyarnoldvn in October 2018. So, I probably had a lot of videos from maybe 2013 that could have revealed more. I made a lot of mistakes. I did bad things. Trump did bad too. But Trump did many good things, too. But other people did bad things, too. We can talk about the bad things I did. But too often in life, if we only talk about my bad, then we may never talk about the sins of others. Maybe Kathy did some bad. Maybe other people did some bad. Maybe I can confess to some of the things I did. And that is what I am trying to say. Maybe Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others, did bad too when they terminate, shadow ban, delete, remove, erase, Hillary Clinton Obama bleach bit acid remove stuff, hammer smashing it all back to China. Bad stuff is happening in the world. We should not be fighting with each other while globalists use 5G to destroy us. They are using vaccines to murder us. Look at the vaccines of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in India for example. I confess to being too stupid. I confess to letting people being nice to me. Maybe I should not trust people too much. Maybe I should not expect people to like keep their promises. I am not angry. I am not bitter. I am writing this because it happened. And all things work together for good. If you made mistakes, then please know there is hope for you like there is hope for me, I hope. No, I do not hope like I do not know. I do know that life is awesome. Things will always come at you like they do to me. That is why I talk about this. Don't be afraid of skeletons in you closet. Like Eminem, you can come out of closets. Like Mario, your princess is in another castle. Keep going. You did bad things. Change them. You can. Other people did bad to you, then tell them. If they refuse to make things right, for retribution, for justice, for restoration, you may need to tell other people. That is why I am telling the whole world. Because I believe in testimonies. I think Kathy is a nice person. And I believe in the freedom of speech, religions, press, property rights, and especially the right of privacy found in the 4th amendment which big tech has been raping and violating. Yeah, speaking of raping, shadow governments has been attacking us and hurting us for too long. That is why @Stefan.Molyneux did a documentary on documentary on Poland. Lauren Southern did one called Farmlands on South Africa. Join the revolutions all around the world before it is too late. I forgive Kathy. But I don't believe in forgetting. When we forget history, we make the same mistakes over and over again. We can break addictions, bad habits, and many things. I am breaking habits in my life, I am growing. I am sorry for the bad I have done, dear readers. I may write more about other crimes I have done in my life. I have been a bad boy and I try my best to change each day, gradually. And that is what life is all about. I love the book of James as it talks about doing good works because we are saved. You do not have to believe in crazy religions, maybe, in being saved, to get that doing good is awesome. The only better than what is good is what is better and like The Salvation Army, we try our best to do the most good with a heart to God and a hand to man. This article serves as a testimony of redemption and it is for the record as well. What did I do wrong? I let weeds grow in my garden and in my life. I didn't step out in faith enough. I was guilty of loving myself. If you want to love others, you need to be able to love yourself first. When you do not love enough, you hate more, indirectly. You began to make bad decisions. You can only love yourself if you ask Jesus to fill you with His Redemption, Forgiveness, Salvation, His Love. Some people may not believe in that. But that is what I believe. Please do not hate on my beliefs. But I guess you can if you want. But I wrote a little bit about what happened in this article. I must say again that this is an outline and I may write more later in the first place. I may reference some of the events from this article in future articles. I have included links and pictures in this article. You can click on the links to see other things I wrote about this in the past. Others wrote about this. But in the future, some of the other articles on other blogs and websites may be gone in the future. Other websites may take them down. That is why I decided to write all of this. I made poor decisions because I was in a pretty bad place in my life. My parents were divorced. I felt maybe too empty like as if I couldn't get love from other people in any way. I have learned a lot since then and it is not like I didn't know the value of my Oatmeal if you know what I mean before that. But I just let things derail during my first few months in Vietnam. I took too many things too personally like maybe Corey did in Revolution Hawaii. I mean no disrespect and I believe we can all gain from talking about these things. I am guilty of violating social codes. I am guilty of being politically incorrect. I am guilty of allowing people to exercise their gifts of hospitality. I believe in confession, in admitting to what happened. We all can learn from history, from each other. Why stop here? By the way, in like 2016, Tom Thi Nguyen interviewed me concerning some things that happened in 2016. After talking to her for like hours, she posted like a fake news hit piece that went against me. I may need to write a new post about it. I think the article she shared on Facebook was going against me. Long story short, I thought I could trust her, but she was only pretending to listen. It seems that she was like against me. Please tell me that she was trying to help me.


Published in December of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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2015-04-04 - Saturday - 12:11 AM:

At this time, in April, Phạm Oanh wrote the following in regards to everything: the details here may be inaccurate and was commented here: the comment, below, may have been written either by Kathy or by other people who knew her, maybe on her behalf: this Facebook profile may be hers maybe: this shows some perspective of Kathy and other people: I may disagree with some of the details:

Uhm. Joey is a good person. Now Kathy is pregnant with another boy. He steal all those things in Kathy home, lie a lot. And his familly also. His brother is in jail 6 years at few years ago, and his sister in law-wife of his brother is steall Kathy's Iphone. But Kathy could not said because she is familly. After a few time, Kathy's baby father hit some one else to go hospital, now he have to hide with Police, he have so much bad things, the police said with Kathy if now they can find he, they will put he in the jail. That's why now Kathy is a single mom. When kathy try to talking with her bf, if you come to jail, and pay for all your fail, i will waiting you, i promise. But he do not agree, he said i will kill you, your baby now is your, kill or born, i will not care about that. Joey's mother may be do not give Kathy anything before, but she also do not take anything by Kathy. It's still be good.

At Thursday's night, Kathy call Joey to meeting at 23/9 park, she though he will not coming, she said i'm preagnant, i'm up set and need some one to talking! Joey was coming, and stay with her, he said, save the baby, the baby will a people, do not do that. And he help her massage her legs. It's hurt because her pregnant sittuation

We do not said we love each other. We a in forbiden to said. :D
But we know with each other, we are special in the world.
It's enough for out sittuation haha

Uhm. Joey, today i found for you three work. All is teaching English at student home. One is will be working at a big English school at Xo Viet Nghe Tinh in Ho Chi Minh city. I talking with the manager, she said if you do not have Tesol, you still can teach, just do not much money more. They will sign the contract with you. Just save it.
She just need to see your linsence College, any college is ok. And your Visa still be working. Thursday she will meeting you. Just ready all every linsence i'm noticed.

One will be working in my aunt house, she is a English teacher was be working in University. And she is Christian. You will be like that. She teach for the young children in Church. And you just plus 150k/1 hour of you, just in her teaching class. It's very close district 1. Do not like American and Vietnam, u dont have to worried about that, you can go by bicycle or i will teach you go by bus. And one will be working at my English school, i just working for them together, i find the student, but i'm working at home, and the internet, i just come to the company when i find them for a class, after they pay for me. It's a big E school at distric 6. So let me asking the manage do her need a English teacher have a skill and living in Viet Nam 3 year.

All your trouble is come by me. All your life is just have one dirty : hitting the women your love, but i'm still alive, and truely, have some one is hitting me hurt more than you. So let's me fixing it. You still can working at the coffee shop, the park for your fun. It's your live and your bussiness.

I'm still working in my home town for my handmade shop. (So if you are still interesting me, want to help me, all your things is just sharing my stuff in your facebook or fanpages. It's all thing i need!) You are a good person Joey! Do not let any one else said you are bad. Sorry i have not enough time to talking with your mom one by one, but i thing she will be understand about that. It's just some mistake of those thing we call life, familly and destiny. I mind be never can fall in love with you, like you love me. Truely i have to said that. But i always loving to take care my childrens. Like i take care this baby. Event i hate this baby father alot. And now he have another girl, is my neighbour in his home town. Just few week after i leave, he is the virgin before he meet me, same like you, but it's have a different to much.

But you are still single after two year. That's all everything i know it. Stop to sharing our storry in facebook. Focus to THE JOB. It's enough Joey.

And truely, i do not found for you a job in the past, Tram and her boy friend did it.
I just drive you to the school.
Said that make people things i can do anything like a Super Women. I'm not have much tanlenge like that.

I scaring to make a lot of conversation to answer people in facebook.
And your facebook is so popular, so much friends all over the world hix
So that's why i have to write along letter.

Tomorow i want to come to the Church, my mom is Christian and my dad is Buddhist. But i want my children will be Christian, because her father is Buddhist, and i don't want the baby know father want to kill or do not care about, and have another baby with another girl when mother still be pregnant, may be, but just when 18 years old.
Now is sooner to much.

Hope to see you tomorow, we will talking about your PR to help me open my handmade shop. And i can have a change to fix my fail is help you find much money too.
Just want to clean my body soul, and my baby soul also. It's helpfull to born a baby healthy.
Now we are friend. Pls not talking about love, may be a future. ok?!
I do not thinking about love. And find another men to love right now. Just one thing is worried find money to buy milk and stuff to my baby in the future.

Just cancel my call tomorow if you do not acept my deal : sharing my stuff in your internet conection, and i will be a manager to you English class.
Acepted or cancel my call. This will be your aswer tomorow. And i will know it. Thanks you.

2016-04-21 - Thursday

Hà Công Hoàng wrote following on Facebook: I used Google Translate this from Vietnamese into English as seen below: the following states that Joey is a monster and that there are many victims of this Oatmeal Guy, that is me. It references different things that happened and other things that didn't happen between the years of 2013-2016 in Hanoi and Saigon. It contains things taken out of context and lies as well. I wrote, above, about what happened in 2013. Sadly, people continue to lie about things. That is why I wrote so much, as seen above. I may write more. Regardless, here is what was written back in 2016 by a person, as follows:


Người share chính là bạn Tom Hấp Bia đã hiểu ra vấn đề và xoá bài viết có gần 2k lượt chia sẻ, nhưng Jo đã copy lại toàn bộ thông tin và đăng lên chính facebook của Joey. Mọi người lưu ý nếu được thì hãy report bài đăng của Joey.
https://www.facebook.com/JoeyArnoldVN địa chỉ của Joey.

Hôm nay mình có đọc một bài share của bạn Tom Hấp Bia, vì bạn để chế độ public cho mọi người share nên mình chia sẻ thẳng đường link của bạn lên đây mà chưa xin phép.

Thật sự mình không phải nhiều chuyện, nhưng qua tìm hiểu mình thấy những hành động của Joey có ý định khủng bố - hãm hại người khác, làm xấu hình ảnh của con người VN bằng những lời nói dối, mình không muốn im lặng.
Đây là những chia sẻ của chị Na - Jason Jason, mình là người ngoài cuộc giúp chị Na phát ngôn vì chị thật sự không giỏi trong việc dùng văn ngữ Việt Nam. Mọi bằng chứng - hình ảnh chị Na sẽ cung cấp và chị sẽ chịu trách nhiệm về lời nói của mình.
Theo thông tin mình tìm hiểu, Joey qua VN từ năm 2013 và nạn nhân đầu tiên của Joey là chị Kathy (theo lời chị Na).
(Xin thành thật xin lỗi chị Kathy khi chưa được sự cho phép của chị đã đề cập đến chuyện cá nhân của chị, hi vọng chị sẽ thông cảm khi hành động này có mục đích giúp đỡ những người tốt chưa bị Joey lợi dụng lòng tốt.)
Joey đến VN và không có bất kì thứ gì, Kathy đã giúp Joey về mặt tài chính theo đúng nghĩa đen - mọi thứ. Từ việc ăn, ở, quần áo, xe cộ, tiền bạc tiêu xài, tiền bạc đi học...
Sau một tháng giúp đỡ và có quan hệ tình cảm với Joey, Kathy nhận ra được con người của Joey và không muốn tiếp tục. Sau đó Joey đã buông lời bịa đặt và nói xấu Kathy trên blog của mình.
Và ở dưới là một đoạn hồi âm của Kathy, các bạn hãy đọc.
Không những thế, Joey còn làm một việc vi phạm pháp luật, mang tính khủng bố và xâm phạm riêng tư khi đưa những thông tin liên lạc của Kathy và mẹ chị ấy lên Youtube, trong một clip tố Kathy ăn cắp xe đạp của Joey, và theo lời chị Na thì chính chiếc xe đạp ấy là của Kathy mua cho Joey.
Và Joey đã đưa thông tin liên lạc của Kathy lên cả trang mạng anothersideofvietnam vào february 2014, trong khi cả 2 đã broken-up trước 29 May 2013 khoảng thời gian là 1 tháng ( theo đoạn hồi âm của chị Kathy ở cuối bài ). Có thể thấy sự thù dai và ích kỉ của Joey qua hành động trên.
Link youtube
Link anotherside blogspot http://anothersideofvietnam.blogspot.com/…/contact-kathy.ht
Ngoài ra các bạn có thể thấy Joey post hàng loạt chủ đề về Kathy. Hầu hết mọi thứ là bịa đặt, vì trong khoảng thời gian 1 tháng mà có thể xảy ra nhiều chuyện vậy sao? Một lần nữa thấy sự ích kỉ, thù dai và có phần bệnh hoạn của Joey.
Đây là hết chuyện Kathy.
Nạn nhân thứ 2 chị Na đề cập đến không có thông tin. Chị chỉ biết qua một người bạn nước ngoài nói lại.
Nạn nhân thứ 3 chính là chị Na và gia đình. Sau đây là thông tin chị Na đề cập với mình:
_Joey sau khi kết thúc với Kathy, đã nói rằng bị lừa trên fb, chị Na đã thấy và giúp đỡ. Chị cung cấp thức ăn, quần áo và thậm chí tiền bạc cho Joey. LIÊN TỤC TRONG 3 NĂM KỂ TỪ THỜI ĐIỂM 2013.
Đến một ngày chị hẹn đưa thức ăn cho Joey vào 7p.m, nhưng hôm đó có bão và chị đã không thể tới vì thời tiết và nguy hiểm, Joey đã nói chị là người không giữ lời hứa và giận. Sau đó Joey đã tìm đến nhà và có các hành động uy hiếp tinh thần:
+Joey bảo có tình cảm với chị gái của Na, vào tết 2016 này đã gửi một phong bao đến chị ấy chứa 15tr VNĐ, chị ấy đã gửi trả

Ten Things Kathy Forgot?

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Kathy Stole My Bike

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