Did you hear the Fake News Song? So, today, I turned my snow volcano into a taller mountain during the afternoon for four hours. Did you see the Louder With Crowder Oscars 2019 Show which YouTube banned like they did my two channels for what is Fair Use. Crowder won.

LWC Sandy Screenshot at 2019-03-07 22:10:32.png
Louder With Steven Crowder - Mug Club

Looper Torture

01:21 AM - 02:10 AM - Watching - Black Mirror 202 - White Bear

More Snow

08:45 AM - 10:07 AM - Woke up to four inches of snow. Shoveled out the driveway and swept out the truck bed. The canopy will be added soon.

The Fake News Song

10:09 AM - I was listening to the Deplorable Choir Fake News Song on YouTube. Click here to listen to that song on YouTube. Beautiful women referencing historical fake news events in recent history. Tommy Robinson also made the Panodrama documentary which exposes BBC in England. Then the Muslims and police surrounded his house in order to try to murder Tommy. This is an iconic and historical song that I'm sharing online everywhere. Yes, I'm attracted to the Deplorable Choir, especially the lead. But I'm also attracted to the girl that played Ford and maybe even more so to the one that played Bartender Waitress Sandy, AKA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Too bad the real Sandy in real-life probably won't convert like she did in this awesome music video. I love how how the Ford and Sandy are saved at the end of this mini-movie, spoiler alert haha. Music videos like this is a living meme song that red-pills people, some quickly and others very slowly. Yes, in a few years from now, some people will look back to this song and realize what it really meant, like a parable, truth takes a while to seep into the soil of the mind to awaken them. Believe me, things like this song engages and impacts culture like nothing else. Try to make a music video with a bunch of cute frogs. That would be fun. I encourage people to make videos and memes and songs and everything like this. Learn from the best. Learn how to meme from the Deplorable Choir. Are you guys sharing this? Can somebody upload this to https://bitchute.com and https://brighteon.com and https://minds.com, etc, etc?

Fake News Song Article

10:23 AM - 02:15 PM - By The Deplorable Choir

Caravelle Problem

12:37 PM - Facebook video chat - Dave ordered a drink for Anna's friend. Anna's letter: "Dear Caravelle Hotel, your waitress made a mistake. My friend, Dave, wanted to pay for my drinks. But my friend was sitting at a different table. But my drinks were not included on Dave's receipt. So, I had to pay for the drinks." Two main problems. One, Dave should have gave Anna the money if he wanted to pay. He came back to pay. But Anna already paid. He gave the money to a girl who gave Anna the money. Two, the waitress should have told the other staff to put it on his bill, not on her receipt.

More Snow

01:00 PM - 06:48 PM - washed the dishes. Continued building my snow mountain. No longer a snow volcano, I filled in the hole. It rained four inches around 6 AM and I made eight piles and added to one big snow pile that was already there. Two others were already there as well. Brought in the groceries from the truck. Took a shower. Great chicken casserole dinner.

Oscars 2019 Show

Began watching the Louder With Steven Crowder Unbanned Oscars 2019 Show which YouTube removed because of an ABC copyright claim. But Crowder challenged the claim and won as he has with other claims as well as his live stream is transformative, educational, supplemental, entertaining, and again, keyword transformative, and that is protected under Fair Use and don't forget Safe Harbor as well which is related and also anti-trust as well and other things as well. YouTube terminated two of my channels over similar claims. Can somebody help me go after YouTube like Crowder did in order to get back my childhood video that I made when I was ten years old, that is thousands of videos on my Ojawall and Joeyarnoldvn channels on YouTube?

Info Kids

08:26 PM - I'm listening to the Infographic News For Kids 3/7/2019. Click here to watch the video on YouTube. If you cannot see the video, please tell me. If YouTube removes this video please tell me. We may be able to find this kids show on other websites as well. THe purpose of the show is all about educating kids with the news, things they need to know. I need to write an article about the Info Kids and about how people becoming robots is like adults becoming babies. Why would you want to become a baby? That is what it is like. Why? Because we make babies and robots. Robots did not make us. I started making videos when I was ten years old. Again, good work, Info Kids. This is how you engage culture. So many people around the world are hungry for content like this, passion like this. They are looking for it. When they come here, they'll be very encouraged.

Human Right Twitter

08:49 PM - Platform vs Publisher Debate - Did you know that Twitter is connected to Safe Harbor? Do you understand what Safe Harbor is? Twitter cannot be a publisher and a platform at the same time according to U.S. laws like Safe Harbor. Don't forget about Antitrust and others. Do you know about Antitrust? Did you hear Jack Dorsey say that Twitter is a human right? Do you know what Laura Loomer said about that? Do you know that there is porn on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc? You can find almost anything on these ghetto networks include real murder, etc.

Blind Spot

08:51 PM - Thousands of Scientists - Why are you ignoring them? You know you are wrong, right? Is this your blind spot? You seriously have no idea what I'm talking about.

End of The World

08:54 PM - [Fake News Fear Porn](Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said the world is going to end in twelve years. Is she right about that?) - Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said the world is going to end in twelve years. Is she right about that? Continued watching the Crowder Oscars show until almost midnight. Made new friends with people on Facebook. Changed my profile picture avatar and background banner photo back to what I had before, Vietnam photos from like 2015.

Learn To Code

11:45 PM - Body Language: Joe Rogan, Timcast, Jack Dorsey of Twitter - by Body Language Ghost

Tony Hawk Skates and Eats Iconic Burgers | The Burger Show

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R Kelly Interview - I believe I can lie... new corporate media song

Thursday the 7th of March of 2019

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