Think about the second world war and what IBM did with the code similar to vaccine tattoo code of Bill Gates in 2020, an introduction to brain phones.

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2020-08-24 - Monday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-08-24 - Monday
Published in August of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-08-23 02:53:37.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Tower of Babel

Mount Kailash is considered to be sacred in four religions: Hinduism, Bon, Buddhism, and Jainism.

I would assume that Babylon was named after the tower of Babel. But I was not sure if Babylon would be in the same area as where the tower was. But it does make sense it would be between India and China.

Oatmeal High Council

10:24 AM - Telegram

Are you supporting Andrew Yang and UBI in general?

Are you promoting fatalism and pacifism?

Why do I keep on thinking her name is Naomi Bramwell as opposed to Brockwell?

Are you for communism or socialism?

If I had to pick, I would incest as the lesser of two evils over rape.

This group is Seinfeld, a group chat about nothing ahaha.

We talked about the Internet, privacy, Hive Blog, money freedom, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, UBI, etc. Anything, everything. Nothing. Nobody cares and I made you an admin here too.

During my first college, I went through PA a few times and it's pretty flat but pretty green like West Virginia.

I'm from Oregon and a mountain should have snow on top.

So, I like to call smaller mountains hills.

Yes. Also, Hive was Steem but forked. In 2017, I used some of my Steem to buy a plane ticket from Saigon, Vietnam back to Oregon.

As a kid, I ate so much oatmeal, my friend's dad started calling me Oatmeal Boy when I was like ten years old in 1995 in Oregon. Well, you are what you eat. Some years later, I created a Yahoo account named Oatmeal Joey. Over time, that nickname stuck. It's catchy. Then, in 2009, I was auditioning not for American Idol but for Comcast's WANTED Adventure Host and I said to the three judges that I was Green Oatmeal and that together, "We can make the world greener, with one oatmeal at a time... ow owwwww!"

If only Weird Al and Will Smith were my dad.

I ended up seeing Wild Wild West in 1999 instead of the Matrix which I didn't get around to watching until 2006. Why? Because I loved Will Smith that much. Anything with him in it, I was going to see. Plus, the Matrix looked too scary as a kid. But I love the Matrix now.

But which has a potential of hurting the individual at a greater level within the realm of being innocent and not consenting to the consequences therein, well outside of not knowing it is incest, but then again it doesn't matter if you know if it is incest or not, right?

Is this group consisting only of staties?

Staties as in American states? Yes. Out of the 9 or 10 members, I think we are all Americans but anybody can join. Minus the 10th member being a bot I think.

In the voice of Trump, "Get him out of here." Just kidding.

Pat Murphy on Oatmeal Joey

10:54 PM - Facebook

Pat Murphy: Joy I've known you for a long time you need to put your talent to work you've got a great deal to offer and you need to make it work for you.

Joey Arnold: Pat Murphy, I agree and I do try to sometimes. I am working on a variety of things as we speak all over the place.


I am against rewarding people for doing nothing. That is not a free market. Why should I work hard if I can get free stuff? Poverty motivates me to work hard.

Banned Media

06:52 PM - The Alex Jones Show August 24th, 2020

Geneva Convention

Medical experiments, testing, requires consent from the patients, the victims.

Think about the second world war and what IBM did with the code similar to vaccine tattoo code of Bill Gates in 2020, an introduction to brain phones.

Who decides who gets how much money and when and how often and how is the money given?

Blockchains can help people publish things but privacy is a separate matter. Bill Gates is trying to get humans to get Corona Virus Tattoo Microchip Vaccines, a step towards brain phones which I was especially warning people about in 2019. They've been talking about this for years. They want us in a Matrix as seen in the movie, the Matrix.

Hive and Steem are cryptocurrencies. On Hive.blog, they use the dollar sign to help people see that Hive is a currency. Also, in the wallet, they have a converter in order to see the value of Hive per dollar.

I have an account on Mastodon. Have not been on in it in a while. I don't know much about it. I don't know if they have a token but it says they didn't and were simply raising money via things like PayPal for fundraising for that project, that website. I don't know if Mastodon is decentralized or how decentralized or truly blockchain it might be.

Fox News

11:38 PM - RNC Day 1 | Featuring President Trump, Nikki Haley, Jim Jordan and others - DOWNVOTED FOR THE MASKS

Downvoted because people should not wear masks. Where are the crowds?

Banned Video

11:40 PM - 2020 Election Countdown Take Back America August 24th, 2020

Shows Which I Remember Ending

In the 1990's




Muppet Babies
Peter Pan & the Pirates


Who's the Boss?
The Cosby Show
The Golden Girls
Square One TV
Tiny Toon Adventures
Darkwing Duck


Quantum Leap
Saved by the Bell
The Wonder Years


Saved by the Bell: The College Years
In Living Color
The Little Mermaid
Garfield & Friends
Star Trek: The Next Generation - 1994-05-23


Full House - 1995-05-23
Batman: The Animated Series - 1995-09-15
Aladdin - 1995-11-25


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - 1996-02-17
Biker Mice From Mars
The Fresh prince of Bel-Air
Muppets Tonight
Nowhere Man
Power Rangers Zeo - 1996-11-27


Roseanne - 1997-05-20 - Returned in 2018
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Married... with Children - 1997-06-09
Power Rangers Turbo - 1997-11-24
Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?


Power Rangers in Space - 1998-11-21
Animaniacs - 1998-11-14 - Returned in 2020
Pinky & the Brain - 1998-11-14
Goosebumps - 1998-11-16


Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
Mad About You
Melrose Place
Home Improvement
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - 1999-12-18


Restore the Truth

01:39 AM - The Tower of Babel found 2 of 6

Banned Media

06:52 PM - The Alex Jones Show August 24th, 2020

Fox News

11:38 PM - RNC Day 1 | Featuring President Trump, Nikki Haley, Jim Jordan and others - DOWNVOTED FOR THE MASKS

Banned Video

11:40 PM - 2020 Election Countdown Take Back America August 24th, 2020

Wow, San Francisco bans facial recognition software, talk about hypocrisy.

This group has 10 members and 9 admins. In other words, I made ever member minus a JoeyBot an admin.

When you say Hive, are you talking about Hive app or the Hive blockchain?

You might be conflating between things built on top of a blockchain which should not be confused with the actual blockchain itself.


09:50 AM - As a family, we were crossing a possibly Saigon street but I went ahead into a restaurant to reserve a table while they went across the street to a Vietnamese cafe or something. Maybe not Vietnamese or partly. Maybe they didn't originally cross the street with me and went directly to that cafe. I felt like I was at ABC for a second and at Sunshine Pizza across the street from my childhood home. I felt like it was several different places I've been to in real life and in previous dreams involving restaurants, malls, cafes, building, exploring, going up and down stairs, escalators, elevators, seeing people, going door to door. But back to this dream, I must have sat at a few tables but picked a table near the counter where you pay near the kitchen. It must have been like 11 PM and I went across the street to the cafe. But I walked inside and then into a mall and then I was sliding on my socks and I saw Savannah Hernandez, as in Sav-Says, and I might have saw actually people from my family and this white Infowars girl who is new as of like 2019 and helps out in the War Room with the cute nose. So, they were like part of my family is how I was looking at possibly my real family and other people too like I said. I was coming to tell them as they sat at a table in a mall. I was sliding on my socks on the slippery floors and continued past their table and was sliding around and there were two other girls or women and possibly other people sliding too but on just their two feet while I was sliding using my hands to balance on the floor. I was trying to immitate them and wanted them to see me and talk about me. They didn't and then I was trying to find the table so we could go ahead and have a good dinner. But at the mall, it was like the afternoon and not the evening like it was in the restaurant. I was sliding around but was on a side road near the entrance of Hillsboro at Winco near where it meets up with Cornelius in Oregon. So, as I was sliding back around towards the table, I was no longer inside a giant mall or a cafe but was outside sliding on a small road near a grocery store named Winco. But I felt like I could still find my family and continue to slide back and forth to find them and could not and then woke up. I kind of wanted to go back to sleep to finish my dream.

Woke up and there was a spider in my closet. Went with an antenna to kill it. But just knocked it down. Then used a towel to grab it an d dqueeze this extra large and fat spider. Then I looked and there was no body or spider I mean. Reminds me of that Harrison Ford film where they frame him for murdering his wife. He had to run and run like the spider who either got away or was a spiritual spider.

Potato lunch around 02:00 PM. Made 2 mazes.

No house church tomorrow said Josanna. She said like after labor day I think and I still have a lot of digging I still need to do.

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