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2020-03-25 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-03-25 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-03-25 04:40:46.png

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Join My Community | @OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN | Published in March of 2020

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Lockstep Lockdown

12:08 AM - Hive

Lockstep sounds a lot like lockdown, like a step taken in order to lock everybody down and lock everybody up.

Hive Fork

12:25 AM - Hive

That one number is a pre-existing thing from the Steem code that was brought over to the new Hive blockchain. Long story short, some of this could be changed perhaps as soon as Hive could do another hard-fork as the most recent fork was a rushed out one that was premature and truly unfinished. So, perhaps, we should let the developers know. I can see @sweecee and I do not follow him. So, I don't know exactly why you would be experiencing things differently than me. But they do seem to be different.

Not Invisible

12:31 AM - Hive

Yeah. Crazy but true. By the way, I can see you and you are not invisible to me. Some people might not be able to read your posts or comments directly or so they said but I can. I do not follow you and I can still you.

Star Wars Eggs

12:43 AM - Hive @lucylin


These Aren't The Eggs You're Looking For.

On Hive, you are not, really, oh Baby Yoda?

Lionel Nation

12:51 AM - Live Stream: Stray Strong, Positive and Never Forget Their Names

Making Money

12:57 AM - Facebook - Shelton Talks - Jacob Wright asked if they would pay a person to clean off their gas thing for keeping people safe from COVID or whatever. People commented with yet. But some of these people have also said that it is bad to profit. The irony is that these same Facebook people will make a distinction between making money like this and deem it as acceptable and yet look at hoarding and selling Facebook is greedy and evil and so on and so forth. So, with that said, I said the following:

Whatever you do, just make sure you don't sell your toilet paper. Because that would be greedy.

Agape Church of Christ

2010-01-10 - Sunday - The 10th of January of 2010 - By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

2010-01-10 - Ron Clark - Agape Church of Christ.jpg


Posted by Pastor Ron Clark on Facebook - The Agape Church of Christ were meeting at the Lincoln High School as seen in this photo. I may not be in this picture but I may have been there that Sunday and would attend that church as early as 2008 or 2009 and on and off until like 2011 at the latest for the 2010's.

Young Adults Retreat

I would attend these sometimes.


2020-03-25 - Wednesday - 04:24 AM - 05:12 AM - Vikings 106

Challenge to the death battle


Ttrying to become king

Waiting until you are ready

Arranged marriages

Beating wives

He fights the king

He kills the king and becomes king

Old man begs to fight with them to die in honor

A religion like Islam or that guy from Star Trek Next Generation

The wife of the dead king reminds me Avril Lavigne

They kill the whore who is to go to the afterlife with the dead king

They burn the dead king's boat


Three black summers to come

An economic depression recession

794 AD, June - Kingdom of Northumbria, England

Boats that go across the ocean and up rivers

Fat king throws his own man into a pit of snakes to put a new twist to don't shoot the messenger but make sure you feed them tp snakes and yeah, Indiana Jones hates snakes.


Invalid Cookie

10:11 AM - ALEX JONES INFOWARS BROADCASTS OF 3/25/20 NEWS and Music in breaks

Canada Dry can help you


10:21 AM - Hive

I post to at least 13 places. So, I am way beyond double posting.

The United Nations

10:31 AM - Hive

I love this book called The Killing of Uncle Sam. It describes the details between different people and different organizations... The United Nations were formally called The League of Nations. All you have to do is follow the money and look at the key players, especially during the first three decades of the 1990's. Look at which groups these people were in, what they did, which groups, what did they say, and what they were funding. Look at the kinds of people the UN has been trying to hire the past several years and the goals behind that as well. Long story short, the United Nations are evil. You would know that if you, @LightEye, knew history at a deeper level. There are books written about these things. I would tell you about all of this if you were not rolling your eyes at me.

Rake weeding gardens. Level the ground a bit. He is planting like lettuce, cabbage, and/or things like that.

Coffee. Corn bread. Some kind of meat.

Stefan Molyneux

11:33 AM - Coronavirus Updates with Stefan Molyneux! COLLAPSE!

There are guns at Walmart, even if gun stores are closed.

Get guns. Hide guns.

Squirrels have nuts and humans have guns.

That medicine forces zinc into your cells.

How about you get enough zinc in the first place, yeah?

Globalism Arrived

11:47 AM - Hive

Globalism arrived under the guise of a virus to ban churches, protests, gatherings, socializing, going to restaurants, parks, beaches, coming together as families, all around the world. They're making you want to be slaves via lock-down.

Chandler Crump

Gen Z Panel Reacts to Democrat Debate (Don't Ban Us) | His Twitter

Did you ban me from your Discord because I hate globalism so much? Chandler Crump banned me.

Chandler Crump banned me off his Discord because I hate globalism so much. Maybe also because I talked too much about what happened in 1913 and 1933. I probably talked too much about that book, The Killing of Uncle Sam, which deals with how globalists have been trying to infiltrate governments for centuries and more so this past century alone.

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Chandler Crump Discord account:
Chandler Crump #7777

Other accounts:

Invalid Cookie

12:12 PM - ALEX JONES INFOWARS BROADCASTS OF 3/25/20 NEWS and Music in breaks

Iceland reported that there are at least 40 strands of the 2019 Novel Corona Virus. Some not as deadly as others.

Strawberry house door fixing help. He took it off. Saw off the sides a bit. Added a hatch. I was weeding. We planted some strawberries from a plastic rectangle pot. I added some compost. I guess we don't have fish compost stuff. Gotta get more. Towel out hanging. Feeling tired. Maybe needed more sleep.

Scott Adams

03:51 PM - Stopped by Twitter. Scott Adams was wondering how many old people that an average person might kill by spreading the virus to them. Good question to ask and then I was looking at the comments. Then I stopped by Chandler Crump to see if he got to around to blocking me on Twitter yet or not and he has not at this moment.

Clown Fish TV

04:09 PM - Disney Could Bring PALPATINE Back for ANOTHER Star Wars Trilogy?!

No. Palpy went into Rey's body. He said he would if he died and he died. Very simple. Palpatine said it in Rise of Skywalker, @clownfish TV.

Diamond & Silk

04:23 PM - Live: President Donald J. Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Briefing 3-25-20

Dinner ready. He cooked. Meat. Noodles. I'm adding a potato to that by 5 PM.

Why does Trump talk about vaccines?

What is a vaccine?

The logic is to put a virus in you so you can build an immunity to it. The problem is that many viruses evolve so fast that by the time you build antibodies for one virus, you will end up fighting a different mutation, a different strand of the virus, especially that of the flu virus family.


04:34 PM - Facebook - Shelton Talks | Comments | Joey Arnold

Wasn't it supposed to be just a 15 days shut-down and wasn't it supposed to be voluntary and not mandatory?

You don't think we already all have it?

Rob Wakeley, Do you know how many millions and millions of people died during the Great Depression as supply chains broke, even as most people lived on farms and were very independent and yet still ended up struggling, starving, dying, in the 1930's?

Farmers Unite

04:43 PM - Facebook - I wrote to Lori Hughes

And when the next virus comes? And the one after that? And the one after that? If people don't work to make food and to distribute food to other people, then where do people get food? Will every American become a farmer right now?

15 days to slow the spread and we are on day 10.

Corona Forever

05:45 PM - Facebook

Miranda Rachel Matson-Jewett, Supply chains are more vulnerable now than before because it depends on everything happening just in time for the next thing. People get used to going to the store every day and people used to practice having backup plans, reservations, just in case there are delays for a day, a few days, a few weeks, or longer. Some people try to prepare for the unexpected and some people not so much. Now, I've writing articles about these things on some websites since January of 2020 and I was researching some of this in October 2019 as I started seeing that this was coming. Other people have been talking about this since 2018 and some even longer. It is critical to keep an eye on April 2020. I've been pointing at April as a measuring stick for months now. This whole thing has multiple layers and that includes the Wuhan 400 book which was written in the year 1981. That was a long time ago, as in 39 years ago. There was Event 201 in October 2019 in New York City. If only you were there at that event. That is just the tip of the iceberg. I can talk all day to you about many different things.

Rob Wakeley replied to Miranda Rachel Matson-Jewett, "it’s a tricky answer. I’m sure he is referring to a 7 million person number that floats around the inter webs all the time. It’s actually fictional that millions starved to death."

Rob is wrong.

But Rob only wants to believe what he wants to believe.

He doesn't want to think.

He doesn't want to study.

He just looks at talking points.

He looks at headlines and walks away.

The Virus is using up all the bandwidth.

Miranda Rachel Matson-Jewett respons back to Rob Wakeley with the following lies: "I thought the dude was just using hyperbole but based on his comment above that's so clearly not the case. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I'm not even religious but was trying to offer some ways to stay connected with one's community. Not gonna engage with folks who don't trust the scientists, doctors, and medical community, so I'm out, yo 🖖🖖"

I believe in science.

Miranda lies and says I do not.

But I do.

But she will simply lie.

That is what people do.

I give them references to hundreds of things and they don't even look it up.

I mentioned so many things.

You can read many books for hours on the things I mentioned.

But instead, they laugh and walk away.

I mentioned Event 201 for example.

They laugh and walk away.

I mentioned a book from 1981.

They laugh and walk away.

I could continue replying but I will stop for now.

I told myself not to respond as I already did respond enough.

They can Google their names and find out that I am talking about them on my blog.

But they won't even do that.

Because they are too lazy.

They don't care.

They just want to be trendy.

Miranda Rachel Matson-Jewett,

Miranda Rachel Matson-Jewett, blocked me on Facebook.

That proves she is an SJW leftist who can't stand people who don't agree with her.

I'm ok with people who see things differently than me.

I think debate can be healthy to have.

Salvation Army

During the 2010 WYI, I had a conversation with Rob Noland and Fulton Hawk. They said some things to me and they may have disagreed with some of the things I might have said and done. Some of it mya have been allegations, hearsay, of things I was being accused falsely of doing or saying. I'm not totally sure as some of it may have been implied, assumed, referenced, indirect, implicated, left unsaid in regards what they might have wanted me not to do and do. Our conversation may have only lasted ten minutes and they may have been upset and disappointed with me. I was trying to tell them that I try to follow God's heart in what I do. Rob was probably a bit sad and Fulton may have been situated in passion and rage. I believe in passion and I'm not saying he is wrong to be aggressive but I do believe in what I do perhaps. Not to say that I don't evolve and change over time in my life. I do mature and everything as some people do. Long story short, I was telling them that I would continue to do what I do. Now, that is not entirely true as I do change like I said but I said it as my way of pleading for independence so that I can make my own personal decisions on my own as need be. They talked about how I burn bridges with people and they may have been specifically talking about burning a bridge with The Salvation Army. After that, I was not accepted to work at Salvation Army camps in 2011, 2012, 2018, and 2019. I was in Vietnam from 2012-2017. I returned in November of 2017 to AMerica and applied again to camps and was denied. I feel that I might be on a Salvation Army black list. I hope I am wrong about that. But it is possible that they and/or others said some bad things about me to get me banned from working in certain positions with them ever again. I have been feeling very mixed concerning that and my relationship with Word Of Life, other ministries, other churches, other organizations, other camps, other groups, other people, etc, etc, who I have volunteered with and worked with in my life. I miss so many different people I've met in Oregon, New York, West Virginia, California, Hawaii, Washington State, Idaho, Quebec, Vietnam, some of the states and cities in and around New York, West Virginia, and South Carolina, etc, etc. I contemplate how I can better help people, when, where, how, through which groups, etc. I have been thinking about these types of things for over 30 years going back to the 1990's. I have more to say about some of these things. It is very complex and simple and everything. To be continued.

Biddy Basketball

2010-03-06 - Saturday - 11:40 AM - March of 2010

Brian Campbell: "workin the last Biddy Basketball game of the year."

I may have helped out with this event or I at least did in 2011.

Youth Council

2010, July 16-18 - Camp Kuratli, Boring, OR

Salvation Army Retreat

We attended Youth Council from Friday the 16th to Sunday the 18th of April of 2010 at The Salvation Army Camp Kuratli at Trestle Glen in Boring, Oregon, USA, which was my last visit and possibly only visit to that camp in the 2010's, that entire decade.

2010-04-18 - Sunday - 09:49 PM - Facebook Photo - Event at Moore Street 23621_407871666476_8029346_n.jpg

I was at this event.


2010-04-18 - Sunday - 09:49 PM - Facebook Photo - Event at Moore Street - Art - The 18th of April of 2010 - Hive - April of 2010

2010 Youth Council

2010-04-16 - Friday - 09:19 AM


08:42 PM - Hoover Institution fellow Michael McFaul and John O'Sullivan discuss the many problems Europe is facing including an aggressive Russia, Brexit, NATO and the asylum crisis in Germany. McFaul and O'Sullivan give their analysis of these problems and what it means for the future of Europe. They hate Trump. They talk about how Trump goes against what America has been doing in the 1900's, the past century. But the government in the United States have been infiltrated and bad the past ten or more decades.


09:00 PM - 05:00 AM
8 hours


Lionel Nation

12:51 AM - Live Stream: Stray Strong, Positive and Never Forget Their Names


2020-03-25 - Wednesday - 04:24 AM - 05:12 AM - Vikings 106

Invalid Cookie

10:11 AM - ALEX JONES INFOWARS BROADCASTS OF 3/25/20 NEWS and Music in breaks

Stefan Molyneux

11:33 AM - Coronavirus Updates with Stefan Molyneux! COLLAPSE!

Chandler Crump

Gen Z Panel Reacts to Democrat Debate (Don't Ban Us)

Clown Fish TV

04:09 PM - Disney Could Bring PALPATINE Back for ANOTHER Star Wars Trilogy?!

Diamond & Silk

04:23 PM - Live: President Donald J. Trump and Coronavirus Task Force Hold Briefing 3-25-20


08:45 PM - Coronavirus and the Economy Livestream Discussion

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