2019 Week 01

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Make time for them.

For the people you love, for the things you believe in the most. Set aside time for that. That's what I learned from Fuller House, season 4, episode 8 which I watched around midnight, Monday, January 7th, 2019, PST LMS JA. This week began with the first meme of 2019 for me. I made it Tuesday morning, around midnight, at the start of New Years Day 2019. Don't even look at this second meme. You do not want to look at what happened at Game Stop. You do not want to look at actual quotes of what people said on video. You can see links to all the articles I wrote on Steemit this first week of 2019 from Tuesday the first of January through to Monday the seventh, at the bottom of this post, this article.

2019 Week 01 In Review

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Old People

2019-01-01 - Tuesday - Pewdiepie talked about what old people and other people do and share and post on Facebook. That was interesting. But why cover up the names, identities, of Facebookers but not YouTubers? I know, because people generally consider, allegedly, that Facebook is to be more private, personal, hypothetically speaking, and YouTube to be more public. Well, it depends on the settings and a few other things, too, possibly. I wrote about his video last Tuesday, the first day of the year. I am a fan of Felix, the cat, I mean, the YouTuber. That's his name.

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Making 2019 Great Again

2019-01-02 - Wednesday - I love writing about family first values. That is why I wrote about this couple for example. They talked about the need to come together to debate more in life. I wrote about this on Wednesday. I also wrote about Generalities versus exceptions and about our need to navigate between the two as others may not. There are so many shades of gray and I talk about that in that article. I also link to many other articles and things written by others. Very educational indeed. Speaking of shades of gray, you may see that it was hidden. So, you can probably ignore it like the drawings I made as mentioned earlier. Just ignore them and pretend that Chinese government isn't buying up Hollywood, etc.


Smoke & Greek Gods

2019-01-03 - Thursday - I was posting, copy and pasting, sharing, mirroring, my Steemit articles to my blog on Smoke.io. and I then saw a debate break out there. Some people believe that you can talk about anything on Smoke. But other people believe that it must be related to 420 friendly, Mary Jane related, stuff, like My Washington Reserve article for example. I also mentioned Daedalus. Too bad he couldn't get over the death of his son. It wasn't his fault as a master builder. He was like a good version of the Freemasons. He could have taught others to fly like Peter Pan but ran away. I also wrote about Demeter and how the seasons came to be according to the the myths of the Greek gods. I watched a documentary about Star Wars. I talked about a folder diary idea.

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Vietnamese Tet Question

2019-01-04 - Friday - I asked people in a Facebook group about when the Chinese New Years 2019 might be in Vietnam. Yeah, I lived in Vietnam for 5 years from 2012-2017 and people thought I was asking retarded questions. I asked why they refer to when their holiday is based on the lunar and not solar calendar. In other words, they translate words from Vietnamese to English but then fail to translate dates from the moon calendar and onto the sun calendar. I was trying to appear as open minded as possible, but some of them started attacking me similar to things that you can pretend didn't happen on Steemit this past week. Like I said, we can pretend that nothing happened and that there are no videos out there that can show us what happened. We can believe in what we want to believe. We do not have to look at objective truth, reality, history. We can live in fairy tales, if we want. We should not do that, but we have the freedom to do whatever we want to do.

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National Emergency

2019-01-05 - Saturday - We talked about how Trump needs to talk about the problems that we have been facing for a long time since like 1913 and 1933 for example. You can also see people continue in debating about me concerning the Tet question and also a picture I posted of me and friends from 2013 when we were in Hoa Binh, Vietnam. Some of them said that had nothing to do with Vietnam.

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Festering Doc

2019-01-06 - Sunday - Some people on Facebook compared Oatmeal to Uncle Fester. I'm Oatmeal and I decided to look at it in a positive way in stead of a negative one. I decided to see myself as Doc from Back To The Future, played by the same actor, Christoper Lloyd. Oh, he also played a villain in a Star Trek movie, too. We talked about perspective and things like that at church, too. I rode to church that night, recorded the worship. That was good. Interesting sermon that night by a missionary veteran for like 20 years in Europe and Africa, to countries all over those continents. He talked about witches walking through walls and giants from the depths of the underworld.

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Stick Em In Their Arms

2019-01-07 - Monday - wrote and sang a song about what happened at the 2019 Golden Globes. Some people said I sing terribly. That particular video and song, maybe so. The video talks about very interesting things. Also, I wrote another article about what China is doing. This is a big deal as it has been for a very long time. Also, in another article, I mentioned how we were trimming a bush. I even talked more about my Vietnam Drama and China Drama as well. And I wrote my Fuller House 408 review, which I watched Monday morning, around midnight. I like the family first values that are presented in the show.


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generalities vs exceptions

2019 Week 01

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