Our Cartoon President S01E05. Raiding Area 51 might be a distraction. Thou Shalt Have Free Speech. Unless If Thou Are Not CONTRIBUTING says Bingozee LOL. September of 2015 - Was living at the Old Ink of Saigon. Was teaching English at that 23/9 Park. Was probably still teaching LEGO Mark Zuck Lee. Taught English on Facebook.

Reviewing October of 2015.


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Some highlights from 2019-07-17 - Wednesday, as follows:


2019-07-17 - Wednesday - 01:20 AM - 03:06 AM - Our Cartoon President S01E05

Raiding Area 51

01:40 AM - Most likely, nothing will happen. Some people may come close to Area 51. But it is unlikely that everybody will show up. If a million people showed up, then I would be tempted to come as well. Anything less than a million, I wouldn't. But only a hundred people or so may actually come. They should just go back home.

Some people may try to raid Area 51 and will disappear.

One of these three things may happen:

  1. They will be unable to make it pass the walls.
  2. Military may display some things to let them see, like an Open House, but only to shut them up and to only let them see what they want them to see.
  3. Or they will be murdered.

That's why we livestream to record the murder.

Or the Open House.

There may be some things at Area 51.

But the Real Area 51.

Might be at Antarctica.

Big Distraction.

Area 51 may just be one of the Secret Bases.

On Earth.

And possibly a smaller one as well.

So, they could easily move everything out of it.

Via underground tunnels.

Then they come.

They raid it.

But find nothing inside.

@FreedomFighter414, so they only count that.

And not this?

Government can NOT come here?

They are bound to Facebook alone?

They can't GOOGLE?

You know I have a blog, right?

So, government cannot find my blog?

Griff vs Pastor Sam

01:45 AM - Griff might be taking the Bible.







Wait until Sam tries to kill you.

Defend yourself.

Record it.

Share the video here.

Thou shalt not murder.

Not kill.

The Bible was not written in English.


It is not what you think.

Salvation Debate

01:48 AM - Eternal Security means Once Saved Then Always Saved as seen in John 10:28-30.

My lifelong journey is similar to Alex Jones. I relate to how he explains what the meaning of life is all about.

Woke When?

02:01 AM - 9 AM. I woke up. Just kidding. No. Not kidding. Woke up out of my mommy in 1985 in Oregon. I became woke, gradually as I got older.

I became very woke and red-pilled more so in 2016.

Before that, not so much.

But at the same time, I always had a gut feeling that maybe people were watching me.

As a kid, I saw the white lines in the sky and didn't know in the 1990's that they were geoengineering chem-trails.

But I didn't like those white lines in the sky.

A day before 9/11, I felt so bad.

My whole life, I kind of knew.

But I didn't know what I knew.

But I had intuition.

I always felt things.

Always had an open mind.

I was always very curious.

Always asked why.

I still ask why at 34.

I like understanding things.

Began listening to Alex Jones especially in 2016.

Not sure if I saw much of Alex before that or not.

I didn't like Obama when I saw him in a debate in 2007 back when I was in Hawaii.

I knew Obama would win.

But I also knew there was something wrong about him.

I just didn't know what it was at that time.

Just a gut feeling.

So, I voted McCain in 2008.

But I didn't even like McCain.

But I wanted anything but Obama.

Leviticus: Joey, did you write all that?

Joey: No. The Russians helped me write it.

Leviticus: Please don't be funny.

Joey: No. It’s not funny. I’m a Russian Bot. Please ban me.

Season 1, Episode 5

Your host, Jimmy Kimmel. Just kidding. It's Trump.

He announced at the Emmy's that he is running for 2020.

I mean, Academy Awards.

One man cheers.

Only one man.

Trump turns to him, "Thank you, James Wood."

Pence sings to pay tribute to those we lost, like Harvey Weinstein.

Goodbye Kevin Spacey.

Justin Trudeau.

Jared as Justin Bieber.

He gives himself an award.

Because Obama never did that.

Honk honk.

Then Robot Justin said he was going to donate away his money.

Because it's not like Trump donated away his salary.

As the U.S. President.

Honk honk.

Jared as Avril Lavigne.

The generals really bombed lol.

McMaster said that they will do good.

So Good.

That they will be able to quit their day job.

And all three of them did.

They were all fired.

By Trump.


In real life.

Justin saves Trump from choking to death.

Justin sings the song, "The future will be female."

Trump dances and then is sent to the hospital.

Because Hillary Clinton never did that.

Honk honk.

S01E05 ends with Justin confessing how he beat Trump.

Then Trump goes to call Paul Ryan.

We are going to need another wall.

Between America and Canada.

Leviticus vs Griff

02:51 AM - Then get out.

To quote Trump.

Please go.

Stop wasting your time.

If this place is that bad.

Then you are very dumb.

Very dumb.

Very retarded.

Because you are still here.

And if this place is bad.

And you stay.

Then you might as well be AOC.

And those other chicks.


Why are you here?

You tell me to go.

You say this place sucks.

But you stay.

I like this place.

So, I stay.

But you hate it.

But you don't go.

That's insane.

You are sick.

You are torturing yourself.

You do not have to be here.

But you stay.

True. All of those things are true. There are different kinds of people out there. Some people are great. Some, not so much. But potential is there. Opportunity rises daily.

That's why we promote education and the art of being subtle in red-pilling, on conversation starters, in making awesome videos, articles, memes, offline activism, etc.

Bingozee said he ignores me.

But he does not ignore me.

A hypocrite.

A liar.

He cannot stop lying.

A compulsive liar.


03:30 AM - 10:00 AM = 6.30 hours.

Body Language Ghost

10:08 AM - Body Language: DNC Squad Leader - Wait. I thought Trump is deeee boss lol. The four horses of Revelation were actually four female dogs. Who would have saw that coming? Purple jacket stuttered like Obama with the uhhhhs.

Mark Dice

10:32 AM - It's Starting - I Told You It Would!

Free Speech Debate

10:40 AM - Thou Shalt Have Free Speech.

Unless If Thou Are Not CONTRIBUTING.


That's Bingozee's favorite word.


That's a conditional statement.




You have free speech.

But only as long as you CONTRIBUTE.


Meaning what?

It means, you can have your freedom of free speech but only as long as you say and do as I say.

Because I'm the boss.

Says Bingozee.

And you better CONTRIBUTE.

Or I'm going to go to your house.

To get you.

Like CNN did.

To that old lady.

Facebook Debate

10:45 AM - I have had over twenty accounts on Facebook. Most of them have been banned.

Or you can simply not use your Facebook.

Not having a Facebook does NOT do anything.

What matters is what you do.

Not what you have.

Deactivating your Facebook doesn't really solve the root of the problem.

Plus, it creates additional problems.


A lack of priority is a problem.

Facebook is a tool.

Facebook might be a SHOVEL.

So, you can throw away your SHOVEL.

Because you're eating cereal.

You just need a SPOON.

Not a shovel.

So, you throw away your SHOVEL.

But you might need your shovel.



But you probably run around all day.

With your shovel.

But the shovel is HEAVY.

So, let it go.



The shovel is very big.

So, you let it go, and you feel better.


But, the shovel still has a purpose.


Maybe not all the time.

But a shovel is nice to have.

When needed.

Unless if you could replace the shovel.

With a better shovel.

So, if you could buy or get a new shovel.

You could then bury the old shovel.

Credit Debate

10:47 AM - Tons of things do NOT get credit.

For example, the TOILET.

How often do you thank the inventor of the TOILET.

Whenever you go there.

To take care of business lol?

Yes. Of course, people should give credit where credit is due.

People should also not murder, either.

Where Were You?

11:00 AM - 9/11, at home, and then in 10th grade Biology.

I felt like it was fake or something.


02:27 PM - The greatest book ever is now banned on Facebook. Alex Jones talked about how technocrats are trying to ban more and more things like Hitler did.

Ice Camp

02:28 PM - There is a new summer camp. It is so amazing.

Why Leftists Oppose Trump?

03:23 PM - I posted the Do Not Music Video by John Reuben. Betty Rose was like hey. That's not relevant to my thread. But it is. THe song is about not letting leftists define hate speech or even try to outlaw it. I shared her art. She got mad. That's too bad. That's strange. If you do something good. But then get attacked for it. So, leftists believe in safety over freedom. Trump promotes freedom over alleged safety. Leftist are programmed to go against that.

September of 2015

04:40 PM - FYG English was starting back up again. - Was living at the Old Ink of Saigon. Was teaching English at that 23/9 Park. Was probably still teaching LEGO Mark Zuck Lee. Taught English on Facebook.

Bible Study

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM - Romans 8. Glorified. Rapture. Tribulation. One thousand years. Glorified bodies. Our lives are like dreams. Eternity will be like waking up in comparison. I prayed for wisdom and strength. Either God has seen the future or God can guess the future.

October 2015

07:00 PM - 12:00 AM - Reviewing October of 2015 - Still working on this.

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Body Language Ghost

10:08 AM - Body Language: DNC Squad Leader

2019-07-17 - Wednesday

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Mark Dice

10:32 AM - It's Starting - I Told You It Would!

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