We were bank robbing a house. I left the house and then went into the wrong house. I got out of house number 833 and got into 823. We went out the back. I'm sort of joking about this dream that I had last night and the details may be off. I'm not sure if these random guys were stealing but I don't think I was. More details of my dream below.

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2020-07-26 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-07-26 - Sunday
Published in July of 2020

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LAs Finest

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2020-07-26 - Sunday - 12:04 AM - 01:03 AM - Hanna 105

Hanna can't trust anyone. The Indian girl: "Then why did you come here?" She followed that with a big cute smile. Stop eating chocolate, which is all you have been eating, Hanna, for the past week, as it will begin to come out of your ass.

Sophie: You're the best thing in my life.
Hanna: You're the only one in mine.

Hanna meets Antonie at a party and then goes to a movie party and kicks a guy and then they go camping and she has sex with him next to a fire.

2020-07-26 - Sunday - 01:04 AM - 01:58 AM - Hanna 106

She claims to be the mother of Hanna and she takes her. But Hanna's so-called dad comes in to help Hanna escape in a helicopter.


08:40 AM - Did you sleep well or was the enemy attacking you as well?

I think I had several dreams and I feel like one of the last dreams and possibly the only one I remember from last night was regarding me with a group of random people. I don't remember or know them as far as I can remember. We went to a house to do I don't know. We were in the back rooms and then like the living room. I was in the kitchen and then out the front door which may have been located at the edge of the kitchen. I feel like the door was not in the living room, but maybe it was between the two. I went out and the neighborhood was nice with two-story houses. I went into house number like 833. Well, it might have been 853 or 883. Most likely 833. I think I got the first and last digit or number correct. I see a lady opening the fridge I came in. I told her sorry that I went into the wrong house. I left the one house, like I said, and was outside. I was trying to get back into that same house and ended up in the wrong house. I guess the correct house that we were in was number 823. We entered through the backdoor or something of that nature. I went out the frontdoor by accident. I must have forgotten that we came in from the back. So, we were supposed to be in and out I guess. So, I was going back in to then go out the back and run off with them. I am trying to remember my other dreams or more details to this dream. I feel some of my dream may be related to Hanna 106 and possibly other random things I've watched. It may be related to my life in some ways in litural and figurative ways. 823 may be a good frequency for music like 444 Hz is better than 440 Hz and 823 Hz might be a good frequency as well. I may be off on the 823 number. That may not be a good frequency or perhaps not good enough or not as good as other 800s frequency. Maybe the house I was in was 853. I am pretty sure the first number of the house was an eight. The last number I am less sure of, maybe a 3 or a 2. I think a 3. The middle number has me confused as I saw like two different houses. But I ended up on the wrong street or row of houses and went in the wrong house. So, it was something like going into 833 and then relizing the right house was like 823. I think only the middle number changed which explains why I remember the first and last number better. I don't want to say we went to the house to rob or at least I wasn't. I don't recall them stealing. But the details are leaving me and I may have never saw what they did in the first place. I was focused on me walking around and was not paying attention to them.

Oh, who are you? Good question. Little red riding hood. Good friend. Meet me on the front porch. Oh, it is just you. I was walking back. Oh, too small. It was just me. Hard to see me.

Good to organize big places that could someday become a body with a children games and education and piano music corner and the tools in the back. Hope to get the bikes repaired. Good conversations about the origin of cereal being Kellog. Talk about health. Talk about science and people and I mentioned a pastoral class I had during WOLBI. For dinner, potato on steak or ribs or some kind of like cow meat BBQ. Cute mouse toy for Itchy Bitchy the cat. Funny squirrel balancing on small branches to get nuts or whatever on the vines or trees and falling and catching itself on other branches. Bowl of ice-cream, yum yum. Hall around 08:00 PM for like 2 hours or less. It is now 10:12 PM.

LAs Finest

2020-07-26 - Sunday - 10:04 PM - 10:56 PM - L.A.s Finest 101

Interesting show on these 2 female cop partners. It is part comedy.

They were going after a gang and a police chief said: "Arrest who you can. Bag the rest."

That means shoot everyone you can't arrest as they are cartel members.

Bad Boys For Life

2020-07-26 - Sunday - 10:56 PM - 12:00 AM - Bad Boys For Life - First half of the film

Cleaver way of escaping prison.

They shot Mike



2020-07-26 - Sunday - 12:04 AM - 01:03 AM - Hanna 105
2020-07-26 - Sunday - 01:04 AM - 01:58 AM - Hanna 106

LAs Finest

2020-07-26 - Sunday - 10:04 PM - 10:56 PM - L.A.s Finest 101

2020-07-26 - Sunday - 10:56 PM - 12:00 AM - Bad Boys For Life - First half of the film

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