2019, December

They are trying to impeach Trump. | My YouTube History - Part 001 | We had a lick of snow on Sunday, the first day of December of 2019.

Random Highlights of December 2019

Homeless Barber Video. Matan Even. Pistol Shrimps did an amazing Star Wars parody thingy which involved deep fake technology. Tagged Bumble Dating is a good idea for people. They should try to get married. Escapism vs Realism. Globalists are trying to blow up even more and blame it all on us. They've been doing it. They're ramping it up. Most People Are Babies. LED lights are blue and that hurts our eyes. Never Ending Path. Free Hong Kong & Jerry Nadler. Can you say Merry Christmas? Cable Box Spying. Why not tell people about that, huh? I like trucks. I like gifts. The rain is cold. You can accept new gifts. Are Americans kings or slaves? Steemit Communities are here. They are like Facebook groups. On Friday the 13th, was pretty sick. I took magnesium for my headache. For information, why not go to Infowars Store dot com? Love 2012 Talk. Pewdiepie called out YouTube. Panopticon Sunday. Break a leg as they say for good luck. Just kidding. Athena is a city from long ago. Pewdiepie Deleted His Twitter. Reddit Star Wars Rise of Soy Walker Leaks. Love Shack. Impeaching Trump. Fuller House. Ray Donovan. Star Wars Rise of Skywalker For Seven Hours. Is Palpatine Inside Her? Too much cake. Oh, DVD player. Facebook Bans Kissing on Saturday, the 21st. Egg Nog Coffee on Sunday. Unstoppable Domains. Epstein has a YouTube channel that recruits men who like to be around underaged girls. Counting Money On Christmas Day. Lower Dimensions Might Be Higher. That Oatmeal Dude on that last Friday of the decade. Sea Elf Car Saturday. 20-Year Increments Towards Globalism Theory. It's Okay To Be White Monday. Banana Nut Bread on this last day of the decade.

Some people don't believe in ownership.

They therefore believe in representation.

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December of 2019

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My YouTube History - Part 001

2019-12-01 - Sunday

My YouTube History - Part 001 | There is mystery in old cities. Now, try contrasting the old private places with old public places. The purpose behind contrasting the two would be to identify differences between the two, obviously. They have found pyramids on the floor of oceans. There are other things too. They are all over the world. They are on mountains. They are in valleys. Some things are private. Some are public. Some of it is allegedly protected by government. Take the Indian reservations for example. I wonder why they would do that. I wonder if they are hiding star gates. | Tweaking Traditions | What do you call a Fish Duck?

Homeless Barber

2019-12-02 - Monday

Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop goes viral but it's not what you think. Yes, it was nice seeing the before and after of a person, especially post-Thanksgiving; but beyond that, he talked about how they are putting computer chips into the skin of the homeless. They are testing it on them. They are preparing to do these things on everybody in the world. Some of it involves genocide. It involves depopulation. It involves Agenda 2030. It involves so many things. Globalists try to ban these types of videos because they don't want people to talk about bad vaccines, geoengineering, the tech cartels, that 1984 book, Rothschild, etc. | Weekly Photos | Mirror | 436 Pics | Phone Photos | Mirror | 278 Pics | My YouTube 001 | My Sapien | My Float | My Tik Tok | Obama vs Romney | Take your time to enjoy life. Take time to build things. Try yourself to build your own legacy. Try yourself to start families and networks. Deep inside your heart, you know it to be true.

Matan Even

2019-12-03 - Tuesday

Matan Even | Kamala Harris dropped out. Some people were sad as Bloomberg buys himself into the 2020 U.S. Presidential Race. Wait a minute, who isn't buying into things? Are we promoting socialism where people don't buy into things because they aint got no money haha, huh? Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop | Weku | Joey Book | My Vimeo | Who are some of the top people under twenty who are changing the world for the better? Well, they include Soph, Info Graphics Captain Silvertooth, Matan Even.

Pistol Shrimps

2019-12-04 - Wednesday

I was watching a Lionel Nation show from 2012. Now, I found it refreshing in some ways. I was not really watching him until I saw him on Alex Jones in like 2016. I was living in Vietnam that year. So, I've been following Lionel ever since. So, I ran into his blog today while writing my review on my life in 2012. Lionel talked about Ron Paul. He talked about the war on the Internet. Lionel talked about the value in learning one new word each day in contrast to the dumbing down of society. Educationalists are involved in boiling the frogs. When I say frogs, I mean people. It's called a metaphor. Take Over Plan | Pistol Shrimps - The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau | Avatar Wall-E Future? | Fair Girls | In my photo album project, I was pasting some photos from 1988 into an album. Ann had her 85th birthday party at a park in Seattle on Sunday, the 31st of July of 1988. Later on in August, we had a church picnic at a lake park campground thingy outside of like Forest Grove, Oregon. That was my first time riding on a horse. So, there is a photo of me riding a horse alongside Mr. Elkind. Is that how you spell his last name? Also, a photo of me and a dog. Also, an image of me playing pretend drums in mom's bathroom. Also, a group photo of the birthday party that summer. So, anywho, Alex Jones said some really big things today. He mentioned some like classified things. See the video below for more info.

Frozen II

Tagged Bumble Dating

2019-12-05 - Thursday

You should date on your path towards real marriage. You can use online dating apps like Tagged.com and Bumble.com and other websites. You should sometimes make friends on the world wide web and in real life (IRL) as well via courting. It is clearly fundamental to network. Some friends end up marrying each other. Also, you never know when you may need new employers, employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, providers, aid, help, assistance, advice, insight, feedback, encouragement, admonishment, push back, best friends, baby sitters, cooks, nannies, doctors, gardeners, builders, architects, drivers, scientists, historians, artists, producers, actors, inventors, long lost family members, idea people, writers, famous people, smart people, funny people, cool people, loyal people, orphans, lonely people, homeless, rich people, all kinds of people, animals, aliens, demons, oatmeal lovers, basketball ballers, video gamers, people you can talk to, people you can hang out with, people you can help, people who can help you, people you can eat up haha, etc, etc, etc, etc. Keep an open mind. Try to maybe get married, even if you don't want to, because you actually do want to and don't know it yet. Try to have children. Try to have kids. Try to start families. Focus on family first and community first. Start local groups and churches and meetings and parties and things. Bring people together for karaoke, games, social events, activism, etc. Don't wait for other people to do it. You can do it, like a guy said to Happy Gilmore, played by Adam Sandler. | Cambodia Mystery | Jordan said I'm hateful for stating facts. Well, he denied actual reality of what has been happening to millions people who are censored, banned, terminated, etc. Imagine saying that the sky is blue when sky is blue and then imagine me screaming at you. Oh my God, you are so sexist, racist, angry, stupid. Please clam down, I mean calm down, you deplorable. The sky is not blue, even if the sky is blue. Just kidding. See, that would be insane to insult the truth of the matter.

Escapism vs Realism

2019-12-06 - Friday

Globalists are trying to blow up even more and blame it all on us. They've been doing it. They're ramping it up. They are trying to murder Trump. They are trying to cause civil unrest and blame it on conservatives, patriots, etc, on us. They are trying to get many people to kill Trump, to kill patriots, to kill each other, and they are also trying to blame all the murder and all the violence on the conservatives, on people who didn't do it. Globalists and others are involved in trying to murder Trump, patriots, etc, to take over the United States, to take over Russia, to take over different countries, to rule the world, to setup one world governance, etc. Globalists are involved in dozens of big international crimes for decades and for centuries in some cases and they will not stop and have not stopped. If you are reading this, you can either help the globalists by doing nothing or you can pass on the word. Just tell one other person or write it down. Share this with somebody. That is all you have to do. Well, I mean, that is the least you can do, if you care. If you want to go against the destroyers of civilization, the globalists. Or you can pretend you didn't read this and you can simply never eat original green oatmeal joey food and you can simply move on. The choice is yours. Alex Jones talks about fighting against the cancer of global governments.

Most People Are Babies

2019-12-07 - Saturday

America is like 95 percent not self-sufficient in the 2010's and in the 1920's and 1930's, the United States was less than 40% NOT self-sufficient plus a lot more healthier, smarter, wiser, stronger, etc. Yet, many people still died back then. Many people still struggled back during the depression in the early 1920's and more so during the Great Depression which came in the late 1920's and the early 1930's as well. Things are a thousand times more worse in so many ways. | NBA Decline | There are cycles in world history. If the people respond soon enough, there can be a soft landing in the revolution against tyranny. But when men wait, then there may still be a rough landing. And yet, if they wait too long, then they will have a devastating landing that becomes more like a crash. We are somewhere between the first two at the moment. The future is up to us. LED lights, computer monitors, televisions, phone screens, etc, generally contain too much of blue color that is invisible to the naked eye which is said to damage cells in the eyes and damage the Pineal Gland in the brain, etc. Take vitamins A, B, C, D, E, tea, berries, etc. Google Natural Remedies for more information.

Never Ending Path

2019-12-08 - Sunday

Let people know what they need to know. Otherwise, they will be gone before you know it. Be direct when you need to be. Pick your battles wisely. Prioritize your choices as much as you can. Do it with a smile on your face. | Steemit Like | L4OJ | Love your enemies | Be patient when you can. When you really need to do something, do it. Don't hesitate. Focus on what you believe over how you feel. Too often, we get trapped by our addictions. But we don't want to do them. We feel like doing them. But that is not what we believe in, generally speaking. Align yourself to eternal principles. That is the only path that leads towards success that never ends.

Free Hong Kong & Jerry Nadler

2019-12-09 - Monday

Stefan Molyneux premiered his documentary on Free Hong Kong. Owen Shroyer confronted Jerry Nadler during the fake USA Impeachment Inquiry. Weekly Photos | Mirror | 612 Pics | Fight for your freedoms. If you don't you lose them. Use it or lose it. Also, no pain, no gain. Work hard and play harder. Also, what you allow will only get worse over time. Also, your kids will reap what you sow, good and bad. If you choose not to care, things can get worse for you and for people around you. Successful people understand this very well. you should not have welfare and open borders in a country. You should focus on one and major in that as a government. I prefer limiting welfare first. I may consider limiting some immigration. I like walls. America needs better walls because it has way too much welfare. If we could magically get rid of the welfare state, then the walls, the borders, may have less value. Well, not necessarily no value as there are many factors to consider. Many factors. So, I want to first focus on limiting welfare, taxes, regulations, etc. I want to limit open borders as much as possible. If you want to come into the United States, you should simply get a visa for that. Go through the process. Get approved and then come in. Go through the front door at the border. Check-in. Sign-in. Log-in. That simple. Go through the process. I want a process. At Camp Kuratli, we had a guest-log notebook. During summer camp in 2007 and 2008, whenever you left camp, you signed your name in the notebook. You write down where you are going and when you left. When you come back, you write down what time you came back. That is a good idea for a camp. Why shouldn't a country have a notebook just like that at their borders?

Can you say Merry Christmas?

2019-12-10 - Tuesday

Do you say Merry Christmas? There is a war on Christmas. There are people who are trying to stop people from saying Merry Christmas. It makes them angry when you say Merry Christmas. They tell you to say Happy Holidays. They tell you not to say Mother and Father because haha, some people don't have a mommy or a daddy. They are like magicians. It is like magic. Well, I mean, it is as if these words are spells, like magic words. Reminds me of Harry Potter where they were not allowed to say the man who must not be named. They get so furious when you say these words. They try to control the way we think. They don't want us to think for ourselves. They want us to be retarded. But they don't want us to even say retarded either.

Cable Box Spying

2019-12-11 - Wednesday

Cable Boxes had microphones in them in the 1990's in the USA. They were illegally listening to everybody and was sending it all to database archive collections. That was over 20 years ago. Things are ten times worse than that today in so many ways. | Yellow Belt Rick | Try new things. Be ok with failure. Tell yourself that you might fail. But give it your all. Be confident in what you can do and in what you do have right now. Focus on one thing at a time. Priorities are keys in life. Take naps. Take more showers. Put a coat on. Make more room on the shelves. Life is a game. Life is like Tetris. See the future. Don't dwell on the future or on the past. Focus on priorities as they align with eternal principles. Accept gifts from others. Perhaps you earned it or not. Treasure what you have. Why not pass on what you know to other people? What are you waiting for? A Star Wars A New Hope. That's you. Are you not a new hope?

Steemit Communities

2019-12-12 - Thursday

When they rape and murder children. You do nothing? | Web Seed | The Three Arnold's | Steemit Communities | Steemit launched Steemit Communities as a place similar to Facebook Groups. Instead of groups, we call them communities. This area is still in beta. It looks good. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person wealthy, healthy, and wise. Early to breakfast, early to dinner, makes a person a super duper winner. You know that you feel better when you wake up earlier. So, no matter how you feel, that is what you believe, if you do in fact agree. Just write down what you believe. Write down your priorities. Put it on your wall. Keep it in your journal, on paper. Email yourself a list of demands you have for yourself. Jerry Nadler is the Penguin.

Curing Sickness

2019-12-13 - Friday

Sick day. I had a cold today. Headache. Running nose. Took some omega, iodine, magnesium, almonds, Vitamin C, etc. I've been resting a bunch today. I'm recovering. | February 2012 Review | Red Letter Media | Fuller House 501 | Mandalorian 106 | Random Yoko 2 From Japan is smart. Watch her videos. Vlare | Naomi Seibt vs Greta. Naomi is a kid too. She is a girl too. They banned Naomi from the conference. Naomi is a Climate Realist. The Infowars truck was in NYC and also Washington D.C. as they try to impeach Trump. Disney has been dropping more Rise of Soy Walker trailer TV spots like each day. Some of them are like 15 seconds long. This 9th Skywalker Saga Film premieres in America on the 20th of December of 2019, that is next Friday. It will be full of agenda politics. It will be worse than The Last Film Ryan Johnson will ever do. The Last Jedi. Why not go to Infowars Store dot com? Been getting sick this week. Felt bad Thursday. Got really sick Friday. But my hearing became acute. Like better. Canals were cleared perhaps. Less wax maybe. Other variables too maybe.

Super Hearing Activated.

Love 2012 Talk

2019-12-14 - Saturday

Palpatine says he is the trilogy. | Ever fell in love with your best friend? | Freedom vs Slavery | Meeting Land | But when we are taught to be too cocky like Han Solo, then we end up shooting Leia and not just Gredo first. Pewdiepie called out YouTube. What you gonna do about it, Google? Are you going to ban Pew and show his 102 million subscribers what kind of freaks you guys are?


2019-12-15 - Sunday

Are we living in a panopticon? What is that? It is a virtual prison. Kanye West said we are slaves. In other words, we can be stuck inside dungeons. As long as we let the big people trick us into being zombies, then they win. All we have to do is nothing, and then they win. All we have to do is not ask questions about the world, about history, about everything, and they prevail by default. They tell us how to think. They tell us what to do. They control us. They drug us out like Kanye West said. March of 2012 | Byork Alicia Weirdy Girl | Finding Joey Arnold on Twitter Before 2009 | Just Another Channel | Website | Comic Vine Joey | Our future begins right now. So, what kind of future do you want? Do you want people to know what is happening? Do you want to keep them in the dark? Do they have the right to know? Do you really believe in telling them? If you do believe in telling people what they need to know, then what are you waiting for? Don't get too bored. Meet and learn. I did.

Pewdiepie Deleted His Twitter

2019-12-16 - Monday

Pewdiepie left Twitter. Reddit Star Wars Rise of Soy Walker Leaks. Pewdiepie can be found on other websites. Why not follow Felix to these other networks? Why not join Pew? What are you waiting for? Why are you still here on Twitter? | My Reddit | 3D Printed Guns Are The Future Of Firearms!🤠😊😘👌🏻 | Alternative to Free Markets? | Weekly Photos | Mirror | 658 Photos | I ate two slices of pizza. That was too many lol. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. I bit off more than I could chew haha. That is also like an analogy. The trash dodgeball game was fun. Cherry tree trimming.

Love Shack

2019-12-17 - Tuesday

I returned to the Love Shack forum and created a new thread about how I was absent for seven years. My Steemit REP grew from 56 to 57. I believe in private property. I like free markets. Welcome Back | I was watching season 7 of Ray Donovan. Star Wars Rise of Skywalker leaks have been out for a while.

Impeaching Trump

2019-12-18 - Wednesday

Witches are summoning curses onto Trump. Please pray. Please protest. Please tell people. If you want to counter witchcraft. | Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Spoilers & Leaks | Impeaching Trump | Globalists are trying to remove not just Trump but patriots who are for nation states all around this beautiful earth. They've been trying to destroy the United States of America (USA) for over a century in a variety of ways in order to enact international tyranny. So, will this wake up more conservatives to the dangers of authoritarianism disguised under the veil of the alleged democratic or demoncratic party?

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker For Seven Hours

2019-12-19 - Thursday

I spent seven hours watching Star Wars Rise of Skywalker online. I shared some of my notes on Twitter. Some people blocked me during that time. Jeremy Miller blocked me and he hates Fair Use. He probably doesn't even know what Fair Use is. Plus, Copyright is as good as taxes are good. I was watching Fuller House & Ray Donovan. I ignored the Democratic Debates. Ate some pecan pie. Yummy.

Palpatine Inside Her?

2019-12-20 - Friday

Did Palpatine hop into Rey like he said he would? Stopping Trump Before Trump Murders Us With Geoengineering 5G Hell & Tech Cartel Authoritarianism | I was eating some good soup. I ate too much cake. Sometimes, you do things you feel will help. Afterwards, you then regret doing them. You must write that down. You must tell people about it. You do certain things again and again. DVD player.

Facebook Bans Kissing

2019-12-21 - Saturday

Facebook Bans Kissing | Prepared Wombat is flagging my comments oh b l o o m. I was talking about how bad 5G is. He hated that. So he was like oh mommy, please stick your dick down his throat. We can't talk about geoengineering. Flag that oatmeal. We got to make sure nobody knows about how bad Soros is. So, if anybody talks about children who are raped through trafficking, we will flag them. So, if you love family first values, shut the eff up or the thought police will get you. That's what I learned today. They're trying to ban Bibles in California, if they haven't already. That is just one example. People are losing freedoms in the United States of America (USA). Will you tell people about it or will you pretend nothing is happening? Yeah, bad things are happening in other countries as well. Why not let people know about that? Why keep that to yourself?

Egg Nog Coffee

2019-12-22 - Sunday

Can you try new things? If you're always shouting, can you give whispering a try for just one day? How often do you practice the art of debate? Are you good at helping people see your point of view? Wisdom can be a soft voice that stands still in the eye of the storm. Sometimes, people will buy you things. You can appreciate opportunities that come your way. Sometimes, you may find yourself in the middle of a debate. You may even recognize how both sides are right. | Mount St. Helens - April of 2012 | I was watching the first nine episodes of season five of Fuller House this month, December of 2019. The last nine episodes are coming in like March of 2020. It appears that the series will be ending after that. In episode 508, Kirk Cameron made a cameo. So far, no cameo by Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen who played Michelle Tanner. I was leading Sunday School. We talked about the value of a good shepherd leading the flock. There is a contrast between goats and sheep. Imagine what might happen if the sheep didn't follow or if the shepherds didn't lead. Coffee doesn't mix well with egg nog. Uno is a fun card game that was included in the sermon. I recorded that. We went out to eat. We went to Walmart. Blood is made in the bones. I turned off the stove. The bone broth evaporated. Toasted blueberry bagels are delicious. Alex Jones talked slowly today on his show. I was telling people that in Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, that Palpatine hopped into Rey.

Unstoppable Domains

2019-12-23 - Monday

Disney is Passive Progressive instead of Passive Aggressive. Unstoppable Domains Has Two Main Objectives | Religion Hat Hole | Fake Red vs Fake Blue? | Weekly Photos | Mirror | 1270 Photo minus the banned Rey Kissing Kylo Photos | Automation can be an extension of centralization of tyranny. Also, free money generally comes from tax payers. Government needs more transparency as they are grabbing our money. We should keep our eyes on what they do with our money. We should always try to hold them accountable for what they do and don't do.

Epstein YouTube

2019-12-24 - Tuesday

Epstein has a YouTube. What? But Epstein is dead, right? What do you mean? Specifically, there are channels that recruit men. You can see women that are dressed up in airplane pilot costumes. The women look like girls. It looks like cosplay. They look underage. They invite men to come and learn. They even invite women to come. Specifically, they say that if you like young women like me. | Random Recognition | Video | Mirror | Minds | Conquest of Bread | In 2012, I was watching The Guild on YouTube. Fun show. Merry Christmas everybody. Today is Christmas Eve. I didn't go to any candle light Christmas services today. Some people want to ban Baby Yoda Memes.

Counting Money On Christmas

2019-12-25 - Wednesday

Instead of spending money, we spent Christmas counting money. | What is Christmas? Where does it come from? | Some people think murder is worse than theft. Well, murder is the theft of life. I treasure the life of people over the life of animals. Defective is cheap. They are the same thing. High quality means not defective. It can't have high quality and be defective at the same time.

Lower Dimensions Might Be Higher

2019-12-26 - Thursday

Are higher dimensions actually lower sub dimensions? I was thinking about that and about how one might move stuff with their mind as seen in Star Wars. I don't think the electrons can do it without blowing things up. So, perhaps it would have to be done at the string theory level or on a different plane, a different dimension altogether. | Coin Calculator | Trump is giving people cancer by not stopping vaccines, geoengineering, 5G, etc, etc. You should tell Trump to stop hurting us, well unless if you like cancer. Still counting money. Ate a yummy toasted blueberry bagel. Combining fairy tales is a fun thing to do. Good job with that. The Han Solo part at the end was pretty funny. Amazing Lucas. Lionel Nation. The Expanse. YouTube. Facebook. Steemit. Bitchute. Top 2019 Mark Dice Voice Overs.

That Oatmeal Dude

2019-12-27 - Friday

I'm "That Oatmeal Dude" that Mark From Milwaukee mentioned when he called into the Alex Jones Show, Friday, the 27th of December of 2019, 2019-12-27, during the second hour, 01:17:46 on YouTube is the timestamp or it is closer to 01:16:00 on Banned dot video. I'm That Oatmeal Guy. I guess it was all my fault. I did it. I can't find Mark. Oh, is he the Freedom Fighter 414? But people can find me. I'm not anonymous like Qanon Q. I'm real. Should Trump tell the queen of England that he wants criminals in America to be indicted? Does she know which way the wind is blowing? Is she for Brexit? Well, Mark does have great ideas.

Sea Elf Car

2019-12-28 - Saturday

Sea Elf Car helped a company that funded the Not Cheese who then used their gas to help murder the beautiful jewels. I was reading about that in the Killing of Uncle Sam. Great book. I'm writing in code. Why? Because I'm trying to brainstorm new ways to red-pill new people. I want new people to follow the money. Not Cheese is code for Nazi. So, Facebook may ban you for Hitler photos. I got banned for 30 days each time I did in 2018. So, you can be censored for keywords. You could try to write in code. You could self censor. You could go on a news spree until they ban you. And then you can make a new account and try again. | Banning Oatmeal - Part 25 | I spent most of the day counting money. I was sorting pennies. I went to the evening church. I like Russia. I like to read. I'm scared of the bad vaccines. I'm not talking about hypothetical good vaccines. Also, there is more to it than just that. I love natural remedies. Also, follow the money. Why are they giving out vaccines for free? It's a trap, said the alien in Star Wars. Nothing is for free. So, watch out.

20-Year Increments Towards Globalism Theory

2019-12-29 - Sunday

AI is bad. I'm not saying AI has to be bad. It is technology. It's a tool that can be used for good and for bad. Long story. It's a long story. I write a lot about this. Many people do. I made videos about this stuff. Long story short, it depends on many things. Because some people make bad AI. That's bad. If you use AI in a bad way, that's bad. Long story. But also, AI can be made in a way that allows for remote access, a backdoor, via spy chips, etc. Long story, believe me. So, AI can be a program. And if a program is bad, you can try to change the code in that program. But it can be hard when programs are on small computer chips that you may not have access to. So, it depends on the hardware and not just the software. Those are two different things to say the least. So, it depends on many different things. You start with those two things, software and hardware. Step one involves hardware. Because that is the physical parts. | Chill With The Notifications | 1913 Created 1933? Twenty-Year Pattern Theory | There is a Red Letter Media meme from a video where they say that they have to keep on smiling. They were pretending to love Disney's Star Wars. If they say bad things, their social credit score would drop. So, they showed their score improve as they complimented the Rise of Soy Walker or the Resurrection of the Old White Grandpa Dude. China has a credit score system that prevents many Chinese from boarding planes, trains, buses. Specifically, the UN is handing over AI systems to China. It's why Google, Facebook, etc, moved over to China. It's vital that people understand the problems with centralized systems that attempts regulate many different things globally, more and more each day. It's like rising water. We have to try to stop the rising water. We always have to try to drain the swamp, I mean the water haha. At the same time, we have to always move to higher ground (AKA alternative tech) to avoid drowning, and that is why we should always try to promote Naomi Brockwell and others who are pioneers, AKA ambassadors of the 2020's, this coming decade of the Rise of Sky Net haha, I mean Rise of Alternative Tech. But we live in Real Star Wars. This coming decade represents the Empire Strikes Back. So, you are Luke Skywalker. But watch out, Darth Vader is coming after you. Look for your Yoda and his Bacon Stick.

It's Okay To Be White

2019-12-30 - Monday

It's ok to be white was trending on Twitter. I hopped on and started dancing like a white Vanilla Ice, too sexy for my shirt. It's ok to be a white cat. It's ok to be a white polar bear. But whites are a minority. Teachers tell children that white people are Hitler. So, we have been taught to demonize whitey. So, even white people are beating themselves up. But we should be focused on the content of one's character rather than the color of our skin. There is a war on black people and white people and different races. It's complex. It's a long story. But Christianity teaches people to love their neighbors and enemies. Western civilization produced America which went on to reduce slavery which continues to this day. America promoted equality and not diversity. But diversity is a trick. Diversity is a code word that globalists weaponized to trick us into seeing the world differently. Would you rather have racial diversity or intellectual diversity? I would prefer the latter. America has been a leader in innovating the world. Oatmeal-hating control freaks have been infiltrating America. People are feeding us lies about reality. It's important to get back to eternal principles that help us see character over color. | Weekly Photos | Mirror | 733 Photos | There are elements of democracy when we vote. But I agree with how mob-ruling democracy is dangerous. It has been dangerous. So, a republic is better. There may be some voting involved in a republic as well. So, it comes down to who gets to vote. It should be limited. I like propertarianism. Perhaps, only fathers who own land should be allowed to vote. Also, they should be voting for representatives who then go on to vote to turn bills into laws. Perhaps, some mothers should be allowed to vote as well. But beyond that, governments should be limited as much as possible, meaning we should always try to limit the laws, regulations, taxes, policies, organizations, the committees, the foreign wars, the waste of money in government, etc, etc.

Banana Nut Bread

2019-12-31 - Tuesday

If the 2010's decade begun on 2011, why not call it the 2011's? | Is 2020 The Beginning of a New Decade? | Real News with Lucretia Hughes | Cinnamon Challenge, no thank you. | My 2010's recap includes Vietnam, Trump, Blake Webb, Hanna, Sharon, Matt Kurtz, Mike, Salvation Army, Church, Steemit, Banned dot video, Gab, Minds, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Travel, Family, Friends, Videos, Articles, Memes, Projects, English, Bitcoin, History, Politics, People, Learning, Blogging, Vlogging, etc, etc.... Happy New Year. Happy New Decade. Each day matters. The future is up to you. All you can do is try your best. If you've done that, then have no regrets. Subliminal messages, one frame ads, on television, goes back to like 1957 if not earlier than that. Lucretia Hughes got a kick out of my name in her live stream video on YouTube on this last day of this current year and decade. So, check her out. That kind of made my day. Ate some delicious banana nut bread.


2019-10-29 - Tuesday - 08:19 PM - December of 2019

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat

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