The virus is airborne. You got it or will get it. Period. The pandemic has been doubling weekly. That means the total number multiplied by two, each week. Also, watch out for secondary infection. Eat more garlic. Drink more water. Google natural remedies. Spread the word.

Take the time to do what you do and do them well. You may not always find what you do to be valuable. However, that doesn't mean you're not making a difference in the lives of people around you. Yeah, you may be wasting your life to an extent. So, make some time each day to evaluate your life. But if you're committing to taking care of those you care about, your family, your friends, people you work with, people around you, people you run into, then have pride in that. Treasure those moments. Write about those experiences. Make videos about it. Focus on those moments. Live in the moment. Be in the moment. You can build on top of that. What you're doing can be added to your resume. So, in other words, all things work together for those who are aligned with eternal principles, Romans 8:28.

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2020-03-04 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-03-04 - Wednesday

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Minds Update

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Geeks + Gamers

12:14 AM - Rise Of Skywalker Palpatine Clone Retcon STOLEN From Dark Empire!

Star Wars Theory

12:20 AM - How Palpatine Survived The Fall from Vader FINALLY REVEALED in CANON

Justin Sun Crime

12:50 AM - Steemit

Justin did what he did before we did what we did. Justin got exchange websites to steal money from people like Rothschild did. That is a crime. And then Justin said we were hackers. Justin said that lawyers said we did illegal stuff even as he did illegal stuff.

Copy Copy Copy

12:55 AM - Steemit

Sometimes, you don't know what is plagiarized or not and you might accidentally upvote something. For example, if I say "HELLO." Is that plagiarism? You might say no. Just one word. What about, "HELLO THERE?" That is a quote from Kenobi from Star Wars. Imagine if that quote was copyrighted. That was just two words. What about "How are you doing?" That is four words. See where I am going with this? I can continue this game. We can go up to ten words. We could go up maybe 100 words or even more. We can go up and up. The question would be in regards to where the line is. We can talk about how many words it takes or what it might take. It is a very complex issue. Even the Emperor was a clone it seems.

Put Ya Self Out There

01:01 AM - Steemit

Wow, just in one second. One great photo. I didn't really think about that before. Yeah, gotta put yourself out there. Likewise, Kobe spent many hours for years working on his game. And a lot of people don't make it into the NBA.

Justin Sun & Ned Scott Deal

01:55 AM - Steemit

What if Ned Scott Ned, whatever his name is, made a secret deal with Justin Sun? Imagine that they made a deal where it appears as if Justin bought it and that is just a cover story in order to move the money and the liability of an American Steem INC company might have in the United States under the laws of the USA and move them secretly to China and other countries as a way to avoid paying taxes and who knows what else. Perhaps, Justin is making some money as a fall guy. It is possible that he agreed beforehand that he would take the blame and look like an idiot. That would be like a win win situation where Ned and Justin both make some money and Ned then gets to lay low and avoid liability for whatever might happen legally to a USA company like Steem Inc. That would be like a new movie called Ocean 15, Dealing With The Sun and Moon lol.

Ned and Justin most likely made a deal off the record. They both are likely planning to go to the grave with their secrets, their plans, if they can.

I never trusted Ned based on his facial expressions.


2020-03-04 - Wednesday - 04:03 AM - 05:01 AM - Outlander 311

Claire washed up on the shore

Castaway Tom Hanks Claire

Rule of three. Man can live three minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

She made fire

Escaped slaves



Dog saved her

Tied up

Talking to Coco the Coconut

Priest man fell in love with this woman. They hide out here. England conquered Cuba.

Honorable wife

They ate their goat

So, the woman cried and Claire asked about who ate the goat and found out and started running to reunite with her husband, Jaimee


Jaimee, first time seeing a needle thing for medicine

The Chinese spiked the turtle soup for the married couple to get freaky with

Would you like more? No lol.

2020-03-04 - Wednesday - 05:03 AM - 05:55 AM - Outlander 312

Red Witch is back

Blood keeps her blood young


Black slaves who were owned by whites and blacks and many colors

Jaimee asked when slavery ends. It is like 1768 that year. Claire says like 70 years in the British Empire and 100 years in America. That is an insult to the United States and may be partly inaccurate.

Not Liking Tron

05:11 AM - Steemit

Agreed. I never really liked their attitude. I never liked Tron. I always had a funny feeling concerning how Tron works. Not that I'm not optimistic. I try to be open minded.



11:00 AM -3/4/20 alex jones info wars - Bob Frguson

The virus is airborne. You got it or will get it. Period.

Millions of people are dying of the virus in 2020 and they're blaming it on Trump.

Millions of people are dying from the virus in 2020 and they're blaming it on Trump.

Before July of 2020, many people will pull their children out of school, will stop going to work, will stop flying, will stop travel in general. In other words, the economy is being hit by the pandemic, globally. This is not a drill. This is happening.

A supply chain nightmare.

Steem Tron War

11:55 AM - Steemit

Justin created some witnesses and create new accounts to vote them into the top 20 to replace the former top 20. Specifically, Justin said that Tron would be transparent with Steem but went on to do things behind our back.

The higher up the leftists go, the longer and harder they then fall as monkeys.

Can vs Should

12:22 PM - Steemit

Legally speaking, you can argue that Tron Overlord Justin Sun can do certain things. But at the same time, that does not necessarily mean he should. Also, we should also consider how things can affect Steem itself as a blockchain, as a whole, as opposed to just the Steemit Inc company.

Mike Pence is for red-flag laws for restricting guns in America.

Twitter just said it was over-capacity, meaning too many people using Twitter all at once. I doubt that. Probably a lie.

Many humans are in a trance.

Millions of people are dying.

Many humans are angry, sick, sad, and dead before they were dead.

Television was created to lower down your attention span. What? Huh? What did you say? I was not listening.

Doubling Weekly

12:50 PM - Steemit

The pandemic has been doubling weekly. That means the total number multiplied by two, each week. Also, watch out for secondary infection. Eat more garlic. Drink more water. Google natural remedies. Spread the word.

Stopping COVID

01:01 PM - Steemit

If we don't do more to stop COVID, over a million Americans will be infected before June of 2020.

Secret jobs. Evolution and relationship with video games. Burger Kings. Fries spilled over in the car. Bank. Kneeland Park. Bathroom closed. Focus on what you care about in life. Cousin. Coordination. Talk about games. My name. Hard to drive in GTA. Helicopters. Ability to follow rules. I remember Nintendo NES. It came out the year I was born, 1985. Grew up around that. Mario Bros I. I was like seven as we got Super NES. Then N64 when I was 11. That was my favorite in the evolution of my relationship with video games. Younger kids may not appreciate things as much if they lack that perspective. Second big moment was like 1998 as Sega Dreamcast came out. I would go to the mall or wherever to play Sonic Adventure. Then Gamecube came out. The Wii was the last big thing that came out that was big in my life in some ways. Not to say I don't care at all any longer but I am more grown now as I age older post-2007 or so. Talk about Corona Virus. Globalists uses things as excuses to control us more. Some aliens may be demons. There may be animal human hybrids out there. There may be no aliens out in space. Well, I don't know. Gas Station. A drink. The parking bumper thing. Moved with feet. Walk around at the park. Kids playing basketball. Book in the Bible. The wall. Neh. Should youth groups have video games? Perfect Rain. Fable. Fear. RPGs. Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Fear game. Scary games. Dead Zone. Lava levels in Mario 64 was tough. Water level. Women. Understanding. Priorities. Wrong turns. Focus. ATM. Comparing VN Burger King with USA Burger King. Almost the same. Should I visit a mall in Olympia, WA?

Dinner. Steak. Vegetable thing.

Golden State Times

07:23 PM - LICKING HIS WOUNDS: Trump SLAMS Bloomberg and Steyer at Meeting with Airline CEOs

Bob said in this video that Trump, in 2020, very recently, removed the centralization or regulation that Obama had on certain health companies or whatever in developing things like medicine or whatever it was. So, long story short, it sounds like a good thing if that is true.


07:54 PM - RIP Doctor Who

08:00 PM - 01:00 AM - Sleep. I don't always sleep this early. May have been feeling a little sick. A good rule to live by is this, listen to your body. So, I can be a workaholic. But I try my best to listen and if need, I try to give myself some rest. We talked a bit about that earlier this afternoon as we talked about the extension of the immune system that cleans out the cells and between the cells in out body, the lymph system which especially works when you sleep. We can recover from a lot in life in a variety of ways.


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