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New Laptop

05:04 PM - 2016-08 - August - Month in Review

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2019-09-15 - Sunday

Published - 2019-09-15 - Sunday - 11:59 PM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in September of 2019

Millie Weaver

08:10 AM - Is Generation 'Woke' Even Gonna Vote?

Hong Kong Invasion

08:39 AM - Videos of Nationalists vs Globalists


08:42 AM - @4LoveOfTheRoad, well, some people might say they dislike Bitcoin. So, Bitcoin is a blockchain.

Go After Destroyers

08:47 AM - Trump on Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh should start suing people for libel, or the Justice Department should come to his rescue. The lies being told about him are unbelievable. False Accusations without recrimination. When does it stop? They are trying to influence his opinions. Can’t let that happen!


People need to be held accountable for their lies.

My reply:

Tried, you mean, or pre-crime imprisoned?

Bishop Talbert Swan:

People should start suing you for libel, you pathological lying son of a Klansman.

My reply:

Trump should not try to ban vaping, you are right.

Angela Belcamino:

I believe all women.

My reply:

Wasn't Kavanaugh's wife a female? What did she think?

Before Sunday School

09:00 AM - He has my name. He said he heard about 9/11 when he was like nine. I remember 9/11. Saw it on TV. My mom was watching it. Saw more of it during tenth grade biology class. Our teacher turned it on. I did not see fire. I was expecting the building to fall over or to at least stop falling like a demolition. They found bombs in the basement in 1993. We have questions about what happened. There was a field with a hole and no airplane in like PA. Maybe a missile. Something happened around the Pentagon. On that same day, three NYC buildings collapsed. Fires don't generally destroy buildings. Airplanes don't generally knock over buildings. You have to figure out how hot steel melts at. After that, you need to figure out how a building might get hot enough for it to fall. Then you got to wonder how a building might freefall at that speed. There are many questions to ask.

Sunday School

09:30 AM - There is a cave that people may have died from in or around Israel dating back at least 2,000 years to the time of Christ or maybe after Jesus around 70 A.D or 60 A.D. They called the place like Hell or something like that. We can be the light of the world. Big contrast between light and darkness. We can tell the difference between real and fake like a good film and a movie with too much CGI, special effects, etc. It takes a trained eye. Start with studying the real thing. We are different. People can see the difference in us. They can respect us or society can fall apart.


11:00 AM - We watched a video trailer concerning a new leader for the missionary alliance. We saw the ministries in many countries around the world and that included Vietnam. I was thinking that Chinese faces are wider and Vietnamese taller, and Cambodians in the middle on average. Native Americans look like descendents of India and Egypt, like half Middle Eastern and half black on average, perhaps. We talked about passion and how to get it and spread the light to new people. So, the pastor asked us what we thought and we shared experiences we had in life. Oh, I thought she was 50 and not 69. So, passion can birth and ignite from conviction and it must be maintained through momentum, acceleration, which is better fostered gradually through daily habits from the heart as opposed to from the emotion. So, long term perspective and commitment can be your root in your philosophy, your passion, your steadfastness.

Mike Cernovich

12:52 PM - Mindset Squared Season 2 Episode 1

Bernie Sanders Government

01:13 PM - Twitter


Same as how Alaska is paying their citizens $1000 per month with oil money. But in the case with #Yang2020's plan, data is the new oil. We are the fossils that fuel big data. I don't know about you, but I think it's time to get paid.

My reply:

How many countries have tried this but failed after a few years? Also, who pays for it?

Jenina Crypto

01:20 PM - Twitter

Ned: "Hey, wait, where is my guitar? Time for jamming."

Mad Hatter John McCrypto

Unstoppable Domains

Poverty vs Crime

01:25 PM - Facebook

My question | 11:50 PM - Saturday
Does Poverty Cause Crime or Does Crime Cause Poverty?

Le Khac Truong | 11:52 PM - Saturday

Read Lao Tzu please | Taoism

Jordan D Winslow | 02:19 PM

The wealthy 1% use crime to cause poverty, and that poverty causes individuals to commit crime to support their families.

My reply | 02:48 PM

Socialism can save us?

Freedom vs Safety

01:35 PM - Facebook

But it can violate the 4th amendment which has been already violated by tech cartels, etc. All of our 4th amendment privacy rights have been violated by Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.

Nick Goldman:
03:36 PM - Facebook

Angel Mcvey, yes if they have probable cause but whether they have probable cause gets determined later in court.

Thats why you should never cooperate, but also never resist. Always explicitly say you do not consent to search. If they have probable cause your consent doesn't mean shit. But if it's determined they did not have probable cause, you clearly saying you don't consent basically makes it impossible for the officer or prosecutor to argue that the search was lawful because you somehow consented. And any evidence they find becomes inadmissible.

I agree with Nick.

Nick went on to talk about the cops. Well, cops can be good and bad. Depends on the cop. It seems that too many police can be too leftist. However, others may be more patriotic, conservative. So, that may depend on where you live in America to some extent it seems. It also seems that some of the higher up officers are more Americana. Correct, generally, they should not be searching cars because that may violate the 4th amendment.

Cake Design

02:02 PM - Facebook

Somebody shared a picture of a sloppy cake that was customized by Dairy Queen.

My response:

If you pointed to a specific picture or design for the cake and they failed to meet your expectations, then that can be a problem. As an artist myself, I probably could have done a better job. It is a skill that takes time to develop. So, it is a struggle between quality versus quantity. It's like the differences between generic cookies and home-made mother-loving cookies, home-made meals, etc. It can take more time to make the cake look better. I just care about how the cake tastes. I want to enjoy eating it. But I guess, you also want to take pictures of it, meaning you want it to look good. So, it comes down to how specific you might have been concerning the design of the cake. It also may depend on whether or not they have a money back guaranteed warranty refund policy or whatever the case might be. If I was a lawyer, I might argue that the customer was not specific enough concerning what the customer wanted or that perhaps the customer didn't pay enough money and that a better design would require a higher price tag. But if I was the DA, I might argue that it was already assumed that the cake was supposed to look not too sloppy.

Jessica Renecker, and I agree, and yet that is still an assumption that is built on subjectivity, normality that is or might be relative to what might be expected. So, that may be true. However, I would try to show them specifically how I wanted it to look. If there was no specific design or picture, then it becomes like art and beauty which can be in the eye of the beholder. If I was a defense attorney for the cake decorator, I would argue that the decorator was too busy with other duties and that the cost for a better design requires even more money.

Jessica Renecker, But are there sample cakes of what it is supposed to look like as a ruler?

If Dairy Queen has sample cakes at the store, in a catalog, on paper, on a website, or wherever, and if you can compare what you got with their sample cakes, and if it looks like the gap between the two is perhaps excessively too wide or whatever, then they probably owe you at least a refund for not meeting the requirements. But if there are no samples, then that becomes tougher to determine according to some people at least, arguably speaking, theoretically speaking.

Dairy Queen Question

03:20 PM - Does Dairy Queen have Sample Cakes?


02:40 PM - The Candace Owens Show: Nathan Latka


02:53 PM - Facebook

I got in trouble for a law I never heard of before. They said that if you try to stop a 911 prank call, then you have to go to jail.

TV & Movies Talk

03:01 PM - Facebook

I am a big fan of those shows. I wanted Jon Snow as the king. We all can talk for days about that third episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones, especially. I have heard that Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead will be in some TWD movies someday perhaps or so they said and at least he didn't die. I am happy Negan is not dead. I have seen a little bit of Star Trek Discovery. I love Star Wars, Black Mirror, etc, etc. I am a big fan of like almost everything, but also a critic at the same time. I probably should make even more reviews, videos, and articles about them.

August 2016

05:04 PM - Month In Review


Was washing the dishes. Found more potatoes trees in the big garage. Grabbed the rest of the chips from out there. Had some cereal the same as yesterday and the day before. Opened up a can of cereal.

Joey Jail

06:26 PM - IWA

@FirstCalvary, My dad’s GF yelled at me while I was trying to cook dinner. She went to call 911 and I grabbed the phone from her. So, she pulled out her other phone and called. The police came and asked me if I grabbed the phone from her. I said yes and they took me to jail.

Long-Term Investments

06:44 PM - IWA

@Pippydop, trying Bitcoin can be extremely dangerous, risky. There are different kinds of Bitcoin. There are other cryptocurrencies. There are no guarantees. Some coins may die someday. Some might do good. But you may have to invest in cryptocurrencies like you invest in bonds, stocks, etc, over the course of many decades maybe. It can be extremely confusing. Don't invest in anything you are not willing to lose. You should not invest all your money into cryptocurrencies. You should not really do the day-trading as that is very risky. Some people promote day-trading. I recommend long-term investments into gold, silver, bronze, iron, copper, steel, oil, coal, soil, compost, rocks, filtered water, canned foods, solar power, guns, natural resources, land, houses, cars, trees, gardens, people, minerals, medicines, herbs, books, technology, how-to manuals, advice videos, history, maps, archives, nuts, salt, etc, etc, etc, and also some cryptocurrencies as well on the side, etc.

Overlord DVD

06:51 PM - The Inquisition! Star Trek Discovery! Saturn Awards! WB! Watchmen! | @Overlord DVD, I thought Nerdrotic and Doom Cock were the same person. This takes me back to the Olsen Twins from Full House. | @Overlord DVD, will the girl be a Picard and therefore they can kill Jean Luc? @AgentPepsi1 , what, gay people can't have kids haha? @deedee , is that what call the Star Trek Heaven, the Nexus? @AgentPepsi1 , how about Picard gets the girl but only on the weekends. Deal? @577AllWell , how hard could it be to find an energy drift? Like finding a needle in haystack but in space haha? | @Overlord DVD, maybe the girl is the daughter of Picard and Seven. | Dozens of hours of Rebels and the Clone Wars. | @Overlord DVD , can we get a Star Trek / Star Wars crossover? How about Spock kills the Emperor. | @deedee , logic can be explosive haha. Star Trek Discovery - Lost In Space: Great Idea! | @Overlord DVD, This chat reminds me of the 1990's Yahoo Chat Rooms. | @Darth Bretticus, Star Wars Clone Wars, Season 7, has some hope. | supply and demand can determines salaries, wages. | Salaries can be determined by the marketing, the ads, the ticket pricing, the supply and demand. | More people watch the NBA than the WNBA. | Women can get paid more for being sexy. | @todd smith , I wonder if Mara Jade would become a Mary Sue. Maybe Luke Skywalker will abuse her. Because Me Too.

Teeth Health

08:49 PM - IWA

Teeth Health - Oral Advice

Do teeth cavities come from the outside or the inside?

Millie Weaver

08:10 AM - Is Generation 'Woke' Even Gonna Vote?

Lionel Nation

08:15 AM - I Want to Be A Vegan: What’s Wrong With Cheese?

What’s the Difference Between Vegans and Vegetarians? | I love Steel-Cut Oatmeal, too.

Mike Cernovich

12:52 PM - Mindset Squared Season 2 Episode 1 | Mike Bolen | Travel | @Cernovich | Business | Flat Earth Debunked During Airplane Travel | Phone Service Failed In Romania | Safety in Countries Minus Maybe Place Like Columbia & The Middle East & No-Go Zones in Europe And Some Places in Africa

Russian Today (RT)

01:29 PM - Keiser Report: A Black September? (E1436)

02:08 PM - Thor Skywalker - Everyone loves The Clone Wars... almost (Let's Talk Some Star Wars)

Geeks & Gamers Odin

02:15 PM - IT Chapter 2 Beats Out Female Centric Hustlers

Star Wars Theory

02:17 PM - What if Luke Fought Palpatine? - Star Wars Theory | The Death Star would have blown up during the fight, right?

Geeks & Gamers

02:34 PM - Michael Jackson and Dave Chappelle Continue To Expose Hollywood Corruption | Where is Michael Jackson? Did you see him walking around with Elvis? | I will assume Michael is dead.


02:40 PM - The Candace Owens Show: Nathan Latka

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


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