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After-Crime Over PRE-CRIME. Our Cartoon President S01E06. What is the Infocomms? Area 51 Raid Debate. Oatmeal Joey in a hot tub time machine meme. Bingozee is Oatmeal Joey back from the future?

The White House

10:40 AM - President Trump Meets with Survivors of Religious Persecution - 24:45 Minutes - Published on Jul 17, 2019 on YouTube - In the White House - Right before Trump went to his North Carolina Rally - Trump met with religious represenatives from around the world, pastors, leaders, of different religions; including Paula White, a Holocaust survivor, a lady who escaped ISIS; there were people from Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Africa, etc.



Naomi Brockwell

05:21 PM - Day 2 Libra Hearing Highlights: Shitcoins, not crypto, and word play - Today was day 2 of hearings for Facebook: The U.S. House Financial Services Committee hosted a hearing on Libra, and there were actually some pretty great moments!
I gathered some of my highlights of the almost 7 hour hearing.

Huong Thu Nguyen reminds me of one of my students from like 2013.

By Oatmeal Joey

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The Resistance 1776

🚨◄ Alex J0nes (Full Show) • Thu • July 18th, 2019 ►🚨

Some highlights from 2019-07-18 - Thursday, as follows:


2019-07-18 - Thursday - 12:45 AM - 01:52 AM - Our Cartoon President S01E06


Anderson Cooper

Don't drop the ball, Trump, politically.

Cartoon Trump tries to pay off Stormy Daniel.

Real Trump gets the prostitute to pay him.

That's how good he is.

Basketball Predictions: Bulls in seven.

Hope Hicks.

Drag Queen Ted Cruz Story Hour Time.

Find your dad.

Trump falls over like Hillary Clinton.

Make North Dakota Great Again.

Cartoon Trump says he is like 98% Indian.

Like Elizabeth Warren.

Cartoon Trump: I'm not telling you crow bar lovers to crush the heads of the fake news media.

Cartoon Trump: But let's just say they're full of candy.

In real life, it's the opposite.

Bad people tell us to murder Trump Supporters, etc.

Sarah Sanders: I don't carry Infowars nutrition bars between my legs.

I'm ONLY half man. Unlike Big Mike.

Fake News Reporters.

Eye Rolling Jokes.

Cartoon Trump promotes box-office flop of Oprah's, Wrinkle in Time.

A ghost. No. Sarah Sanders lol.

Cartoon Trump acts like Real Obama.

Real Obama met with the fake news and big tech.

Many times as friends.

Mad Cow Disease.

Anderson Cooper said that they will only report facts as they see it.

Some vaccines make me fat.

Sarah Sanders becomes Weinstein Epstein Soros & forces Melania Trump to watch cannibalism which is involved in child trafficking, slavery, murder, prostitution, in the real world.

Only thing worse, they say, is Ted Cruz.

Pelosi congratulates Melania Trump for killing her face which is something Pelosi did a long time ago.

Turtle Time.

Pelosi said that everyone in Washington kills their face.

But that you also have to kill your thoughts as well.

Cartoon media ran away from Trump.

In real life, the opposite happens.

At the end, Trump united back with the media like Batman & the Joker, a love-hate relationship. Melania got her face back, resurrected from the dead.


2019-07-18 - Thursday - 12:45 AM - 01:52 AM - Our Cartoon President S01E06

The White House

10:40 AM - President Trump Meets with Survivors of Religious Persecution - 24:45 Minutes - Published on Jul 17, 2019 on YouTube - In the White House - Right before Trump went to his North Carolina Rally - Trump met with religious represenatives from around the world, pastors, leaders, of different religions; including Paula White, a Holocaust survivor, a lady who escaped ISIS; there were people from Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Africa, etc.

They mentioned South America, Syria, Europe, etc. Many of them were fighting for the attention of Trump. They all wanted to talk about how they needed help. In many cases, governments murdered their family members, etc. In China, they imprison Buddhists, and especially Christians who are persecuted and murdered globally more than other religions, historically and currently. In China, they harvest organs. Individuals should always try to help people.

You should NOT violate the Separation of Church & State.

The U.S. should not really be trying to solve these problems. If America has to choose between this and a worse alternative, then please choose the former and not the latter. It depends on your choices. Jihadism & Sharia violates the Separation of Church & State. We should always push governments to not prohibit religion. Islamic states did that. The Roman Empire required people to be Catholic. Another issue is that of welfare.

Actually, the United States of America should focus on helping Americans first, if anybody at all, as opposed to trying to help the world. We normalize helping the world which then tricks people into accepting the United Nation (U.N.) and their Agenda 2030, that is of globalism, which is why AOC promotes that the world will end in twelve years from 2019. Globalists are trying to create a one world government and a one world religion. So, bringing religions together like this can be dangerous. Looks nice, but it can be dangerous. Helping is good. But we brain wash people towards dependency on government and away from independence of the individuals.

#Infocomms Debate
11:02 AM - What is the Infocomms?

  1. Originally, it was only for organizing offline activism.
  2. However, it partly morphed, extended, split, perhaps.

@Alex is right that zombies are unified.

Also, Jihadists are unified under monoculturalism.

Talk about diversity of thought.

Alex Jones talked about the metaphor of the zombies who eats brains. See, zombies eat what they don't have. They probably hate it.

Cow Zombie Metaphor

Long ago, a Pharaoh had a dream.

He saw skinny cows eating fat cows.

The skinny cows remained skinny or ill-favoured.

Brainless Zombies

Zombies eat brains.

Zombies never get brains.

They hate what they don't have.

Jealousy of the worse kind.


I like the Infocomms the way it is.

But would you rather keep Infocomms private?

Would you rather keep Infocomms small?

Should the Infocomms compete with Twitter?

Should Infocomms compete with Discord?

Should Infocomms turn into a private email-chain?

Should Infocomms have a login portal?

Should Infocomms members be vetted before joining?

Should Infocomms comments be screened before they're published?

Should Infocomms have more rules?

Should Infocomms focus on activism or education?
B. Activism
C. Both

I vote for both.

I prefer no moderation.

No moderators.

Not even for calls to acts of violence.

Or anything.

I prefer the wild wild west.

But Infocomms is not Facebook.

Or Twitter.

Infocomms was not created for the world.

By the way, America was not created for the world either.

@antifathugs is right that Infocomms was created with good intentions. Oh, by the way, James Comey used that word, intent, or intention, to talk about Hillary Clinton's emails in 2016.

@Rob_Roy is right concerning the value of debate and the history of the founding of America. @Alex is right that we should not give up, even when we don't always agree; as iron sharpens iron. @Rob is right in the value of finding like-minded individuals in the mist of the jungle of life, in weeding it out, the good and the bad and the ugly and the oatmeal haha.

Area 51 Raid Debate

11:31 AM - 1. No. You can still find Project Veritas & much more; their reports on Google, etc. You can find Alex Jones on YouTube. It is like weed. They pull out the weeds. But the weeds keep growing back. YouTube is a garden. But it becomes a jungle.

  1. No. Corporate news probably didn't say much about the Google Leaks. Fox mentioned them. But Dinosaur Media is dying. A majority of the younger people don't get their news from Centralized Propaganda. Soros News is dying. Therefore, that doesn't matter. People get their news from other places, more and more, each year. So, people are seeing Patriot News more and more.
  2. Yes. Maybe so. The Area 51 Raid could be a distraction in any number of ways.
  3. Yes. Why not? Infocomms is more about organizing. That's the main purpose, to organize offline activism. So, the more we do that, the better. Secondarily, Infocomms is for education which prepares individuals towards activism, etc.
  4. Great questions. But we are all not on the same page, partly due to being at different places in our lives. It takes skill & wisdom & time to weed out different people, bad actors, different things that may be misdirection, distraction, etc.


Bottom line, if you have to choose between death & Area 51, for example, choose Area 51.

In other words, it depends on your options.

If you have something better to do, do that.

That's what I say to individuals who are smart enough to be independent.

If you were planning to commit suicide.

Then I would persuade you to live-stream Area 51.

Because that's a win-win situation.

You might die either way.

But at least we get a video out of it.

However, anything less than that, maybe not. If you're not about to die, then you probably shouldn't risk your life. But if you're committed to exposing Area 51, eventually, then you might as well come together with a million people and expose aliens or secret technology together.

It really comes down to the art of the deal.

It comes down to making the best of the situation.

I will not be there, most likely.

I don't really encourage people to go.

But if they do, they better live-stream it.

It is probably not a good idea.

But it might not be the worse idea.

Something good could come out of it.

The desire to come together is good, even if misplaced in a thing like this.

They should be raiding the Obama Castle.

But we got to take baby steps with some people.

If we could find ways to persuade some of them to better alternatives, then that would be exciting. But if we only tell them not to, then that makes them want to raid Area 51 even more. Psychologically, you have to look at it in the same way that they do. Come down to their level, to their perspective to see the world the way that they do.

Then try to pivot them (LIKE KUNG FU) to better choices.

Find out how many of them are Flat-Earthers.

Encourage them to raid bases on Antarctica.

Encourage them to raid and free Tommy Robinson.

Encourage them to raid Facebook, etc.

Infocomms Debate

11:58 AM - @Rob_Roy, Hot Tub Time Machine. Love it. - Facebook.

America First Debate

12:18 PM - I would never disavow or apologize.

Because it is not relevant. Watch the video.

You do you.

I do me.

People disagree with each other.

Leftists promote monoculturalism.

They believe that you cannot associate with anybody who disagrees with you.

They believe that if you are next to somebody who does not think like you, like a clone, like a robot, like a zombie, then you must apologize, disavow, and then beat them over with a bike-lock.

Please Think

Trump said what he said.

Americans chanted: "Send em back."

If press asked Trump about that.

If Trump didn't, he could have.....

Actually, Trump didn't disavow:

But Trump did say he wasn't happy with a chant like that:

Watch the video: start at 01:38:

Technically, if Trump is not happy with a chant like that.

Then he should not be happy with what Trump said.

Because the chant personifies what Trump said before.

It is the same.

Or of the same spirit.

The same idea.

Of America First.

Chants have to be short.

To the point.

But chants can be taken out of context.

The chants were valuable.

When you're at war.

And we are at war.

Trump can feel not happy.

When you got cancer.

You might not be happy.

America has cancer.

Trump said Trump Not Happy.

But feelings are not relevant.

Trump expressed emotion.

But your mood is not important.

When contrast with fighting wars.

Information wars.

Our war with globalism.

Trump did use a Kung Fu move.

Trump mentioned the chant.

But Trump also reflect that towards the Squad.

The Captain Planet Squad.

Trump Debate

12:41 PM - @FreedomFighter414, good.

If David Knight is repetitive, that means you're smart.

So, why not Fast-Forward?

Skip ahead.

Screen it.

You don't have to watch all of it.

Or any of it.

But some people need it.

Some need to be reminded.

Because some adults are children.

Meaning, repetition is how you get it through their thick heads.

Who should Trump help first?

America First?

Tommy Robinson & Julian Assange First?

Homeless Veteran in the United States First?

African Americans First?

Farmers With Wetland, Due to Floods First?

What about Persecuted Christians, Globally?

What about the Imprisoned Chinese Organ Donors?

Which problems are bigger?

Which things should be prioritize over other things?

Which people?

I agree, I would try to save Tommy.

But we have to tell Trump about Tommy.

Trump doesn't even get Bitcoin, it seems.

Bitcoin is fighting Rothschild, Soros, etc.

Trump mentioned Soros.

So, Trump knows some things.

But Trump doesn't know everything.

Trump knows bits and pieces.

Trump also tries not to make enemies.

Some of us are not trying to get along with enemies.

Maybe, in some cases, you can't.

Trump may be too slow.

Trump doesn't know everything.

Trump probably tries too hard to not make enemies.

That's partly good.

Trump has the right spirit.

But people are disobeying Trump too much.

And lying to Trump too much.

That's why we have to continue to try.

Always try to educate Trump, etc.

Always try.

That's all we can do.

Is always try to get his attention.

There are different ways to do that.

But never stop trying.

We should try many different ways.

To show Trump things.

We have to.


No matter what.

We only have 5.5 years left until January 2025.

That's a very small time.

Very small.

So, each day matters.

Each second.

After that, who knows.


12:45 PM - You can't send back somebody who wasn't there originally.

If you were born out there, then you can go back.

If you broke laws, maybe you should.

Or go to jail.

But you must deport people.

Isn't that what ICE is doing?

Americans should protest Trump at the White House.

Chant: "America First."

Lock Trump Up.

Because America First.

If you're not standing up for America First.

You might as well join the Squad.

Might as well.

Free Speech Debate

01:02 PM - People are trying to limit the original intent of Free Speech. I should have the right to say that I'm going to kill you. See, the problem is not in the words, itself, the speech, the text, but in the crime that comes from it. If you say you are going to murder me, then I will be on alert.

But I don't want to criminalize PRE-CRIME.


They made movies about this.

Judge Dredd.

There are many movies and shows out there.

About the future.

When you say you will do something, is that a crime?

Technically, the words are not.

But if action occurs, then that is the crime.

If I say I will kill you and then get out my gun.

Then, arrest me.

That is a crime.

Not the words.

But the action that came from the words.

When you combine words and actions together.

But isolated, it is different.

Just words alone are meaningless.

If I write sagjhas ggdfg gdfg.

Then, should I go to jail?

What if that meant that I will kill you?

If I encourage you to kill somebody.

A lawyer could try me in a court of law.

Because I probably helped.

I probably assisted in the murder.

Because I encouraged the person.

But it is not the words itself.

It is what comes out of the words.

I would not ban those words on Facebook.

Or Infocomms.

I would let people say it.

I would document those words.

Then the judge can see those words.

If you DELETE those words.

How can the judge see it?

It should not be erased from public records. The Internet is a public record. A criminal says a bad thing on Facebook, then they send it to law enforcement. That can be used to throw people in jail.

Some people might argue that the 4th amendment of privacy does NOT apply to public places, not private places, but public town squares like Facebook.

You can use Bitcoin to do crime.

But you can also use the U.S. Dollar to do crime.

To launder money.

Why go after Bitcoin for possible crimes?

And not the Dollar?

And not Soros, Rothschild, the Federal Reserve, centralized world banks, The Clinton Foundation, The Obama Foundation, The Bush Foundation, etc, etc, etc.

ISIS is on Facebook.

People do bad things.

But words are only words.

Until the crime happens.

Don't attack potential crimes.


Let people talk.

Then if bad comes out of it.

Then investigate.

Then try them in a court of law.

If I say, "Go kill Trump."

And then Trump is killed.

Then try me in a court of law.

Now, I would not be the only person that said it.

But still.

That's why we have courts.

That's why we have judges.

To make those decisions.



Priority Debate

01:39 PM - @Rob_Roy, bumping threads up is not a bad thing.

Not any more than handing beer to people.


If you hand beer to people, and then they drink.

And then drive.

And then people die.

That's bad.

Is it your fault?


And maybe not.

It depends.

But also.

It is also their fault to some extent.

And if a thread bad.

People should ignore it.

Even if it is bumped up.

Meaning, people got problems.

Because if a thread sucks.

People need to learn how to prioritize.

Infocomms Debate

01:56 PM - Let's assume Owen Shroyer didn't build Infocomms.

Let's assume computer people did most of the heavy lifting, the technical aspects of starting a website.

Let's assume that IWA runs mostly on Discourse.

Based on those assumptions:

  1. Do we like Discourse?
  2. Does Discourse censor?
  3. Does Discourse have moderators?
  4. Do the IWA moderators believe in democracy?
  5. Do they believe in moderating?
  6. How much moderating?
  7. Do they believe in mob-rule?
  8. Do they believe in democracy over a republic?
  9. Do they believe that hate-speech must be banned?
  10. Do they think calls to violence should be banned?
  11. Is the IWA running off AI?
  12. How automated is the Infocomms?
  13. Do they believe in free speech?
  14. Or do they believe in MEGA Free Speech?
  15. I believe in MEGA MEGA FREE SPEECH.
  16. I call it MAGA Free Speech.
  17. Are any of the moderators LEFTISTS?
  18. Do moderators disagree on how to moderate?
  19. Are moderators all on the same page?
  20. Are the moderators smart enough?
  21. Do they know how to run Infocomms?
  22. Do they have enough money?
  23. Can they put Infocomms on blockchain?
  24. Is Infocomms too expensive?
  25. Is Infocomms a platform or a publisher?

@Minutemen-Of-America, but is Infocomms PRIVATE PROPERTY?

Do you understand PRIVATE PROPERTY?

If you come to my house.

My private property.

If you say something.

Do you have free speech?


But if I don't like it.

Can I kick you off my private property?

Private Property vs Free Speech.

Which wins?

I prioritize Private Property over Free Speech.

That's more important.

That's independence.

Bingozee is Oatmeal From The Future? Wow. What happened to me?

02:21 PM - That's what I think.

@Bingozee @Bingoze sounds like me.

He says things I might say.

Like Fail Idols.

I get it.

Because False Idols failed us.

So, Bingozee must be me.

Back from the future.

Time Travel must be possible then.

That's why he never uses his voice.

Because that would ruin the ummmm....


The surprise.

The oatmeal.

Rotten from it's core.

Censorship Debate

02:23 PM - Minutemen-Of-America replied: "@joeyarnoldvn Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, PayPal etc… are all private as well. Whats your stance on censorship on those platforms." I responded: "@Minutemen-Of-America, they didn't get money from the government?"

Tech Problem

02:29 PM - The technocracy problem is twofold:

  1. First, they came out of government.
  2. Second, they evolved into tech cartels.

Clown World Debate

02:31 Pm - Don't worry, if you're here for that.

No screenshots from me.

I promise.

At least in your guy's threads.

I might post a few in my own threads.

Big Tech Debate

03:54 PM - @Minutemen-Of-America, technically, Facebook can argue that they are Private Property.

Technically, true to an extent.

If private, then they can ban anybody.



If private enough.



However, that's not really the issue.

The issue is in regards to black contracts. If the black contracts between governments and tech cartels continue, Trump should be yelling about it each day.


Each day.

If Facebook said you will not be banned and then you are banned and then they also then says you will be banned for this or that, but then people are not banned for those things but are then banned for other things, and if they are getting too much money from corporations and organizations and governments and other things and people and if they claim to be mostly a platform and not a publisher but then act like publishers while getting liability protection for being a platform publisher from governments, having their cake and eating it, which Infocomms does not get and eat and have and do, and if all of these things and more are true, to any extent, or beyond, then we got problems with Facebook in those regards which is not true with Infocomms because of said things and possibly other things as well which means the problem isn't merely about free speech and private property in regards to Facebook and big tech in general but instead the problems are much deeper and more sophisticated then those things alone.


03:00 PM - Washed the dishes. Pills.

Democracy vs Republic

03:59 PM - @Minutemen-Of-America, you are a Democrat?

DEMOCRAts promote DEMOCRAcies.


@Minutemen-Of-America, censorship?


You mean Discourse, right?

Not Infocomms, right?



  1. Eugenicist-Fed Media tries to destroy America.
  2. Eugenicist-Fed Leftists try to infiltrate Trump Rallies.
  3. Eugenicist-Fed Politicians try to destroy America.
  4. Trump tries to avoid conflict.
  5. Trump doesn't know everything.
  6. Trump is getting old.
  7. Too many people try to stop Trump.
  8. Trump is getting tired.
  9. Trump tries too hard to PLEASE the media.
  10. Trump tries too excessively to NOT make enemies.
  11. But our enemies WILL NOT STOP.
  12. Trump tries TOO HARD to make deals.
  13. But you cannot always make deals.


04:22 PM - There are different variations of globalists.

So, Elon Musk appears to be a technocratic globalist.


He might be too misguided.

But he might not be trying to take over the world.

But some tech can be used against humans.

Elon appears to be trying to help humanity.

Elon might be hurting more than helping.

Transhumanism is dangerous.

But tempting.

For those who don't KNOW how it's dangerous.


04:42 PM - I'm not against connecting to computers.

With my brain.

Any more than with a smart phone.

If I can plug in.

And then plug out.

But only to that extent.

I'm against being stuck in that.

The problem is mostly in how it is done.

The theory is ok.

Like the theory of GMO.

When they turn whole wheat bread into white bread, they extract. They take stuff out. But it is better when it is all there. Just like when they try to take out the spleen, tonsil, kidney, etc, out of our bodies. In theory, it might help. Generally, taking things out of people and out of food is problematic. It hurts more than it helps.

It is like when they mess with the DNA.

It is like when people try socialism.

Tech Problem

Too many backdoors.

Too many Trojan Horses.

Too many Tech Cartels.

Too much.

Too many.

Many different things.


In technology.

And there is some good technology.

And bad technology.

Blockchain is good technology.

Good technology seeks to be decentralized.

Bad technology, centralized, etc.

Like With 5G

The problem is in how it is done.

Not in the theory of 5G.

If done in a healthy way, it's ok.

But if the radio waves are microwaves.

If the microwaves are changing our DNA.

That's a problem with 5G for example.


In theory, some of it could be good.

But bad people turn good into bad.

Transhumanism could be a good in some ways.

Like medicine.

Too much medicine is bad.

It becomes a drug.

Robot Brain

I would like to connect my brain to a computer.

Do some fast work.

And then leave.


I don't want a BRAIN PORT in the back of my head.


I would prefer wireless porting.

I would want a BORG ROOM.


I walk into the Borg Room.

Once a week.

Or once a month.


Turn my DREAMS into VIDEOS.

Send it to my WEBSITE, etc.

Then disconnect.

Then leave the room.



Would have thick walls.

To keep the BORG from penetrating.

I want to stay separated.

From possible RADIATION, etc.

And we do better as HUMANS.


It is dangerous.


It can kind of help.

But it's a slippery slope.



I steal things too.

Does that mean I'm not really AN OATMEAL?


05:02 PM - 1985, born in Oregon. Saved in 1990. Homeschooled. Attended public high school. Attended 2 Bible colleges and 2 community colleges. Worked as a missionary in Hawaii for a year with The Salvation Army. Worked as a missionary and English Teacher in Vietnam for 5 years. Worked as a Camp Counselor at 5 camps for five years. Worked as a web designer for Mea Omnia and Shelton Music, etc. Worked as a dishwasher, janitor, housekeeper, after school assistant, landscaper, etc. Played basketball, volleyball, video games, guitar, piano, etc, as a hobby. I am a writer on Steemit. I make videos since I was ten years old. I'm 34 years old. Many jobs in my life. Lived in New York, West Virginia, etc. Many places. Many friends. Many things. Long story. Long life. I feel like an old man. I love making memes, videos, articles, etc, etc. I love to entertain, educate, encourage, and equip, people towards Original Oatmeal, Infinite Altitude, Ironic Mystic, Love Thru Action, and Hope Over Dope.

Facebook Back

05:04 PM - I told Pat Murphy, who I knew at Moore Street, about how I was banned on Facebook for a month, again. He said he was glad that I was back. He asked what happened or something. I responded: "Yeah. Glad to be back. Thanks. I'm not sure but I know people can get mad at anything at any time. So, I understand that much lol."

Naomi Brockwell

05:21 PM - Day 2 Libra Hearing Highlights: Shitcoins, not crypto, and word play - Today was day 2 of hearings for Facebook: The U.S. House Financial Services Committee hosted a hearing on Libra, and there were actually some pretty great moments!
I gathered some of my highlights of the almost 7 hour hearing.

Libra is DIGITIZED FIAT which we already have as seen when you wire money from bank to bank, ATM to ATM, the cash, the dollars, the paper, is digitized.

Beyond that, LIBRA is CENTRALIZATION of different fiats, which the DOLLAR HAS BEEN to some extent. Rothschild got on top of the dollar. Facebook seems to be trying to get on top of that. There has been some competition between the dollar and other currencies.

LIBRA tries to capitalize on all of that.

Libra seeks to be the one world money system.

Unlike Bitcoin.


Not cryptographic.

Purely digital.


Not decentralized.


Not even in five years.

Not really.

Not fundamentally.

Only externally, on the outside, allegedly.

Facebook can claim that Libra is or will be a decentralized cryptocurrency.

But Facebook also claimed that Facebook is a platform for all ideas.

Just kidding.

Not all ideas.

So, promises made.

Promises not kept.

Thanks a lot, Mark Zuckerberg.

I mean, whoever you work for.

Or whatever the case might actually be.


06:09 PM - Fireside Chat Ep. 91 - Dennis Testifies Before the Senate


06:31 PM - Thursday's show opened with a reminder of how big tech cartels and others are aiming and engaging in stealing over ten million votes for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Plus, millions of dead people vote.

Millions of people vote many times.

Millions of Republican Votes are NOT COUNTED.

Plus, millions of votes from illegals.

Big numbers.

Very big numbers.

When added up.

All those factors.

And more.


06:34 PM - @PhantomPirate7, do you aim at being subtle or direct?

Either way is good.

It depends on which works better for you.

Subtle takes more time.

But you may be banned less often.

But it takes more time.

Being more direct is faster.

But then you get banned more often.

You can try both.

Or emphasize on one.

Or the other.


06:39 PM - @antifathugs, did NASA get money from taxes? If so, then we can compare. NASA with TESLA. In other words, they both are funded by taxes.



Same same.





I am a PASTOR.




But financially funded through TAXES.




Of course.

But TAXES is important to emphasize.

Because it encourages people to go AGAINST TAXES.



Many bad things.

Different things.



Is not an orange.

An Orange.

Is not a banana.


But they're all fruit.


And taxes.


2015-09-22 - Tuesday - 12:21 AM - The 22nd of September of 2015 - Facebook Post - Fellowship Youth Group (FYG) - 36 Likes - 21 Comments - 70 Shares - Liked by Hạ Tố Diệp - Maian Vu Angle - Hoang Anh - Ngọc Nguyễn - Quỳnh Trần - Anna Farha Puel


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Dear all,

Các bạn ơi, FYG đã tìm được nơi mới để mình có thể tổ chức lại các câu lạc bộ Tiếng Anh với người nước ngoài rồi, chỗ mới ở Q1, đường Nguyễn Trãi trong hẻm gần ốc Đào (nên dễ kím lắm). Bạn có nào muốn đăng kí tham gia thì comment tại đây hoặc gửi message trên facebook hoặc gửi email fyg.engclub@gmail.com nha. Vì tổ chức lại nên các bạn cứ nêu ý kiến là muốn học vào giờ nào, ngày thứ mấy. FYG định bắt đầu vào giữa tháng 10 nếu các bạn đăng kí sớm.


ps: Ad up một số ảnh mà trước đây các bạn từng tham gia câu lạc bộ, hihi


07:29 PM - Sliced chicken


07:30 PM - Lê Tường Vi asked for some help to correct some English. If you want to stay classy, then please don't smoke here. Instead of staying culture. Stay classy. Not smoker but smoke.


11:00 PM - @keyrobinfo18, haven't you read the contract between you and Facebook when you originally registered?

Back around 1998, when I was joining Yahoo, I was reading the contract between Yahoo and me. Over the years, I've read and studied the contracts I signed when registering accounts on different websites. Facebook has a similar contract. I remember reading Facebook contracts which changed from time to time. It can be tough to understand and very vague, but basically, when you sign up, you are giving up rights and privacy.

Consensual Contracts

So, legally, people can argue that it is all legal, as in consensual. It is agreed upon between Facebook and the users. The details are there. People generally don't read it, the Terms & Conditions, but it is there, legally speaking. Maybe I should become a lawyer because I get it. Google has it. Google has Android which is probably on your phone. Apple has similar contracts with users. Microsoft as well. It is a big cartel. They all have similar contracts that people sign. So, it might be very tough for people to go after them in a court of law because they signed those contracts that would be presented before the judges.


11:02 PM - I am a bad actor. I want to kill you. I will kill you tomorrow at 5 PM. Yup. With my big gun. In your heart. I will. I am a paid Oatmeal Monster.

@Leviticus, I'm part NINJA.

So, I can kick you to death.



All the accounts here are my sock puppets.


I am so TRENDY.

I stay CLASSY.





So trendy.

So cool.

Full of cancer.

Full of tumors.

Perfect for MAGNIFYING



11:29 PM - @Touk_Cat, two things.

First, what does it mean right now?

Second, what did it mean, like in the 1800's?

Question One

First, liberalism generally describes leftism, socialism, globalism, communism, relativity, subjectivity, transhumanism, by extension, all of these things and more.

The left tries to say that conservatism means fascism. But it doesn't.

Question Two

Second, classical liberalism has been about grace, that is letting people do what they want to do, that is freedom and possibly libertarianism.

Now, conservatism includes classical liberalism, generally.

Long ago, conservatism might have been stricter.


Different people can define words differently.

I consider myself both.

Because you need both.

Personally, you can conserve.

And you can be liberal around other people.

Let people do what they want.

Unless if it conflicts with your private property.

Conservatism focuses on conserving.

On protecting.

On taking care of.

Your rights, freedoms, liberties.

Specifically, your property.

Your land.

Liberalism may focus on free speech.

Government should not stop you.

If you want to say what you want.

Government should not interfere.

That's freedom of speech.

But private property is also very important.

So, if you say something I don't like.

On my land.

I should be allowed to kick you out.

No questions asked.

Because it is my private property.

I'm not talking about SAFE SPACES.



Anything that is paid for by tax dollars might be or should be public.

Anything PUBLIC.


But not private property.

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The White House

10:40 AM - President Trump Meets with Survivors of Religious Persecution

2019-07-18 - Thursday

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Actually, Trump didn't disavow:

But Trump did say he wasn't happy with a chant like that:

Watch the video: start at 01:38:

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Top Gun 2

TOP GUN 2: Maverick Trailer (2020)

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05:21 PM - Day 2 Libra Hearing Highlights: Shitcoins, not crypto, and word play - Today was day 2 of hearings for Facebook: The U.S. House Financial Services Committee hosted a hearing on Libra, and there were actually some pretty great moments!
I gathered some of my highlights of the almost 7 hour hearing.

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