My YouTube History - Part 001 | There is mystery in old cities. Now, try contrasting the old private places with old public places. The purpose behind contrasting the two would be to identify differences between the two, obviously. They have found pyramids on the floor of oceans. There are other things too. They are all over the world. They are on mountains. They are in valleys. Some things are private. Some are public. Some of it is allegedly protected by government. Take the Indian reservations for example. I wonder why they would do that. I wonder if they are hiding star gates. | Tweaking Traditions | What do you call a Fish Duck?

My YouTube 001

01:23 AM - Monday - Steemit

L4OJ was my first channel that I created back in 2006. Between 2006-2019, so far, I've created at least 35 channels on Google's YouTube, if not more. Now, in 2017, YouTube terminated my Ojawall channel. In 2018, YouTube terminated JoeyArnoldVN. YouTube also terminated JoeyArnoldTV. Also, my JSA Dog Dog channel seems to be missing videos that I was uploading. There may be other channels that I left out. There was a Joey Arnold account made in 2016 that was not made by me. Somebody else uploaded one of my videos to that and then uploaded unrelated videos after that. So, this is a rough draft outline post with a quick timeline of the different channels I've had on YouTube. This is only Part 01 of who knows how many parts. I've included the dates to when I created some of these accounts. I've included some screenshots of some of my video channels here. I've also been able to find some screenshots of some of my dead channels with the help of Archive's Wayback Machine. My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold. I was born in 1985 in Oregon, USA. I started making videos in 1996. So, I've uploaded thousands of videos to the Internet over the years. I've lost many of them.

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2009-07-08 - JSA Pog Dog - Michael Jackson - Sleeping with Children - The 8th of July of 2009 - 758,274 Views - This was simply a reupload of a video I found somewhere - I basically mirrored it, AKA like Bit Torrent it or rebroadcasted or syndicated it which may be protected under the Fair Use Act as it is for educational purposes and it is also a historical interview of a public figure - Almost a million views. You could argue that this is meaningless to reference as it is not my video. But then again, I do deserve some credit for sharing this with the world.

2009-07-08 - JSA Pog Dog - Michael Jackson - Sleeping with Children - 8th of July of 2009 - 758,274 Views - Screenshot at 2019-12-02 01:55:59.png
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JSA Pog Dog

Michael Jackson - Sleeping with Children - 6,184 Comments


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Geeks + Gamers

01:16 AM - The Mandalorian Hasn't Gone SJW (Yet)

There is some. There is always some. But it is small.


02:20 AM - Steemit

What is in us is clearly eternal. It takes some meditation to see that. It's a beautiful thing. Perspective is the scale that balances out the big and the little.

Life Without Facebook

02:29 AM - Steemit

Do you know that there are Internet time machines, screenshots, archives, cache, saved web pages, saved pictures, of websites, like the Wayback machine? For example, there is https://archive.org and some things that may have been removed off the Internet can be found there and sometimes can be found in Google Cache when you go to search for things. Also, other websites. It is all a long story. But I believe in what you are saying, in fighting for data, for privacy, that is the fourth amendment which tech cartels have been violating alongside Fair Use, rights, liberties, free speech, the second amendment, etc.


02:41 AM - Steemit

I was sleepy too. But oh boy, looks like he is having. So, we went to see family for Thanksgiving and that was good. As soon as you are sleepy, you could try to take a nap if you can.


02:46 AM- Steemit

Vitamin C can help. You can find them in oranges and in sunshine. But there is less sun in the winter. So, people then get less Vitamin C.


02:48 AM - Steemit

We keep jugs of water near our toilet, in case we have no water for flushing.

Sunday School

How do you tell people about Christ? Well, begin with the bad news, if you can. See, the gospel is good news. However, contrast between the good news and the bad news can help. Also, beyond that, generally speaking, what matters is living out a kind of life that is different than the kind of life that people end up living. It is that simple. Yet, not so simple. Jesus would use different illutrations for describing being born again, that is in getting a new heart, in becoming a new creature. We all have sin, Romans 3:23. We all have problems. We have limitations. We need help from God and from each other. It takes some bit of honesty to get there for each individual. How you share Jesus with others can be different. I like the Barbie dolls. Barbie loves to hang out with Ken. I love King David. I love stories. I love how God shows us so much through the journey of life, the gift of life. Imagine being young, like four years old. Imagine almost dying or actually dying. Imagine looking at your parents from outside your body. Things like this happens to people. Regardless of whether or not these types of out of body experiences happen in reality or in the imagination, it is important to understand the story, the overarching themes at play. Redemption is a powerful thing. Salvation is a beautiful thing. I believe in Jesus. It is that simple. I feel it in my gut, soul, heart, being, spirit, essence of my being. Yes, I could be wrong. But I choose to believe in this. That is how you share it. Simply share it. Simply tell people what you believe. You may not want to force it down their throats. Exceptions might apply. Generally, it is better to be as patient as possible. THere is value in the story. Be patient and yet be strong. There is wisdom in knowing when to strike. THere are generalities and there are exceptions. There is interpretation and there is application. Some people may hate the Jews. Some Jews might be bad. Some Jews might be worse than others. There are differences between the religion and the race of Judaism, of the Hebrew people, the Jewish faith. Some really do try to follow God's Bible. Some simply are related to Jewish people by blood. Some of them may have had money. Some of them may have had more money than other people. That is normal. I wonder if Hitler, Soros, Rothschild, etc, are Jews or how Kewish they might be or may have been. Some Jews became bankers. The love of money can be a problem. Money can be a tool for good and for bad. The love of money is a giant problem. But money can be good. Centralization of money systems can cause symptoms, problems, issues. The bad people are bad as they choose to do bad, to be bad. Stop being a racist lol. But seriously speaking, see, what matters is what you do. Ask CHrist to save you so that you can live for Christ. Jesus talked about being born again. Christ then use another analogy, sacrifices as He is the perfect Lamb of God. Back then, they had rabbi leaders instead of seminary professors.

MAGA Jesus Hats

Nick dodn't have a MAGA Hat. Nick didn't have a Jesus hat. I wonder if Nick is the anvestor of Saint Nick, the inspiration behind Santa Caluse. So, you can read about Nick in John 3 where Nick talks to Jesus about being born again. Nick came during the night. Nick was like not wearing a hat. Instead, Nick was like trying to hide his association with Jesus just like how most people pretend not to support Trump.

Life of Christ

Are there secret books that talk about the life of Jesus? I would love to find them.


How does God turn the bad into good? God uses things for teaching lessons. Technically, God gives us freewill. So, we do bad. God is not the creator of bad. But God is the creator of creators. See, we create things too. So, we sometimes create problems. But that is freewill. God helps us. God wants us to want Him. It is that simple. So, we are given life. We live life. RoOmans 8:28 says that all things work together for those who are following Christ. See the music video with the drawings, the paintings, the depiction of people from the Civil War found in American History from the 1860's for example. People sunmit to God. THey understand that. When people move away from God, they began to become less aware, less sensitive, to all of that.

Book Notes

Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloud Eaters - Please contrast the old private places with the old public places. Some of the Indian reservations in the USA and some of the other places around the world may be allegedly protected by governments, states, cities, organizations, corporations, groups, religions, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, etc, and there may be reasons why they steal these lands or whatever that they do. I would love to study the history of these places. Where are the ancient pyramids and other places on the world map? Write it down. Draw it. Chart it.

Lesson Plan

2019-12-08 - Sunday - 09:30 AM - Page 27 - Day 03 - In The Dust of the Rabbi by Ray Vander Laan.

Luke 11:28
Blessed rather are those who the Word of God and obey it.

Emphasis on the word OBEY.

Jesus came to Bible Students.

Reminds me of when I was in Bible College.

These people already knew scripture.

Lesson Outline

  1. Jesus had passion for the Word and was the Word.

Matthew 4:1-10

Temptation of Christ. Don't test the Lord, Deuteronomy 6:16, because that violates how we should L4OJ, verse 13.

Luke 2:41-52

12 year old Christ went to the Temple to talk to the Jewish leaders, pastors, rabbis, priests, etc. Jesus then went on to grow up in wisdom and stature. Christ became a strong carpenter man.

John 15:14-15

I call you not servants but passionate friends, like the Bride of Christ, like lovers, committed.


  1. Christ quoted from the Old Testament how many times? 38. There are 39 books in the Old Testament.


How well did scripture flow from the mouth of Christ? It is like a good actor who knows his lines very well.

Matthew 5:21-43

Commit fully to the last penny. Give it all you got. Try not to divorce or swear. Don't make promises you can't keep.

Matthew 9:10-13

Love your enemies. Christ met with Matthew, a tax collector. People got mad. But like Doctor Oatmeal, the healthy do not need doctors. Come to Doctor Jesus. Come to the well of life, the fountain of youth, and you may never go hungry again.

Matthew 12:1-8

About the sabbath. It is more a spiritual thing. Take a day off, so to speak, generally speaking. Exceptions might apply to this generality.


  1. Look at the value in commitment found in great leaders like Jesus and others.

Matthew 4:13-17

Be a light.

Matthew 8:16-17

Cast out demons.

Matthew 21:1-6

Palm Sunday. Be aware of Christ. Do as He asks.

Matthew 26:52-56

If you live by the sword, then you may die by the sword. That is a reference to the old testament. A tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. Probably a quote from Deuteronomy.

Mathew 5:17

Fulfilling the Word. Christ came to complete the law.

Using Scripture

  1. How did Christ use scripture?

Luke 24:13-32

Christ died, rose again, and was walking with his disciples. They didn't recognize Him. So, he references Genesis 3:15 which said that the seed of Eve would crush the head of Satan, the serpent, that snake or warlock witch creature. He broke the curse, Romans 5:12.

Christ wants people to follow Him.

Following Him

  1. But how can we follow Christ without also knowing His Word?

  2. Should we dedicate our time memorizing verses? As a kid, I would. The answer is yes.

  3. What is the value in memorizing scriptures? You start to apply the wisdom found in the Bible.

Jeremiah 20:9

Why hold in the fire of Jesus inside us? This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine song. It is contagious like the zombie disease.

Pew Die Pie

12:48 PM - I Should Have Listened.... Gameplay... I made a big opsie in terraria game not good

Reminds me of Ghosts & Goblins.

Baking 3 potatoes.

Refresh your teeth when you can.

Raw milk is delicious.


Soup on potatoes.


02:14 PM - ‘Stop fashion’: Animal rights activists stage naked protest in Spain

How about stop child trafficking protests?


03:00 PM - 05:00 PM - Had a dream where I was standing in a lunch line or whatever with like friends and others in like a school or camp cafetaria or whatever. I started doing my mating call and some of it was impersonation of Michael Jackson. Some people I knew where there like I said, including like Linda Meyers. Now, when I was doing silly voices, I started doing the shouting, the yelling, the singing, the sound effects, the ow owwwww, with a lot of vibration from my voice. Now, in real life, I don't think I am that good. But in this dream, I was that good. My throat was doing crazy things. It was like a one man band. My vocal cords were out of this world.

Brandon Tatum

05:48 PM - Kanye West - Closed on Sunday (EXPLAINED)


Peach Pie. Apple juice.

Around Kids

06:18 PM - Steemit

The good news is that some kids could build an immunity to whatever sickness they are exposed to from the other kids. The trick would be to make sure you don't spend too much time around other sick children. So, that is the hard part. Some people can be less prepared if they never play in the dirt. Your body needs to learn how to adapt to germs, etc. That is part of how some good vaccines work in theory. Some vaccines are bad. But it is supposed to introduce some germs, bacteria, viruses, etc, into the body so that the immune system can build up some kind of tolerance to it, step by step. It is kind of like learning how to ride a bike with training wheels. Too much can be a problem. Too little can also be a problem.

Tweaking Traditions

11:30 PM - Steemit

Traditions are good in the sense that they may be founded on eternal principles that can then be applied as needed. Variables can change. Therefore, traditions should sometimes be tweaked if needed lol. Karen, keep up the good work.

dish fuck

Dish Fuck

11:37 PM - Steemit

This is a Fuck because this Duck Fish is Fucked. Haha, I mean, this Fish Duck is fucked lol. Well, now, if anybody Googles my name and the word Fuck, I hope Google and Yahoo and Bing and Duck Duck Go and AOL and MSN and your mom haha all sends them over to this picture. I generally don't swear. But, what the fuck, it is a duck. Well, it might be a dish as well, assuming you want to eat it. This creature might be part dinosaur. It might taste like dog meat. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold Ojawall L4OJ GYJO WOLBI ABC TSA Green Original Oatmeal of Forest Grove, Oregon, USA. DAFG. LMS. FGOR163. PDXOR97205. FGOR97116. FGHS. Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Arnold Mitchell Cunningham Hunter Pickett Pickell Henderson Smith Williams.

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