Gotta Get Through This Somehow Song. You need zinc before you get the virus. Millie Weaver published an amazing video today. It really surprised me. She talked to what I thought was like a robot but it turned out to be another woman instead. But the whole skit was illustrating something rather sinister, which gets me back to the song I wrote today. Gotta get, gotta get, gotta get through this somehow.

Contact Me - Version 0001
Gotta Get Through This Somehow

Gotta Get Through This Somehow

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Contact Me - Version 0001

12:33 AM - Monday 2

How can you contact me? Keep reading to find out. Here is a rough draft outline, version 0001, of some of the networks you can find me on as follows, as seen in this post, this article right here.

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2020-03-22 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-03-22 - Sunday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Join My Community | @OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN | Published in March of 2020

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Gotta Get Through This Somehow

06:43 PM - Facebook | YouTube | Minds | Bitchute | Brighteon


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Dual Posting

12:22 AM - Hive

Dual posting would be possible via an app. But I don't know if there are any apps for this yet. Hive.blog is almost identical to Steemit.com.


12:30 AM - Hive

Didn't realize how Italy was claimed to be the second best in health care and also didn't really know how many hospital beds that China has for their people, like one percent or less.


12:48 AM - Hive

Hi Snook, not to be confused with Snooky lol. The Internet is the best education ever.


2020-03-22 - Sunday - 12:55 AM - 01:49 AM - Outlander 506

1746, Scotland

How she made it into America, but they shot her daughter


People say that there is no cure to the common cold but the body builds antibodies to cure the common cold all the time

Smoke it out to protect the fields

White face tries to rape Claire

White face man knows Bonnett who is his like associative


Ivalid Cookie


You need zinc before you get the virus.


Eric Berg

08:15 AM - New Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Chloroquine


08:25 AM - Hive

Oh wow, Steem Pac-Man. Didn't know about that one.

Tron & Government

08:28 AM - Hive

Kind of funny that Tron people are incompetent, kind of like government lol.

Brave is a fork of Chrome or Chromium?

Dissenter is a fork of Brave, making it like the grandson

What was Peter thinking Sunday School

Do we trust God in the mist of Revelations morning service sermon

Hive Discord

01:00 PM - Discord

How to install Hive Keychain on Firefox

Why doesn't PeakD have a built-in login system like Hive.blog has?

Having a third-party login system for PeakD may be an advantage to the extent it may add security, options, flexibility, competition.

If that is the thinking behind PeakD, then I think I understand.

A difference between PeakD and Hive Blog might be, to use an analogy, Hive Blog comes with a door lock in the door but PeakD has no lock on the door but then you use a padlock and get to choose which padlock to put on the door.

@chicoduro#6798 For the record, it was mirrored until Friday.

Can Sun buy a bunch of Hive and vote in sock puppet accounts to become Hive witnesses someday or what can we do?

I know, there is the 30 day freeze thing.

I wonder if we could add to the Hive blockchain some code, some rules, which would require a percentage of nodes or witnesses to come from one continent or another continent or country, as an attempt to keep witnesses as decentralized and international and everything as possible or what can we do or what do we want to do?

My question would be the following. Justin Sun was able to buy up too many witnesses thanks to too much financial democracy voting, would you agree, as in not enough constitutional representative republic like balance of powers and balances of the branches of the governing systems of the blockchain of like a electoral college, republic like system, etc?

Can we limit the voting for witnesses to real people?


I like Bitcoin in that individuals can mine.

I would prefer a dual-system where individual can mine Hive and a set of witnesses can mine it as well.

True. Hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin miners.

I like Bit Torrent.

Whether or not the mining is or is not profitable is a secondary question and not the primary issue.

Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is valuable but Bit Torrent can be more valuable.

One of the advantages is that of choice in that people can choose how they want to do things as opposed to being required to only do things one way.

Bit Torrent is a bit more closer to Hive and Steem.

There are differences

It is practical

But many people don't know it is practical

It is practical to think long-term

It is practical to invest in long-term investments, etc.

Because in life, you never know when you will run into a pandemic.

So, you can always lose in any investment as it is like gambling.

Which one? Which Bitcoin? Keep in mind that like Steem forked into Hive, Bitcoin forked into Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc.

I would start with trying to get solar power before trying too hard to mine too much.

Depends on what decentralization means.

They said the Internet would die around 1999.

Equality does not exist and never will exist.

Decentralization is a goal that we seek towards, as in something we try to get more of, similar to anarchy.

In the 2010's, cable and satellite subscriptions have been dying.

Facebook is a fork of Life Log

Facebook had special help

Google had special help

Life Log was a program

Not a computer program

Another kind of program

@mykos#1700 are you against Bitcoin?

You are against Bitcoin forks?

Some people say that bad people took over BTC.

I have had BTC

Changing Bitcoin code might be similar to how Steem and Hive code has been changed via forks, I would imagine.

That's the thing with competition which leads to volatility.

I would try to write in the Hive blockchain code an ability for future Hive forks to be able to still interact and transact with each other to do crypto exchanging and commenting across different chains but not to be confused with whatever Tron Overlord Justin Sun and whatever they were trying to say with their ideas of putting Tron and Steem together.

I would prefer dualism, for individual Hive miners, like a Bit Torrent IPFS Hive option, and the Witness system too, simultaneously, kind of like how Bitchute appears to have two systems working together for their video hosting.

5G is killing trees

5G is giving children cancer

5G murdered the old people near Seattle, meaning it was not just COVID

Fiber Optics over 5G

5G is stronger

Like vaccines

Mercury inside vaccines

Need more zinc

Have zinc before you get the beer bug

Natural Remedies

Betty White is 98 and was born in 1922

Are haints what the hillbillies call ghosts?

I believe in trying to be as healthy as possible.

I believe in the value of giving individuals those choices in life.

There is radio silence around this area in West Virginia.

There are certain places where there is radio silence in the world and you would not imagine who has bunkers there.

I love Free Markets

Look at West Virginia

You would not believe what you might find in West Virginia

Some choices can be better than other choices

Nano Silver kills viruses

Zinc kills viruses

Put more into your body

Tumeric is good


Magnesium for headaches

Calcium for bones

5G is a microwave

In the voice of the Emperor, "DEW IT."

You can say a kitten is a tiger and RF is 5G.

A kitten is SMALL and a lion is BIG and RF is SMALL and 5G is really really really GIANT BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG.

Wuhan had lots of 5G

They are preparing for 6G as well, which is even worse.

It is like heat, as things get hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter.

We are like frogs getting boiled slowly hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter, gradually.

Gradually, they try to do more to us.

It is like that book, 1984.

@crypticat#1770, let's pretend there is no connection, no relevance, between this conversation and Hive in general.

Chandler Crump Discord

02:09 PM - Discord

They could try to remove all the Republicans by saying they all got COVID and they could try to lie or not talk about if any Democrats were tested positive for COVID and they can try to say Trump has COVID and then try to kill Trump and then say COVID did it and then hope humans are dumb enough to fall for it.

They say zinc does something to block the viruses from getting into the reproduction engine in the center of the cell, or something.

Yes, we have been in trouble for over a century as bad people try to infiltrate and take over America and other countries, but there is hope in countering those people via tech and other things.

What is a stakeholder? What is stake? Is stake the same as Steem Power (SP) or I mean Hive Power (HP) or is stake relating to witnesses and to what the witnesses mine as stake?

Stake is delicious like steak

Stake Steak is like Wine, Improves Over Time

Should we let individuals mine Hive like people did originally with Steem?

Hive Blog is already independent, right?

Hive Blog has a similar UI as Steemit.

Oh, I guess Hive.blog is not completed, like you said, @favcau#8655

Update on My Life

03:43 PM

I am good. Stay healthy, don't let the beer bug bite. I told you I was learning how to drive. I practiced driving a few times with a few friends. I will probably continue working on that. Still with my mom.

There should be three main ways to do it.

First way could be the hardest in that you find the students via Facebook, etc, have class with them via Skype, Facebook video chat, or whatever, and then use something PayPal, etc.

Second way would be through a school. Third way, would be through like an app.

Some of them may say that they don't require certain degrees, certificates, and some of may accept something like an AA or BA.

I've not taught English online yet, meaning I don't personally know which ones I would recommend yet.

But I have talked to people about it.

So, I have heard of some of the apps, websites.

I will need to try to remember which ones I have heard about.

You have experience with Uber, which is an app, and you've been paid, meaning you know how to do that.

Which means the learning curve for you to go from Uber to a English teaching app should not be too much I hope or to an online school.


Udemy is a big one for students and teachers: https://www.udemy.com/

Please ask if you are trying to get a teaching certificate. I could try to suggest where to go for that. But you don't need to. Like I said, you can find schools and apps that don't require that or will accept your AA as adequate. You can also market yourself on Facebook and other websites like I did to find students and then find a way to have video conferences with them and find a way for them to pay you. But like I said, that is the best option but also the harder option to do out of the three main options.

Take Lessons is a website: https://takelessons.com/teachers

Upwork: https://www.upwork.com/

The only thing harder than finding students would be making sure they pay and making sure it gets to you.

If you teach through a school or app, then they get a cut, and as long as you can trust them.


I believe teachers make videos but it may include Skype as well.

You are right. Just video on Udemy it appears. https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003469994-How-to-Become-an-Instructor-FAQ

My mom and step-dad let me live in a room in their house. So, I do chores. I am usually not paid.

Is your Internet limited?

We have Comcast Internet

You could try to get paid to be like a translator, if you could translate.

Library Internet or are libraries closed for the bug?

I was just saying if you were trying to teach English and needed more Internet bandwidth, then maybe the library. But I don't know if libraries would be open for you or if they closed it for the virus. Because you said something about having limited downloads or bandwidth.

I think we can upload and download a lot on our Internet. I would hope that is not a problem for you. I don't remember how many MB or GB.

I have made some money blogging on a website called Hive Blog: when I say money, I mean cryptocurrency: not Bitcoin but a coin called Hive: https://hive.blog

But no guarantees on that in that you can earn very little on Hive. Like a penny. And some people get lucky and may make hundreds of dollars. Depending on how many people upvote what you write.

So, very random.

Like gambling.

And the Internet is kind of like a big casino. And many people can lose online.

That is why it is crucial that people try to own land, plant gardens, etc.

Offline, in the real world.

Haha yeah

You have talked about the value of offline stuff before.

I was leading the adult Sunday School class this morning and I thought about you as I mentioned the trust fall we did at camp, as we were talking about Peter and Jesus walking on water.

I forget how to spell ow oww.

I would tell you to do pan handling with your guitar, the monster song, if there were enough people walking around outside.

Gotta Get Through This Somehow

06:43 PM - Facebook | YouTube | Minds | Bitchute | Brighteon

Dishes. Shower.

Millie Weaver

08:38 PM - I N F O D E M I C!

2019-10-18 - COVID was called CAPS in Event 201 in New York City - On the 18th day of October of 2018; this was at Event 201, A Global Pandemic Exercise, a Bill Gates event where they simulated the Novel Corona Virus pandemic just months before it happened in real life.

TORE = Trans-Organic Real Entity

Black Mirror Steemit

09:22 PM - Hive

I love that episode of Black Mirror and long live Hive.

Contact Me - Version 0001

12:33 AM - Monday 2

How can you contact me? Keep reading to find out. Here is a rough draft outline, version 0001, of some of the networks you can find me on as follows, as seen in this post, this article right here.

Complete List

Click here to see an even bigger list of where you can find me online, on the Internet, on different websites, etc | Hive | PeakD Steemit | SteemD | Steem Peak | Click Here to Join or Visit My Community 2



2020-03-16 - Monday - 04:06 AM - 05:00 AM - Outlander 505
2020-03-22 - Sunday - 12:55 AM - 01:49 AM - Outlander 506

Ivalid Cookie


Eric Berg

08:15 AM - New Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Chloroquine

Lionel Nation

08:16 AM - Live Stream: So, Who's This Marshall Law Dude?

Oatmeal Guy

08:03 PM - Gotta Get Through This Somehow

Millie Weaver

08:38 PM - I N F O D E M I C!

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