Grass Day. Front Yard. Bricks. Over Sewer Thing. If you don't play with words, then words will play with you. Trump is wrong because we already have background checks and choice plays a factor. Elise Blake - Rob, you found my long lost daughter. If I had a daughter. I should get busy on that. Elise Blake is brilliant. I've not seen her before until now. This is like a river dance of words. That nice kind of quiet. Liberty Hangout - Teacher Admits to Indoctrinating Students.

January 2016

Was trying to extend my visa since December of 2015. I was teaching with FYG English. I would teach for free at the 23/9 park during my free time. Lego Mark was helping me with my phone. I tried many times to extend my visa via the help of different travel agencies, Rom, Anna Barbie, FYG, and others. I even went to the immigration department and they didn't say much. I was told that I might be on a blacklist, since December 2015 and yet they were not saying what kind of blacklist and why. Famous Hit Girl Video. Shower Question. District 7 Student. Tomkins. Hello. Great comments, Ron. Soren suggested I go into acting in Vietnam.

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2019-08-09 - Friday

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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2019-08-09 - Friday - PST - Daily journal:


11:00 AM - Facebook - Twitter - IWA

If you don't play with words, then words will play with you.

Ginger Bread House

12:12 AM - Steemit

Kale Mandra: You must know the tale Hansel and Gretel written by Grimm. Well, the gingerbread house of the evil witch exists in Bárna, Hungary!


12:14 AM - Steemit

Elsie K Jay made a video about death. See, we don't have to be scared of death, that is if we can discover purpose, joy, meaning, and oatmeal.


12:25 AM - IWA

Well said my writing improved. I don't know why he wrote that. It depends on whether or not you read stuff I wrote on other websites or not. If you have not taken the time to Google me to see what I write on different websites the past twenty years to see the wide variety in what I do, then you don't know.

You will never know. You don't know me. I have no profile picture. You did not Google me. Therefore, I'm nobody to you. That means your fake compliment is irrelevant. Now, it would have been a real compliment. But you cannot compare me to other people. I just joined Infocomms a week ago. I was never on Infocomms before August 2019. You cannot say otherwise because you would have to do some research in order to know whether or not that is accurate or not. So, there is a lot of deception going on here. If you care about something, you can Google things. If you say you don't want to Google, then that means you are very apathetic and a bunch of other things too, possibly. I'll be writing books about those things. But don't worry, you will never see them. If you want to know something, you can know something. When I want to know something, I go out there to know it. So, that tells me that you don't really want to know certain things. You don't really seem to care about certain things. You're lacking passion. You're lacking oatmeal. You live inside a Leviticus Paradox, a Bingozee Book, a Rothschild Loving Vortex of contradictions.

Now, you are lying about lying by making up a new lie about what you already said. You are trying to cover up for what you already wrote. You didn't really mean what you wrote earlier.

Apathy ruins society. That is a problem that my generation has, not yours. You might as well be on Facebook because you have the same mentality they have. You live inside a bubble.

Well said that is ok as God made them. Yes. Ok. If that is all you ever want to be known for in life. Then you can be the bubble boy. He said that is ok. We are to be in the world and not of the world. You can live on top of poles like monks did. You can beat righteousness into your bloody back like monks did with whips. You can choose to break out of bubbles and become salt and light to a dark world that needs you. Theb, Well said that is irrelevant.

Being salt & light is irrelevant. We should live in bubbles. We should not influence society at all.

Orange Man Bad.

Phone Number

12:31 AM - IWA

We talked about whether or not people should publish their phone numbers on the Internet or not. Leviticus suggested that I publish my number. But I already did do that. If you don't know that, then you don't know anything. You can find my number on the Internet. I've posted it many times. Many different websites. You just have to Google me to find things out about me. I've been doing this for so many years. If you don't know that, you are no better than people who act surprised to find out that Alex Jones has a website called Infowars.

Our Cartoon President

11:30 PM - Thursday - 02:36 AM - Friday - S01E18 - Last Episode of Season 1

Last episode of season 1 is twice as long, 42 minutes long, and it opens with how Trump could be stopped if Democrats felt like voting.


Don Jr and his wife, on Halloween 2018, goes into the abandon building and he says that sometimes you can hear Hillary deleting her emails. Then you see a shadow. He said that Hillary went crazy down here.


Pelosi & Chuck talk to AOC & told AOC that she reminded them of Obama in 2004 and that Obama went on to get a great deal with NetFlix.


Don Jr wakes up singing that it is collusion day in 2016. Flashbacks. Back in 2018, Don Jr tells his dad he is sad that if Trump is no longer president, then we won't get Space Force and ISIS will turn the sky Muslim. Don Jr sings about fear which can help Trump win 2018. What a lie in reality.


01:40 AM - IWA

Well asked why some people are depicted in good light in Our Cartoon President and yet Trump is not. Good question. This show mocks Trump. It's made by leftists. Hillary Clinton left the house. Bill told her that she better lock him up somewhere or else he will do something bad. In reality, Hillary is worse than Bill. But the show was written for leftists who may know Bill was caught with Monica and yet they may not know more than that. I watch this show in order to study what the leftists are thinking. I study psychology, anthropology, world history, etc.

Nude Wedding. Melania marries Robert Mueller in Trump's dream.

Trump in his safe space.

Hillary Clinton Statue. In this cartoon, they say Hillary Clinton made this statue in 2016 as she was expecting to win. But then Trump won. Trump Jr and Eric found this statue and stole it and brought it here. It's a robot statue of Hillary Clinton.

Smoking Obama.

Hillary Clinton: It's time to Pokemon Go Eat Donald Trump.

Putin hacked the Hillary Bot to stop it & save the day.


02:38 AM - 09:30 AM = apx. 7 hours


09:55 AM - IWA

Graphic design can be time consuming, especially 3D animation. I've done some. But regardless, art is a beautiful thing for sure.

Gun Debate

09:56 AM - YouTube - White House

Trump is wrong because we already have background checks and choice plays a factor.


09:59 AM - IWA

Post videos here - click here to see more.

Phone Debate

10:07 AM - IWA

A phone number is no big deal. It is just a SIM card that you can take out of your phone. In Vietnam, I had at least 4 SIM cards at the same time, that is 4 numbers, sometimes 2 numbers or more per phone. So, as long as you can remove SIM cards from your phone. As long as you can remove and replace batteries from your phones, also.

Vitt is wrong. Think about it. A phone number is in a SIM card. You can take SIM cards out of phones. A number is not connected to a phone with a removable SIM card option any more than a web browser is connected to an operating system.


10:34 AM - IWA

Yes. Agreed. Devoid. Culture plays fundamental roles. Yes, it is not just about the guns. Life is fundamentally spiritual. Mental illness stems from leftism, etc. Eugenicists are trying to use that symptom as an excuse to continue in the extermination of retarded people which is what Hitler did. It is the 2030 Agenda among other things.

The Walking Americans

They try to turn us into zombies and they promote The Walking Dead and other shows and movies to brain wash us towards murdering Nazis, Antifa, Trump Supporters, illegal Immigrants, blacks, whites, Mexicans, aliens, humans, animals, clowns, etc, etc, in their falsification and mutation of the left and the right of what is right and wrong, as they invert reality: divide and conquer is what they try to do.

Keep in mind that, to some extent, news didn't advertise the mass shootings, and other big crimes, as much, in the past, in history, as you go back in time, and broadcasting has been infiltrated, taken over as well for many decades now at the same time and therefore we have been like boiling frogs for too many decades and that is the hard part.

It's tough as even old people may not know enough about how life might have been in the late 1800's or possibly even early 1800's. Well, I would even go back to the early 1700's as many patriots at that time chose to be part of the American Revolution, 1776, and they became like Israel when they escaped Egypt. But the problem is that future generations can forget how America escaped England in some ways.

So, history is so valuable.

Elise Blake

10:37 AM - IWA - YouTube

Rob, you found my long lost daughter. If I had a daughter. I should get busy on that. Elise Blake is brilliant. I've not seen her before until now. This is like a river dance of words. That nice kind of quiet.


11:00 AM - If you don't play with words, then words will play with you. Tour. Gardens. Seattle. Sally Field actress. Ear phones work. Airplane. History. Autobiography. Harmony. Perspectives. Meat. Farms. Road trips. Ears. Health. Plans. Borrow book. Old book. Sunday School. Teacher. Son. Philosophy. Thinking. Talk. Around house. Few minutes.

Liberty Hangout

11:09 AM - Teacher Admits to Indoctrinating Students

Phone Debate

11:19 AM - IWA

Ben Oaks talked about how we should not share phone numbers online. I strongly disagree for a bunch of reasons. Phone numbers are not that important. Like email addresses. I have had so many email addresses. A phone number is not the same as a house address. It depends, perhaps. But people become too dependent on the wrong phones and wrong phone plans in the same they get lost in the wrong operating systems on their computers and devices. Freedom comes from understanding how these things work. A phone number can be like an anonymous pen name on the Internet. At any time, you can change your phone number.

Smart City Debate

11:33 AM - IWA - @greatgonzochops,

I grew up in a small logging town outside Portland, Oregon. Now, living outside of Seattle. Smaller cities are generally more conservatives. Make farmers great again. So, it is more red out in the countryside. When I lived in PDX, I noticed the differences. When I've visited Seattle, I've seen similarities as larger cities are similar, globally. I can compare Seattle with Saigon, Vietnam, even. I like larger cities. I enjoyed living in Saigon for 5 years. But smart cities are as bad as smart phones. It's dangerous. It can become like Nazi Death Camps, etc, etc. Well, it depends on who controls the larger centralized hubs (metros) of civilization(s), internationally. It depends on many things. I prefer decentralized systems, free markets, etc.

Steven Crowder

11:35 AM - 522 EXPOSING MEDIA’S MASS SHOOTING LIES! | Dan Crenshaw Guests | Louder with Crowder

Alex Jones

11:39 AM - Alex Jones (Segments 1 and 2) • Fri • August 9th, 2019

Yard Work

12:00 PM - 07:10 PM

Dug. Swept. Raked. Put bricks back. Made a line. Helped out. Filtered dirt. Shifted. Levelled ground. Put on soil. Minerals. Top soil. Planted grass seeds. We watered the grass. Front yard. Over the new sewer thing. Put rocks near bushes. Weeded. We found the sprinkler thing for garden watering and car washing.

Overlord DVD

07:41 - 40,000 Subscriber Celebration: Friday Night Frolics!

Talk about Doctor Who. @AgentPepsi1 talked about making Arnold the next doctor. Great idea, and he can say at the end of each episode, i'll be back. I could do it as I can talk brittly. Star Wars: watch it episode 9 online for free like i will for educational purposes only. REY = ANI's MOM. Public domain or fair use. @orchNEStra yes doom risk yeaaaaaaaa.

Banned Oatmeal

10:19 PM - IWA

What? Who? I am new here. I do not know that weirdo. I am a new person. I do not eat oatmeal. I just joined this website yesterday. That guy was banned. His IP address was banned as well. That means, he cannot be here. It is impossible. Because proxies and DNS and encryption, etc, does not exist.

Home Alone Online.

Black Pilled

10:21 PM - IWA


Are you black-pilled beyond repair?

Phone Debate

10:33 PM - IWA

If you cannot take a SIM Card out of your phone, then you have a problem. @Vitt is promoting half-truths. Vitt is talking about only half of the story. Why? Because it depends on the phones. In regards to newer phones, AKA smart phones, some of what Vitt is saying is more likely. Now, it depends on a few things. It depends on backdoors and remote access from, for, through, and by governments, tech cartels, etc. If your phone uses Apple, Microsoft, Google's Android, etc, AKA the tech cartels, then you are risking more. A lot more. Software wise. And then on top of that, it also depends on the hardware. Keep those two things in mind. Hardware and software. Make sure you can replace your battery and SIM card. Yes, some phones do not have SIM cards. That is a problem. By the way, you can download apps that can give you virtual phone numbers. I've been using Talkatone. You can download Talkatone as a second phone number on your phone. You can try other apps on phones and computers, etc. Again, it depends on the software and hardware. Try to stay away from tech cartels as much as you can in regards to hardware and software. Make sure you can replace the parts in your phones, computers, televisions, etc, etc. The more you cannot replace, then the smarter or dumber and more Big Brother and bad and dangerous it becomes, probably, generally.


10:40 PM - IWA

I ride shirtless on horses with Putin & Alex Jones.


10:47 PM - IWA

I began hearing static during phone calls, things like you said, since the 1990's in Oregon. I always felt like people were watching me. Sometimes, actually, you're not crazy when you feel like that. You should not go to the crazy hospital. Sometimes, people are listening, etc.


10:49 PM - IWA

Leviticus Falwell has been saying that I rape girls in Vietnam or that I did. But I didn't. Now, he has been spreading lies like that since as early as 2018. Others have been spreadin similar slander, fake news, accusation, hearsay, about me since 2013 or possibly earlier than that. I've been writing about this online a little. I've been making videos about it too. So, I've been trying to defend myself. It is important to do that. If people lie about you, then you should take a stand and call it out. Don't let people bully you no matter what. It doesn't matter if Lev is joking or not. It is dangerous and hurtful. He should be held liable for attacking my reputation, character, integrity, etc. Sometimes, I respond to what people liek Lev says. For example, today, I responded to Lev with an inversion reality.

That is why they keep on banning me from the Infocomms.

Just kidding.

Inversion of reality.

I am currently reviewing January of 2016, that is my 4th year in Vietnam. Yeah, Vitt, so, yeah, girls are like hey what do you call this thingy. Wait, what is this in English. Wait, hold on. What is this. Oh my God, what is this. Never mind their fountain of youth that makes a 35 year old Asian look like they are 20. Let's pretend they are all 12 and not 22.

Good thing people never ever Google my name. Good thing over-sharing is irrelevant, @Vitt, lol, totally irrelevant, because if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, then does it make a sound, or if an Oatmeal posts a blog on Steemit and nobody is there to read it, then does it matter and is it really over-sharing if there is nobody there to share it with, you feeling me? Can you feel me up like the TSA do feel you up at airports, violating the 4th amendment, oh yes, I got balls, basketballs, I wanna be like Mike Not Obama Jordan.


11:47 PM - IWA

That's good. I moved to Vietnam in 2012 with a three month visa and I extended that visa 2 times. Then, in August of 2013, went to Cambodia to make a new Vietnam visa. I extended that visa every three months for about 5 times in a row until March 2015. So, I did not leave Vietnam every three months like some foreigners do. Many people say to me that you have to come into the country and then leave after three months to make a new visa. Most tourists and aliens would say that. I would tell them that I did not. I would instead extend my visa without leaving the country.

Gun Debate

09:56 AM - YouTube - White House

Trump is wrong because we already have background checks and choice plays a factor.

2019-08-09 - Friday

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Elise Blake

10:37 AM - IWA - YouTube

Rob, you found my long lost daughter. If I had a daughter. I should get busy on that. Elise Blake is brilliant. I've not seen her before until now. This is like a river dance of words. That nice kind of quiet.

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