Treasure what is in your heart and if you don't, then what in the Hell is it doing in your heart? What you treasure, there your heart be also.

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2020-07-04 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-07-04 - Saturday
Published in July of 2020

IMG_20200704_180712 Road.jpg

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2020-07-04 - Saturday - 08:00 PM - Did you know that when you delete files on computers, generally you're not actually deleting them. Files are like houses and your computer is like the mail man. When you go to delete the file, you are merely knocking trees in front of the road to confuse the mail man. That means no more mail. To actually delete means to tear down the old house and put up a new house in it's place.

Talk about treasure, speaking in tongues, listening to God regarding who one should marry. I am a self-proclaimed family historian. I find many things interesting. So, I like to look at the history of things. I cannot say I have never spoke in tongues and there may be different ways of doing it both of God and not of God perhaps. In some cases, it may not help with evangelism some might argue. I would encourage people not to get lost in it. I will not say not to do it. There may be a time and a place for different things. Tongues can be dangerous like magic if done wrong or done excessively or who knows what else. We walked down a trail and I said it was like we were little red riding hood but all we got was that bar of chocolate. Thanks, mister Hersey. Snow white sitting on the floor of the kitchen the other day. Good to be aware of the pictures in the clouds and water. God uses different things. Tongues can be a good thing. So, tongues can help us talk to God and for God to talk to us through the holy spirit. Beyond that, God may also speak to us through images, dreams, ideas, music, etc. For me, it seems to be more visual. I tend to see things more than just hear them or get them through like tongues or what have you. Difference between white and black magic might be like the difference between a white and black wolf. They are both wolves or magic. It can be dangerous as demons or other things may take hold of us and it is a slippery slope and it is like playing with fire.


I saw some fireworks if that counts

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