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2019-08-12 - Monday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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2019-08-12 - Monday - PST - Daily journal:

Sleep from like 2 or 3 to 10 AM.


10:16 AM - Steemit

Juju sounds cool. Perspective, how we see, is key, you're right. I'm sharing your post here because it is awesome. When I lived in Vietnam, I think I got some dengue fever. One of the keys to breaking habits involves replacing it with another habit, good or bad.

Infowars Asia

10:18 AM - IWA - IWA

You can also join our forum as well.

CCC Contest


Chocolate-Chip Cookies

11:24 AM - Steemit

Cook Cakes & Cookies. Wait, no, just cookies. Camp, Cook, & Castration. Wait, no, just cookies. Get your cookies. Yum yum in your tummy. So good. So so good. I love cookies. All kinds of cookies. So, that is why I'm choosing cookies, cheers. Cherishing Casper Cars. Huh. You know, Casper your friendly ghost? A Casper Car would be like a white car. So racist. Wait, no, an invisible car. Captivating Character Cooperation. Yeah yeah. Yum yum for your car. Kitty, I'm suppose to write 200 words about this lol? Tell me when. Tell me when you want my madness called writing to end. I want to party more with those cookies. Casting out concerns, my cheesy people. Calibrating Cheese Cabs. Yum yum. If taxi cabs were made of cheese, then yum yum. What else? Cunny Carbon Chaos? Interesting. Creating Crazy Callers lol. Cloning Computer Cartoons. Citing Century Cats. Wow. So many cats. Too many cooks. Too many books. Just kidding. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold and I love cats. I love cookies. So, what do I know? I know that life is delicious. So, eat it up like they are cookies. That's why CCC is Cats, Cars, & Cookies, just kidding, or am I haha? Hey, anything that can do the body good. That's right. So good. When I say CCC, I am not saying KKK. I taught English in Vietnam and the C sound can sometimes make a K sound or something hard and strong like that. So, I know it can be confusing, chaotic, and Coo Coo. Oh, so let's celebrate with more yummy cookies and oatmeal. Chinese Captain Courts. Chemical Cancer Corn, yum yum. Enjoy life with some cookies. When life gets heart. I mean, hard. Take a break. Yum yum. Do what you can to enjoy life at times. Work hard and play harder.
Chaos, Cancer, & Criminals

There is a lot of chaos and cancer and criminals (CCC) out there. So, do what you can to navigate through those CLOUDS, clots, and cells of confusion. That's life. Enjoy each moment. Take it one step at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time. So, care. Cry. And Cook some yummy cookies for me and send them to me lol. That's right. I'm the real cookie monster.


11:35 AM - IWA

You might get it deleted off this website but there are copies of it, possibly, in many cases, on other websites, collections, servers, computers, etc, etc. So, it is silly to be so obsessed over doing something that is impossible to do without destroying all the computers in the world at the same time. It's a fantasy to live in that kind of world distracted by how things are not.

And it is better to have an online presence for many reasons.

Which is why it is better to keep it up as a way to funnel Internet traffic, like a ninja move, to redirect. People should keep an online presence and keep things up in order to compete with Google Search Results. When there is a void of your presence, then people can lie more and their hit pieces can rise towards the top of the search results and everything else. It can be better, possibly in some cases, potentially, theoretically, and maybe even practically in some cases, to compete with the Internet, the search results, to redirect, to funnel, to at least try to put up your side of the story in order to counter lies, deception, fake news, etc, etc.


11:49 AM - IWA

AKA idol worship, paganism, etc.

Story Arch

11:50 AM - IWA

Can we get some character development, AKA story archs?

Rick Hates Blockchain

11:58 AM - IWA

Rick hates blockchain. @rickMAGAvich, why do you not want things to get better? I talk about how we can do things better. I've been doing this for years. You yell at me and say that I'm an idiot. You talk about Internet 1.0. But what about Internet 3.0? You probably have no idea what I'm talking about. If you do know what it is, then you must be against it. How do I know? Simple. If you knew what it was and if you liked it, then you would be telling people about it. Instead, you talk about how the Internet worked in the 1990's. Your information is 30 years outdated. You seem to be against new ways of doing things. Sadly, Infowars seems not to be following the advice that Gab and Minds gave to David Knight. Other people have talked to David and Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer about new ways of doing things. They are being given the opportunity to look at Internet 3.0 and you are missing out by being arrogant and ignorant of decentralized systems that can get around IP attacks and other things. There are better ways of doing things including IPFS. There are so many great projects rising all around the world in the name of Internet 3.0 which is rising and will be accelerating in the 2020's, and you heard it first from Original Oatmeal, Tomorrow's Tech Today.

Block chain and block coin are like twin brothers. They are not necessarily the same, but they might as well be intertwined as the competition of Rothschild Countering accelerates in the 2020's and I'm here to remind people that you will be seeing this in the next few years.The competition between thousands of cryptocurrencies, including different versions of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, etc, and dozens of different blockchain social networks, IPFS, Bit Torrent, ad-hoc peer to peer Internet 3.0, etc, etc. On top of that, cryptocurrencies serves as long-term investment, etc, but also as a transition, an ability to get your money out of FAILING countries and fiat currencies, etc. You are able to move funds from dollar to a cryptocurrency and then to gold, silver, etc. Crypto serves as that ability to transfer, to exchange, value between fiat and gold and different natural resources, minerals, anything that could represent value, money, property, resources, etc. So, crypto serves many purposes and even if crypto fails, then transfer it into gold, etc, and invest long-term in many different things, not only digital things but other things too and don't keep all your eggs in one basket and again, long-term investments as in multi-decade investments, etc.


Infocomms is public, not private, and it should continue to be public for a variety of reasons.

Zor lives in a fantasy land because you cannot put everything back into the Pandora Box, Toothpaste, etc, because of how the Internet works, etc, and the alternative to what we have on the Infocomms right now is way too counterproductive for a wide variety of reasons.

Breaking Bad

12:05 PM - IWA

It depends on whether you can tell a story from those pictures. I post crazy pictures of myself. But I do it for many reasons. It is like adding spice to a soup. But you have to mix it in there in order to tell a story. Like the character development in Breaking Bad. The first episode is of Walter White in his underwear. So, that could be like Texas Thomas and his guns. It begins bad, possibly. Like Breaking Bad lol. But if you can tell a good story that people can follow and learn from, then it is priceless and gold like a good movie or show..... ummm, unless if you end it badly lol like Game of Thrones haha.

Texas Thomas became the King in Game of Thrones.

Religion Death

02:02 PM - IWA

People who call Pastor Sam not a pastor are globalists.

Beach Fun

02:31 PM - Steemit

Very authentic, fun, beautiful, and timeless.


02:35 PM - Steemit


02:43 PM - Steemit


Exactly. We can all write books about how ironies plagues as it distracts people from understanding sides, perspectives, struggles, issues. Different people struggle with different things as people are not always the same. Plus, we are not all built the same, on the outside as well in the same way cats and elephants don't look the same. Different people may have different bone sizes. Some people are taller. Some people might be wider.

From Within

People can be beautiful and some people can be ugly regardless of how skinny or big they might be or appear to be. Beauty is actually beyond skin-deep. Beauty can radiate from a person's soul, from their eyes, from their presence.


02:51 PM - Steemit

Yes. No. Depends. I like the freedom of speech. So, I don't want to be thrown in jail for anything I write, that is without a trial in a court of law where lawyers can show evidence of how what I said, wrote, filmed, did, drew, photographed, etc, etc, somehow aided or helped in making a crime happen. But beyond that, I would hope that the people that did the crimes get punished and tried before judges before I'm dragged into jail or whatever the consequences are.

Red Internet

03:08 PM - IWA

Fubar, you can be on many different websites. This is not the only forum on the Internet. You can survive. You can spread truth all over the Internet. I'm a Lady Big, not a fly lol.

Fire Within

03:11 PM - IWA

I was speaking on behalf of all witches everywhere. @Minutemen-Of-America, I'm a Lady Bug and not a fly lol. @Bingozee, I speak on behalf of humans everybody. I even speak on behalf of God because Jesus lives inside me. I'm a good Witch. I'm led by the fire and spirit of Christ.

Pastor Sam

03:14 PM - IWA

Pastor Sam helps people. Sadly, people hate how Sam helps people.

Termination Request

03:23 PM - IWA


There should either be an option for users to terminate accounts on the Infocomms or, like Steemit, it should be impossible and stuck on a blockchain, an archive collection in the name of evidence.

But if @hxtr did ask for his profile on IWA to be disabled or removed, he should have done so in a private message.

Regardless, there should be a private conversation between the users and the moderators for verification, confirmation, in order to confirm and verify that the request is authentic and not satire or sarcastic or deceptive or incomplete or some kind of irony, etc, etc, which you are more likely to find in a comment that is public, that the world can see, as opposed to a private conversation, a private message (PM), assuming Hxtr did not do that. If Hxtr did ask for that account to be removed via a private message, then that is good. If he only asked via a public comment or whatever that is public, keyword public and not private, then that might be problematic or dangerous, etc.


05:00 PM - 07:00 PM - Transition. Music. Movie Con Air. Remember that film? My cousin Nathan. Son of Abraham. In the Bible. Animals. Farms. Roosters at Rooster. Sundae. Regret that. Not so good. Usually do unless if it is real ice-cream. Make better choices. Help until better alternatives arrive. Expansion. Younger. Older. Different levels. Privilege and not right. Rules. Let people in until they forfeit those rights. Safety versus freedoms. Things are changing. Good and bad things. Big problems. Fries too. Good and bad things are happening. Long story. Good meet for people. Cook. Farms. Independence. Points. Reward them. Fun nights once a month or whenever.


07:00 PM - 09:00 PM - Big Garage. Potatoes. Onions. Spoiling. Flies. Potatoes were bleeding. Swept. Mopped. Scrubbed. Dusted. Containers. Boxes. Food. The shelf. Moved things around. Trees growing out of the potatoes. Old food went into the compose. Interesting conversations all day and the past month as well. Travel. Life. Airplanes. Rules. DNA Disrupter.


09:30 PM - The FBI and NYPD RAID Jeffrey Epstein‘s island! - IWA

This just in. The FBI have found that the island had no intent to hurt girls just like when James Comey declared that Hillary Clinton had no criminal intent to lose emails to China and others. I'm impressed with that 1965 James Bond Thunderball trailer so much that I'm thinking about watching it online for free.

The Amazing Lucas

10:23 PM - Rocko's Modern Life - Ma'am Edition - IWA

Father Bingozee

10:53 PM - IWA

Too late. I already went full retard. Now, I can't put the retard back into the Retard Toothpaste. @KingOfTheYinzers, I downloaded that Bingozee Exposed Picture you shared here and I'm using it on my Hit-Piece Revenge-Posts that I write on my Steemit Blog, on the Internet, concerning Bingozee who is Actually My Biological Father. But please don't all pile on top of me all at once, because I'm retarded and that's ok because that's liberal, gotta be tolerant of your Retarded Oatmeal Friends and Gay Frogs. Oh, gotta keep the baby comfortable while we murder them.

Pastor Sam

11:02 PM - IWA

People can call me Fake Oatmeal because I have different names, identities, Pen Names, Personas, which I've been known for and known by for all my life and I could list you dozens of names and I'm not the only person with these different names and characters and different voices, meaning Sam is no less a pastor than I'm no less an oatmeal and that guy from New Jersey is not Sam and Sam is a pastor and I'm a pastor too.

If there isn't already, there should be a digital call log that is similar to what you find on smart phones. Now, analog call logs may have limits. That's the old way of doing things. Infowars could, if they want, assuming they don't already have it, a virtual phone system as opposed to strictly analog or strictly hardware-limited or hardware-structured. All I'm saying is that there are ways of saving the phone logs on hard drives as long as you have the phone-system funneled through computers, servers. That can be hard to do but not impossible. The log can have timestamps that can match the timestamps of when callers log in. If software is not already cross-referencing to figure those things out automatically, then people could go in and do it manually. It would only take about one minute to do.

How to do it:

  1. Step one, find the call log.
  2. Step two, find the timestamps in the log.
  3. Step three, sync the log timestamps with the show's timestamps.
  4. On the show, go to the place where the caller called in.
  5. Then match that time with the list.
  6. Find that exact timestamp location on the call log.
  7. If you are able to sync the show clock, the videos, with the call log, then that would verify who the caller was from New Jersey.
  8. Then repeat those steps with Pastor Sam.

But then again, people can have multiple phone numbers. People can also have virtual numbers that may appear to be coming from states you are not in. People can sound like different people sometimes. So, people could do all these things and yet it may not prove necessarily the identities of people. It could maybe. But it depends.

Was Hxtr a pastor or what was stolen?

If Sam stole stuff, call the cops.

Info Moms

11:43 PM - IWA

Taking back the home by rebuilding the mom.


11:47 PM - Steemit

I love fish. That's awesome. Good idea. More people should fish and farm and garden. Get out there into the woods and out of the cities. Make Jungles Great Again.


11:48 PM - Steemit

Cute. Someday, when I become famous, I might become a pony too. I cannot wait.


11:53 PM - Steemit

I believe in Free Markets. I don't believe in sharing. If you want to call me a monster for stealing, taking, etc, then go at it. Make hit-pieces calling me a monster for being greedy, etc. Yes, I'm very greedy. I will always be greedy. I love competition. You could try to kill me for being so greedy. But regardless, I'm going to continue to try to take and take.


11:56 PM - Steemit

Why not a wireless keyboard in your bed with a laptop or monitor and desktop on a table or something nearby?

Naomi Brockwell

11:59 PM - My Crypto Chocolate Machine - IWA


Thunderball (1965) Official Trailer - Sean Connery James Bond Movie HD

Pastor Sam

09:53 PM - IWA


How is Pastor Sam Fake?

What is your evidence?

Are you promoting Fake News?

Which pastors do you like?

If you can't tell me which pastors you do like, then that is a red flag that says you have problems with pastors in general and not necessarily with only Sam. You might not like Sam. But Sam is a pastor. When people say Sam is not a pastor, they do so through redefining what it means to be a shepherd to refer more specifically to specific roles in specific places while excluding the more general idea of helping people as a leader of flocks.

Resistance 1776

02:01 PM - 🚨◄ Alex J0nes (Segments 1 and 2) • Mon • August 12th, 2019 ►🚨

2019-08-12 - Monday

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Joe Rogan

02:00 PM - Joe Rogan Experience #874 - Scott Adams


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09:30 PM - The FBI and NYPD RAID Jeffrey Epstein‘s island!

This just in. The FBI have found that the island had no intent to hurt girls just like when James Comey declared that Hillary Clinton had no criminal intent to lose emails to China and others.

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