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2020-08-01 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-08-01 - Saturday
Published in August of 2020

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) unless otherwise noted.


03:00 AM - Finished putting together my favorite picks for the USA Washington State 2020 Primary Election. On the ballot was around 33 to 36 candidates running to be governor of WA. I picked my top favorite 12 of them and put in stars for the five out of that. I also picked my favorites for Lt. Governor and other positions in government. I started working on that around `10:00 PM, that is Friday night. So, took photos of the two papers I wrote on that and posted them to Facebook and was done around 03:00 AM or possibly a little later than that.

Weird Dreams

10:00 AM - I was up briefly around 08:00 AM and was up for good around ten and had weird dreams. I think in one, I saw the bay, there, drying up. There were dry land spots where people were standing.


Oatmeal with honey. Coffee

Broken Glass

After that, picked up broken glass in that abandon back room of that old garage place. We are cleaning up that place. Put boards in one pile. Put the installation like pieces under the stairs. Pulled the blue ladder out of the sticker bushes with the help of some boards for walking on. Really thick blackberry bushes. I have been working on WIFI antennas for weeks and especially the past few days and have had some success. But it is mostly like dial-up speeds or slower than usual as I have already said these past few days or longer. See notes in my daily oatmeal posts from July of 2020 for more info.


12:30 PM - 3 slices of frozen pizza baked for 10 minutes in a toaster over.
02:30 PM - Large bowl of rice and potatoes on some kind of beans soup with a bunch of spices, pepper, red pepper, ketchup barbecue sauce, salt, which I added as usual. Perhaps I added too much. Started almost hiccuping or burping or something of that nature as my stomach reacted to the spices.


While making and eating lunch, was working on my daily and monthly blog post templates for August of 2020 and was working on this can WIFI antenna and had some success connecting to Xfinity and Belkin on and off. I thought, from my room, that Xfinity is coming more towards the water and Belkin towards the dirt road or strait out from the window. I felt that pointing more up worked better. later felt that it worked better when it was pointing more down. I am still not totally sure which positions work better depending on the time of the day, the wind, what might be interfering with the signals, what might be in the way, the WIFI network, the position of the WIFI device or adapter inside the metal can, where the can is located in comparison to the window, things like that.

OKN AC1900
"rtl88x2BU" ubuntu driver

sudo apt-get update

Kernal Check

uname -r
sudo apt install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) dkms git

Windows 10
Realtek wifi driver 10.30.27

Garden Deer

09:00 PM - Around this time, looked out the window and saw like an adult female deer or doe eating lettuce or something green in the front garden. I walked towards it and saw it walk away from me towards the back, that is towards the opposite side of the gate to hop between the top of the mental fence and the string above which was one to two feet above the fence. So, I spent like 30 minutes adding two lines of rope as fencing around it and some tree branches and tree bark or like tree rope in a way around the garden, around the fence posts which extends higher than the fencing itself. All of this may discourage deer from trying to hop in to eat the food.

Computer Crashed

11:30 PM - Well, I broke my laptop again while trying to get a driver for my new USB WIFI device. One of the reasons why my Lenovo Yoga laptop refused to reboot after it was off was that the root partition appeared to have no free space. One way to solve it is to not have separate partitions. I loaded one of my two SD cards which has Ubuntu on it. Like a live CD kind of thing. I deleted things until it showed I had some free space and then I was able to get back in. My laptop broke around maybe after 08:00 PM and got it fixed probably after 11:00 PM. It felt like a long three hours of not knowing what to do. I tried many things until I finally did what I did as mentioned above to get it fixed.


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