Is Justin Sun the technocratic version of Rothschild? Why did Wuhan have so much Five Geeee? Truth be told, 5G helps the Corona Virus spread. Also, this COVID19 is a good cover for 5G which causes people to die. So, it's a bit of both. Plus, they try to force vaccines on people because of COVID. Plus, this pandemic causes panic which persuades too many people towards slavery under the tyranny of too much government. All of this is a long story and there is more to it than just that. It's complex. So complex and yet simple. COVID is another thing that globalists use to try to bring us down. But are you going to let them bring us down? The choice is still up to you. You can spread the word and help other people prepare.

Prayer boosts your immune system and helps you live longer. They say you are so bad because you are bias and yet they are being bias when they say that. When a husband and his wife both own the same car, which person makes a final decision on whatever they want to do with the car? What if they both disagree on who gets to drive the car on a given day, then what? If they both own it, then who decides what is done? Who is the tie breaker? Did Tron get crypto exchanges to use Steem that they did not own to vote for witnesses?

5G and the Corona "Virus"

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2020-03-05 - Thursday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-03-05 - Thursday

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Picard - Riker's daughter

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Justin Sun Fun

01:52 AM - Steemit

Look at what he did before that and not after that. There are two parts to this, at least. So, don't get distracted by part two of the story.

Steemit Losing Money?

01:57 AM - Steemit

You said underfunded. Are you saying Steemit Inc was losing money monthly? So, I guess that is true based on what they've been saying the past year or longer. So, then they sold their company to Tron who then inherits what could become potential debt, potential bankruptcy, right? I'm ok with ad revenue by the way.

The Walking Dead

02:01 AM - Telegram

I love The Walking Dead but I would try my best not to stab sick zombie people in the head. I would prefer trying to find cures, natural remedies. I would feed the walkers a bunch of garlic, etc. I watch every episode but am sad they don't talk about cures. And the show encourages people, psychologically, to give up on people.

Terminator Naomi would be an awesome cosplay scene.

That video is symbolic of life. Tie things up or prepare to get messy lol.

A video of a bunch of wine falling off and breaking. Silly that people display wine like that. Too dangerous.

Reminds me of the black character who was drinking so much wine on Fear The Walking Dead which is sometimes more exciting than The Walking Dead.

Goodnight kids, pun intended, lol, kind of made me laugh, aint gonna lie, cry me a river.

Wuhan 5G

02:36 AM - Steemit | Facebook

Why did Wuhan have so much Five Geeee?

At least 10,000 antennas installed in Wuhan alone.

Loving Bernie Sanders

02:47 AM - Steemit

Why do you love centralized government so much? I want to make government smaller. Bernie Sanders promotes making government bigger.

Broken Link

02:49 AM - Steemit

Your link was broken - I fixed it: I added the word TRENDING to your link: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-168088

Justin Banker

02:56 AM - Steemit

One of my main concerns is if Tron Overlord Justin Sun was in fact making or trying to make Steem as a blockchain, via injecting centralized witnesses, more and more centralized, allegedly speaking.

Rothschild Sun

I can't really say specifically what has been happening as I don't really know but I can say that it appears as if Justin did the same thing Rothschild did. If that is the case, then that can be forever archived in history books for the world to see in the same way we can see what Rockefeller did.

Hitler Justin Sun

03:25 AM - Steemit

This is an excellent summary of what has been happening. Justin Sun is the technocratic blockchain version of Rothschild, assuming IBM is not.


2020-03-05 - Thursday - 04:00 AM - 04:54 AM - Outlander 313

Army protocol vs Navy protocol within the British Empire


Claire was there 25 years ago in 1743 and then returned to the 1940's and then came back.


200 year old baby means Claire went through time from 1748 to 1948 while pregnant and the baby was then 200 years old in theory but still a baby.

Blacks in pagan ritual

Pool Portal

Romance novel

Squeaky noises like my guinea pigs

Ship wreck

Jaimee dived into the Atlantic Ocean to save Claire who was tangled up in rope

They crashed onto the shores of Georgia

2020-03-05 - Thursday - 04:58 AM - 06:00 AM - Outlander 401

Flashback to 2000 BC to when some people may have made the time traveling stone henges.

1767, North Carolina

New intro song was Americanized and put a smile to my face. Very cleaver.

Claire says that the Native American Indians were murdered by Americans like the British Empire murdered the highlanders, the Scottish people, but that is not an accurate comparison as American Indians were murdering each other and many Indians married the white people, the black people, all kinds of people, and they had children. Millions of people are Indian in that they have Indian blood. The white folk spread diseases to Indians which led to death and that was not on purpose.

Some people treated Indians badly.

But it is not that simple.

Same thing with slaves.

There were black slaves.

And there were white slaves.

And there were yellow slaves.

All kinds of slaves.

Of many colors.

And white slave owners.

But also black slave owners as well.

All kinds of Indians as well.

And some Indians were American just as white people became American.

All kinds of people became American.

And people do good and bad things

But America became the greatest country on earth, period.

Perhaps, not perfect, but dee best for sure.

People spread lies about the black slaves and the native American Indians and they leave out all the videos Stefan Molyneux made concerning the details, the fine details concerning these subjects.

That is misleading to tell people only part of the story.

Sea to shinning sea America song

Robbers came in to steal jewels and rings from them in the backdrop of that song which might be a passive aggressive hit piece on the United States, assuming that this show was written by SJWs.

Sleep. Three main dreams. Death. School. Shark. In the first, I looked out my window of the bed room I grew up in and saw locust and the end of the world and it was also a bomb or something that would destroy everything and all people on earth. Something was coming and there was no escape. I was at peace for some reason. I accepted it. I closed my eyes and there was music playing. Soft music. I turned away and embraced. I was ok with it and I prepared myself for the end.

In the second dream, I was at my high school flirting with a female staff I think. Probably not a student. And then I decided to walk off. She had a window. So, I walked down the hallway on the second floor and came to her and was talking to her and then there might have been awkward silence. Maybe she was getting back to her work. But I decided to walk away. And then I was walking towards the cafeteria but decided to avoid that area as the staff may recognize me and throw me out. But I believe I was a student there again or I don't know what.

In the third dream, I saw a cartoon shark from Finding Nemo or one of those animated cartoon films and he was riding a bike and he was round like a whale and his inside ego was talking to him like a shadow. His inner self looked like a Shark and was saying, "Frank," Again and again he was saying it and he was pleading himself to become his former self again. This was like some years after the last movie he was in and he was like in rehab and a new person or a new animal. He was going through therapy and he decided not to be a shark any longer.


10:35 AM - 3/5/20 alex jones info wars

They say you are so bad because you are bias and yet they are being bias when they say that.

Prayer boosts your immune system and helps you live longer.

@dlive.tv/Thedveight#3386 you must be a monster because you do not want to discuss things. I was trying to discuss things. You said that we discuss thing but you are saying that we cannot discuss things. That is a paradox. You contradict yourself.

Rothschild Justin Sun

11:50 AM - Minds

Is Justin Sun the technocratic version of Rothschild?

Ned Scott

01:38 PM - March 4th of 2020 - Twitter

Ned wrote:

Similarly, the new owners of Steemit, Inc. will not realize a gain on its investment in its new assets, if it doesn't provide value to the network going forward. It is in the owner’s best interests to build Steemit into a global powerhouse with great features and world-class.. /9

Democracies Over Republics

12:02 PM - Steemit

Do you prefer democracies over republics? Can individuals have freedom if the government is violating the tenth amendment? You know the tenth amendment?

Ned Scott Theft

01:10 PM - March 4th, 2020 - Twitter

Ned Scott wrote: "2. Witnesses need to stop believing theft is OK." Who said it was theft? How was what Justin Sun did with steeling Steem from people via crypto exchange websites to power up the Steem to then vote up centralized witnesses not theft?

Ned Scott Discord


Dishes. Rake. Plants out. Ice box by big garage small door now. Soda stuff inside.

Steem Tron Problem

02:51 PM

@brittandjosie#3488 I don't have a phone right now, meaning I can't verify in order to join Ned's Discord, but I would ask them if Justin Sun and Tron simply powered up or down Steem or Steem Power (SP) that they owned, which is fine, or if they actually got crypto exchange websites to steal Steem that Justin did not own in order to then use it to vote for centralized Tron witnesses, which is not fine. If Tron did not steal any Steem, then no problem, period. Because people should have the right to do what they want with what they own. The problem might be if they did not own it and if they did in fact steal it or possibly borrowed some Steem like banks might steal your money in order to invest in some things to make a profit from and to then return the money back to you kind of thing.

Can two people own the same boat for example? Like a husband and a wife.

Imagine that a husband and wife both own the same car, that the title is in both of their names for example.

When a husband and his wife both own the same car, which person makes a final decision on whatever they want to do with the car? What if they both disagree on who gets to drive the car on a given day, then what? If they both own it, then who decides what is done? Who is the tie breaker?

Mike, if everybody owns that stake of Steem, then who decides how the Steem is used, spent, etc? Do we have a vote and who would be the tie breaker in such a vote?

@cryptocrazydude2018 Mike, do your promote centralize banks who do the same thing with fiat?

Mike, you promote Rothschild?

Yes, the crypto exchange websites can do that but that does not mean they should.

If Justin stole Steem, then Justin is a robber.

Oh, I might hurt the poor old robber's feelings.

Mike when you say, "What happened," totally non-condescending, but when I do the same, oh my God, it is the end of the world, and I am an Oatmeal Monster for stating what happened just like you did, except that when I do it, then I am evil and when you do the same exact thing, you are an angel.

No, Corona Virus is eating my brain in the same way Justin Sun is eating Steem, assuming Tron did in fact steal Steem from people.

Mike, you should hang out with robbers since you hate non-robbers like me so much.

Naomi Brockwell, This is NOT an audio or video chat. In other words, this is a common accusation that people throw at other people. It's an assumption to accuse people of not being calmed based on the interpretation of how words might be said. All we got is text. So, you have to read into it in order to determine how a person might be saying something. Now, it is true that people can generalize and they can be pretty accurate in guessing when one might be calm or not calm for example. But we are talking about assumptions.

Steem vs The Sun

03:47 PM - Steemit

How can it be frozen? And if it was frozen, then that was a risk that he took. In life, you take risks and you might lose sometimes.

Centralization vs Decentralization

03:53 PM - Steemit

Who gets to be the centralized governors?

Nap for 30 minutes. A bit of a sore throat.

Meaningful Work

04:27 PM - Steemit

Meaningful work is a great philosophy.

Forking & Spooning

04:39 PM - Steemit

Are they not allowed to fork? Was Weku not allowed to fork into Weku? Was Bear Shares not allowed to fork into an independent blockchain website? Did Smoke.io illegally fork away to their own place? What about Sapien? What about Dream Real? What about Serey? Must I continue? Was Bitcoin Cash not allowed to fork from Bitcoin? Was that evil or illegal or something? We can talk all day about different forks. Churches split, AKA fork. People have been forking and spooning for thousands of years. Are you criticizing the forking? Are you trying to criminalize the forking? Are people not allowed and not free to fork whenever they want? Isn't that the what Copy Left, not Copy Right, and open source, is all about? Because we are not talking about stuff that is not open source. And web browsers fork as well. Ubuntu Mate is a fork of Ubuntu. I can give you thousands of examples of forks. I'm ok with forks. That is evolution. That is competition. That is life. That is the free market that counters monopolies, cartels, etc.

Steal or Not Steal?

04:49 PM - Steemit

Did Tron Overlord Justin Sun use any Steem which they didn't own to vote for witnesses? If not, then they at least didn't steal, legally speaking.

If Sun used Steem he did not own to vote for witnesses, then how is that not theft?

Did Tron get crypto exchanges to use Steem that they did not own to vote for witnesses?

If so, then that is theft.

Fox News

04:55 PM - Town Hall with President Trump | Part 1

Government Debate

05:00 PM - 07:30 PM - Discord

The Steem Tron situation is complex. There are several different dimensions or factors. Different levels. Long story for those not familiar with blockchain, Rothschild, Justin Sun, etc. People can talk all day about different aspects of what happened, including the promises that Steemit Inc may have made. However, I would emphasize more importantly on the theft of the Steem coins via the help of crypto exchanges, assuming they did in fact do that. That is a critical thing that people need to understand. I'm saying this because many people can get confused by all the details of the story. Many people can get so distracted by what really matters concerning these things. I encourage people to try to simplify this situation with and to new people who may not fully get it yet.

@phgnomo#1429 so, you like what central banks do?

You like Rothschild?

Is Rothschild transparent?

If banks are so great, then we don't need cryptocurrencies.

We should get rid of cryptocurrencies as they are founded on retarded conspiracy theories that do not exist at all.

We don't have time to talk about what happened in 1913, because nothing happened in that year on the 23rd of December.

@phgnomo#1429 said who cares cuz it aint theft.

Banks fucked things up but the crypto banks did not?

So, if I put my money into a crypto bank, then it is not my money?

Because what Facebook does is totally fine, right?

How is fraud not an aspect of theft?

Because Facebook is a conspiracy theory.

Facebook does not exist.

The Corona Virus does not exist. That is a conspiracy theory.

There are no gay frogs. That is a conspiracy theory.

There is no mercury inside any vaccines. All vaccines are perfect.

They would never do that.

There is no underground tunnels.

Germs do not exist. That's a conspiracy theory.

Scott Adams says we might be in a simulation.

Crypto exchanges should not have done what they did.

Who created the term, conspiracy theory, in the 1960's?

Who banned gold in the 1930's?

Better yet, how hollow might our circular globe of a planet might be?

I love Bitcoin.


The earth is probably not flat. The shape of our planet is most likely that of an orange. Our globe, our world, does have tunnels, caves, etc. So, it is a little hollow or possibly very hollow to some extent.

I am reading a book about Rothschild.

Do you believe in absolute truth?

@phgnomo#1429 are you sure because I listen to Alex Jones, you know?

So, I am cool and creepy.

@Sinistry#7716 did Bittrex send a confirmation message to your email?

That might be a way they can send you an authentication code.

I like debating Flat Earthers.

If Binance used Steem to vote for witnesses, if Binance did not own the Steem, then Binance did in fact steal. Sure, they can make a profit from the Steem. For example, they could take 5 Steem and make 20 Steem from it and return 5 Steem back to the individual. So, you could say that is not theft because the person did not lose any Steem. And in many cases, banks do this all the time with fiat and their customers do not even know about it. But it is still theft. It may not be called theft but it is still like robbing a bank.

Can custodians use clients funds for financial operations?

Look up the history of how banks would operate before 1913.

But what if the money is not backed up by gold?

Should money be backed up by gold?

How did the Great Depression come about?

When you say it aint theft, you are in fact trying to justify some things and that can be a slippery slope towards tolerating a decline towards other things, gradually and then exponentially all of a sudden in a sudden drop towards Hell.

@lpfaust#8848 Yes and especially what FDR did in the 1930's.

The Bieber Votes

The Trudeau Votes

The iJustine Votes

The This Just In Votes

How are they not criminals?

Power Down, AKA take it off. Get naked.

NFI = No Fucking Idea

Did Ned Scott really pocket in a bunch of cash as he sold Steemit Inc to Tron Overlord Justin Bieber Trudeau Sun?

Is Ned Scott the Joe Biden of blockchain?

Ned colluded with Sun like Biden colluded with Ukraine companies, right?

I am high on oatmeal.

Did Justin collude with crypto exchanges?

I have oatchain haha.

I wouldn't mind if Tron connected with Steem to the extent Tron does not centralize or excessively control Steem via remote access, etc, etc.

Justin Sun is younger than my younger sister lol.

Justin is like a kid. He was born in 1990.

Hi Funny Sunny

Sun, you are cute, oh baby.

Justin, Just get in me.

Justin, get in me like you got into the crypto bank jars with your big long Johnson.

Your skin is pure butter.

Justin, are you the Asian version of Austin Powers?

What Sun did is secondary.

That is a flaw that Steem has, the ability to buy votes, AKA a type of democracy which means mob-rule in the shape of Tron Overlord Justin Sun. That is why a republic would possibly be a better system than a democracy.

@everybody, do you prefer democracies over republics?

Bernie Sanders

China Baby

Yeah Baby Yeah

Oh Do Behave

I prefer republics over democracies

So, you do not want democracies or republics?

So, you want anarchy?

What about Power Vacuums?

Do you understand the history of Power Vacuums?

I prefer a pursuit towards anarchy but not actual anarchy.

Absolute Anarchy is a theoretical paradox that does not exist.

Do you not rule yourself?

You are not the ruler of your own body?

So, you do believe in rulers?

So, your does not need to rule your heart?

A republic is not voluntary?

Do you believe in natural laws?

You are not the ruler of your own body?

You say you are not the ruler of your own body because you voluntarily choose to be a ruler of your own body.

The power vacuum is a thing people should study.

When you study history, you see cycles and specifically power vacuums, especially in the Middle East.

When there is no ruler in a place, then people come in and take it over. That is a power vacuum.

Steem had a power vacuum that Tron Overlord Justin Sun took over.

People are the way they are, generally speaking within the realms of anthropology and psychology.

Is slavery a type of employment?

Government should be as local as possible and as small as possible.

So, I promote a constant drift towards anarchy as a counter against authoritarianism, fascism, globalism, cartels, monopolies, tyrannies, etc, etc.

I promote the four branches of government that seeks to balance itself out, an emphasis on the tenth amendment.

I promote no taxes. I want no taxes at all.

You like taxes?

I promote free markets.

I hate corporatism.

I hate sex trafficking.

Government should run the court system that is there to settle disputes. But government should not be sending the IRS, the CPS, the FBI, etc, etc, etc, to hunt down citizens for collecting rain water, etc, etc.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely which means government is always growing like cancer, like a wild fire, like the COVID, like an Evil Barney Laugh.

Step one involves returning federal power and state power back down to the local level, perhaps to some extent.

A family is a government. The father is the king. That is a local government. Your control over your body is personal government.

People seek after centralization. When you minimize government, then other people come in and take it.

For thousands of years, humans have done what they did. An empire falls and a new empire would rise to take it's place. So, it is better to have some government that can do their best to minimize the Hitler that comes in every once in a while in world history to take things over.

In the Middle East, there was no government and yet they still did the Hitler thing.

Government would take down governments in the Middle East and yet new ones rose from those ashes.

The Roman Empire Fell.

And that is why I love Bitcoin.

It depends on your DEFINITION of government and mine is way more generalized than the typical meaning that people hold.

Roy used the word, "Deescalation," in the video. Was that the right word choice?

It seems like what they say in this video is way too vague.

Is Roy not the same guy as Justin Sun?

But Roy works for Tron? Oh ok.

Roy is way too vague.

Roy might as well work for Facebook.

Why the Hell are we not on Facebook, then, Roy?

@juliakponsford#6647 oh I see. I am listening now.

Yea, Facebook and its Fake Coin.

Doesn't Dlive censor?

Does Roy know that Tron bought Steemit Inc and NOT STEEM ITSELF?

The way Roy talks about it is so singular.

I guess Roy does know.

But they don't have to have all the top twenty witnesses in order to control Steemit.com which they own.

Did the interviewer say Tron or Trump?

His Accent

I still prefer the Steemit UI.

But I am trying to consider Steem Peak.

If people want Steem to be a democracy, then perhaps that is what the people want. I'm not totally in favor of democracy but if it means free markets, private property, free speech, things like that, I would say might be an advantage over Facebook at least to some extent, currently, so far so good it seems, it appears.

If people want Steem to be a democracy, then perhaps that is what the people want. I'm not totally in favor of democracy but if it means free markets, private property, free speech, things like that, absolutely or to an extent perhaps, then I would say that might be an advantage over Facebook at least to some extent, currently, so far so good it seems, it appears.

Aus Bitbank

07:50 PM - Steem Witnesses meet with Tron Representative Roy - 2020 03 06 08 58 00

26:30 minutes into the video, the guy talked about how they want Tron to not vote. I'm not sure if I agree with that because if Tron owns Steem, then they should be allowed to vote with their Steem. But the problem can be if Tron was voting with Steem they did not own via crypto exchanges. That would be the problem. Not the voting itself but rather the robbery of Steem.

I think I could have debated them better.

Are there any Americans talking in this video?

Why do they say "our side" or "their side" in the video? I wouldn't frame it as this side and that side. I would simply say, "This is how Steem works. This is what we have been doing for four years, Eff You."

45:00 minutes in, the guy talks about how the powering down is slow in order to keep it secured. That may be true to an extent but not necessarily. Like, it may be true but it may not be the whole story.

Slow powerdown can help but it may also be counterproductive.

What is the point of the video?

The video is fake.

I mean, Tron is pretending to negotiate.

Don't negotiate with Tron Terrorist Justin Sun.

50:40 minutes in, Roy talks slowly lol.

Unless if we were Asian

Paint your skin Yellow

53:13 minutes into the video, Roy says he doesn't know what something is.

What is the point of the video? Because we have Steem and we have Steemit. But Tron is talking about SteemSteemit.

Busy does development?

58:50, Roy says, "Let's not be sarcasm...." and then Roy talks about how Steem does not work. And yet he talks about how he does NOT know certain things. And yet he thinks he knows more than he says he knows.

"What's your goal here, Marky?" Roy lol.

"How can we power down faster?"

Roy, if you wanted to power down faster, then why buy Steemit Inc in the first place lol?

01:02:42 Marky asked: "So you're concerned with a hostile take over of a chain you hostile take over?" Roy responded with, "Look, I'm not here to make jokes.." No, eff you Roy, it was not a joke. If I was in that video, I would be yelling at Roy.

Let's get some real fire crackers talk to them.

Roy is pretty retarded.

You have to name call.

Righteous anger.

Peachy, I did.

So, you must love Roy.

Let's praise Perfect Roy.

It is not personal.

You think it is personal. Roy would say it was personal as well.

As you listen to the video, Roy insults Marky Mark. But Oatmeal Joey Arnold is the bad man. Not Roy. Because Roy is an angel.

We should have dislikes on Steem.

Safe Space

It is good that people are voting for witnesses.

Is powering down faster than usual really against blockchain rules? In other words, it cannot be changed?

So, it is only against the current rules.

That might be a major flaw in the Steem design, the fact that something like this would be doomed to happen someday, that an overlord like Justin Sun might come in to buy up enough witnesses to trigger a hard fork that can stray from that of the previous top 20 witnesses.

I say power down should be allowed at a cost, meaning the faster you want it, the less of it you get, and the slower then the more.

Give us that choice.

Let people powerdown at any rate they want, be it one day, seven days, or even five years. I would opt for ten year power downs.

Reward people who choose to power down slower than other people.

Powering down slower should be rewarded in the same way that people are rewarded as they remain powered up in SP.

Perhaps, Roy thinks that crypto is like digital fiat.

How about a slow powerdown option and a fast powerdown option?

Roy was asking if a hard fork would interfere with a power down.

If Roy wants to powerdown, he can Google it.

If you want to power down, click on wallet and then click on that one button next to SP.

01:25:20 minutes in, the guy explains it pretty well. He talks about the checks and balances. How exchanges have skin in the game. It is not a one way street in regards to powering down and voting for witnesses and everything. But after that, Roy talks about how he is worried about accounts can be frozen. But the accounts that were frozen was NOT the ones of Tron Overlord Justin Sun but that of other people who are not of Tron. So, in other words, Roy is crying about how accounts he is trying to rob from is frozen, AKA protected from theft. Roy keeps on repeating himself in the video again and again.

@Kitten#9617 but Roy does say he doesn't want accounts Tron does not own to be frozen, AKA protected from robbery.

01:32:18 Roy talks about how he wants to coordinate a powerdown........

Roy says it again about wanting to help accounts power down. But these are not his accounts. These are accounts that crypto exchanges are hacking into like an evil Rothschild bank would.

I am collecting up info

That is why I bring it to them

As I watch the video, it sounds like Tron Manager Roy is trying to get the Steem witnesses to fall for a trap involving theft. Now, I'm speaking indirectly. But this is a pattern I'm hearing throughout the course of the video.

Specifically, it sounds like Roy is trying to place them into a legal trap. That's what I'm hearing as Roy repeats his questions in the same way the FBI would.

I would not be surprised if Tron Overlord Justin Sun came back with a team of lawyers to bring down Steem witnesses. Not to say they would win but it sounds like Roy knows more than he is saying.

Based on what I'm hearing in the video from Roy and in just the way Roy talks, it sounds like a trap.

Sounds like Roy is trying to get them to say the wrong things.

It is almost as if they are trying to criminalize Steem altogether to make it fail.

I am extremely suspicious.

It seems that they want to make the money, extract the money, and then try to sue or prosecute Steem witnesses afterwards.

Dlive went to Lino.

Something is fishy about all of this.

If Tron is able to fork, then many people will be leaving and moving to Real Steem.

Soul said I was a statist. I am not.

Are you sure, not even indirectly?

You bring it up again and again.

I never liked Ned Scott.

If Ned can sell it, then it was not and is not ours.

Tron stole Steem not from Steemit but from random people.

The problem is not Steemit Inc

01:53:50 Roy talks about he didn't want to comment on something.

If you want to exclude the selling of that, then put it in a hard fork.

If Tron is able to use the Steemit Steem, then that is the failure of the 20+ hard forks.

But the real crime is using exchange Steem and not the Steemit Steem.

@Sinistry#7716 but is that not within the realms of free markets in regards to how Ned Scott may have made money, right?

Marty McFly

Is Roy talking about securing Tron funds or non-related funds that are not relevant to the conversation?

@Shane#1517 Why can't somebody in the video tell Roy that is not relevant?

Why are people not confronting Roy of robbery in this three hour video?

@Sinistry#7716 oh, you don't think a contract would be null and void if the obligated party is no longer there?

If I owe you money and I run off, will you just beg somebody else to pay on my behalf?

"We want to issue a power down...."Roy, 02:54:13, again.

@Sinistry#7716 Yes, therefore, go after Ned Scott.

@Shane#1517 No. Not his money.

Crypto exchanges did what they did, @Shane#1517

It will be a civil suit. Tron will be filing a suit.

We can either beat them to the suit or wait for them to legally attack us.

@Shane#1517 I am not talking about the stake.

@Shane#1517 The Stake is one issue. But there is another issue.

They want to end free speech. I would not be surprised to find that Justin Sun is somehow connected to George Soros or to another big man in high places sent out to do the dirty work of trying to end free speech on the Internet.

This is a war.

@Kitten#9617 most likely not a country but a cartel.

Probably not China.

China is busy with working with Apple and others.

The witnesses talks down to Roy, as if Roy was a bit slow, aye. But Roy is not slow.

Roy wants a Veto Right, the ability to reject hostile take over.

Roy wants an ability to stop hostile take over. But what is a hostile take over? That is a subject statement.

Soul, but you did try and that is good.

"We can't do favors...." said somebody in the video.

If Tron were to take over and fork, would that mean they would continue the Steem cryptocurrency on their fork, and does that mean that witnesses running the older version would be holding onto a new cryptocurrency that would then have to be named?

Roy is political.

At the end of the video, they should have agreed to a specific time for a new meeting.

The stake should be automatic and not manual.

Roy says again and again, "We have a historical issue." Why historical?

If we lose, we should fork.

The video ends with Roy Liu defending Tron Overlord Justin Sun.

Exchanges voluntarily chose to steal.

Why only one number?

Let people powerdown fast but with a price.

Tax faster powerdowns.

Perhaps, Sun wants to day trade.

QuantumNachos[Waffle Emperor]

Today at 10:32 PM

Screenshot at 2020-03-05 22:33:46 Sun Scam Fork Tron Exchanges Discord.png

there was a under the table deal with tron and the exchanges and tron assured the exchanges this hardfork was goign to happen and they would get the steem back quickly by any means and we're preventing it from happening because if we let it happen quickly it will royally fuck up our blockchains security

Go find some people who had their Steem stolen.

Bitrex said they would not

That exchange said they would not do what the others did

Because what the other exchanges did was theft

You have no problem with theft lol


2020-03-05 - Thursday - 10:48 AM - 11:51 AM - Picard 107

Is that Asian a robot?

My mind to your mind

Spock thing

Doctor girl saw Terminator like end of the world kind of thing

She chews up a nano bot pill so the bad people can track her as she goes with Picard

Borg man, friends murdered, and then the ninja guy shows up too late and yet ninja was doing nothing before that

White female Cosplay Pacifist Robin Hood

Girl robot feels that nothing is real

Riker guessed what Picard was doing

Data head tilt inside the girl robot

Silicon-based virus disease thing killed Riker's son

They say because of the prohibition on making robots, the son died because they couldn't make stuff that could cure him

But you can't stop people from making stuff

Prohibition only pushes stuff into black markets

Dinner table can be the ready room


Riker said he knew Picard for 35 years and I'm 35 years old and the TNG show started 33 years ago

Riker on active reserve and not retired

Red head Riker daughter Robin Hood draws


11:58 PM - Star Trek Picard Episode 7 Review | Nepenthe

Boring Episode

Getting worse and worse



2020-03-05 - Thursday - 04:00 AM - 04:54 AM - Outlander 313
2020-03-05 - Thursday - 04:58 AM - 06:00 AM - Outlander 401


10:35 AM - 3/5/20 alex jones info wars

Fox News

04:55 PM - Town Hall with President Trump | Part 1

Fox News

05:51 PM - Town Hall with President Trump | Part 2

Fox News

06:38 PM - Town Hall with President Trump | Part 3

Aus Bitbank

07:50 PM - Steem Witnesses meet with Tron Representative Roy - 2020 03 06 08 58 00


2020-03-05 - Thursday - 10:48 AM - 11:51 AM - Picard 107


11:58 PM - Star Trek Picard Episode 7 Review | Nepenthe

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