Infinite Altitude

One kid thought he had it all.

So, he started popping his collar like he was some pimp next door, but soon enough it hit him that he wasn't quite at the Infinite Altitude yet, not completely. This was a CD Cover I made for a Graphic Design class I had at my Forest Grove High School (FGHS) during my Junior Year, that is eleventh grade. My teacher was Mr. Philip Thias. Was homeschooled until 2000, when I entered high school a year late, into the ninth grade. My first class on B Days, at 7:55 AM PST, along with Eric Koelbl, Melanie (who looked like Avril Lavigne & Tiffany Cumbo), & others, was Basic Design (an art class). My understanding of art grew from there. Do you like to tell stories? If so, how so?

Portfolio of My Drawings

Airplanes - Angels - Basketball - Cartoons - Castles - Cool Kid Comics - EA - EU - Fire - Games - Happy Anniversary - Hitler - Indians - IndiFish - Info War Man - Liberty - Mario - Mona Lisa - Nintendo Strikes Back - NPC - Patrick's World - Trees - Turtles - Rain Maker - Rocket Man - Rogers - Rose Grove Times - Wedding

I took a bunch of art classes during high school.

In this project, we were required just to make a CD Cover. I went above the call of duty to make an entire booklet to go along with that. On the cover, it says that it's by Prudent Rectitude, Good Melody Variety Pop Madness CD Album,, 2002 All Rights Reserved by Collaxed Star. Featuring Nelly and Short Jacket. Graphic Design by JSA Scott. Including hit songs like "The Rain Must Fall" and "My Pimp Daddy."

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History of My Drawings

1990's - 1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2003 - 2018

Story Behind The Veil

Our group is made up of seven guys, Steven Mack, John Cartly, Prudent Don Melvin, Joe Rectitude Bobby Joeshon, Zackery Davis, Chris Gartnering, and me, Harry Pottery. Oh, not including Britney Spears who decided to quit suddenly so she can lose popularity, haha.

Prudent Rectitude

This is the name of our band, based off the names of two of our most popular band members, Prudent Don & Joe Rectitude. We are prudent, on beat, very loyal. We are full of rectitude, so outgoing, lacking broken legs in meaning. We were established in January of 1999.We sat around while our drug addictions went away magically for like no apparent reason. We just had to get off the sofa of watching Beavis & Butthead. We searched for pot and stone, like behavioral stuff, yo. Jesus set us free in the summer of 2000. But then we were back on drugs, hooked on phonics, I mean on drugs, STDs, on pot.

Breaking Chains

We screamed out the name of Jesus to loose the spirits. Nothing happened. We cried like leftist weirdos, "Why why?" Soon, a guinea pig came out to tell us that faith without action is deader than the pig was, Ra Ra Hercules Roberto. My other rat was Oreo. Yeah, it's meaningless. Gotta get back to the Yang and the Yung. We all did an eight-way with Britney Spears & she's not virgin, oh yeah, sure, and we all cried like little babies. But just the summer of 2002, we married each other and some rats and some fat babies with magic and fun and then we made our first album.

Rolling Back Up

Infinite Altitude is basically the fact that we can't be on top of things up to the infinite altitude and that we must turn from the belief of finding the easy way out in life, in wasting so much time, in draining our lives down drains, in reverting to better ways of doing things. Designed for Kid-Pleasure Only. So, No Adults Allowed. Roll back in, you need an upgrade to your final destination. So, play it cool. Just relax and pump up. No rights reserved by Good Melody.

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Table of Contents

17 tracks in the booklet I made in 2002

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Track 01 - The Rain Must Fall

2/11/02 - a very encouraging song.

Track 02 - My Head Got Stuck

6/8/01 - by Britney Spears - but edited because of racist and sexual factors, features, obsession, obsents. Lyrics: "My head got stuck but it wasn't my fault. My head was just too big to keep it in check, to keep it on the shelf, attained to original materials like back over again and again."

Track 03 - The Pancake Song

3/18/12 - by Joe Arnold, a simple rhyming song, but remember folks, there's no funding, so it's better than nothing, right?

Track 05 - Whatever Happened To Track 4

By we forgot because we must have all gotten too drunk and thought our fans are all too stupid like Mark Zuckerberg said about people on Facebook.

2002-10-10 Thursday  Infinite Altitude CD Cover Art Project at FGHS-3.png

Track 05 - How's The Hood

7/11/00 - by Chris Dudley Dudley, in back of Studio X, because he was feeling blue, so he needed a new party-line mix to keep his funk alive.

Track 06 - Back To Live The JC To The CGO

Party mix related to real topics of keeping your cool with yo JC tap water running it wild. Written last year at an unknown date.

Track 07 - My Pimp Daddy

12/11/97 - by Little Meow Meow; was busted out and ripped off from the Lil Romeo song about being like Michael Jordan. But then this song got hay-wire off the roof.

Track 08 - Must You Not See

Written by Mr. Prudent in the cold freezing rain, one cold rainy day, when he couldn't quite understand why people would never ever see what he would see. Talk about perspective.

Track 09 - In One Heart Beat

3/3/02 - Joe Somebody contributed and based this song on his dad's famous motto, "In a Heart Beat." An epic rap battle song on the mic.

Track 10 - The Party is Just Beginning

12/13/02 - in Gasadasa Berlin Mexico Tennessee Japan by some Mexican named Yahooooooo!

Track 11 - Waiting For The Coming Day

Based on some other premedical information that excludes "Who's Line Is It Anyways?"

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Infinite Altitude

Published in November of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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More Songs

The list continues, infinitely

Track 12 - Back To School

4/5/02 - by Gunna Hava Some Die Err E A in some donut factory heading south on a picket-line to Los Vegas, baby.

Track 13 - Roll In

4/5/85 - by Fred Flintstone - he was a very good rapper but too bad he was black and living on Mars because he could of sold some deals back in the hood but luckily we discovered it by some UFO yaaaaaa.

Track 14 - Goody Cookies

8/14/02 - Only song written by Prudent Rectitude so far since they must serve time in the slammer for coaxing fer de down the mayors the other day.

Track 15 - Hump Around

8/12/01 - By Brian Hodgesa - based on a life of Santa Clause. So, ho ho ho. And hey what's up with that anyhow?

Track 16 - The Ghetto

4/20/00 - The Remix - by Elder and the gang and by Nelly and Short Jacket. They were just all free styling one day and it all just came together.

Track 17 - Yo Yo Yo

10/10/02 - by Joseph Scott Arnold - this song features great raps like never before and it's an excellent song to end with.

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