I was flagged for small talk | Voice | Police Questions Man For Watching Video | 1987 | Have you seen the True Legends? Are giants real? Did they have electricity thousands of years ago? What is the Vatican hiding from us? Why do they burn books? Why are globalists using Disney to destroy the world? Why hasn't Trump launch his own news organization or social media network? How do we get Trump to go after the tech cartels? Send your activism videos to action@infowars.com and please publish those videos on websites, social networks, etc, first. Have you seen the Guinea-Pig Soldiers? Were their bodies deformed into aliens? Is a Steemit comment a form of private property? What is the meaning to life? Should we skip levels and dive into magic? Is the process of life part of the meaning to life? What is Secure Drop? Lawn Mower Jam.

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Aye Chan Pon - 2018-03-05

2019-10-01 - Tuesday

Daily Blog - Published Daily | Time Zone - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in October of 2019

True Legends

03:32 AM - Steemit

They also had electricity thousands of years ago. People have seen giants, dinosaurs, dragons, etc. So, some people have been burning the books, etc. So, yeah, we should be trying to use all of our brains. But we may not be as healthy as some people were centuries ago. Some people have lived over 200 years, even in the past few centuries. But the average lifespan in the past has been based off the average which is pulled down by all the infant deaths. People are getting cancer now from 5G. My mom loves True Legends. So, we have the DVDs. We have all these books.

Reason TV

11:13 AM - Stossel: Glenn Beck vs. Big Tech | Fake News read off their script. Different people on different channels all said Trump jeopardized national security. They all said it. Never mind that it wasn't. Never mind all good Trump did and Obama did not. Never mind all the bad Obama did.

Liberty Hangout

11:26 AM - Don't Disagree With Us! | I have the freedom to be selfish. I like the freedom to do what I want. Taxes takes from that freedom.

Ron Gibson

11:44 AM - ALEX JONES (1ST HOUR) TUESDAY 10/1/19: NEWS & ANALYSIS - First, they build the longest bridge in the world, from China to Hong Kong. Second, China marched and is marching tanks over to Hong Kong. China government is murdering people and have been killing millions and millions of people.


11:51 AM - @a, Dissenter is not supporting proxies on Ubuntu. I'm sad. I need proxies. Besides that, Dissenter is good. Less resources than Firefox it seems.

Do your best o be observatant. Mix things up like you did in high school. Keep things levelled when you can. Follow the patterns. Be a good listener. Help people. Guide them to their destination. Help them hit the target with their trailers of humanity. Think about long game and short game. Try to live at peace with all men. Dishes. Rake. Board. Level. Trash. Compost. Vinegar. Sugar on top. Run. Recycling. Rooster returned. Fridge. Emptied. Some returned.Pick your battles. Greta is a symbol. Don't mock people. But it depends on your role. If there is no way of reaching a person a particular way, then take a different route. It depends ons everal factors. Be careful not conflate minority attacks with what the majority is doing. Helped. Things are back. Good. RV. Show people the light. Emphasize on grace. Differences between good and bad anger. Differences between the left and the right.


01:24 PM - @AtypicalRift, are there really differences between the first two you mentioned? I'm asking because I believe in history and in dispensations. How are people distinguishing between history and historical dispensations?

Dtube Over Dlive

01:32 PM - I prefer Dtube over Dlive, especially because Dlive abandoned Steemit. Bitchute. Lbry. Dtube. Also, Brighteon. Wait, wouldn't organic semi-conductors corrode if you don't water it daily? People who try to expose corruption includes Wikileaks, Project Veritas, Infowars, Drudge, etc. Of course, Snowden might be the Michael Jordan of whistle blowers, etc.

Right vs Left

01:53 PM - It's not that I don't understand how people may define these terms. Different people define words differently, including the terms behind what might be on the left and on the right.

Disney vs Humans

01:55 PM - Disney has been used by globalists in order to destroy the world.


02:03 AM - Send your activism videos to action@infowars.com

04:21 PM - Email Your Activism Videos to action@infowars.com

Please publish your activism videos/etc online, first. After that, you can also email Infowars links to those things to action@infowars.com

What kind of videos?

  • Confrontations. Try to confront public figures like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Obama, SJW Kobe Bryant, NPC Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Oprah, Bill Gates, etc.
  • Protests. Hold up signs. Infowars Army Related Offline Activism.
  • Interviews like the ones seen by Kaitlin Bennett, Millie Weaver, Mark Dice, Owen Shroyer, etc.

Those are three kinds of videos they're looking for according to what Alex Jones said today on his show. Basically, those are the things they're looking for. However, perhaps, if you made a really good documentary on Bill Gates and the vaccines in India, geoengineering, Big Pharma, big tech, corruption in government, Antifa, the war between China and Hong Kong, Disney, Hollywood, etc, they may want to see things like that as well. But I'm exactly sure about this. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't make videos like that. Maybe you are like Greg Reese or Project Veritas. So, if you are, then don't be shy, even if you are shy.

Make Videos, etc.

Step one, make videos, etc.

Backup Your Videos

Step two, backup your videos on hard drives, thumb drives, emails, cloud storage, external hard drives, DVDs, VHS, CDs, HDD, books, print out the screenshots, the frames, the photos, etc. Type out what was said in the videos. Get an app that can turn the audio into text. Make copies of the videos, audio, text, subtitles, etc.

Publish Your Videos

Step three, publish your videos on as many websites, forums, Bit Torrent, peer to peer, sites, etc, as many as possible. Upload your videos to Bitchute, Brighteon, LBRY, Dlive, Dtube, Minds, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Vimeo, Bit Tube, Instagram, etc.

Share Your Videos

Step four, share your videos on social media websites, places like Facebook, and to websites, to blogs, forums, emails, RSS, and maybe even send them to your friends via UPS and USPS, AKA snail mail, etc, etc. Try your best to leave no stone unturned.

Email Your Videos

Step five, email links of your videos to action@infowars.com

Grass. Lawn mower. Front. New grass section. Stuck. Rope. Buried wire.


05:22 PM - Steemit

Did Enoch actually fly to Heaven?


  1. Are some dragons animals?
  2. Are some dragons demons?


I've been linking to these conversations we're having on my blog.


I'm a big fan of the television show called Fringe. They talked about different dimensions.

Real & Not Real

Satan tries to make us think Satan is fake and not fake because that divides and conquers. It creates a bipolar disorder in society.


I love talking about UFOs. So, people say there are these cubicle rectangle objects moving out in space around like Jupiter and towards earth. So, are they rocks or UFOs or what?

Flat Earth

Is the earth flat or what kind of shape is it? I love debating with people concerning those kinds of questions.

Hollow Earth

How hollow is our planet? We can see some caves, cavities, volcanoes, tunnels, underground cities, military bases, secret societies, hideouts, bases, holes, etc. How much of our planet is unexplored?

Ancient Technology

I should probably do more research on these things. I should probably write more about those things.


Miracles are from God and magic is of the devil. So, there are good and bad travel etc. Anakin Skywalker got sucked into the dark side of the force in Star Wars by Satan, AKA Palpatine. So, we can be pulled in because we want to fly. We want supernatural abilities. We may not be ready to handle such powers. Also, we may not have the right kind of bodies for handling such power at the moment. Also, there might be a learning curve. Also, it might be partly rigged. The meaning and purpose of life may include, to an extent, a process of learning how to deal with more and more power, gradually. So, you can level up like in video games. But in life, it aint no video games. Satan offers us shortcuts to the game of life. So, we are Mario. So, Satan gives us a warp pipe from level 1 to level 8. The problem is that we might not be ready for level 8, assuming we were never reincarnated.

Satan vs God

God wins in the end. That's the good news. I try to align with that and be part of His Story (History). But Satan is the prince of the air, the king in the mist of our game of thrones. That's the bad news. It's valuable to be aware of the bad news. Too often, people may be too focused on the good news or on the bad news. You gotta have eternal perspective that is balancing between the two news.

Logan's Run

05:28 PM - Yeah, that is right. What was Logan's Run promoting? Was it saying that too much technology is too bad or that too much centralization is bad?

Guinea Pig Soldiers

05:33 PM - I've also heard that there were secret missions to space and eventually to the moon and that some astronauts died. It seems that these events were not published. In some cases, perhaps, some UFOs came from government. Perhaps, some alleged aliens were deformed humans. Perhaps, in some cases, that some of the experiments, including atomic bomb testings, etc, deformed humans, animals, etc. Perhaps, some women were deformed. So, the feminists should learn about that and began protesting, etc.

The Atlantic

05:34 PM - Atomic Veterans Were Silenced for 50 Years. Now, They're Talking.

Steem Cleaners

06:14 PM - Steemit

The three downvotes I got on Sunday were lead by @steemcleaners who flagged three comments that I wrote that read "Hi." Now, by the way, for the record, I think I have the freedom to say hi. But, also, people might have the freedom to flag, to downvote, etc, perhaps. I don't really disagree with a person's ability to respond, to react, to downvote, to flag, etc. However, also, I think that I might also have freedom to protest lol. I'm not saying that I have to be right. I might be wrong. Now, I think I am right. But that is besides the point. I have a lot to say. I'm going to say a few things right now. I will say much more later. This is an ongoing series. I have written many articles about Banning Oatmeal. So, all of this is a long story. It is very deep and full of juicy oatmeal. This is a rough draft outline of a few things that I am trying to say. I will say more later.


I'm responding to the flags. I just want people to know what happened. So, I went to Discord and somebody said that I was spam. I believe it was a representative of @steemcleaners. Now, @steemcleaners appears to be an official account. It seems that Steem Cleaners have been flagging people. So, to some extent, perhaps, from an excessively subjective and bias perspective, bots and people like the Steem Cleaner, may be helping, to some extent, possibly, sometimes, in reducing spam, plagiarism, theft, repetition, hate speech, calls to acts of violence, more spam, troll behavior, bad words, naked pictures, NSFW stuff, you know, not safe for work content, bad grammar perhaps, viruses, computer hacker stuff, more hate speech, parodies, perhaps some memes which the EU is banning in Europe, and perhaps some Chinese President Winnie The Pooh Memes, perhaps some Facebook Pro-Nazi and Anti-Nazi Hitler pictures which are banned on Facebook, and also perhaps people who say unbelievably bad stuff, very evil material, like hello, you know, how are you, like the things that I've written in trying to start conversations with some people who may never respond back to me sometimes, etc, etc, etc, etc. On Discord, I was placed on timeout. Alright, they took me out of timeout. One guy wrote to me the following:

Banned Oatmeal Screenshot at 2019-10-01 18:00:43.png

Guilty Parties

2019-09-30 - Monday - 09:40 PM

Guilty Party wrote to me:

@joeyarnoldvn If you want to say hi to users, write original comments. Repeating the same comment is considered spam by the community. We didn't decide on the fact that its considered spam by the community; the community decided that. You're more than welcome to write them comments about their intro post and start a conversation with them.

Bot Privilege

2019-10-01 - Tuesday - 06:04 PM:

I replied

Why are bots allowed not to be original and yet I have to be original? Why the Bot Privilege? I thought I had White Privilege? Whatever happened to equality? Why are bots elevated above real humans? In real life, people are not always original. When you start a conversation, you say hi. Sometimes, you run into bots or fake accounts. So, I have to waste my time writing an original comment to a fake person? Sometimes, in life, you don't know what will happen. There is risk. Time is money and money is time. It holds value. Each second holds value. The freedom of speech includes the freedom to spam. But spam is like art. According to who? We are having subjective debates that are isolated from eternal principles of original oatmeal.

To Be Continued

I have more to say. For example, I am not trying to repeat myself. But it happens as I've written over 60,000 comments and posts on Steem, on Steemit, on Busy, etc. Just Steem alone, not counting other places. And sometimes, you end up saying similar things, accidentally. Is that spam? No. But what is spam? These are great questions. But King Solomon said that there is nothing new under the sun. Hey, I wrote that before. Oh no, please flag me because I already mentioned that quote from Solomon, before, right? Alright, I'm going to try to stop writing. But I can go all day on these things. And I will. Hold my beer. I mean, hold my oatmeal haha.

Guilty Party replied

You don't have white privilege here. The way bots may be seen by the community may change soon. You're spending a lot of time here when you can be using it to write genuine comments.

I returned

Who gets to decide what is genuine?


06:52 PM - Steemit

It is good to respond to those types of actions. That is what I'm trying to promote. I want people to be aware of how subjective it can be.

50 Shades of Oatmeal

In other words, sometimes, things are not as black and white as we may want them to be. Perhaps, there are different sides, perspectives, to situations, stories.

Art & Beauty

Spam can be hard to define. Many things can be when defined subjectively as opposed to objectively.

Tyranny vs Free Markets

Now, a fake version of objectivity can be bad too and it can lead to bad tyrannical centralization. Now, to some extent, decentralized blockchains like Steem are promoting the freedom for individual to make choices concerning upvoting and downvoting based from a decentralized and subjective point of view, on the other hand, and that might be like an aspect of the free market.

The Meaning to Life

So, I believe in promoting the freedoms for people to do what they want. So, it comes down to private property rights.

Is My Comment a Form of Private Property?

So, by the way, hypothetically, if my comment was my private property, and if people downvoted that alleged private property comment, then did that flag (downvote) damage my alleged private property? Good question. I would say yes. But I don't know if a comment is private property or not. So, that is another can of worms that we can open in these types of debates, etc.


07:08 PM - A hat like that will help you ride through the storms of lifer. So, good job with starting a family. Awesome smile.

Debate Tactics

07:25 PM - It's possible to side-step, pivot, transition, bend, etc. You can say, "I understand what you're saying. However, that's besides the point to the heart of the matter, which is the matter of the heart."

Steve Bannon

07:39 PM - Oh no, not Bill Gates and his killing vaccines, etc.


07:43 PM - Is that the same as inflation? What's the difference?

Deep State

07:50 PM - Are you saying John Bolton was blackmailed? Of course, a lot of people are. Is Trump trying to drain the swamp. Yes.

Secure Drop

07:54 PM - But can we get a Bit Torrent system that utilizes cryptocurrencies as a compensation effort towards participants, downloaders, seeders, etc?

China Has More Billionaires Than Any Other Nation State

07:58 PM - Just wait until the Bernie Sanders fans hear about this. So, less than 10,000 billionaires in this world right now? I never really thought about how many might be in China. So, I was surprised.

Real Cap vs Fake Cap

08:07 PM - Steemit

Are you talking about capitalism or the fake version of capitalism that has been consuming and enslaving the world. We don't have a lot of free market capitalism? We mostly have evil crony capitalism, cronyism, corporatism, monopolism, the tech cartel, plutocracy, the central bankers, Rothschild, globalism, Chinese infiltration, etc.

Poor Man's Copyright

08:24 PM - Poor man's copyright is simply a letter you mail to yourself.

Police Questions Man For Watching Video

08:40 PM - Since when is watching something a crime?

2019-09-28 - Saturday - 01:03 PM
Hen: That shows amazing skill! I think my Katie would had tried to learn some of that if she had a chance. She could do many many back hand springs in a row at age 6 1/2. (At 7 she was in the local gymnastics team as the beginning of preparation for the Olympics).

Censorship Black-Hole

09:42 PM - IWA

If you're not telling everybody everywhere, then you only got yourself to blame, dear readers. So, if there is censorship happening on like the Infowars Army (IWA) Forum, this website bulletin board thingy here, for example, then you should begin or continue writing about it and making videos and memes about it. But not just here. If you are only on here, on the Infocomms, then your stuff can be sucked down the memory hole. So, make videos. Write articles. Create memes. State your claims. Plaster your allegations, stories, problems, issues, etc, on social media networks, forums, email, websites, etc. What are you wait for? I'm writing this to people like @NORMAN-MEMES-WELL, @FreeThinkingPatriot, @Minutemen-Of-America, @MEMEWARROGER, @Zor, @DarkAlley01x

In Case You Don't Know

09:47 PM - IWA

Do you have to say in case you don't know, hey, in case you don't know, and my name is Joey, in case you don't know, you know, and I eat oatmeal, in case you don't know, and I am a pioneer like Alex Jones, in case you don't know, to be honest, yeah, and I am a man, to be honest, as a matter of fact, as if nothing else is fact.

Tiffany Cumbo

09:51 PM - 170, the house number of Tiffany Cumbo.


09:52 PM - When we get to 414, that was my apartment number at Alder Housing in Portland, Oregon in 2008.

Roman History

09:59 PM - The Optimates Republicans and and the Populares Democrats.


Wikipedia is lying about Gab and Dissenter.

Is Gab's Dissenter based on Brave?

Dissenter is based on Brave. Tommy Robinson used Dissenter.

10:30 PM - 12:30 AM - Nap

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Reason TV

11:13 AM - Stossel: Glenn Beck vs. Big Tech

Fox News

11:23 AM - Tucker: Democrats don't seem happy about impeachment

Liberty Hangout

11:26 AM - Don't Disagree With Us!

Ron Gibson


The Atlantic

05:34 PM - Atomic Veterans Were Silenced for 50 Years. Now, They're Talking.

World Class

06:34 PM - Lady and The Empire |Submit to the High Council Feat. ???

Naomi Brockwell

08:21 PM - EOS creator settles for $24million, KIK fights SEC: The battle of Govt v. ICOs

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


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