Favorite Websites - Version 001 | Jeffrey Epstein is dead? Mass Resistance Against Children Destruction. Facebook is surveillance monster feeding on our personal data - Richard Stallman. Zionist Trump Debate. Picard Talk.

Favorite Websites

Version 001 - CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE - Drudge Report - Answers In Genesis - Kaitlin Bennett - Liberty Hangout - Press For Truth - Tommy Robinson - Stefan Molyneux - Laura Loomer - Info Wars - Culture Wars - This is a rough draft of some of my favorite websites, links, sites, networks, places, on the Internet, relating to world news, history, the information war, etc. These are some of my bookmarks. This is a sequel update from a previous post. What are your favorite websites?

2019-08-10 - Saturday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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2019-08-10 - Saturday - PST - Daily journal:


12:27 AM - Steemit

Love your post. I'm still breathing normally because I'm Doctor Oatmeal lol. Now, specifically, hypothetically, I would love to get a Brain Phone, Doctor Musk. Theoretically, Musk I say more haha? But seriously, practically, in reality, sticking a smart chip or smart phone into your brain sounds awesome, but it can ruin the human experience. There are many reasons why I say that. There are many examples to why and how that works. I should probably write books and Steemit posts on it. One example would be in that Adam Sandler movie called Click where he had a remote where he could fast-forward though his life and therefore he would miss his life. If you were part Borg and were able to experience less pain, that may lead to less character development.

Clear as Mud

Beyond that, and at the same time, what if the tech malfunctions? What if we become part of the Matrix? Would there be side-effects? Would there be backdoors? Would there be remote access into your brain which could then conduct mind-control? What else could go wrong? Are there reasons why they are trying to stick tracking devices and other things into our bodies and everything? Why have they been sticking chips in and on animals, patients, inmates, soldiers, employees, children, etc? Great questions. I like to have my own gardens. I love jungles. I want to stay as natural as possible. I'm against 5G. I'm against tech cartels. I'm against bigger government and Big Pharma. I love Batman. I love super heroes.


12:29 AM - Steemit

Earth Custodians: AI Can Predict With 95% Accuracy If You Will Quit Your Job.

Dream Chip

12:30 AM - Steemit - YouTube - IWA

I think I met Richard Stallman once. I like what he says. I agree in decentralization. Make privacy great again, the 4th amendment. Increase options, choices, for people.

Pretending to Hide

12:42 AM - IWA


If you used your real name here, I might be able to find things about you. If you hide behind a pen name, then you live in ignorance because you are pretending as if people don't know you. So, basically, your identity is no better than Q, stuck in the black market, which makes you no better than Alex Jones in that you have diminished ability to defend yourself and yet you let other people blackmail you and dox you and set you up someday, etc, etc, if they want and it will be harder for you to counter without an online presence and that is business and marketing 101 for you.

Value in Blogging

12:59 AM - IWA


I blog as much as I can.


There are many reasons why I journal. I do it for me. I do it for other people.


I believe in doing it for many reasons. I try to remember my life. When I fail to write it down, I fail to remember it in some cases. I write down the exact minute something happened. I archive photos, videos, memes, GIFs, articles, posts, links, ideas, comments, messages, questions, answers, activities, threads, memories, etc, etc.


I have an outline of every year in my life since my birth in Oregon in 1985.


I am writing it on Steemit and on many websites and have been for years. If I fail to log it, then I may dodge it or hog it. It is harder to learn from history if you don't know it.

History Loop

It can be harder to understand world history if you don't understand your own psychology, anthropology, sociology, theology, spirituality, emotions, heart, your motives, and especially your character development, the story archs.

Aspects of Love

So, I study my life in order to empathize, sympathize, relate, apply, to, for, from, through, other people, life, and everything. Don't dwell in the past.

Life Adventure

Learn from life. Move on. I do many things. I like what I do. Many different things. I write, draw, film, sing, etc, etc. I try to do stuff. I believe in what I do.


I can be wrong. I admit to being wrong. I write it down. I change. I evolve. I am always evaluating things. I like what I do. I believe in certain eternal principles, that is original oatmeal, as in absolute truth, which serves as my foundation to my life. I do what I do to encourage, educate, entertain, equip, emulate, etc, people or whatever.

Without Warning

I can forget things at any time. Anything. Sometimes, I play games in my head. If I forget something I know that I know, then I play games to figure out how I can remember it without Google or without asking somebody or whatever.

Who is Bob Saget?

If I forget the name of an actor from Full House, for example, then I try to play a game. For example, you could think of Robert Barnes, Bob The Builder, Bobby's World, etc. What rhymes with Rob, Hob, Sob, Cob, Dobb, Mob, etc?

Captain Hook

I try to find hooks or connections. I think and I ponder because that helps my brain get smarter to a higher IQ. So, I can forget phone numbers, dates, etc, too, like Bingozee said. Many people struggle.

Brain Phones

Smart phones and many things hurt people. When we use only calculators to do math, we lose our brain.


So, there is value in journals, blogs, diaries, autobiographies, logs, etc. Priceless. Delicious.


01:20 AM - 02:50 AM - Sleeping

LIfe may or may not last forever. But you cannot do anything about it either way. You can have purpose which can be found in Christianity, even if there is no God. It is a win-win situation.

War Room

03:10 AM - WarRoom (Full Show) • Fri • August 9th, 2019

Mass Resistance Againt Children Destruction.


01:20 AM - 02:50 AM
05:00 AM - 10:30 AM


10:46 AM - IWA


irrelevant and besides the point. You are retarded as you are unable to see how China has the keys to the cloud of Apple and to many different things, backdoors, remote access, as tech cartels among others.


10:53 AM IWA

A realist would say that publishing votes may be less effective when compared to starting groups, to educating, like you said, when you compare, when you contrast, in perspective, and it can be better to phrase things that ways to encourage and we do not know everything which means never say never and do not say cannot this or cannot that because sometimes you can be wrong and you can still be right most of the time and yet it is a dangerous habit and there are side effects to talking like that in the psychology of other people as it hurts them and many things if you take the time to study that and that is the problem and I believe in motivating people in focusing on what we can do to start with but without trying to play God excessively in declaring like people do in what may or may not be possible. For example, some people probably said in the 1800's that humans cannot fly and yet we can.


11:11 AM - My Room

Mom gave me an egg salad breakfast & then talked about my heredity which is partly strong like my dad and possibly not as gorilla like my mom. But I went ahead to ask her what she means to see if there is something she knows that I don't. She compared me to what she called other people my age and then walked away. However, that may not be primarily or merely or only a heredity thing. There are a few things to consider. I told her she might be inaccurate and then she walked away. I can tell you that there are a few things to consider, things relating to me and to other people. If you compare me to men with bigger muscles and who run around and work and exercise all day, then of course I may fall apart and get tired faster than they do. But if you compare me a skinny nerd, I might have more endurance. I might be too out of shape. I might be sitting at a computer all day and that means I'm out of shape and could do better which means probably not entirely heredity based.

Craig Mason

11:23 AM - YouTube

Reasonable Conversation - Saturday LIVE No Frickin' Good Old Days Edition

Deny Reality

11:29 AM - IWA

Vitt loves 1984 and works for China because Vitt denies it when I talk about real problems and how they can blackmail people and dox people and go after people and an online presence helps counter that and Vitt denies that it would seem which is an inversion of reality as people do run into these issues and Vitt ignores these issues and attacks Alex Jones who agrees with as Alex has said what I am trying to say and what Vitt say goes against some of what Alex said many times which could mean Vitt does not listen to what Alex says among others.

Lionel Nation

11:35 AM - Special Live Stream: Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead Through "Apparent Suicide" - Why have they been unable to murder Trump if they were able to kill Epstein it would seem?

Zionist Trump?

11:53 AM - Steemit

Free Born Angel said Trump "works for the Zionists." I strongly disagree and I could write a book about how you are mistaken. You either know you are mistaken or you may need more information. Regardless, you are saying this. That is too bad that you mislead people.


11:57 AM - Steemit

Will it do it better than Discovery and Last Jedi?

Car Motorcycle

12:17 PM - Steemit

It is dangerous as it encourages people to own less, to have less, to be less, and to rent more, to live in smaller boxes and drive in smaller boxes. I will call it a covered motorcycle. It's nice to have them as secondary vehicles but not as your only car. I prefer cars with four wheels. I prefer bigger streets. I lived in Vietnam and people there would like this too. It looks like a smart car or dumb car lol.

Jeffrey Epstein

12:21 PM - Steemit - IWA

What should we say to Trump concerning this?

On Twitter, some people are using the hashtag


@GreggHuestis67: #JefferyEpstein Found Dead...

Lost Bowl

Oh, under another bowl. Looked like one bowl.

Overlord DVD

03:03 PM - Why Disney is Destroying Star Wars: The Latest Rumor!

Fake Pastors

03:59 PM - IWA


why are you saying @PastorSam is not a pastor? What does that mean? Do you mean that he does not help people ever?


great video, good ideas in that video. In that video, Pastor Sam called into the Alex Jones Show. They talked about launching Infowars Mexico or Infowars Spanish or Infowars Taco.

Pastor Sam is a pastor. He has said he is not a pastor because he doesn't like the appearance of being above other people. He doesn't like looking down at people. He likes being down to earth. So, he prefers Brother Sam over Pastor Sam.


why are you promoting globalism?

why are you against Americana so much?

do you really hate Chicago that much?

why are you ignoring history?

are you ignorant of history and of how bad things happen everywhere?

do you understand why Joe Biggs is going to Portland?

do you refuse to listen to Owen Shroyer?

were you not listening to what Joe Biggs said?

how is the second amendment bad optics?

but the cops did nothing wrong, right?

Super Derpy

09:10 PM - IWA

MOA: "@VRfluxx @joey Joey goes super derp in a topic that goes over 100 posts. Then like a fly to shit @Leviticus comes in."

@DEPLORABLE_HILL hates pastors.

@Minutemen-Of-America, yup, I'm super derpy.

Choosing Suicide?

09:12 PM - IWA

Should we talk about what to do or what not to do? We are not on the same side if I'm trying to talk about what to do while you are talking about what not to do, a negative, only, merely, that is in and of itself in isolation, if it leads down towards a path of pacifism, nihilism, complacency, death, hopelessness, inactivity, destruction, no plans, no alternatives, no dreams, no goals, no nothing and keyword alternatives.

Brandon Tatum

09:37 PM - YouTube

Jeffrey Is Gone & Red Flag Laws My A**

Conspiracy Analyst


12:33 AM - Facebook is surveillance monster feeding on our personal data - Richard Stallman

Our world today may be a high-tech wonderland, but we, the users, own nothing in it, with our personal data being the new oil for Big Tech. How do we break its grip on our digital lives? We asked Richard Stallman, the founder and leader of the Free Software Movement.

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