2023, December

Pentagon Moderna Jab Friday the first day of December of 2023. Oatmeal & Chris Chan Had Tiffany Saturday. Oatmeal Sonic Sunday. Bet ya $1M I won't post in my Discord Server again before 2024 Monday. Ready Player Oatmeal Tuesday. Vivek Won The GOP Debate Wednesday. Alex Jones Tucker Twitter Thursday. Skibidi Toilet Oatmeal Rat Friday. Alex Jones Wins Elon Musk Twitter X Poll Saturday.

Alex Jones back on Twitter X Sunday the 11th. Fish Owes Me Money Monday. Harvard Lost a Billion Dollars Tuesday. Alex Jones Twitter End Game 2007 Wednesday. TikTok Removed me mentioning Laura Loomer Thursday. NATO Mobilizing Against Russia to Spark WWIII Friday. ASUS Crashed, Taylor Swift Communism Saturday.

Klaus Schwab Selection Prediction Election Desire Sunday the 17th. My Jan6 Article, Google 2.0 is Chat Bots Monday. Colorado Steals 2024 Trump Election Tuesday. Ask Me About The Fish Files Wednesday. Rome America Welfare Fell Thursday. Oatmeal Trolls Get My Discord Server Friday. Don't Join My Discord Server Song Saturday.

Alex Jones Biotech Wall-E 1999 Sunday the 24th. NWO Tyranny Christmas Presents Coming Soon Monday. Rebrand Thyself Video/Bilderberg Brain Invasion Coming Tuesday. Fake Oatmeal Wednesday. Calendar Gate Thursday. Alex Jones Jimmy Dore Mind Rape Video Friday. Principles, Toilets, Discord Project Failed Saturday. Grifting Oatmeal Sunday?

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Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-12 - December of 2023 | Published in January of 2024


Pentagon Moderna Jab

2023-12-01 - Friday


Drowning Lolcow Rat Trolls

Pentagon Moderna Jab. Roy Boat Oatmeal Song. 100+ million murdered. Did Obama/Homeland (CISA)/NSF/100+ governmental agencies create the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL) in 2017 to stop a "repeat of 2016" and what is EIP? Were they trying to replace words like propaganda/censorship with cognitive security? The intelligence agencies must be intelligent enough to listen to Scott Adams (Dilbert) because they're reframing propaganda as cognitive security. They're saying anything we say is disinformation/misinformation is cyber pollution which is very bad like their climate change scam. In New Zealand, 98% of those taking shots took the killer Pfizer Covid Vaccines? The Pentagon created the Moderna Covid Vaccines which is four times stronger than Pfizer's jab, said Alex Jones. The shots and lockdowns murdered 100+ million people. That's more than what communism/China/USSR-Russia or Hitler's Nazi Germany killed.

Oatmeal & Chris Chan Had Tiffany

2023-12-02 - Saturday


Oatmeal Comedy

Like Chris Chan, I had a female childhood friend with that same name, Tiffany. But then she started kissing other guys. Don't you hate it when girls lock you in the friend zone? Almost as scary as when people would actually lock Chris inside closets or under houses or whatever.

Kelly was to Chris Chan what many girls was to me perhaps, like I might say they were my sweethearts or whatever. But you probably wondering what they might say if you asked them about it. It's not like my perspective on everything was the God-honest gospel. I was probably blind.

Oatmeal Sonic

2023-12-03 - Sunday

Oatmeal Sonic

Oatmeal Discord, Home of the Memes, featuring Sonic Arnold and his goddamn guinea pigs. Banks failed in 2000 due to Y2K said Roseanne Barr to Bill Maher who said banks failed in 2008 but the only thing that failed back around 2000 was the dot com bubble online. 9/11 distracted us from 2.3 trillion dollars that the Pentagon lost.

Bet ya $1M I won't post in my Discord Server again before 2024

2023-12-04 - Monday


Bet ya $1M I won't post in my Discord Server again before 2024

We don't get sued by traffickers. Over half of the views is fake on social media as in bots are looking at your content like web crawlers, most of the impressions be it on TikTok/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat/etc. Elon Musk's Twitter X however has a lot less fake views which makes Twitter more valuable.

Ready Player Oatmeal

2023-12-05 - Tuesday


Ready Player Oatmeal

Any honest Oatmeal Historian will tell you my past 38 years of life has reflected the kind of person I am, I've not only said multiple times for decades online/offline to hundreds of people I know personally IRL I'm not a pedo so to speak, I've also shown it through my actions. Many people join my Discord Server for the wrong reasons as their TikTok brains MK-Ultras themselves like Roseanne said to Bill Maher, my Lolcow Trolls will join and then leave within seconds because TikTok is rotting their mental capability for long-term cognitive investigation. This New Zealand leader murdered too many people by making people get KILLER Covid Vaccines, the world is watching, we demand Nuremberg Trials 2.0.

Vivek Won The GOP Debate

2023-12-06 - Wednesday


The Adventures of Oatmeal & His Rats

Even if my Lolcow Trolls had me murdered via police swatting me which they attempted to do in 2023, even if all the websites purged every mention of me and my rats, people would still talk about, they would continue lying about me, and I'd be unable to defend myself. The problem is even if I delete myself off the Internet, people have copies of my content. Fish wants me to fall victim to the Alex Jones Effect where he was banned off the Internet which led to people lying about him as he was unable to defend himself, this happens to me and to many people. Bill Maher is on the back of the 2nd Alex Jones Book, The Great Awakening.

Fish posted the link to my 2022-09-29 post here/Fish included a screenshot of the planted fake opening paragraphs from that post in his collages/but when I referenced this same post, Fish had the audacity to ask me for the same link he previous posted earlier in my Discord Server.

They talk about being turned off by religion. One of my crimes in life might be in perhaps turning people off to religion, politics, etc. So, I'm taking it to heart, I'm taking notes, I'm considering it all.

Alex Jones didn't predict 9/11, the truth of the matter is that globalists have to tell you what they're going to do so they can feel justified in the fact you didn't stop them which we can see with the white papers and even books from the 1800s and beyond.

Alex Jones Tucker

2023-12-07 - Thursday


Alex Jones Tucker

I'm a badly tuned guitar. I'm a cat. My trolls asked me since 2013 or longer if I'm a dog. All my life I said I'm a cat. Also, I would always say for decades offline and online on all the websites I'm not a dog. But trolls kept saying and asking if I was a dog. Few times I said I'm a dog and other things.

Over 10,000 copies of the NWO Wars Alex Jones Video Game sold, the left is super angry. This Christmas, get your favorite kid or kid at heart the perfect present he or she will never forget, the Alex Jones New World Order (NWO) Wars Video Game. Andrew Meyer @TheAndrewMeyer was the creator of the Alex Jones Video Game titled NWO Wars, the video game industry is bigger than movies & music combined. Everyone must follow Alex and make their own games be it Trump/Tate/Brand/Timcast/Rogan/Vivek/Oatmeal/Crowder/Elon Musk/etc.

Skibidi Toilet Oatmeal Rat

2023-12-08 - Friday


Skibidi Toilet Oatmeal Rat

United Nations have maps of the United States, they want to force everybody to carry phones around for tracking, that cars must have GPS. Alex Jones on Tucker Carlson in from of Elon Musk. Don't join my Discord Server because my lolcow trolls like Hoodbarber will say, "You are not welcome here," they'll make you resign/lie about me worse than leftists lied about Trump/Alex Jones/Tucker Carlson/Elon Musk/Russell Brand/Steven Crowder/Tim Pool of Timcast/Owen Shroyer.

While in prison, Owen Shroyer of Alex Jones read 15 books during his 48 days there, it was the pressure of we the people who got Owen out almost a month early. They treated him like a prison. Cory Mills said America bankrupt the USSR Russia in the 1980s via the space race and that we should do a quantum computers race to bankrupt China.

We gotta go on offense and not just talk about how globalists censored/imprisoned us/they attack us to stop us from talking about things/they got Trump to talk for years about how he's not Russian/they go after Alex Jones/Owen Shroyer/Tucker/Tate/Benjamin/Molyneux/Brand/Mayr/etc

Alex Jones Wins Elon Musk Twitter X Poll

2023-12-09 - Saturday

Alex Jones Star Wars Jedi Twitter Elon Musk GA965mwbMAAxwEx.jpeg

Star Wars: Return of the Alex Jones

What are your thoughts of Michael Jackson in court being questioned on the stand in 1996? I'd compare the MJ allegations to Britney Spears/Alex Jones/Trump meaning celebrities are often partly guilty but also victims. In 1996 in court, they asked Michael Jackson about Macaulay Culkin @IncredibleCulk and MJ did mention how fake news repeats lies so many times to cause the general public to believe it. They lied about Alex Jones/Trump/etc and many believe those lies.

Matt Baker. Bob Marley was the Alex Jones of music. Elon Musk should pay Alex Jones billions of dollars for lying about Sandy Hook, Alex didn't do what the fake news said he did, Elon is spreading defamation, disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, that is extremely dangerous, this is hate speech which caused Alex to lose.

Do I give people bad first impressions, do I need better websites, social media accounts, channels, Discord servers, networks, introductions, outlines, summaries, menus, timelines, directories, articles, memes, videos, etc?

Alex Jones back on Twitter X

2023-12-10 - Sunday


People mock me in my own Discord Server

Alex Jones back on Twitter X. The opening of The Alex Jones Show @RealAlexJones made me emotional, made me smile, like it did @Cobratate and others, it is not just Alex's victory to return to Twitter X, it is our victory. Cool people can apply to be owners of my Discord Server, just watch out for my Lolcow Trolls who have been spreading lies about me since at least 2013 or longer, it's a long story. Feel free to advertise/make friends/debate/voice channels/and more/in my Discord Server/etc. We got to restore @allidoisowen.

Here's a Discord Screenshot of a quote sent from probably the @ JoeyArnoldCali account which has my display name of Oatmeal Joey Arnold but is one of the many fake Oatmeal parody accounts/there may be over twenty of these fake accounts pretending to be me so they can lie about me.

Two main types of people who join my Discord Server seems to be Lolcow Trolls who spread Oatmeal Fake News about me & random people who are there for kicks and giggles. I was hoping to attract fans of Stefan Molyneux/Owen Benjamin/Trump/Alex Jones/Andrew Tate/Timcast/Tucker/etc.

Fish Owes Me Money

2023-12-11 - Monday


Oatmeal Star Wars

Fish is jealous that my Lolcow Trolls aren't milking me like Disney failed to do with cash cows like Star Wars, I'm milking/trolling them. I'm not on Big Pharma/killer Covid Vaccines/I'm on vitamins/one of the reasons I troll my trolls is to show how easy it is to be taken out of context/illustrate how it's hard to read meaning/intent/context into text because you can't always hear sarcasm/satire/hyperbole/irony/etc. I wrote articles talking about the Fake Oatmeal News regarding the 2022 Snapchat Content which I ended up trolling my Lolcow Trolls inside Discord Servers as they were attacking me/I've decided to go on the offense/the trolls are being milked/they're having a cow/they're drowning. Fish owes me money/you don't have to create an account to see Twitter/I'm not killing Ra Ra Hercules Roberto my guinea pig like I'm some kind of Dexter Morgan who let his own son murder him which was somewhat out of character/Covid Vaccines are killing people/Climate Agenda Bad.

One of my biggest Lolcow Trolls/Fish shares Discord Screenshots which conflates between my trolling words taken out of context & text written from the dozens of Fake Oatmeal Parody Accounts who pretend to be me but are not me/Fish is betting on the farm/bank you're not gonna look. I didn't write this, it was written from the @ JoeyArnoldCali (Oatmeal Parody) who pretends to be me, Fish is a demented troll who has been spamming Discord Servers/TikTok/YouTube/Instagram/Twitter since 2022 with fake news about me/others been attacking me since 2013 or longer.

Why is Oatmeal talking in third-person? Here Fish shares a screenshot of another random thing I wrote in the Memes World Productions server on Discord in 2022, I was trolling my Lolcow Trolls by saying things I thought people would know weren't true had you knew me very deeply.

The book of James in the Bible talks about people like Fish who talk out of both sides of their mouth where they may be for and against free speech and yet they purposely confuse and conflate the issues to cause destruction.

Harvard Lost a Billion Dollars

2023-12-12 - Tuesday


Star Wars Oatmeal

Harvard lost over a BILLION DOLLARS over what GAY said and SNL sided with GAY. Globalists to blame MAGA on incoming cyberattacks on power plants, banks, Internet, and more. Globalists are trying to JFK Trump, they're trying to get weirdos to murder Trump, Vivek, etc. 47 Trump Cards

Alex Jones Twitter End Game 2007

2023-12-13 - Wednesday

Snowden GBRmKqZWQAAhGNa.jpeg


SkyNet from Terminator is embedded in robots/powered by artificial intelligence (AI) Mike Adams (Health Ranger) explains to @RealAlexJones and technology is a tool/but AI is now wielding itself as an independent entity. They didn't want Alex Jones getting into the coding of artificial intelligence (AI) as they're developing the software, as the AI is scraping through content/Alex Jones had to be removed off the Internet as Alex was influencing the AI, Mike Adams explains. You either expand/grow or you retract/shrink, if my Discord Server doesn't reach a thousand members before 2024, then my time is probably better spent elsewhere, don't tell Roy about this, life is all about priorities, what matters is what is working, my Discord is failing/dying. AI is taking over hospitals, emergency vehicles, courtrooms, and even military vehicles/equipment, but who controls the AI is the question, what if the AI robots turn on humanity, Mike Adams warns Alex Jones. World Economic Forum (WEF) @Davos is the PR department, said @RealAlexJones to @michaelmalice, of @BlackRock, big banks, Federal Reserve, King Charles (of Dracula) @RoyalFamily, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc, who got the real power.

TikTok Removed me mentioning Laura Loomer

2023-12-14 - Thursday

Trump Blacks GBWwxv-WYAA2WAy.jpeg

Homie Trump

TikTok removed my Laura Loomer video where I simply mention her for a few seconds. Steve Quayle might have said to @RealAlexJones that @elonmusk might be trying to capture the opposition by pretending to be one of us in order to get everyone on the right to hop onto Twitter X. My opinion is Elon is doing good even if that might be true, my advice is to ride it. Fake money can only be exchanged between people who are truly independent because a great economic depression means no food at the store, no power, no Internet, no banks, no gas, etc. At least potentially as the dollar crashes, everything cripples/freezes like Covid Lockdowns. If you thought Jan6 was a pretty bad ILLEGAL ENTRAPMENT/SCAM, people like @billmaher are pushing for new ones. @JamesCarville said: "Christian nationalists like Speaker Mike Johnson are a bigger threat than al-Qaeda." Sounds like they want a religion wars like the Crusades.

NATO Mobilizing Against Russia to Spark WWIII

2023-12-15 - Friday

Alex Jones Guitar GBbasKcXMAAxsvs.jpeg

Alex Jones Guitar

NATO trying to start World War 3 with Russia. Who was right, Alex Jones on NATO trying to start World War 3 with Russia, or do you side with the Community Notes on Elon Musk's Twitter X? Here is how I graded the Community Note below. NATO is illegally saying Ukraine is NATO so they can say Russia is at war because Russia has troops in Ukraine even as Ukraine was Russia and many Ukrainians are actually Russians, Putin just wanted some land back. NATO lied saying they wouldn't invade Ukraine. NATO is very bad. People added a community note under @RealAlexJones who with @JackPosobiec said NATO is mobilizing against Russia. The community note referenced NATO who said no we're not. It's like asking a bully, "Are you beating up that kid?" The bully will say no. Believe all bullies? Powers that be have spoken, if they don't like you and you're using artificial intelligence (AI) online to do anything, be it art, audio, video, games, apps, websites, text, or whatever. They will say you're weaponizing AI and therefore a threat to cyber security.

AI has a huge weakness as it's not modeling/studying the real physical world as seen in Terminator 4: Salvation with that railroad car/truck trap. Cuz AI can't anticipate the future physics of a present state, we will go to war with AI-powered robots in the future.

Did America start the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962? Yes. First, America put missiles in Turkey which led to Russia/USSR putting missiles in Cuba, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a false flag like Jan6 and 9/11. Same people who said for years the borders are not being flooded with illegals. Same people who said stay at home forever with 47 masks and Covid Vaccines. Are back. Now they're saying don't worry we are not sliding into war between NATO/America and Russia. My Discord Server has 400+ trolls meaning you don't wanna mess with them as they be crazy. CISA is gonna use AI to infiltrate every level of government in all the countries around the world, a real technocracy, Mike Adams @HealthRanger explains to @RealAlexJones and they are blaming power blackouts and cyberattacks on Christians.

Trolls were too lazy to make me lose my million dollar bet that I'd not ping/message everybody in my Discord Server again before 2024, they could have figured out a million different things to get me to come back which would make me look the fool, but I knew they're too incapable. I have an embedded photo I use in my daily blog. I simply link to the photo. It would load for months for each post. But now is retroactively only loading 70% of the photo via Hive Blog and PeakD. But is loading 100% via Ecency.

ASUS Crashed, Taylor Swift Communism

2023-12-16 - Saturday

Taylor Swift Communism GBbr7yYWsAAuotc.jpeg

Taylor Swift Communism

ASUS crash. IBM is racist and connected to Hitler? On my to do list is to put out books/websites to archive and outline examples of how to deal with the trolls and the fake news be it on Discord, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, other social media networks, websites, apps, so on and so forth. Fish wouldn't have met those people in my Discord Server had I not made my Discord Server, Fish has the fish balls to say this on one hand and yet beg me to delete my server on the other hand.

Why do people join my Discord Server but refuse to read what I wrote in the different channels there? I left many messages all over the place. They don't read it and then they wonder why I don't come back to my server and write even more. But what's the point? Joe Biden sent millions of people to prison for doing what his son Hunter did?

Lolcow Trolls will be locked up in dungeons in our Discord Server come 2024, new people should be redirected to general chat when they first join so they can be properly welcomed/introduced to Oatmeal Lore. Currently, if you join, trolls will lie about me & pressure you to leave.

Klaus Schwab Selection Prediction Election Desire

2023-12-17 - Sunday

Trump USA 30 year old GBkG2yeasAAfsiE.jpeg

Trump USA 30 year old

Why have elections when we can predict who everybody will vote for asked Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF), we can use artificial intelligence (AI) as a Sky Net to enslave humans like the Terminator robots did. Oh, sorry, I mean, AI is here to do the thinking for us.

How do you know who's a troll? One way to detect a troll is give them questions you already know the answers to before letting them scam you with what you don't know. Lolcow trolls like Fish in my Discord Server can be like phony fortune-tellers taking stabs in the dark fishing.

He should get charges dropped if he can leak everything everybody is doing so we can go after them instead. Aidan Maese-Czeropski is only a symptom and not the root of the problems and issues at hand. Million dollar meme idea. Just put Lauren Boebert's face on it to get the left to freak out about it and remove it to make them magically stop and walk away. Works like a charm. Rome created Islam?

My Jan6 Article, Google 2.0 is Chat Bots

2023-12-18 - Monday


Oatmeal & Rat

Random Outline of my Jan6 Involvement, General Overview

Google 2.0 will be off-grid pocket AI chat bots where you could even use it without Internet to ask it questions. You could have an Alex Jones @RealAlexJones chat bot on a thumb drive (with everything he has ever said/done) without the Internet in the middle of the woods. 322 days until the most important election in human history as taking down America means nothing other than maybe Russia will be able to stop globalism which I think you cannot say New World Order on TikTok. Welcome to another episode of @TheCW @hulu @TheAnimaniacs Good Idea Bad Idea. Bad Idea: put power-lines in roads. Good Idea: now you can charge your electric @elonmusk Smart Cars while you die from cancer.

I'm willing to interact with Lolcow Trolls like Fish in my Discord Server as long as they have my milk money which Fish owes me for stealing my 10K+ Vietnam Kathy McDonald's YouTube Bike Phone Videos to the extent I can milk them for laughs/lol/lore/legacy/otherwise I be ignoring.

Santa Klaus Schwab WEF @wef dreaming of a great Merry Christmas Great Reset to beat Alex Jones @RealAlexJones and his second book being The Great Awakening.

Colorado Steals 2024 Trump Election

2023-12-19 - Tuesday


Star Wars: Return of the Oatmeal

EU heads say they will censor Americans in America online, that is an invasion. They EU is trying to shut down Twitter and Elon Musk. 13,000 illegal aliens flood the borders into America each day, but when you fly in a plane, they grab your testicles. In 2024, it will be a million people a month coming into America to be cops and to vote Democrat. Millions flooding the border and the stock market is a big scam as they print trillions of new dollars while owing the people who prints the money. Hey @Delta, when I flied in your planes, they were so broken down, and now you are busing illegal aliens through the sky? My Discord Server has 400+ members, it's almost like none of them want to interact with me which almost makes the fan club counterproductive which is all the more reason why I shouldn't be there if my trolls don't want me in my own goddamn group, talk about Ironic Mystic Bumbaloe.

Life is not just a contrast between good and bad, the greatest enemy to what is best for you is simply what is good, you'll become so overwhelmed with doing good things that you miss out on opportunities for even better things, your potential goes way beyond what you even know. Epstein client list, 170 names being released they say in 2024. My guess of names includes Bill Gates, Hollywood producers, government officials from different countries, people in the WEF. Starting in 2024, if things don't improve, I'm gonna start checking my Discord Server less often, this is my ultimatum, get me what I want or else you'll be sorry. Those who help me out will be rewarded. I'm going places, only question is will you be coming along for the ride?

Flooding the border, AKA child sex trafficking, the @FBI are aware of it and they do nothing, that makes the FBI evil to let children get raped and murdered. Cheapest but most priceless Christmas gift is to put yourself under that tree, living in the moment is a gift said the turtle to Kung Fu Panda, that is why it is called living in the present.

Not only do my trolls owe me money, they pretend as if they didn't lose the bet, and they want me to debunk fake news again on top of that, yet there's not enough demand for it. Get me 1K Discord Server members before 2024 if you really want me to cover the 25 Fish Files or add.

Ask Me About The Fish Files

2023-12-20 - Wednesday


Oatmeal Santa

2024 Election Was Stolen From Trump via Colorado. Trump responding to the Colorado treason of stealing the 2024 election before it even begins by taking Trump off the ballots as Alex Jones puts it. As we enter 2024, I'm struggling to make New Year's resolutions as I'm buried with projects which I wanted finished years ago, but with all of that I'll say one of my goals can be to take it a day at a time, try to focus more on what can be done, & move on when things not working.

Anybody who helps me debunk the 25 Fish Files which is constantly spammed by Fish in my Discord Server may be rewarded & I can cover the files if there's enough demand accompanied with enough of my aforementioned demands, either that or my troll interaction will begin to decline. Fish is having a meltdown in my Discord Server because I'm not debunking (again) the Fish Files until there's enough demand for it parallel with enough of my own aforementioned demands met (or you at least try to meet) or you might be rewarded for debunking lies, to be continued.

On @RealAlexJones, @RogerJStoneJr predicts @MichelleObama and @GavinNewsom will be on the ticket against @realDonaldTrump in 2024. NBA basketball players would run around with a bunch of other people running into each other with no social distancing and then sit down and put masks on their faces.

Rome America Welfare Fell

2023-12-21 - Thursday


Brokeback Oatmeal

Rome fell from welfare. When Rome fell, a third of their citizens were getting welfare, be it food stamps or whatever. Over 80% of American tax revenue goes to entitlements, welfare, food stamps, social security, medicare, and so on and so forth. Very similar to what Rome was doing before Rome fell. To all my trolls regarding whatever you may want from me, either get me a thousand members in my Discord Server before 2024 or get me something that is equal in value; you can ask me for a list of demands and things that I want as mentioned in articles, posts, blogs, videos, etc.

A Christmas miracle would be if Trump was removed off the ballot of every state followed with all of the other GOP candidates losing support followed with Democrats throwing Trump in prison. Because then the world will see that Americans can either vote Michelle Obama or nobody. The fact my trolls are not even trying at all to get me to come back to my own Discord Server tells me everything I need to know.

American land is being bought up by China, Bill Gates, and Black Rock. Those might be the top three groups apart from federal government which also has a lot of land too which should be reserved to states, cities, or even individuals.

Oatmeal Trolls Get My Discord Server

2023-12-22 - Friday


Star Wars Oatmeal

Oatmeal Trolls, Scammed For The Oatmeal Agenda Video. Trolls can either give me what I want, if they want me to return the favor, or I'll begin ignoring my trolls come 2024 if not sooner, but my trolls will forget I said this, my trolls will continue lying about me, my trolls are too surface-level fake-news incapable of deep-diving. Trolls infiltrated my Discord Server, they stalk everyone who joins spamming fake news about me preying on the short-attention span people have which they got thanks to reality-melting serpents like TikTok which erodes their critical-thinking capabilities making them wheel-rats. I'm planning to give people more power in my Discord Server come 2024 matched with others losing permissions, major changes will be made to roles and perhaps to the bots, you might see me less, & cool people can take over my server or let the trolls continue their reign of terror. I've been blogging about my interaction with trolls because I find it to be an educational window into the psychology of anthropology with the hope my life serves as an illustrative parallel depending on where you might be within the context of these stories.

Oatmeal Lore could be summarized, I'm thinking of categorizing my first half of my life Bumbaloe and my second half Ojawall, I'm willing to rename and reorganize these overgeneralized labels, consider this merely as a starting point for an ongoing adventure that is still evolving. Some people believe in the For The Greater Good scam which is dangerous thinking if you begin dismissing individuals in a desire for an alleged greater good that might make it ok. People are taught to seek after the greater good. On my never-ending to-do list includes perhaps rebranding myself or I'm particularly interesting in commenting on the outline of my autobiography, the story of my life & specifically my online activity going back decades which there are many reasons I'm on this Holy War Endeavor.

Whether you want me to interact directly with everybody in my Discord Server or whatever you want from me, either get me a thousand members before 2024 or get me other things of equal value. If not, then have fun without me as I'm drifting away to the extent things don't improve.

Don't Join My Discord Server Song

2023-12-23 - Saturday


Oatmeal & Friends

How do we stop Trump from picking Nikki Haley? Trump needs to know nobody will support a Trump Haley ticket as she is a snake who wants war with Russia and the Middle East like Hillary Clinton and Obama. Everyone has to scream at Trump to stop him. Trump is slow.

I appeared on a Chrissie Mayr photo made by the Twitter Circle website. I am in your circle, I did not think I would be that close to your center because a lot of people are around your circle in real life and I am a lot smaller and rough around the edges. Maybe the Twitter Circle website is broken.

Alex Jones Biotech Wall-E 1999

2023-12-24 - Sunday


Oatmeal & Friends

The centralization of especially biotech takes us one step closer fat Wall-E people begging to be plugged into the Neo Matrix of the Terminator AI Sky-Net. Did John McAfee die in 2021 (they say he hung himself like Jeffrey Epstein) or did he fake his death unlike conspiracy theories of Elvis or Michael Jackson, I want to know which year this video was recorded.

Is this Kevin Spacey as Frank in House of Cards? I've not watched that show but this interview with Tucker Carlson is intriguing me to investigate. Buffy The Oatmeal Slayer here to tell you not to join my Discord Server which is full of fake Oatmeal Joey Arnold parody accounts designed for plausible deniability, I mean engineered to fool you with Oatmeal Fake News which will cause you to eventually leave.

The purpose of the first amendment is twofold. First, free speech is a right that is NOT granted to humans by government. Secondly, the intent of the constitution is to limit not citizens but overlords from overreaching/weaponization/cronyism in violating civil liberties/property.

NWO Tyranny Christmas Presents Coming Soon

2023-12-25 - Monday


Cliff of time with oatmeal

Government has new Christmas presents for humanity coming on layaway to be forced up our asses again like with Covid Lockdowns and Vaccines, the presents may drop any day or any month. Will we unwrap them when they eventually come? My Discord Server is dead to me, I don't want to know what's happening there and you should stay away from that vortex dimension of nihilism, I'm glad I've walked away from that demonic community. Best gift you can give yourself is an escape from the racist toxicity of the Lolcow Trolls who Climate Change my very own Discord Server, which is why I left that vortex of nihilism for Christmas 2023 and I don't even care if those haters never ever notice I left as they're lost. For Christmas 2023, I'm sending all of my rats to invade your homes like Replacement Migration of the Illegal Aliens which Alex Jones warned you of for decades, my rats will eat all your cheese and say Michael Malice You're Welcome. For Christmas 2023, my 400+ Lolcow Trolls get to keep my Discord Server since they already invaded it, I spent months waiting for the Crusades, The Holy Wars, where cool people would come and evict my trolls. I've given up. I'm no longer waiting. Oatmeal Fake News is objectively/allegedly way too excessively anecdotal/personal/subjective/relative/isolated fragmentation taken out of context/character and on top of that also conflated with things I didn't even do/framed/etc.

The relationship between the electronic world/videos/data and the three main dimensions we swim inside, like how the 1D/2D computer world effects the 3D world, might be an analogy of how the 3D world effects even higher dimensions or what not. I got this Master Class ad on @YouTube where N.K. Jemisin said her library sucked as it was full of books written by white men who were simply not speaking to her. She became a writer because she is a racist against white people. Thanks @TeamYouTube for sending me racist ads. Did Karl Marx say cavemen weren't racist, that they shared everything with everyone (communism), that they believed all humans are equal, that they were egalitarian Couch Surfers? Marxism teaches evil is then fake? 04:11 PM. Did Karl Marx say the root of all problems is money, that the dark ages wouldn't have existed, that Native American Indians wouldn't have killed each other, that the Crusades wouldn't have happened, that cavemen were communists?

Thank you so much for not boring me half to death with what's happening in my Discord Server, I stopped visiting a long time ago in 2023 because my trolls are contagiously toxic. When Plato published The Republic around 375 BC, was Plato promoting globalism, a One/New World Order of control over the Prison Planet, is that what Alex Jones was saying about Plato?

Rebrand Thyself Video/Bilderberg Brain Invasion Coming

2023-12-26 - Tuesday


Oatmeal World

Video: Oatmeal Life, Rebrand Thyself. Bilderberg probably wargamed it concluding they must make humans so sick that they have to have brain chips to function/live as the ultimate Electronic Brain Vaccine. Trump, orange man bad, said people who are destroying the world should rot in Hell. Jesus flipped over tables for a lot less than this. Elon Musk's Tesla Optimus or other AI robots and drones should do @YouTube live-stream missions into caves, Antarctica, Mount Everest, the bottom of the ocean, Amazon/Congo jungles, like the alleged 1997 NASA Sojourner Mars rover but on earth like @googlemaps cars but off-road. . @budlight Dylan @DylanMulvaneyUS gave a shout out to @alexstein99 hoping they both can swim together someday in the @TeamUSA @Olympics, they are homeboys, I mean homegirls with sexy pillow fights. When people ask me about body count, all I can think about is Hillary Clinton. The average human is not gonna get how COMPLEX the situation is as it deals with CONFLATED factors relating to different religions/sects/politics/countries/races/Rothschild who bought up land in 1906/Zionism/England/United Nations/Israel/Palestine/Islam/Jihadism/globalism/scam.

I have a thing for Asians. Chrissie Mayr Podcast LIVE with @TiffanyFong_! Crypto currency Influencer. Trump's right, children sex traffickers can rot in Hell. I got some Bitcoin. Good way to handle people without resorting to putting them in the loony bin, this employee got it right even if Delta in general may be trafficking illegal children from other countries all over America for sex/rape/murder. I wish I had $63K a month to spend on not essentials/food/rent/loans/land/insurance/medical/bills/taxes. We're currently in a global economic depression where over 100+ million people died from The Covid Vaccines/Lockdowns-Scam since 2020.

Failed at trying to create forever questions within the realm of Oatmeal Lore for years/I'm currently abandoning my Discord Server which is full of wild trolls who will mess you up with delusional deception of infinite altitudes of the ironically mystic fabrications of reality. My trolls can rot in Hell for spamming fake news about me, I'm so excited millions of people didn't join my Discord Server, thank the oatmeal gods I left that vortex of nihilism, nobody is allowed to join my Discord Server ever again because it's possibly my biggest failure.

Fake Oatmeal

2023-12-27 - Wednesday

Biden Blacky Girl McDonald's GCYO0hvawAAFUkJ.jpeg

Want Lies With That?

Fake Oatmeal.

United Nations stole the Grand Canyon? People are raised in the religion of nihilism/apathy dressed up in whichever religion an individual may prefer as a cover for what lies underneath, some of which is unaware. Addiction is a soul slavery. Grew up in an alleged ghetto, the homies pressured me to do weed but I never really liked it. My dad would be drunk all the time. So, I would try to stay away from beer. Wanna get high the gangsters asked. I would say nah I'm high on life and on Jesus. Not an argument. For Covid, God gave us vitamins/health/natural remedies/sunshine/food/water/rest/heat/immune system. Masks/vaccines/lockdowns/famines murdered 100+ million people. For self-defense, God gave us guns/Home Alone tactics/police/neighborhood watches/others. One of my goals for 2024 is build oatmeal websites preferably via cryptocurrency blockchain similar to technology found on @hiveblog2, @PeakDcom, @ecency_official, @ecency_team, @hiveblogger, @steemit, @Hiveblog_Art, @Bitcoin, @BlurtAlerts, @VoilkNetwork, @Bitchute, @rumblevideo. Is a heart not a pump but more so a vortex of muscles folded up around itself? Schools lied to us, water does not have only three states but four being solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. The secret to blood pumping through our veins is not so much the heart/vortex as it is the gel/crystalline-phased plasma state of structured-water which pushes, it's like electric or something. A lot of water in our body is bulk/unchanged but a certain percentage of body water is an electrical propulsion/grid energy plasma gel which is like power-lines from a power plant which helps pump the blood through our body. Did Obama say all we have to do is flood the sewers (American people) with confusion/disinformation/contradictions/chaos/spam/propaganda to discredit government leaders so we can win and take over? Obama just say that at the Standford Cyber Policy Center? Mark Hamill see this?

After begging everyone in my Discord Server to meet my demands, not only did they mock me for months for it, they didn't even try to reach a compromise thus justifying my departure, trolls spam fake news about me to everyone who dare join in order to trick them into leaving. Instead of sending me hard drives or websites, Roy Merrick sent a book, soap, shirts; and Roy generally only drops memes/videos/etc inside my private/personal super secret Discord Server which is full of 400+ Lolcow Trolls who spam fake news about me to scare away new people, wow. I'm not exactly sure what Roy wants but one of my desires is in archiving and syndicating on the Internet at least some of my work/projects, didn't say all of my content but as much as possible before 2025 is my current target before transition to my next chapter in my life/story.

Trump was possibly the best president ever in 2017 despite picking the wrong people into his cabinet minus @GenFlynn and being lied into making many bad decisions including promoting the killer Covid Vaccines and not pardoning Jan6/Julian Assange/Edward Snowden/McAfee/Alex Jones. During 9/11 as the World Trade Center buildings were coming down, people inside them continued making money, it's almost like suicide, I imagine they were making trades in the stock market or what have you, cue in the Ironic song by @Alanis or these golfers near fire or bombers. Is gold plasma water inside our blood the extradimensional gateway to the sixth sense?

Calendar Gate

2023-12-28 - Thursday

America GCctcP1WsAIBHgK.jpeg

Biden Demolition

Calendar Gate. SEXUALIZING is the new RACIST. Evil Illegal Alien Oatmeal and his millions of guinea pigs flooding the American borders, he's looking Asian/Chinese, he wants to stop Trump from reviving the Unites States, he wants Civil War. People did that to Alex Jones who was going against Bill Clinton, then the left liked it when Alex was against George Bush Jr, but then Alex went against Obama and even criticized Trump for the killer Covid Vaccines. You might say I self-sabotaged myself over the years to prevent myself from becoming famous/regardless of how elements of that might be partly accurate/you might say if I went back in time I'd consider doing things differently/intention behind choices was sometimes multifaceted. 2023 was the year I experimented on things like my Discord Server which like resulted in 400+ Lolcow Trolls spreading fake news about me, stolen pizza, attempted credit cards theft, doxing, identity theft, parody accounts, and attempted murder as they had police swat grandparents. Don't worry, Ron DeSantis people like this girl is gonna save democracy from orange man bad Trump by removing him off the ballot, locking him up, and demonizing culturally impacting calendars because only the left is allowed to influence society.

Over 30% of American citizens are illegal aliens in 2023, is that how they can brainwash humans into making the 2024 Civil War movie into a reality? Globalists want us to kill each other so they can take over, Alex Jones reporting, undocumented citizens are becoming police. 80% of your time should be focused on whatever helps you provide for your family, as much as possible within reason/ethics which is why I should spend less time trying to persuade cool people to join my Discord Server which is overrun with trolls who spread Oatmeal Fake News.

Was giving a benefit of a doubt for the 400+ members who joined my Discord Server in 2023 to give them an opportunity to play their cards whether they be Lolcow Trolls or Heirs of the Oatmeal, I wanted this to play out for the record to be archived for this year to be personified. I'm abandoning my Discord project in 2024.

Alex Jones Jimmy Dore Mind Rape Video

2023-12-29 - Friday

NWO Orders Obedience Slavery Government GCiEiJlXgAApX7l.jpeg

Nazis were following the law which was Hitler's Germany

Mind Rape Star Wars Alex Jones Jimmy Dore WEF Obama Trump video. Speaking of Genocide Convention, remember that time @BillGates went on @TEDTalks to reveal this math formula of CO2=PxSxExC and we all know what the P stands for? It's depopulation/treason/globalism, Alex Jones reporting, we need Trump. One of the objectives of my Discord Server is to train people in the fine arts of running groups, think of it like an Oatmeal Master Class. You might say I'm being too hard on people like Alex Jones Infocomms/Oatmeal Discord Server Roy Merrick who got me soap/shirts/book/videos/memes/songs/memories/GIFs/lore; but my intention is to persuade potential heirs to take it to the next level. Forget #CalandarGate, if you're sexualizing your coworkers in your mind, don't worry, there's an app for that, I mean the Brain Net, your boss will monitor your thoughts & stop it. Instead of becoming wives and mothers, the Internet is fusing women into hybrids of the two. Like Peter Pan, think happy thoughts to fly into work performance bonuses as your boss reads your thoughts via the Google Facebook Metaverse Matrix AI Sky Net Brain Net, you will be punished and rewarded for what you think and not think.

I cannot currently find this @jimmy_dore interview with @RealAlexJones on @YouTube or @rumblevideo but here is a link to a copy on @Bitchute where they open with the time @cenkuygur blew up. Problem with Brain Net is a potential for a feedback loop similar to when you place a microphone next to a speaker leading to a sound loop which increases in volume. Computers might loop your thoughts in a similar loop thus blowing TMNT Shredder or Back to the Future Marty away. Did Obama do this in the name of science, did Obama legalize the ability to spy on our brains in the name of fighting Covid or other diseases as the Trojan Horse excuse into brain control?

Didn't Obama make a Civil War movie where Texas left America in a Texit, is this a trap, is this the real Genocide Convention, is this a new Anti-Trump Anti-Alex Jones Jan6 scam false flag?

Principles, Toilets, Discord Project Failed

2023-12-30 - Saturday


Please lick my memes

Philosophy is more general, principles is more specific leading towards application. Other words: truth, ethics, morality, facts, evidence, logic. Swatting is attempted murder, police should ask you to do a video call walking around your house, garage, inside, outside, full tour and @ScottAdamsSays said AI is bad at giving facts or opinions but I wonder how Grok compares to all of that. How long/how often can you get me to return/interact/engage in my Discord Server is the brand new 2024 Oatmeal Discord Challenge and chances are you'll fail and I'll probably never ping/message people in my own Discord Server ever again assuming you can't get me to return/visit.

Laughter is falling from trolls regarding the failed Oatmeal Discord Server which failed to attract too many awesome content creators in 2023 but instead attracted weirdo children who are not even allowed and who weren't technically invited in the first place yet they're haters. Virgin is a word describing almost like an invisible line as to say what not to do when really we should be more focused not on what not to do but on living the best lives we can which should probably include marriage to one spouse and lots of children if possible.

My 2023 Discord Project failed meaning I'm stepping down from the Executive Producer gradually transitioning away from what isn't currently working, if I banned the trolls/haters or inactive users, then my Discord Server would probably go from 400+ members to like twelve or less.

Grifting Oatmeal?

2023-12-31 - Sunday

Trump Calendar GCe2FGfXEAElBoV.jpeg

Calendar Gate, Trump 2024

Chrissie Mayr gave a brilliant shout out to Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook Meta doomsday bunker in Hawaii which Alex Jones saw. Big things come in small packages, @lovelilahart confesses to @ChrissieMayr she can't attend leadership conferences because she would have the urge to Kanye West away the stage/mic away from the @taylorswift13 pastors. I've came to the realization today that I do fear failing which may have resulted in not taking up opportunities I should have towards alleged/potential careers, perhaps I should prepare to fail more in the future, as in prepare to bomb. On Simpcast to the question of who's a true grifter in a bad sense or click-baiting as a fake person sense, Anna mentioned @MIKEZEROH1 who might be one and some people might say I'm guilty of negatively grifting too.

Connection, the ability to relate, often comes when we meet in the middle, as we Benjamin Button as @lovelilahart puts it which is a brilliant analogy as he could identify with others in his forties even in the mist of reverse-aging into a baby. They should have put Chrissie Mayr on Calendar Gate, Anna is right that marketing it to only conservative dads limits its appeal to women who also buy it. Also, they should have done a @Disney princesses theme as a counter-culture revenge against woke Hollywood.

Calendar Gate should be redirected to how the borders is a weapon, like we have bigger issues than this calendar debate which should be marketed to redpill new people to come on over, it's like how we have pretty girls in front of cars as sex does sell which is how the left won.

Pentagon Moderna Jab

Oatmeal & Chris Chan Had Tiffany

Oatmeal Sonic

Bet ya $1M I won't post in my Discord Server again before 2024

Ready Player Oatmeal

Vivek Won The GOP Debate

Alex Jones Tucker

Skibidi Toilet Oatmeal Rat

Alex Jones Wins Elon Musk Twitter X Poll

Alex Jones back on Twitter X

Fish Owes Me Money

Harvard Lost a Billion Dollar

Alex Jones Twitter End Game 2007

TikTok Removed me mentioning Laura Loomer

NATO Mobilizing Against Russia to Spark WWIII

ASUS Crashed, Taylor Swift Communism

Klaus Schwab Selection Prediction Election Desire

My Jan6 Article, Google 2.0 is Chat Bots

Colorado Steals 2024 Trump Election

Ask Me About The Fish Files

Rome America Welfare Fell

Oatmeal Trolls Get My Discord Server

Don't Join My Discord Server Song

Alex Jones Biotech Wall-E 1999

NWO Tyranny Christmas Presents Coming Soon

Rebrand Thyself Video/Bilderberg Brain Invasion Coming

Fake Oatmeal Wednesday

Calendar Gate

Alex Jones Jimmy Dore Mind Rape Video

Principles, Toilets, Discord Project Failed

Grifting Oatmeal?

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