Kathy Stole My Bike



More importantly, fake news steals the heart and mind of humanity, too often. The different Vietnam Oatmeal Stories serve as examples of what happens with other people as well. I've written a Rough Draft about what happened with me and Kathy, AKA Thao Duong, AKA Katie Foung, AKA Lova Momma. In that article, I've confessed for not guarding my heart enough from making bad decisions. Yes, Kathy pushed me to get an electric bicycle in Saigon. Did her mother donate or sell my bike? Kathy pushed me to take Vietnamese classes as well. Kathy took me to the university to register for the classes but then she said she got money for the classes from her mother. When I asked for Bike Compensation, Kathy said that went into the classes. So, in my mind, I feel like she owes me for the bike.

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Inside the mind of Kathy, however, according to what she said, she probably felt that she doesn't have to compensate for my bike because she already redistributed, Communism Socialism Style, the wealth of my money which was for the bike, or the money of the so-called community, back into a worthy cause like learning Vietnamese so that kids can communicate with their favorite Original Oatmeal from Forest Grove, Oregon. Like the Pagoda, Remi, Anna, Papa Foods of Andy Nguyen (Truong Giang Vu), Hanoi Girl, Circle K, Fake Black List Wrong Visa, Dai Trinh, and other such stories, I've encouraged people towards honesty, towards growth, AKA Character Development. That is the point behind writing about these things. I am pleading people towards more transparency and especially honesty. HoàNg RAppi wrote to me, here, about how bad I was. Others wrote similar things, allegedly, it would seem. HNY Tracy Pham Ke, AKA Tram Pham, invited me to Saigon. She helped me a lot. She mentioned me in her Couch Surfing profile, quote, "Hosting an American guy- Joey Original Oatmeal- A crazy guy!- a nightmare experience." I may continue to write more about these people, other people, other events, related to my life. I'm not actually trying to attack people. But I've been accused of not saving the face of people. But I'm really trying to help. There is still so much more I want to say. Stay tune for much more in future articles.

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Kathy Stole My Bike

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Yes, I've done bad things, too.

When I talk about the problems of other people and of other things, I'm not trying to say that I'm perfect. I've written about my sins, crimes, failures, mistakes, in life, especially in maybe trusting people too much. That is the point behind my last article on Kathy. That last article, like this article post here, serves as a rough draft outline of the Kathy thing. I'm writing about these things for a bunch of reasons. One, I want people to learn from these stories. Two, I want a record of these details, just in case. Three, I want to remember these stories because I believe in the value of archiving personal and global history. Four, I want to encourage more dialog in regards to these types of stories. Five, I really want a defense to the lies, fake news, deception, allegations, accusations, rumors, gossip, things taken out of context, content, of the overall story arch of eternal perspective of my life and the overall timeline of world history as well. I believe, strongly, in how powerful stories can be.

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That is why I love Pocahontas and Indians telling stories around the campfire. I wrote a lot, many paragraphs, in my last post on what I did wrong. I even ran out of space in the last post, which might be about 256 KB. I might be inaccurate with the number. But I'm not inaccurate about the value of integrity. The value of open dialog, of communications, in friendships, relationships, is very fundamental to future success, for marriage, family, business, networking, local communities, through traditional values which Vietnamese have. That is what I love about Vietnam so much. That is why I work so hard to talk about this. But when I talk about what I did wrong, you might forget about what Kathy did wrong, assuming she did. You can argue and say she was perfect. Maybe, she was innocent. Maybe she wasn't trying to do wrong. But regardless, there were language, culture, religion, social, gender, time, and other such barriers, gaps, of like 50 shades of grey, gray, of confusion. It's important to get to the bottom of things before it is too late.


Kathy Stole My Bike

Published in December of 2018 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @JoeyArnoldVN
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2014-02-21 - Friday:

I posted this video and I received this comment below:

"How is it you're teaching in Vietnam?"

@Luisung01 commented: "You are aware that in an Asian culture saving face is a big deal right? No wonder people there don't like you. If you publicly confront them you make them lose face and that contravenes the values of the culture. If you don't like it then you should go somewhere else where the values are more similar to yours."

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My Response

In other words, looking good is better than being good? That's my question. If I was wrong, I would want to be confronted. Yes, I confront people in private, first. However, many people have made it public. Long story short, in many cases, fake news spread about me on Facebook, via email, on websites, one article by Tyler Capp, and others. When I'm attacked on the Internet for example, I choose to counter in front of the cameras, Chuck, Nancy, alright, unlike the snakes in government, and why not, right? When I first came to Vietnam, Andy helped. Amy was a great cook. Is it bad face to say that somebody is a good cook? Stupid question? No. I'm asking because I'm always bouncing back and forth between criticism and praise. But I mean both from the bottom of my heart. Both are meant to help in the best ways possible.

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