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Covid Vaccines did this to her, Blood Clot Blisters Thursday the first day of July of 2021. Happy White History Month Friday. Covid Vaccines Are Racist Saturday. Happy 4th of July, Happy Independence Day, reunion, Delta Trilogy Orgy Sunday. Aladdin Take Off Clothes Monday. FBI made Jan6 and is hunting for these people to blame it on Tuesday. $800 in Bitcoin Wednesday. National Geographic wants you to be scared, never mind Covid Vaccines which are killing people Thursday. Covid Vaccines are eating brains Friday. Stop People From Gathering to Spread Information Saturday.

Finding Infowars Sunday the 11th. Watch out for Evil Blob-Fish Wen Monday. George Lucas vs Globalism Tuesday. Prison Towns Construction Wednesday. Hadley Ann Huffman is SEXY but COVID VACCINES FUCKED HER TO DEATH Thursday. White House & Facebook sitting in a tree Friday. Infinity Wars - Infinite Covid Vaccine Injection Shot Until You Dead Saturday.

Cherries. $191 billion dollars were stolen from YOU Sunday the 18th. Washington State Capitol trip. Mike Lindell Thing coming August of 2021 Monday. Armward to Death Tuesday. Tik-Tok Nurses Getting Ready Wednesday. Vacuum Special Thursday. Cancer Accelerating Covid Vaccines Friday. Bush Transplant Saturday.

Go to Banned . video Sunday the 25th. Legend of Farmers Monday. Snakes Be Crazy Tuesday. Eating Castles Wednesday. Magically Extended Covid Vaccine Expiration Dates Thursday. Fox News BANNED My Pillow Mike Lindell Friday. Dirty car engines are out hearts Saturday.

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Only Variant Dems should be afraid of is not that of Covid but that of the Audits

July of 2021

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Covid Vaccines did this to her, Blood Clot Blisters.

2021-07-01 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-07-01 21:32:08 Covid Vaccines, Blood Clot Blisters.png

Covid Vaccines did this to her, Blood Clot Blisters.

Immune system attacks spike which are spiked out of the cell. Proteins are spiking out of the cells. There are so many, the spikes are sticking out of the cells. The cells appear to be an extension of the cells. The spiked proteins spread to all the cells of the body. Some spiked proteins spike out of the body and into other bodies. The immune system begins to think that it has to attack not just the spiked proteins but the root of the spiked proteins which are all the cells in the body. After that, you develop an autoimmune response and disease. You should take Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, D, E, garlic, etc. You can destroy cells which are producing the proteins. But the hard part is finding the reset button for your immune system which is now trained to tear you apart cell by cell. It is very similar to AIDS/HIV and cancer. The good news is there are cures but it won't be easy for many.

After getting sick from Covid Vaccines, many people say, "Go get a shot. My situation was the exception since the fake news isn't talking about it. I must be the only one with these horrible side-effects." This one person for example got blood blisters over her legs but she still recommended people get the vaccines which are killing people. These vaccines are not vaccines. Facebook will probably delete this photo and say it was too bloody or violent. I'm not sure if I can get it onto Facebook or not. But people do have Stockholm Syndrome. They think they're alone with unique problems. Not true. If you see something, say something. If you know somebody who died from a vaccine, tell people about it. Don't be silent. Now or never. Now is the time to wake people up. Now is the time to get up and get to work. This is your job for the next few years. Ready, set, go. Ready, set, begin.

Happy White History Month

2021-07-02 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-07-02 14:13:37.png

Happy White History Month

HAPPY WHITE HISTORY MONTH. Sticks, bones, and c0gv1d v@xc1nes may break my bones but words, including calling me a racist, will never hurt me. There is a war on men since at least the 1940s.

They're making quoting the Bible in America illegal. They made the cures illegal. How bad is that? Man shows his hot dog to others at a spa but the staff said it is ok in a viral video because the man said he is a woman. World being taken over by weirdos, some who were abused themselves as well, that is part of why they abuse us. Thousands of pastors in America will be thrown in jail very soon. When pregnant women get Covid Vaccines, 4 out of 5 babies die, spontaneous abortions or miscarriages. Sticks, bones, and c0gv1d v@xc1nes may break my bones but words, including calling me a racist, will never hurt me. Spike proteins poking holes through the blood-brain barrier.

Covid Vaccines Are Racist

2021-07-03 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-07-03 13:05:12 Fleming.png

Check out Richard Fleming

When you go get a c0v1d vahc1ne, grab the clipboard from the staff, take a photo of it, it says if you black you get this one and if you are white you get this other one.

They put black leaders, stars, hosts, etc, in front of your face on television, the Internet, etc, even as they exterminate large portions of black people around the world, genocide like you have never seen before, people starving to death, etc, globalists uses trophies, puppets, zombies, etc, they hide behind them, blacks are led by people like Obama and Oprah off a cliff of existence, all of this is accelerating in 2021 like never before in world history, this affects everyone.

RNA outside of your cell is a prion. If you are black, you get this version of the c0xv1d v8axc1ne and if you are white, you get this one, if you are yellow, you get this type, this is in the news on television and on the Internet, so many videos, in articles, people around the world are noticing this happen, I am surprised you have not seen this yourself, but if you stand in line somewhere to get a shx0xt, look at the people in front of the line who are getting the inj3cti0ns and notice that they get different ones depending on the color of the skin, the race, of each individual, notice the body language of the people administrating these things out to people, watch the videos, read the articles, all over the Internet, I am surprised you have not heard of this yet, it is oddly unique, it is extremely paradoxical and unheard of in world history for so many reasons, it is kind of crazy, I must be in a dream.

Delta Trilogy Orgy

2021-07-04 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-07-04 22:59:40.png

Trump in Florida on Saturday

Delta coming in 2021. Sounds like a movie. Delta 2: Delta Plus, 2022. Delta 3: Super Delta Plus, 2023. Delta 4: Super Mega Delta Plus, 2024. Delta 4: Super Mega Delta Plus Plus. Delta 5: Super Duper Mega Delta Plus Plus Plus To Infinity & Beyond. The plan is to take your guns and then have China invade America. Trump lied about the Spanish Flu. Because the vaccines killed the people.

They don't care that c0v1d vagc1nes are being exposed because bigger distractions are coming and that includes taking our guns so they can have China invade America through the Mexico and Canada borders. We need to help people see and prepare for all of this and more. The good news is they have not been able to silence enough of us meaning people are waking up and are preparing as millions to billions of people are murdered by the globalists in the 2020s globally like never before in world history.

Biological neutron bombs can destroy human tissue while ignoring animal tissue and farmland, watch out.

Globalists are crashing the plane, some of us have parachutes, we can jump out and rebuild civilization on the other side. Time is running out as the plane is about to explode. As people continue to die all around you, that is your opportunity to grab a parachute.

Aladdin Take Off Clothes

2021-07-05 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-07-05 02:16:13 Aladdin.png

Aladdin whispers, "Take off your clothes."

In the first cartoon Aladdin movie, Aladdin is on the balcony and whispers to Jasmine, "TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES." Watch the movie and listen carefully as the tiger goes towards Aladdin. It is after Aladdin says, "Down kitty." As he says "Take off your clothes," you see her eyes get even bigger as she is looking at Aladdin fighting with her, fill in the blank, I would say a pet, pun intended, but lets keep this G-Rated unlike Disney movies which are not actually G-Rated as you can see if you're looking and listening.

In August of 1951, Project Blue Bird was renamed Project Artichoke, it evaluated offensive uses of interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs. Project Artichoke ended in 1956 but Project MK-Ultra started on the 13th of April of 1953. MK means Mind-Kontrolle in German. There is also Project Monarch. The Grinch was transformed like a butterfly. He had character development and grew as a person or as a whatever he is. But regardless, the butterfly is a symbol for reincarnation which inflates the value of changing to an infinite loop. That kind of inflation lowers the meaning to change in one's life which in turns destroys a person's purpose in life.

FBI made Jan6 and is hunting for these people to blame it on.

2021-07-06 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-07-07 01:26:27 FBI Jan6.png

FBI made Jan6 and is hunting for these people to blame it on.

Jen announces they are going door to door to force Covid Vaccines into people which will kill them and they will also drag many people to prisons, to hospitals, to death camps, in the United States of America, they have thousands of employed people preparing to come to your homes, you have weeks to prepare for death, they are coming to murder you, I am warning you.

On CNN, they showed a part where Alex Jones said he would let Tucker Carlson break it as he could do a better job. In another bit, Tucker says like not to sound so Alex Jones or anything. Funny, I've heard Kanye West say the same thing. So, CNN used these clips to prove Tucker and Alex have a relationship and they left out Kanye. I find this funny and I would encourage everyone to make references to Alex, Tucker, Kanye, etc. Why? Because it is a joke and if we all did it, would CNN claim we all have a relationship with each other?

$800 in Bitcoin

2021-07-07 - Weddnesday

2A 204008911_339213037736109_3080720057199031267_n.jpg

Be ready as globalists try to kill.

Deglobalization, dedollarlization, and dechinalization, three 2021 themes. Pfizer Covid Vaccines are, according to researchers in Spain, 99.99203% (747 ng) graphene oxide. The remainder was RNA 0.00797% (6 ng).

Bitcoin has around 125 million users in 2021 which is roughly how many users there were on the Internet in 1997.

Patriots are generally tougher than soy boy leftists meaning standing your ground is a good approach especially since we are the majority but the challenging aspect to all of this is they try very hard to pick us out one at a time as conservatives and real Americans can often times be isolated and spread out. So, they can overwhelm an individual. So, in other words, people have to always encourage one another to stick together like never before because the left strives at going after one person at a time kind of thing and we have the numbers but we are often too busy as our brothers and sisters are dragged into prisons for Jan6.

Globalists will lose, it's a question of how long it will take for enough people to wake up as they take patriots off the air, as they continue arrest people. The good news is people will eventually realize Alex Jones was right, the clock is ticking and it will happen. But it will be painful until then.

National Geographic wants you to be scared, never mind Covid Vaccines which are killing people.

2021-07-08 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-07-08 20:29:44 Covid, Delta Plus, National Geographic, Never mind vaccines.png

National Geographic wants you to be scared, never mind Covid Vaccines which are killing people.

What would a time-traveler from the past or future say regarding our current times, what would that person say, what kind of questions, information, and advice would the time-traveler give to the world?

Let the dead bury the dead. Move on and find people who are alive and support them.

Globalists are prompting people to fall for a second Jan6 false flag, it could be any day now.

They want the FBI to go to war with gun owners in order to burn America to the ground and then Chinese soldiers working in concert with United Nations troops can come up out of nowhere to take over the United States.

New Brady Bunch where every Brady Bunch is a Brady and where "silly rabbit, Trix are for kids" is reversed which means a giant Easter Egg Hunt but in reverse. Oddly, this video received over a 99% dislike to like ratio before they decided to take it down since people were not into eating pizza with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Feds are guiding the Q Army off a cliff, something bigger than Jan6 is being staged, people think they're getting commands from Trump but they're being setup again and I was warning people before Jan6 something was going to happen. They think we are so stupid and that is why they're going to try to do it again but even bigger this time to turn normal Americans into TERRORISTS as an excuse to lockup even more people, that is the plan for July or August of 2021, it could be any day now. Have your cameras, your phones, ready on standby in order to expose the trap in live-time as it comes.

Covid Vaccines are eating brains.

2021-07-09 - Friday

Facebook Covid Vaccines 202565691_135663275347276_146372171254868355_n.jpg

Facebook is Racist

Covid Vaccines are eating brains.

You or your friends are in a deadly cult, snap out of it.

The three main networks on television, ABC, NBC, and CBS, were hard-left, for decades, people grew up around that.

America gives out more foreign aid than all the other nations in the world combined. America also takes in more refugees than every other country in the world combined.

List of Covid Vaccines side-effects includes death. Why is GRAPH-FENE oxide in it?

Stop People From Gathering to Spread Information

2021-07-10 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-07-11 00:29:21 Covid Australia Info Spread.png

Australian leader said we have to stop meeting in large gatherings where they can spread information.

You have a 0.0505128205129% chance of getting and perishing from ka/1d, assuming a world population of 7.8 billion people in 2020 around the world, if there were 182M kaxses, if 3.94M mortified, these are the official numbers given which you can Google for yourself. The math is as follows: 182000000 divided by 7800000000 equals 0.0233333333333 or 2.3%. 3940000 divided by 182000000 equals 0.0216483516484 or 2.1%. 0.0233333333333 x 0.0216483516484 equals 0.000505128205129 or 0.05%.

6,985 people are no more thanks to xk()/1d /axc1nes and there are 411,911 bad/erse reactions reported making it to a top 50 cause of morbidity list in America in 2021, and this is even using numbers provided officially by the see dee see which correlates with the Villy Ally Elly Rilly Silly 1,750 reported related d3aths caused by billvid billcines.

Dominion shared office space with George Soros.

Finding Infowars

2021-07-11 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-07-11 08:12:59 Oil Lie.png

This Rockefeller Oil was fact-checked on Facebook.

They are going door to door and if you say no, they will try to evict you or even imprison you.

How do I catch the most banned news network in the world live?

Government only pays scientists who will make allegations and hearsay regarding climate change, global warming.

Watch out for Evil Blob-Fish Wen

2021-07-12 - Monday

Screenshot at 2021-07-12 22:56:13 Wen Blob Fish.png

Watch out for Evil Blob-Fish Wen

In a year from now, no more television, no more Internet, no more phone, no more chat, no more texting. Are you excited to go all dark? Globalists are preparing to put us all in a giant TIME-MACHINE and take us back a hundred years so we cannot access free information like we can now. This is coming in 2022 or sooner. They're preparing to LOCKDOWN the Internet on as many levels as possible, the ISP, the GSP, the DNS, certain servers, data centers, the major backbone infrastructural highways of the world wide web. Alex Jones is predicting this. Globalists are doubling down and we are running out of time, each second it is getting worse and worse. Every single second. So, what you do with this info is up to you. Alex has been right every time. You can choose to do nothing and regret it later. I've been TELLING YOU for years about many things. If we don't do what we can now, each day, each second, then it may be too late tomorrow, it is now or never, the control-freaks are going on overdrive to destroy our ability to communicate with each other. Wake up and smell the coffee.

As car accidents increase in the 2020s globally, these next few years, mostly due to 1nj3ct10n, f1v3g33, g-3m-0, g303ng1n33r1ng, the plan is to blame it on cars as an excuse to force people to only drive smart cars which will also be the exception to lockdown. You have to stay in your house unless if you're in a smart car. Regular cars kill people they say. They'll persuade people to live in smart cities where everything is free while sending drones to execute those who refuse out in the countryside. As strike forces go door to door forcing people to get 1nj3cti0ns in the meanwhile, that is a trap, they're hoping people fight back so they can blame it on the gun owners and confiscate guns. They also blame it on free speech as well. Due to all of that, they can announce no more elections due to it being a national emergency, namely that we have to stop the Jan6 insurrectionists who are planning to do it again. Ironically, Jan6 was an inside job similar to a number of other things including 9/11, JFK, and another one on their shelf of options is Pr0j3ct Blu3 B3am which they're merging with MK-Ultra.

According to actual international law, namely the 1947 Nur3mb3rg C0de, there are ten points which cannot be violated under penalty of d3ath, and under the first point includes that m3d1cal 3xp3rim3nts must only be conducted with volunteers who can give legal consent, must be able exercise free power of choice, it must be without "ANY ELEMENT OF FORCE" or fraud or deceit or duress or overreach or other forms of constraint or coercion. Volunteers must be given adequate knowledge and understanding of the elements of the tr1al, the subject matter, the details, the ingr3d1ents, that is before they can make an informed decision on whether or not they want go through with it or choose to decline the invite to be, say for example, the monster of Dr. Frankenstein or the outcome of that Will Smith movie, I Am Legend, let's not talk about what his character said was the cause of the zombies, it was the 1nj3ct10n shaw0t and not other things primarily and generally speaking for the most part.

Australia announced beginning of the new world order. The people going door to door to encourage people to get Covid Vaccines is the bait, a trap hoping to frame the unvax, the patriots, a new Jan6.

Wen said what if something terrible comes along with the ability to cloak invisible to evade detection by the 1mmun3 5y5t3m, Wen wants you to believe in the fantasy of a vulnerability which is not actually there and quite the opposite is in too many cases throughout global history which is rarely ever fully taught.

George Lucas vs Globalism

2021-07-13 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-07-13 11:43:56 Ivory Hecker.png

Fox censored Ivory Hecker

George Lucas is against globalism and Star Wars is an allegory of 9/11 and of the first and second world wars as well. George even said it on video. George put these movies out to warn us and that is why Star Wars is number one over Star Trek.

The star of THE DOCTORS started crying on television, he is a MONSTER, a REAL DOCTOR said things and he was in the audience. So the star in the blue started yelling at the real doctor.

If you protest the government in America, the USPS is monitoring everything you do on the Internet, on Facebook, on your phone, in private text messages, phone calls, and people are being thrown in prison for promoting freedom peacefully in the United States in 2021, the tyranny is here and will only get worse as you sit there. Just sit there and wait until you are arrested. All you have to do is do nothing and you will guarantee things will get worse.

Each week, thousands of people die from the 1nj3ct10n.

Prison Towns Construction Globally

2021-07-14 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-07-13 20:30:43 Prison Towns.png

Prison Towns to lock up millions of innocent people in many countries, that means even you.

Communism in Chinese translates as Public-Property-ism.

Biden will announce MARTIAL LAW in the fall of 2021, TYRANNY is ACCELERATING on STEROIDS.

THIS IS THE END. The rulers of the world WILL NOT STOP the LOCKDOWNS, it ONLY GETS WORSE, we are on TITANIC, and globalists are trying to trigger RACE WARS as a COVER, A BIG BIG COVER DISTRACTION.

Macron announced those without XC0X/1DX XVAGXCH1N3 will be banned from routine life activities.

For years after the 2000 election, Joe Biden would say Al Gore beat George Bush Jr in the U.S. Presidential Election, he would talk about the hanging chads. In 2021, Joe said what matters most is not who votes but who counts the vote. In 2020, Joe said they put together the best voter fraud system ever.

Michigan AG needs to send police to my house and arrest me because Trump won in 2020 and that AG said if you say that, he will send cops after you. So, I said it. So, come get me. Put me in prison with the other Jan6 Patriots who are not the FBI who were actually the Insurrectionists in that trap of an event. Come get me. My only crime is promoting freedom. Since communism took over America, all the lover of freedom must be locked up. If we are not able to lockup the criminal cabal who are taking over the world, then they will be locking up every single person who has even half of a brain cell of a cell left.

Millions of Americans should go door to door to encourage people with a simple message, "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" Because some people will feel like, "Maybe I should get that d3adly 1nj3ct10n, oh I must be the only one not getting one," but you are not alone, most people are not getting it but many millions of people are going door to door in the United States in 2021, right now, trying to persuade people to comply with killer 1nj3ct10n5 and we need to educate them calmly and must not be violent towards them at all as that is a trap to claim that the xuxnxva5x are terrorists but we are not.


2021-07-15 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-07-15 11:16:13 Hadley Ann Huffman.png



Alex Jones is the Michael Jordan of news and that is why I watch him.

Biden must be thrown in prison. The others, too.

If we take each thing as isolated events, then the globalists win and we die meaning we can only win if we confront and expose all the different things the monsters are doing at the same time right now, we can't pretend these items are not connected because they are very connected and planned beforehand.

White House & Facebook sitting in a tree.

2021-07-16 - Friday


White House & Facebook sitting in a tree.


Africa is COLLAPSING ahahahhahahaa.

We need Trump back in the White House today.

They are bringing down the world as a distraction from all the crimes they are being caught doing.

Lockdown 2 will be announced in America in August of 2021, I hope you enjoy your PRISON PLANET DUNGEON AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

Death is on your hands when you KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW people are being MURDERED MURDERED MURDERED MURDERED MURDERED MURDERED via LOCKDOWN, that is if know all of this and do nothing, then blood is on your hands, if you are not trying to warn people, if you're not spreading the word, then the deaths of millions of people from starvation and others from 1nj3ctions are on your hands, your hands, I repeat, on your hands, James 4:17.

By the time the current m3d1c4l scam is exposed, they will have a new global crisis just in time for a distraction as they always do, that is what they do best is distract from their crimes with even bigger disasters to fool the general public into not stopping the root of the problem which is clearly them.


Government says innocent humans are the terrorists if they question anything that goes against the Facebook Fact Checkers, Jen said it and it is in this document.

If you don't stop the criminals, you become the criminals. People take xc0x/1xdx v/4gchx1n3sx 1nj3ct10ns and then are in hospitals saying THANK JESUS CHRIST DOCTORS for saving me from D3LT4 which is the cover. Like sheep before the slaughterhouse. People are jumping off cliffs and are happy they were saved as they fall to their death. Lockdown 2 is here. In 2022, Lockdown 3 will feature United Nation soldiers drag women and children even off to the d34th c4mps. Years ago, people did not want to put GMO in pigs and they are now putting GMO-style 1nj3ct10n into people.

Infinity Wars - Infinite Covid Vaccine Injection Shot Until You Dead

2021-07-17 - Saturday


Infinity Wars - Infinite Covid Vaccine Injection Shot Until You Dead

FBI is wiretapping people and then THROWING THEM IN JAIL IN 2021 and you do not care. I spent today picking cherries. Took a well needed nap. After that, was trying to root my iPhone 1 and I've been unsuccessful so far. I guess I should try something a little bit easier for now, rooting a dumb phone. Rooting phones is something I've yet to do but it couldn't be much harder than putting Ubuntu onto a Windows PC, right?

Cherries. $191 billion dollars were stolen from YOU.

2021-07-18 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2021-07-19 02:04:17 ahhhh.png

Covid Vaccine is hurting her and killing others


Elite gets special medicine while we are left with things that are over a century old.

Mike Lindell Thing coming August of 2021

2021-07-19 - Monday


Mike Lindell Thing coming August of 2021.

Snake bites my leg. It's swelling. I'm dying. But no idea why. The snake did not kill me. The crazy exp3rimental 1nj3cti00n saved my life and now I am going to die. But thank God we can get these things. We get these things and then we get sick. Oh, I have no idea why we get sick after putting the k0/1xd fagxch1n3 into our bodies, even as pri000n cryst4ls grow in our bodies. People are actually saying things like this. They're literally sitting in hospital beds which are also their death beds calling their own family and friends c0nspiracy theor1sts.

United Nations announced this weekend, permanent lockdown, that means lockdown forever and ever and ever and ever and ever, in many countries and they're attempting to lockdown other countries too like Brazil.

A pound of rice cost $200 USD in Cuba right now. Many people are dying because of TYRANNY which is trying to eat up the world. Stand up or you will be consumed by an insane headless chicken.

Armward to Death

2021-07-20 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2021-07-21 00:04:11 Woman Vaxxed Covid Vaccines Mask.png

Get your Covid Vaccine if you're too chicken to commit suicide and want to die a slow painful death.

Millions to billions of babies are murdered, abortion, women don't exit Planned Parenthood holding dead bodies in their arms, so, where do the children go?

The official 2020 UK xk0v1dx d3aths is ten times smaller than what they said it was. Well, to be technical, it is 8% or much less if you factor out comorbidity and other things.

The Q group is a corrupt faction of the NSA. Here is a video from Alex Jones back on the 12th of June of 2013 exposing Qanon. Snowden referenced.

They plan to put babies in the Borg to suck racism and other things out of them.

If you don't check out Caught in the Coup, a best-selling book, written by Angela Stanton-King, an African American, then you're racist, yup. She was put in jail for something silly. Jail should be prioritizing violent crimes instead of weird things.

Even if you xv4xed and m4sk3d, still gotta s0xci4l d1st4nce, l0zckd0wn, st4y h0000me, 4eva, cuz risk still there, governments, corporations, officials, leaders, etc, are saying this in 2021 all around the world, right now in many countries to announce back to pr1s00000n pl4n3t coming soon and already here and eating bugs and you will own nothing and be happy, if this is the future you want and you choose not to stand up, you lose freedoms and things get worse and worse and it affects you, your friends, family, others. Stand up now or you may regret it later.

Tik-Tok Nurses Getting Ready

2021-07-21 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2021-07-21 22:24:18.png

Nurses Getting Ready For Fall 2021 Covid Vaccine Deaths Which They'll Blame on Delta or Other Variants.

Pfizer to pay 2.3 billion dollars for Fraudulent Marketing in 2009. Now in 2021, Big Pharma is paying 26 billion.

When you put the magic in your arm, it lowers your anti bodies over time. I want you to buy wheel chairs. Let me cut off your legs so you will really need them.

We have to keep you safe, step into this room and we will keep the door locked for your security.

Over 99% of the people dying from b0vix did not also get b0vix gasxline. Do not connect dots. Go back to sleep.

Natural exposure to diseases, thousands to millions of particles enter your body. But with this jab, it is billions to trillions of spike proteins and other things which causes autoimmune disorders among other things which will really begin to activate in the fall of 2021, red alert, you have been warned and they will try very hard on the fake news and everywhere to blame it on other things.

HeLa is an immortal cancer cell line which they obtain a sample of from 31-year-old African-American mother Henrietta Lacks without her consent on the 8th of February of 1951. She later died from them on the 4th of October of that same year. George Otto Gey found that those cells could be kept alive. Before this, human cell culture would only survive for a few days. And you thought Will Smith's I Am Legend and The Walking Dead was totally fiction. Imagine putting HeLa into your body. I am not going to say some of these cells can be found in that thing that some people are getting, the j0kv1d gagc1ne inj3ctioooons, but don't take my word for it.

Vacuum Special

2021-07-22 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2021-07-22 23 37 32 It is killing us.png

It is killing us.

Are you Pro-Freedom or Pro-Vaccine?

If you get Covid Vaccines, then go fuck yourself. I am not interested in people who are killing themselves via Covid Vaccines. Alex Jones predicting the 2020 C0/1D back in 1998. Why were you not listening to this crazy conspiracy theory man who could have saved your life, you had 22 years to prepare, and now he is predicting terrible things for 2030, are you going to prepare for 2030?

When you release information about WOOOO-HAND from 2018, they say it is DISINFORMATION. But how can it be C0/1D DISINFO if it is coming from before it even existed or did it already exist even before that in North Carolina until 2015 thanks to Obama?

The jab lowers your immune system which means you will get sick and then die during the Flu Season. But don't worry, when you die, they'll blame your death on c0/1d.

Power outages are coming. Get ready.

They've said a global plandemic may be the only thing that could save their "NOVEL" world government. By the way, "NOVEL" means "NEW" as in New World Order out of the ashes of a new world disorder.

Cancer Accelerating Covid Vaccines

2021-07-23 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-07-23 20:51:08 Blood Cells.png

Before and after Covid Vaccines, how blood cells change as vaccines murder people.

Covid Vaccines are TOTALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE at ACCELERATING cancer-growth.

Covid Vaccines DESTROYS, I repeat, it DESTROYS tumor-suppressing proteins. Do you call that safe and effective? Yeah, it is safe and effective at destroying tumor suppressing proteins among other things.

It is destroying your immune system, you will see this in the last half of 2021 and the first few months of 2022, mark my words, but they will blame it on delta and other things too. Are you that retarded?

You are limping through a dark deep forest with a bear trap trenched into your leg. Suddenly, our Lord & Savior Anthony Fauci comes down on a giant headless dove, "Hey, stick your other leg into this new bear trap. It's the mega delta bear trap. Come on, you will love this one just like that last one which totally helped you so much, trust the science or else we will send giant bears after you."

Freedom Bracelets in Israel are required for going outside of your house. This is coming to America and many countries after the giant Fall 2021 False Flag Scam which is coming in the fall, these next few months, giant events happening to trick people into wanting this in many countries. Stand up or this happens more and more. Do nothing and get your own Freedom Bracelet.

You are now a GMO TICKING TIME-BOMB, a Hot Potato, and an experimental Frankenstein Guinea-Pig From Hell, all rolled into one. Please consider warning others not to make the same mistakes you did, that is my prayer. You can cry all day regretting what you did. But now is the time to show others how you ruined your life. You can save billions of people by showing them. You have a purpose in life, a mission should you choose to accept it. This message will self-destruct in ten seconds. You are the weakest link, goodbye.

Bush Transplant

2021-07-24 - Saturday

Covid Vaccine 186566650_5699260143449947_8013076979186663955_n.jpg

If you don't want to stay alive, just stick it in your arm.

Humanity as a whole is Nebuchadnezzar losing its mind. I transplanted some bushes today in the hot sun, broke up a sweat, worked on that gardening project all day, we're making room for some grapes.

Go to Banned . video

2021-07-25 - Sunday

Banned Video Banner.png

Go to Banned . video

Right-sided heart failure within 3 years says Dr. Charles Hoffe, I hope you enjoy dying before 2025, I hope you enjoying passing this disease which is caused by C0BB1D BACC1NES, I hope you enjoy passing this super black death to everyone around you, we are talking millions to billions of people dying in the 2020s especially, these next few years especially, thanks to this and thanks to starvation and a variety of things, and I especially hope you enjoy how so many girls are becoming infertile because of it, the end of the human race is happening because you do not want to fight which means the bad guys take over more and more as you try to roll your eyes and ignore what is happening.

The blood clots are so small, they do not show up on scans meaning after getting your totally safe c 0 x v 1 d zv a cc 1 n e s, you will and I repeat WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL begin accumulating microscopic blood clots which will begin coming together and for some people that is happening at faster rates and others it happens over the course of many years and yet it is happening and more and more and more in millions to billions of people.

UK went under lockdown a few days ago on or around THE FREEDOM DAY via text messages sent to millions of mobile devices, phones. This is tyranny found in many countries and it is enslaving you, your family, your friends, and others. This PRISON PLANET affects people. Phones ordered people to stay home. Stores are empty. Millions to billions of people starving to death. The globalists are taking over the world and they think you are too stupid to care. We have been warning you for years and you did nothing. This is your fault if you're not warning others.

They sent lizard saliva to 23andMe and it turns out the green guy is part African, who knew? Does that mean lizards are people too if their ancestors are people? It is not like 23andMe would ever lie to us about our DNA testing right? Even lizards are black?

What is a new coco birus? There are new biruses every single second, that is how many there are, that is why there are no bacc1nes for the common cold, that is why blue baccines don't work each year and why people actually get sick from them as well and why people who don't get them do better as long as they take care of their health.

Obama PREDICTED C0V1D in 2014 in this video. He even predicts DELTA as well. He talked about putting together a new world order, a global government to help stop it. He also called it the flu.

Legend of Farmers

2021-07-26 - Monday


JaCovid Witnesses are here to murder us via Covid Vaccines

Over 0.1 percent of those who took C0XV1D VADC1NES died within a month in 2021 and never mind those who die in the months and years after that. Shedding is happening meaning if you are near a person who got vagc1naaated, then you are getting sick too. Should we really just wait for the FDA to approve this and then wait for them to go door to door to jaaab this poison into the arms of our children and loved ones and others so they cannot give birth to children ever again, is that the future we want for billions of humans these next few years?

He said, "I don't know what they're protesting." She replied, "You." After that, he said, "But that's illegal."

Snakes Be Crazy

2021-07-27 - Tuesday


Different levels of densities of liquids separate and different objects will land on the different layers of liquids according to the relationship between density and mass.

Do yourself a favor, download some videos of before and after c0v1d jaab and show it to people when they ask, there are thousands of videos of people in pain. I can barely watch them. But so many people don't even know these videos exist. That's your job, get them and have them ready when people talk about ruining their lives via a deadly 1njection.

Eating Castles

2021-07-28 - Wednesday

Covid Vaccines Australia Count 225483380_148124000776351_8280356297658284034_n.jpg

More people died from Covid Vaccines than they did of Covid

Legends around the world state, don't go near castles at night, vampires will drink the blood of children. Vampires means kings and other types of leaders who loved power and lust and control. They would eat children. They would drink blood.

If you do not get vgaz1naaated, you will be imprisoned, that is what they are telling people on islands and many places around the planet, it is coming to a place near you, this is your last warning, they will never ever stop, you sitting there only makes things worse, they are coming for your children and for others too.

Magically Extended Covid Vaccine Expiration Dates

2021-07-29 - Thursday


Turn off the television and do your own research.


Why is sp1ke pr0te1ns 1nfecting every organ in the body?

Don Lemon wants people to starve to death if they refuse the very thing which is k1ll1ng.

Blood clots are caused by prion crystals which are caused by c0v1d-vazcc1nes but they're blaming it on the alleged d3lta.

They magically extended the expiration date of c0v1d vaghcc1nes 6 months because so many states had millions of these things which nobody were taking.

Over a million illegals come in each month, many in airplanes from Africa, coming to a city near you, it will devastate you if it hasn't already.

Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and the United Airlines are providing FREE airplane flights, tickets, to the United States of America for Africans in Africa.

Fox News BANNED My Pillow Mike Lindell

2021-07-30 - Friday

Screenshot at 2021-07-30 23:54:33 Bill Gates Logic.png

Bill Gates said we have to bring one of these numbers down to zero or close to it.

There were 5G protests planned for Saturday, the 25th of January of 2020. But suddenly, we got all these videos of people falling over in China which is very controlled. Videos do not just leak out of a country like North Korea or China. It was a distraction.

People were falling over because of that new law that past on the 1st of December of 2019 which required Chinese people to get a FREE vatxcc11ne.

How do you share a banned link on social media? Easy. Post the link on Gab or another website and then share the link to that post on social media and make sure nothing that is forbidden on Facebook and other places show up on the link preview that you share. So, simply add some text up front in order to bump down the banned links or keywords to the bottom so it will not show up on the link preview when you go to share that on Twitter and other places.

Over a thousand migrants are dropped off each day, they're being flown all over America each day for free.

The foot soldiers are being presented a choice and some police are choosing to go against the NWO.

You tell people now. As things get worse, then they will remember what you said. Plant the seed of truth.

Fox News BANNED My Pillow Mike Lindell commercials, Fox does not want people to know about the Cyber Symposium on Frank Speech . com which will live-stream the special event on Wednesday, the 10th, 11th, and the 12th, of August of 2021. Media, leaders, others are invited to attend. This is a global event. It is a giant event. Fox refuses to show ads relating to this event.

They say on the news it does not make sense what Fauci does and says. No. Wrong. It does make sense. It is an evil agenda. They want you exterminated. It is that simple. It is called depopulation. That is the agenda. They're doing all of this on purpose.

Dirty car engines are out hearts

2021-07-31 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2021-07-31 13:44:21 no care u no live now pres of Philippines on c000.v1d vajjjc1nes.png

President of the Philippines wants people to take Covid Vaccines which will kill you or you can die if you do not. That is evil to want people to die.

235 kids were wacked from the vahhhc1nes in 2021. That is very bad to do that to children she said. Better to tie yourself to a big rock and throw yourself to the bottom of the ocean than to let even one boy or girl get hurt. But they are trying to do this to every single kid and baby on the planet. Are you going to let them?

Thousands of bot accounts are going around Twitter with the same exact message saying they or others are getting sick from the new c0v1d d3lta. They are trying so hard to trick us and distract us from people who are no longer living because of vvagggc1nes.

Graph3ne was not included in the 100+ pages of the patent as its poisonous to humans, plus it may be a trade secret, like a secret ingredient in your grandma's apple pie kind of thing except we're talking about your totally safe vajjjc1nes which are d3stro0ying humans.

Covid Vaccines did this to her, Blood Clot Blisters

Happy White History Month Friday

Covid Vaccines Are Racist

Delta Trilogy Orgy Independence Day Sunday the 4th.

Aladdin Take Off Clothes

FBI made Jan6 and is hunting for these people to blame it on.

$800 in Bitcoin

National Geographic wants you to be scared, never mind Covid Vaccines which are killing people.

Covid Vaccines are eating brains.

Stop People From Gathering to Spread Information

Finding Infowars

Watch out for Evil Blob-Fish Wen

George Lucas vs Globalism

Prison Towns Construction Globally


White House & Facebook sitting in a tree.

Infinity Wars - Infinite Covid Vaccine Injection Shot Until You Dead

Cherries. $191 billion dollars were stolen from YOU.

Mike Lindell Thing coming August of 2021

Armward to Death

Tik-Tok Nurses Getting Ready

Cancer Accelerating Covid Vaccines

Bush Transplant

Go to Banned . video

Legend of Farmers

Snakes Be Crazy

Eating Castles. Warrior Awakening

Magically Extended Covid Vaccine Expiration Dates

Fox News BANNED My Pillow Mike Lindell

Dirty car engines are out hearts

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