Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop goes viral but it's not what you think. Yes, it was nice seeing the before and after of a person, especially post-Thanksgiving; but beyond that, he talked about how they are putting computer chips into the skin of the homeless. They are testing it on them. They are preparing to do these things on everybody in the world. Some of it involves genocide. It involves depopulation. It involves Agenda 2030. It involves so many things. Globalists try to ban these types of videos because they don't want people to talk about bad vaccines, geoengineering, the tech cartels, that 1984 book, Rothschild, etc. | Weekly Photos | Mirror | 436 Pics | Phone Photos | Mirror | 278 Pics | My YouTube 001 | My Sapien | My Float | My Tik Tok | Obama vs Romney | Take your time to enjoy life. Take time to build things. Try yourself to build your own legacy. Try yourself to start families and networks. Deep inside your heart, you know it to be true.

My YouTube 001

01:23 AM - Steemit

L4OJ was my first channel that I created back in 2006. Between 2006-2019, so far, I've created at least 35 channels on Google's YouTube, if not more. Now, in 2017, YouTube terminated my Ojawall channel. In 2018, YouTube terminated JoeyArnoldVN. YouTube also terminated JoeyArnoldTV. Also, my JSA Dog Dog channel seems to be missing videos that I was uploading. There may be other channels that I left out. There was a Joey Arnold account made in 2016 that was not made by me. Somebody else uploaded one of my videos to that and then uploaded unrelated videos after that. So, this is a rough draft outline post with a quick timeline of the different channels I've had on YouTube. This is only Part 01 of who knows how many parts. I've included the dates to when I created some of these accounts. I've included some screenshots of some of my video channels here. I've also been able to find some screenshots of some of my dead channels with the help of Archive's Wayback Machine. My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold. I was born in 1985 in Oregon, USA. I started making videos in 1996. So, I've uploaded thousands of videos to the Internet over the years. I've lost many of them.

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Adam & Eve Seduction Destruction Screenshot at 2019-12-02 20:13:17.png
Seduction Destruction Upon Fake Churches

2019-12-02 - Monday

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Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop


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Gun Debate

02:48 AM - Steemit

As long as people stay politically active and everything. This is a tricky subject. If judges were perfect, this would be a walk in the park. But some judges can be morally insane.

Bullying Debate

02:53 AM - Free Square | Dissenter

The general definition of bullying, yes. More specific definitions can be tricky.

Fighting Wars

02:59 AM - FS | Dissenter

That's the tricky part as we fight how many different wars all at the same time? The border war is one. We are not having enough babies, just like Europe and Japan. They spray stuff in the air. They are trying to brain wash us via media. So, people are pushed to murder. Others are conditioned to commit suicide. The list goes on and on. It is important to write down the list. But not all is lost. It is also valuable to have a list of remedies. Always be prepared in this fight. Create a map of all of these wars. Write it down with a pencil on a piece a paper. Fold it up and keep it in your pants. Try to find ways to talk to people about them.

Being Healthy

03:13 AM - Steemit

I agree that they need plenty of time to rest, to recover. It also depends on the person as each person is different. Different people can have different immune systems. Some of it may be related to what is in the DNA, in the genes.


03:30 AM - Telegram | Dissenter

Based on what I read concerning YouTube, you can tell YouTube if your videos are for kids and they can also decide whether or not they think your videos are for kids, even if you say your videos are not for kids. It seems that YouTube is also saying that they can decide to terminate your account if they want if you're not helping them make money or possibly even without explanation needed. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) started, according to Wikipedia, in 1998. So, I've been watching videos about it. Some say that the FCC or whoever is putting legal pressure on Google. Some have said that the FCC is talking about fining Google for certain videos, perhaps. I would hope that Google would not be able to find a way to pass the fines to the video uploaders. Therefore, Google may instead simply delete videos and may also terminate accounts because of that. Now, technically, Google is supposed to have liability protection under the Safe Harbor Act. Therefore, I don't understand what is going on. So, I guess, if Google remains protected, legally, then they may in fact force YouTubers to pay the fines, like thousands of dollars per video. Some of this might be worse case scenario kind of thing. But then again, who knows. Don't take my word for it, as that black guy from the Reading Rainbow would always say, just go research it yourself and ask around.


2019-12-02 - Monday - 03:34 AM - 04:22 AM - Batwoman 108

Lesbian love.

Have babies.

Make babies.

Do you love me?

I don't know says the black girl.



That is stupid.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is a name of a show?

Star Wars

04:25 AM - Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | “Hold On” TV Spot

Rey uses the force to do what Kenobi did in New Hope. She got snow troopers to say it is ok that they are there now. So, that other guy said to the black guy, "Did she do that to us?" or "Can she?" kind of thing. That is a funny question to ask.

“Does she do that to us?”


04:32 AM - Watchmen Episode 7 Review | Fall of Skywalker - The Inquisition

Hash Tag Execute Order 1977


PT Chaneel

11:30 AM - The Walking Dead Season 10B Discussion & Theory - Who Is Being Devoured By Walkers?

Banana. Oatmeal. Yogurt. Coffee. Had some apple juice last night.


12:01 PM - Steemit

Friends is a great show indeed. I still have VCRs. Oh, Snuffy is a cute name for a dog. OH, Christmas is coming. Glad you are on Steemit.


12:05 PM - Steemit

I knew a guy with your name. I was living in Manoa, near Honolulu. Some of the weather is similar to Vietnam. I enjoyed the people I met in Hawaii. We would hike on the trails, places like Diamond Head. Glad you are here.


12:09 PM - Steemit

Graphic Designer Liv, what a funny photo with the dog. Hope you have many puppies. Oh wait, just kidding. It's not like you married that cute dog, Leo. Oh, I love Christmas. Love the hat. Yeah, you have great style. Welcome.

Free FREE Will

12:35 PM - Steemit

Which of these allows for the most amount of freewill? I think that might be ethical egoism. Well, ultimately it comes down to the individual, that is where they might be. Because some people may feel like they are stuck within psychological egoism, like a mental prison. I probably should study some of these more. I guess I didn't know that utilitarianism is objective. That is interesting.

Objectivity vs Subjectivity

I believe in objectivity. I believe that people are generally stuck within subjectivity to some extent. But that doesn't mean objectivity is not out there. The X-Files Truth is out there. Humans need help. We have to ask for help. We should grow in character development. When we don't, then emotionalism takes over. Our animal nature begins to devolve us towards egoism, towards selfishness, towards indulging in instant gratification, etc. Right and wrong exists.

Clear as Mud

But our understanding of morality can be limited at times. But that doesn't mean that relativity is then therefore absolute. I believe in God. But I also know that there might be no god. So, I'm going to believe in God. People can call me crazy for believing in an imaginary creator. That is fine. I believe in the value of letting people believe what they want to believe, good or bad, as long as they're not actively and directly violating the private property rights of other people too excessively. So, that is what judges are for, for settling cases, conflicts, battles, in a court of law.


12:50 PM - Steemit

I love this song. It takes me back to the 1990's to that movie with the big rock coming at earth.

Dishes. Organizing. Big shed. Book shed. Books. Boxes. Shoes. Clothes. Sweep. Mop.

Gavin McInnes


I felt like a boob at this thing. I basically paid two of the top intellectuals in the country to hang out with me. That's like when a white guy starts a rap record label so he can have black friends. Shermer and D'Souza agree on most pragmatic things but they diverge on the existence of God, immigration, and abortion.

Soup on potatoes. Baked bread. Cheese. Coffee.

What is mem tech?

Nano Rain?

What is nano gems weather tech?

What are chem trails?

Chem trails are not contrails.

What is geoengineering?


03:33 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Monday - 12/2/19

Kaitlin Bennett interviews people about Thanksgiving.

They say it was not their land to take.

Then get off the land.

If you think the Indians should own America, then why are you on it?

Why are you so hypocritical?

And which Indians get the land?

Rival tribes fought each other for thousands of years over these lands.

Please tell Alex Jones to focus on interviews, conversations, dialog, as much as possible, as opposed to only relying on which stories to cover. Alex talked today about how each event, each article, each thing, can be dissected for many hours. Yes, there is not enough time to get to all of it. So, reference books for more info. Reference movies, videos, websites, etc, for more info. Try your best to introduce topics and to refer interested parties to this place or that place, to this person or to that person, or to this event or that event, or to this book or to this other book, etc, etc. Plus, the store. Go to Infowars Store . com. Try your best to have conversations with people and have them direct the conversation. Throw topics at them and see where they take it. Ask the callers what they think stands out. Have callers ask Alex questions as much as possible about the different stories. Have David Knight, Owen Shroyer, Lionel Nation, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, and other people ask Alex questions about the breaking news each day live on the show. That helps steer the conversation. It can be hard for Alex to always know which things to focus on. Therefore, try to push other people towards steering the shape and the path of the conversations in order to make sure that Alex is giving people exactly what they want to hear in order to know what they need to do in the best ways possible.


03:56 PM - Steemit

No. Let me Google it. Wait, Duck Duck Go it. So, Noumenon is like a contrast to Phenomenon which is directly observable. Noumenon is indirectly inferred and involves like intellectual perception that is like engineered in the mind as opposed to simply observed through the general five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, touching, sensing.

Melania Trump

04:19 PM - Facebook

She is so pretty she is hate speech. So, delete those photos.

God became human and died for us. Why? To save us. To relate to us. Perhaps, that was the best way to it. Imagine building with blocks and legos and then imagine somebody tearing it all down, out of the blue. Imagine all the power going out and you have to go outside. God kind of did something like that. It was like Jesus was in Hawaii Heaven and then decided to come to earth. I wonder if Jesus had the pen from Men In Black with Will Smith. I wonder if Christ knew nothing when he was a baby and that he figured out that he was God. Well, I am not sure. Maybe not. Maybe Jesus still knew everything even as a boy. Maybe it was not like Jason Bourne in Bourne Identity or Nowhere Man or Dory from Finding Nemo where they forget everything until later on. I wonder still if not knowing would cause Christ to sin or not sin. You can run around and enjoy games. You can play hide and seek. You don't have to be too competitive. You can build towers and take photos of it. I should upload some of them today. The floor can break. It looks like a puzzle floor. Great for toddlers. It can be fun to be the genie to the Aladdin. You might be annoying but in a good way. Burrito. Green beans. Piano. It is good to play. Daniel in the Lion's Den. Monster. Alien. Tall. Basketball players. Imagine having cousins. Imagine the grape state of Oregon. I love beach, the coast. No Apples to Apples. I wonder if some cameras and camcorders are too slow and lag. I saw that at Walmart today and decided not to go for it. Board games can be fun and I'm glad you play them.

Camcorders & Cameras

Kodak Picpro Az-528 Blue - 52X zoom
Canon SX530 HS - 50X zoom
Nikon B500 Red accepts SDXC cards up to 2TB but may lag.

Technically, everything may lag. But how much is the question.

Frozen II

Alone in the woods like Hillary Clinton.

Alex Jones should do the show wearing a George Soros mask.


08:23 PM - Facebook

If I wrote a book, would you read it?

Obama vs Romney

2013-01-28 - Monday - 02:51 AM ICT - Christian Forum Thread - January of 2013 - Oatmeal Joey Arnold - @joeyarnoldvn

2012-01-28 - Monday - 02:51 AM ICT - Christian Forum Thread - January of 2013 - Oatmeal Joey Arnold Screenshot at 2019-12-02 21:33:24.png

Nap for 90 minutes.

Finished watching Alex Jones for like ten minutes.


11:32 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Monday - 12/2/19

Owen Shroyer suggested cooking a bowl of oatmeal near a 5G tower.

I started laughing.


Because I'm Oatmeal Joey.

Larry Grathwohl

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


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I visited this English Club in 2015 in Vietnam


2019-12-02 - Monday - 03:34 AM - 04:22 AM - Batwoman 108

Star Wars

04:25 AM - Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | “Hold On” TV Spot


04:32 AM - Watchmen Episode 7 Review | Fall of Skywalker - The Inquisition

PT Chaneel

11:30 AM - The Walking Dead Season 10B Discussion & Theory - Who Is Being Devoured By Walkers?

Gavin McInnes



03:33 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Monday - 12/2/19


11:32 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Monday - 12/2/19

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I really like the last drawing. I used to draw a lot as a kid.





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Nano Rain?

Homeless Gentleman's Amazing Barbershop Transformation (Spread the Love) | South Austin Barbershop


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